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2006: The Year of Revelation?: Justin Raimondo
Building on Realism: Alan Bock
The NY Times Fails Its Readers: Norman Solomon
Three Books to Wake You Up: Paul Craig Roberts
War Powers Nonsense: Bruce Fein

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Updated December 30, 2005 - 9:51 PM EST
Gen. Pace: US to Launch Phased Pullout
US to Probe Leak of Spy Program
Shi'ites, Kurds Forge Ahead Planning New Govt
Iraqi Police Say Torture Is 'How Things Get Done'
Chalabi Takes Over Iraq Oil Ministry Amid 'Crisis'
Sadr Emerging as Very Influential Political Leader
US Partners in Iraq Dwindling in Number, Size
US to Spend $50 Million on Iraq Prisons to Hold Insurgents
Iraq's History Still Divides Children of Mesopotamia
Israel Army Chief Rules Out Early Strike on Iran
Palestinians Fear Large-Scale Israeli Response to Suicide Attack
Keeping Our Civil Liberties Off the Casualty List  by J.R. Labbe
King George vs. the Fourth Amendment  by Martin Frost
How Bush's Sick Joke Became Public Policy  by William Norman Grigg
It's for Your Own Good!  by Chris Lehmann
The NY Times Fails Its Readers
by Norman Solomon
Three Books to Wake You Up
by Paul Craig Roberts

