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Case for Peace & Liberty in 2006: Anthony Gregory
Pluses but Mostly Minuses: Charley Reese
Diplomatic Rout: Gordon Prather
Closer to Orwell's Big Brother: T.J. Rodgers
Coalitions Reject Election Results: Jamail/Hamed

Nothing except a battle lost can be half as melancholy as a battle won.
Duke of Wellington
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Updated January 1, 2006 - 9:16 PM EST
US Forces Step Up Iraq Airstrikes
Another Violent Year in Iraq Ends as It Began
Thousands of US Troops to Oversee Iraqi Police
Justice Deputy Resisted Parts of Spy Program
Bush Signs Anti-Terror, Torture Laws
UK Military Fears Big Afghan Losses
US General: Iraq Cabinet Formation May Get Troops Out
British, US Spying Draws Us Closer to Orwell's Big Brother  by T.J. Rodgers
An Affront to the Constitution
by Alamdar S. Hamdani
More Important Than Halting Nuclear Proliferation  by Bill & Kathleen Christison
Pluses but Mostly Minuses
by Charley Reese
Needed: An Honest War Museum
by Ira Katz
Diplomatic Rout  by Gordon Prather

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Rumsfeld Admits to 'Ghosting' Detainee
Key Elections Ahead Around the World
Bush Resolves to Stay on the Offensive in Iraq in 2006
Ukraine and Russia Go to Wire Over Gas Supply Deal
Trucks Start Rolling as Iraq Tackles Fuel Crisis
2005 Death Toll for the US Military in Iraq Is 844
Hiring Locals Puts Canadian Army at Risk
Israel Kills Two Palestinian Militants as Truce Ends
Fuel Crisis Deepens in Iraq With Lines Forming at Pumps
Today in Iraq
Talabani Hopes for Unity Govt in 2006
In Iraq, Rich in Oil, Higher Gasoline Prices Anger Many
Sudanese Hostages Freed in Iraq
Attacks Continue
Iraq Insurgents Launch Attacks Prior to New Year
Latest Violence in Iraq Leaves 18 Dead
Five Killed in Attack on Iraq Sunni Party HQ
Penn. Congressman Under Fire During Visit to Iraq
Security Incidents in Iraq, Jan. 1
Security Incidents in Iraq, Dec. 31
Iraq Occupation
Families Spend New Year With Soldiers Via Satellite
US Uses Diplomacy in Hunt for Insurgents
Sniper Shot Took Out Insurgent Killer From 3/4 of a Mile
High-Tech Medicine Saving Lives in Iraq
Global Iraq Fallout
Japanese Want Troops Out of Iraq Soon
UK Soldiers Sell Iraq Medals Through Ebay
Americans Keep Dying
Soldier (NY) Never Held This Baby
Soldier (VA) Killed in Iraq 6 Weeks Into Deployment
Former Wheeler High (TX) Valedictorian Killed in Iraq
Soldier (MI) Dies Christmas Day, a Week Before Family Reunion
Family Had Planned New Year's Eve Surprise Party (OH)
Wahiawa (HI) Family Mourns a Daughter Slain Christmas Eve
Pomona (CA) Man Dies in Iraq on Christmas Day
Soldier From Oak Island, NC, Killed in Iraq
Soldier (NV) Killed Leading Rescue Mission
Her Only Son Killed (NY)
Puerto Rican Soldier Killed by Explosion in Iraq
Iowa Soldier Dies in Afghanistan Bombing
Guardsman (OK) With Ties to Iowa Killed in Afghanistan
Soldier (CA) With Ties to Illinois Remembered for Sense of Humor
Attack in Iraq Kills Freeport (MI) Soldier
Army Helicopter Pilot (TX) Killed in Midair Crash
Fresno (CA) Servicewoman Killed in Iraq
Afghan Farmers Returning to Opium
Marine in ICU After Bombing in Afghanistan
US Missile Parts at Pakistan al-Qaeda Target Site
Clerics Defy Musharraf Order to Expel Foreign Students
'Taliban' Gain Sway in Pakistan Tribal Region
Bridge Blown Up in Balochistan
India Rebels Kill Police Officer
Fresh Security Alert in Bangalore
Not Much Progress on Kashmir: Musharraf
India Ready to Restore 50s Status of Kashmir
Abuses Drop During Maoist Truce
UN's Annan Urges Nepal to 'Reciprocate' Rebel Ceasefire
US to Resettle 5,000 Tibetan Refugees
Sri Lanka
Sri Lankan Police Detain 900 People
Desperate Tamil Rebels Snatch Village Children to be Footsoldiers
North Korea
US Scientist: North Korea Gathers Kit for Nuclear Bombs
N. Korea Calls for Strengthening of Power to End US 'Provocation'
Report: Marines to Train Japanese Troops
Bomb Blast Kills 8, Wounds 45 in Indonesian Province
Chinese President Vows a More Open Policy
Cambodia Arrests Rights Activist
British Hostages
Hassan Ransom Payment 'Blocked by Foreign Office'
Freed British Hostage Vows to Return to Gaza
Foreign Office Denies Deal to Free British Hostages
Blair Predicts Tough Times in 2006
UK Openness Laws Could Be Tightened
British Intel Agents Did Attend Greek Terror Grilling
US Military
Sen. Leahy Wants to Know About Pentagon Spying on Protests
Some Soldiers Trying to Get Out of Army
Sign Tallying Military Deaths Upsets Army
The War at Home
Padilla Lawyers Urge Supreme Court to Block Transfer
Novak 'Probably' Regrets Plame Leak
Calif. Activist Plans to End 100-Day Fast Protesting Iraq War
War Widow Finds Christmas Gift in Newborn Son
Mom Mulls Punishment for Globetrotting Son
Florida's 'Ferris Bueller' Stuck in Kuwait
Rebel Group Captures 9 Iranian Soldiers: Arabiya TV
Hardline Iran Media Reject Russian Nuclear Offer
Pope Uses Message to Attack Hardline Iran
Syria MPs Want Assad-Accuser Charged With Treason
Syria's Ex-Vice President Urges Opposition Dialogue
Top Shi'ite Cleric Denounces Foreign Meddling in Lebanon's Affairs
Palestinian Militants Say Truce Ends at Midnight
Palestinian Gunmen Blow Up UN Club in Gaza City
Israeli Police on Alert Due to 50 Terror Warnings Ahead of New Year's
No Buses Roll From Gaza to West Bank, Despite Deal
Israel Considers Protesting BBC Show on 'Secret Weapons'
Fourth Pullout Opponent Arrested for Planning to Torch Cars
Palestinian Candidates Drop Out of Parliament Race
Middle East
Tribesmen Kidnap Five Italians in Yemen
Armed Yemeni Tribesmen Release Kidnapped German Family
Egypt 'Must Probe Cairo Violence'
Russia Seeking Clout With G-8 Presidency
Putin Flexes Muscles of 'Kremlin Inc'
French Accused of Pacific Nuclear Cover-Up
Mladic Arrest for Srebrenica Massacre Is 'Imminent'
Fury Over Colombia Three's Bar Billing
Anguished by the Suffering, a Cleric Keeps on Talking
Conflict Clouds 50 Years of Sudan Independence
US Boosts Zambia With Debt Relief
Secret Invasion: US Troops Steal Into Paraguay
Zapatistas to Tour Mexico Before Election
Bolivian Leader Slams US Drug Policy
Chile Court Won't Drop Pinochet Charges
United Nations
Officials at UN Seek Fast Action on Rights Panel
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The Mirage of Empire
How Iraq Looks to One on the Ground
The War on Munich

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An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

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