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Sharon's Epitaph: Justin Raimondo
Kurdistan: Meet the New Bosses: Aaron Glantz
J. Edgar Hoover With Supercomputers: R. McGovern
Blair Criminalizes His Critics: John Pilger
Books Cooked Before: Gareth Porter

There are no warlike people--just warlike leaders.
Ralph Bunche
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Updated January 6, 2006 - 10:47 PM EST
Shi'ites Blame US as 130 Killed in Iraq
11 US Troops Killed in Escalating Iraq Violence
Iran's Abrupt No-Show Stuns Atomic Negotiators
Sharon Rushed to Surgery After More Bleeding
Sharon in Coma: New Party Faces a Crucial Test
3 GOP Senators Blast Bush Bid to Bypass Torture Ban
As Attacks Rise, US Officials Insist Insurgency Is 'Dying'
Bush Defies Congress, Filling Defense, Foreign Policy Posts
Info Suggests Slain Marines May Have Been Betrayed
J. Edgar Hoover With Supercomputers  by Ray McGovern
Cooking the Books: A Requirement for Aggressive War  by Gareth Porter
How Did the US Govt Annihilate $1 Trillion of American Wealth?  by Michael S. Rozeff
The Pro-War Libertarian Quiz
by Matt Welch
Kurdistan: Meet the New Bosses
by Aaron Glantz
Blair Criminalizes His Critics
by John Pilger