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Fears of New Cold War as Russia Threatens to Switch Off the Gas
Many Americans Still Believe Saddam Had Links to al-Qaeda
Covert CIA Program Withstands New Furor
Pentagon Calls Its Pro-US Web Sites Legal
Rumsfeld Allies Moved Up Succession Chain
US Warns Israel Against Escalation
Iraq al-Qaeda Claims Missile Attack on Israel
Top Russian and Cuban Military Huddle in Havana
US Forces Aim to Bring Sectarian Iraq Police Under Control
Bloody Day in Iraq
Ten Killed in US Air Strike on Iraqi Village
14 Iraqi Shi'ites Machine-Gunned to Death in Minibus
Family of 11 Iraqi Shi'ites Murdered
Suicide Bomber Kills Four Policemen in Baghdad
Security Incidents in Iraq, Dec. 30
Security Incidents in Iraq, Dec. 29
Today in Iraq
Iraqi Defense Officials Deny Influence of Kurdish Militia Leaders
US Holds Bulging Prisoner Population in Iraq
Free Saddam to End Woes in Iraq, Lawyer Tells Bush
Depleted Uranium Suspected in Iraq Merc's Death
US General in Iraq Gives Hopeful Security Assessment
Iraqi Election
International Team to Review Iraq Results
Rice Welcomes Outside Review of Iraq Election Results
Iraq Sunnis, Secular Groups Demand Vote Review
US Rejects Calls for Iraq Vote Rerun
Hostage Crises
France Urges Kidnappers to Free Frenchman in Iraq
Kidnappers Threaten Death for Sudanese Hostages
US Teen Runs Off to Iraq
US Teen Runs Off to Iraq by Himself
Timeline of US Teen's Journey to Iraq
The New Iraq
Palestinians in Iraq Pay the Cost of Being 'Saddam's People'
'Massive Problems' Tracking Iraq Oil
Next Year Could See Iraq Economic Revival
Iraqi Officials Shut Down Oil Refinery After Threats of Attack
Young Ballet Dancers' Leap of Faith Defies Baghdad's Bombs and Guns
Global Iraq Fallout
Assad Insists Iraq Borders Under Control Despite US Complaints
Polish President Approves Keeping Troops in Iraq Another Year
American Soldiers Wounded as Vehicle Runs Over Mine in Afghanistan
Two Suspected Suicide Bombers Killed by Premature Blast in Afghanistan
Fugitive Taliban Leader Sentenced
Soldier Shot Dead in Waziristan
Madrassas Refuse to Expel Pupils
US Seeks to Limit Militants' Aid to Quake Victims
Terrorists Attack Top Indian Research Facility
'Both Sides of Kashmir Should Be Visa-Free Zone'
Back-Channel Diplomacy on to Resolve Kashmir Issue: Musharraf
China Slams Japan Over Suicide Allegations
China Raps Sanctions for Iran Arms Sales
Indonesia Begins Final Troop Withdrawals From Aceh
Indonesian Military Admits to Taking Money From US Firm
US Embassy in Malaysia Closed After 'Threat'
Truce Monitors Warn of War in Sri Lanka as Violence Rises
Nepal's Maoists Promise to Avoid Violence Over Poll Boycott Campaign
Frosty Ties Belie Korean Culture Craze
Azerbaijan Oil: A Mixed Blessing
Swiss Court Extradites Former Nuclear Head Back to Russia
Group Asks Putin to Forgo Signing NGO Bill
Putin Admits Ukraine Gas 'Crisis'
MPs Blame Beslan Officials
Two Serbs Shot in Northern Kosovo
Security in Kosovo Heightened After Latest Violence
Blair Outlasts Churchill at No. 10
Serb Convicted for Videotaped Killings
Muslim Women in Europe Claim Rights and Keep Faith
Colombia Urges More Drug-War Aid
Election Campaigning Grips Haiti
Detaining Justice
84 Guantanamo Detainees on Hunger Strike
Inquiry Into Claims of Abduction by British Intelligence
Polish CIA Probe Results to Remain Secret
Padilla's Lawyers, Justice Dept. Ask Supreme Court to Hear Appeal
US Frees Aussie From the Hell of Abu Ghraib
Spying on Americans
NSA Spied on Its Own Employees, Congress, Journalists
Bush-NSA Spying in Defiance of Congress, Court
NSA Web Site Places 'Cookies' on Computers
Phone Giants Mum on Spying
War on Terror
Audit: Many September 11 Loans Went to Non-Victims
Internal Audit Views FEMA as Albatross for Homeland Security
Peace Protest Shows Up in a Secret – and Likely Illegal – Pentagon Database of Suspected Terrorist Threats
Scientists Helping US Prepare for Biological Attack
US Military
GAO Cites Army's Sloppy Record-Keeping
Gulf War Syndrome Persists in US Troops After 10 Years
Abu Ghrabi Figure England Burned in Prison Mishap
Army May Equip Fewer Heavy Combat Teams
Battle of the Bulge Eased for Iraq Duty
Marines Pay $100k Apiece for Retooled Jeep
Deadly Attacks Prompt Safer Combat Vehicles
The War at Home
Bush, Cheney Scoff at News of Rift
Image Problems Hamper US on Goals Abroad
Sign Divides Community Over Iraq War
Iran Could Have Bomb in Two Years: Israeli Intelligence
Iran: Russian Proposal Has 'Ambiguities'
Iran, Russia Agree to Nuclear Talks
Iran Asks Russia to Clarify Fuel Plan
Japan to Develop Massive Iran Oilfield
Iran: Plug Pulled on Moderate Satellite TV
Israeli-Palestinian Politics
Sharon Steals Spotlight as Palestinian State Shelved Until Further Notice
Abbas May Be a Lightweight, Sharon a Heavyweight — Both Key to Roadmap
Future Palestinian Govt 'Must' Recognize Israel
Kidnapping in Gaza
Palestinians Attack Kidnap of Briton Devoted to Their Cause
PA Forces Step Up Search for Three Britons Abducted in Gaza
Concern Over Eerie Silence From Gaza Kidnappers
Palestinians Negotiate for Return of Brits
Increase in Gaza Seizures Prompted Exodus of Foreigners
Bomber Kills 3 at Israeli Checkpoint
Sonic Booms Terrorizing Palestinians in Gaza Strip
Israeli DM Orders Probe Into Uprooted Palestinian Olive Trees

Gunmen Fire at Abbas' Gaza Home

Turkey Admits Charges Against Author Tarnish Its Image
Turkey Relents on 'State Insult' Trial
Turkey Will Soon Allow Limited TV Broadcasts in Kurdish
Officials Predict Imminent Release of Former German Diplomat and Family in Yemen
Yemeni MP Calls for Resignation of All MPs
Middle East
Al-Qaeda Suspects Killed in Clashes With Saudi Police
Lebanon Condemns Rocket Attack on Israel
Somalia Neighbors Ask UN to End Arms Embargo
Uganda Defends Opposition Arrest
DR Congo Releases Electoral Timetable
Donors Plan to Withhold $375m From Ethiopia
Rebels Welcome New Ivorian Cabinet
Nigeria Detains Former Junta Official

Justin Raimondo
2006: The Year of Revelation?

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Building on Realism

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Let's Keep Our Eyes on the Prize

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Drums in the Streets

Charles Peña
Syriana: It's Not About the Oil

Ran HaCohen
Democracy and Colonialism

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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