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Troop Reduction Legerdemain: Charles Peņa
A Cult of Presidential Power: Tom Engelhardt
Quarrels Shadow Talk of Iraq Consensus: Mhd. Salih
An NYT Editorial Contemplates Iraq: A. Cockburn
Presidential Snooping Damages the Nation: Bob Barr

He whom many fear, has himself many to fear.
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Updated January 5, 2006 - 11:09 PM EST
Bombings Kill 130 Iraqis, 7 US Soldiers

Surveillance Court Seeks Answers

Iran Fails to Show Up at Nuclear Meeting
Quarrels Overshadow Talk of Iraq Consensus
Bush Meets With Ex-Cabinet Officials Over Iraq

Bush Says US Will Start Cutting Iraq Troop Levels

Cheney: Secret Spying Could Have Averted 9/11

Sharon Under Knife for Massive Stroke

Neurological Expert: Sharon's Chances of Surviving Are Slim
Book Claims CIA Gave Iran Nuclear Design in Botched Plot
Bombing in Afghanistan Kills 10, Wounds 50 During Visit by US Envoy
A Cult of Presidential Power
by Tom Engelhardt
Presidential Snooping Damages the Nation  by Bob Barr
The Extraordinary Folly of Britain's New Opium War  by Simon Jenkins
Tinker, Tailor, Miner, Spy
by Shane Harris and Tim Naftali
War as Spoliation  by Frederic Bastiat
The Desert They Call Peace
by Justine Nicholas

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Pelosi: Congressional Committees Had Some Idea of NSA Spying

Bush: I Can Waive Torture Ban for National Security

For Pariah Nations, 'Rogue' Status Pays Off

Group: Third EU Nation May Have CIA Prisons

A Look at What Could Be Next for Israel

'It's Showtime' for Syria, Says UK

Militants Attack Iraq Fuel Convoy
Iraq Today

Teaching Patriotism in Iraqi Classrooms

Cautiously, Iraqis Open for Business

Iraq Vote Review May Take Up to Three Weeks

Baghdad Lockdown After Kidnapping

Iraq Group Sets Conditions to Free Minister's Sister

Attacks Continue
Iraq Has Bloodiest Day Since Elections

Iraq Insurgency Flares Again in New Year

Security Incidents in Iraq, Jan. 5

Security Incidents in Iraq, Jan. 4

Occupying Iraq

Japan, US to Discuss New Role in Iraq

US Says Others Must Contribute to Iraq Rebuilding Effort

Violence Claims More Than 7,000 Iraqis in 2005

America's Waning Clout in Iraq

Anger as Britain Admits It Was Wrong to Blame Iran for Deaths in Iraq

CIA Enlisted Aid of Iraqis in US


Iran to Brief UN on Atomic Research Plan: Diplomats

Iran Nuclear Research Troubles EU

Iran Declares Its Nuclear Plan Nonnegotiable

US Freezes Assets of Two Iran Nuclear Firms


Taliban Behead High School Teacher in Front of Family

US Plans Afghan Jail for Terror Suspects

Croatia, Azerbaijan to Join Lithuania-Led Mission in Afghanistan

Bush Says US Making 'Amazing' Progress in Security in Afghanistan


Pipeline Blasts Shut Down Pakistan Power Plant

Pakistani Militants Threaten to Kill Iranian Soldier Hostages

Iran Vows to Free Kidnapped Border Guards

Sri Lanka

Police: Sri Lankan Rebels Lurking in Capital Waiting to Assassinate Leaders

Sri Lankan Govt Opens Probe Into Deaths of Five Tamils


India Keeping Eye on Maoist Rebels

India, Pakistan Discuss Rail Link

India Arrests Terror Plot Suspects


Communist Insurgents Clash With Nepal Soldiers

US Concerned Over Resumption of Nepal Insurgency


Yemen Sends More Troops to Tribal Hideout

Yemen Promises Not to Use Force to Free Hostages


Clandestine Nuclear Deals Traced to Sudan

Talks on Chad-Sudan Tensions

Congo Raids Rebel Camp

Ethiopian Court Denies Bail for Opposition Members

Annan Outlines Six Options for Ethiopia-Eritrea Border

Somalia 'Govt' Rivals Announce Unity Deal to Conquer Country


Afro-Colombians Driven Off Land in US-Driven Cocaine War

Haiti Blames New Election Delay on UN, OAS

Zapatistas Start Political Tour of Mexico
In Other News

Dubai's Sheikh Maktoum Dies

Sharon Crisis

Sharon's Stroke Likely to Doom His New Party

Sharon Stroke Throws Kadima Into State of Uncertainty

Sharon's Stroke Creates Turmoil

Sharon's Life One of Stunning Surprises

The Enigmatic Warrior 'King' Who Inspires Love and Hate

Palestinians Split on Sharon Illness

Facts on Israel's Acting Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert

Bush at Risk of Losing Closest Mideast Ally


Supreme Court: US Can Move Padilla

Hanft v. Padilla Order

Padilla Case History

War at Home

White House Told NSA Briefings Broke Law

US Detains Man With 'Suicide Bomber' in Journal

DHS Issues Cleanup Guide for Dirty Bomb Attack

DHS Terror Grants Can Be Used to Fund Natural Disaster Preparation

Report Faults TSA Security Contracting

US Military

US Claims Soldiers Act With Restraint to Protect Civilians

General: Enemies of US 'Are Going to Have a Bad Year'

Pentagon to Retire U-2 Spy Plane

US Military Chief Says Armor Improving

Injuries, Illnesses Take More Soldiers From Battlefields Than Enemy Fire

Veterans Advocacy Group Hopes to Help Former Marine Charged With Deserting 40 Years Ago

Military Retirees Expected to Shoulder More Costs for Health Care


Militants Demolish Gaza-Egypt Border Wall

Egypt Troops Killed at Gaza Border

Rachel Corrie's Parents Almost Kidnapped in Gaza

Palestinian Unrest Intensifies Ahead of Elections

A Look at Main Militant Groups in Gaza

Turkey Helps Boost Gaza Industry


Israeli Minister Sees Talks With Hamas if It Disarms

Israel Prepares for Hamas Win

West Bank Settlers Feeling Far From Settled

Israel Scraps Plans for Wall Through Border Village

Rights Group Urges US to Cut Israel Aid

Peres May Return as Foreign Minister


US Seeks Unconditional Nuclear Talks With North Korea

Thailand Security Forces Accused of Torture


Cambodia's Fledgling Democracy Under Attack

Human Rights Watch: Cambodia's Hun Sen Systematically Silences Critics


Moscow's Energy Supplier Clout Worries Europeans

Russia Declares Truce in Gas Dispute


US: Belarus Election 'Unlikely' to Be Fair

US Warns Belarus It Must Change Its Ways

Kosovo Policeman Killed Detainee During Interrogation

Poland's New Government Recalls 10 Ambassadors With Communist Past


Justin Raimondo
'Good News' From Iraq

Charles Peņa
Troop Reduction Legerdemain

Ivan Eland
Chatting Up the TSA

Alan Bock
Building on Realism

Praful Bidwai
Nuclear Clouds Gather
Over Asia

Nebojsa Malic
Troubles Yet to Come

David R. Henderson
Let's Keep Our Eyes on the Prize

Sascha Matuszak
Drums in the Streets

Ran HaCohen
Democracy and Colonialism

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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