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Pat Robertson: Sharon's Stroke Is Divine Punishment
Iranian President Also Hopes Sharon Perishes
Did Spying Program Foil Terror Plots?
Bush Brings Ex-Cabinet Officials Into Iraq Discussion
Afghan Bomber Strikes During US Envoy's Visit
Report: Secretive Military Unit Sought to Solve Political WMD Concerns Prior to Securing Iraq
US Says Bomb Hit Wrong House, Killed Family in Iraq
Today in Iraq
Surge of Violence in Iraq Threatens to Worsen Religious and Ethnic Tensions
Suicide Attacks Put Iraq's Political Future in Doubt
With No Safe Destinations, Iraqi Schoolchildren Take a Field Trip to Nowhere
Russia Urges National Unity in Iraq
Attacks Continue
Insurgent Ambush Shuts Oil Refinery
Security Incidents in Iraq, Jan. 6
Security Incidents in Iraq, Jan. 5
Journalist Death Toll in Iraq Exceeds Vietnam
A Look at Deadliest Attacks of Iraq War
Suicide Bombing in Afghanistan Kills 10, Wounds 50 During Visit by US Ambassador
Bush Says US Making 'Amazing' Progress in Security in Afghanistan
Afghanistan: Bangladeshi Aid Group to Continue Despite Death
Al-Qaeda's Man Who Knows Too Much
Seven Tribals Die in Waziristan
Pakistan Says Nuclear Network Dismantled
Pakistan Says Other Countries Did Not Punish Khan Nuclear Network Members
Sir Lanka
Sri Lanka Seeks Envoy's Pressure to Bring Tamils to Peace Talks
Sri Lankan FM in US Amid Fears of Truce Collapse
North Korea
Rice Calls Stalinist North Korea 'Dangerous Regime'
China Urges US, North Korea Back to Talks
Maoists Kill Three Policemen, 11 Hurt in Nepal Attacks
Last Police Withdrawn From Aceh Province
Chinese Anti-Government Organizer Faces Prison
Cambodia Charges Another Activist
US Navy Cooperating in Japanese Murder Probe
Russia-Ukraine Gas Crisis
Opposition Grows in Ukraine to Gas Deal With Russia
Rice: Russia Not a Responsible Energy Supplier
Russia's Conduct Worries Its Partners
Wife of Bosnia War Crimes Suspect Killed in Raid
Kosovo Bus Bombing Causes Damage, No Injuries
A Haven for Abused Women in Kosovo
US Bars Humvee Sales to Ethiopia After Post-Election Violence
Kenyan Troops May Be Pulled Out of Ethiopia
Ethiopian Critics Denied Bail
Deal for MPs to Meet in Somalia
A Step Forward for Somalia's Government Impasse
Nigeria to Free Half Its Inmates
Biafran Voices of Dissent Grow Ever Louder
Sudan Offers to Mediate Between Ugandan Govt, Rebels
UN Scales Back Presence in Sudan's Troubled Darfur Region
Uganda Poll Sees Two-Horse Race
Congo Crisis Is World's Deadliest: Survey
UN to Debate Haiti Election Delay
Haiti Elections May Be in February
Peru Recalls Caracas Envoy
Mexico Denies High Numbers of Deserters
Ecuador's Former President Said Faced Hostage Plot
Chavez Bloc Begins Work Unopposed
Negotiations Continue to Free Five Italian Hostages in Yemen
Yemen Sends in More Troops for Italian Hostages
Two Egyptian Soldiers Killed After Palestinians Breach Border Wall With Bulldozer
Egypt Deflects Blame for Deadly Sudanese Protest Breakup
In Other News
2005 Sees Big Jump in Attacks on UN Staff
Aussie Soldiers Using 'Sub-Standard Equipment'
NSA Spying
Top House Dem on Intel Panel Faults White House on NSA Briefings
NSA Destroyed Evidence of Domestic Spying
NSA Whistleblower Asks to Testify
Breaking the NSA Eavesdropping Story
Congressmen Request Info After Reports CNN Reporter Was Subject to NSA Wiretaps
Detaining Justice
Padilla Leaves Military Custody
'Al-Qaeda' Briton Faces Extradition to US
US May Move Some Guantanamo Inmates to Afghanistan: Report
Pentagon Loses Legal Round on Gitmo Names
Family Pleads for Aussie Detained for 15 Months in Iraq
US War on Terror
Bush Pushes Foreign Language Education as Part of War on Terror
Missing Intel Bill Would Break 27-Year Run
4-Year-Old Boy on Government 'No-Fly' List
FAA: Space Tourists Will Have to Undergo Terror Screening
FBI: 'Suspicious' Airline Passenger's Arrest Does Not Appear Terrorism-Related
British al-Qaeda Suspect Fears Torture in US Custody
UK War on Terror
Terror Suspects Allege Torture by British Intelligence
Greek Paper Prints Photo of 'MI6 Agent'
Six Months On, Unanswered Questions Haunt London Bombings
The War at Home
Top US General Says Murtha Remarks Damage Military
Voices From History Are Brought to Bear on Iraq
Marines Try to Tack Theft Charge Onto 40-Year-Old Desertion Case
Iran Stands Up Top UN Nuclear Inspector
Iran Rejection of Nuclear Deal Becoming Clear: Rice
Iran Calls Nuclear Weapons Story False
US Underlines Strong Opposition to Iran-Pakistan-India Gas Pipeline Project
Kuwait Drills in Iran-Claimed Area
Pressure on Syria Will Not Let Up Until End of Hariri Probe: Rice
Syria Freezes Ex-VP's Assets
Straw: Unveiling the Truth Key for Lebanon's Future
Abu Faour: Jumblatt Did Not Call for US Invasion of Syria
What's Next for Israel?
Sharon Stroke Fires Mideast Tensions
Which Way Now for Israel After Ariel Sharon?
'Sharon Illness Hardly Affects His Party'
Analysis: Olmert Can Win
Israeli Centrists Look for New Leader
Sharon Deputy Gets Crash Course in Israeli Secrets
Shin Bet Calls Up Reserve Guards to Cover Olmert, Hospital
Sharon's Condition
Sharon Unlikely to Resume Work: Hospital
Neurological Expert: Sharon's Chances of Surviving Are Slim
Sharon Sedation to Last at Least 48 Hours: Hospital
His Career Over, Sharon Is Left to Fight for Life
Global Reactions
Palestinian Leaders Anxious Over Sharon
Sharon's Health Crisis Shocks Israelis
Arab Media Warns of Turmoil in Israel
Arab Media Quiet on Sharon
US Is Hoping Israelis Keep Sharon's Plan a Top Priority
Koizumi Cancels Visit to Israel, Palestinian Areas
Middle East Fears More Hawkish Israel After Sharon
Gaza Police Free al-Aqsa Leader as Calm Is Restored in Rafah
Palestinian Polls in Doubt as Abbas Courts Factions
US: Palestinian Vote Should Proceed as Scheduled
Palestinians Seal Hole in Gaza-Egypt Border Wall
Middle East
Arab Leaders Attend Emir of Dubai's Funeral
A Third of Jordan's Prisoners Have Never Had a Trial

Bush Slams Arabic TV


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