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Back to 1214: Nick Turse & Tom Engelhardt
Ukraine: More Than Gas at Stake: Alan Bock
Heck of a Job, Hayden!: Ray McGovern
On Another Planet: Gordon Prather
Bush Sued for Plagiarism: Steve Young

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Updated January 7, 2006 - 10:53 PM EST
Iraq: The Worst Is Yet to Come
Shi'ites: US Appeasing Insurgents
US Talking With Iraq Insurgents, Exploiting Rift
Violence Threatens Formation of New Iraqi Govt
US Gen: Iraqi Army May Disintegrate Into Gangs
GOP Senator Santorum Asks Bush for Panel on Iraq
Female US Journalist Kidnapped in Baghdad
Report Questions Legal Basis for Bush's Spying Program
Back to 1214
by Nick Turse & Tom Engelhardt
Staying the Course Compounds Iraq War Errors  by Andrew Greeley
Axis of Fanatics – Netanyahu and Ahmadinejad  by Norman Solomon
It's What We Do  by Ivan Eland
On Another Planet  by Gordon Prather
Heck of a Job, Hayden!
by Ray McGovern

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11 US Troops Killed in Escalating Iraq Violence
Tape: Al-Qaeda's Zawahri Says US Defeated in Iraq
Bremer: US Did Not Expect Insurgency in Iraq
Iraq Violence May Provoke Shi'ite Backlash
Out of Iraq Events Planned in Over 130 Cities
Sharon 'Stable' After Third Round of Surgery
US Has UN Votes Against Iran, Rice Says
NSA: CNN Reporters 'Not Targeted' for Surveillance
My Lai Massacre Hero Dies at 62
Extra Armor Could Have Saved Many Lives, Study Shows
Today in Iraq
Iraqi Shi'ites Rally in Anger at Recent Killing Spree
Mourning Turns to Anger in Iraqi Shi'ite City
US Commander Speculates on Ramadi Attack
The Polite Insurgents
Baghdad’s Ground Rules
Wife of British Hostage Appeals to His Iraq Captors
Iraq Occupation
Iraq Not on Verge of Civil War, US Commander Says
US General: Iraqi Govt, Local Insurgents, Keys to Iraq's Future
US Marine: Iraqi Police Stronger in '06
Polish Troops in Iraq Hand Control to US Soldiers
Attacks Continue
Land Mines Menace One in Five Iraqi Towns
Mortars Rattle Iraq Army Parade
Security Incidents in Iraq, Jan. 7
Security Incidents in Iraq, Jan. 6
The New Iraq
With Promise of Airport, Investment in Najaf Takes Off
Iraqis Making Connection to the Outside World Online
Hundreds Protest Unemployment in Iraq
Global Iraq Fallout
First UK Troops 'May Leave Iraq'
Britain FM in Unannounced Trip to Iraq
Report: Terrorists Recruiting for Iraq in Sydney
Syria Condemns Terrorist Escalation in Iraq
South Korean Arrested in Iraq Oil-for-Food Scandal
NATO Commander Decries Slow Dutch Deployment
Afghan Officials Accused on Drugs
Assailants Kill Eight Pakistani Security Forces in Rocket Attack Near Afghan Border
Dutch Troops in Pakistan Complain About Drunken UK, Spanish Soldiers
Rice: US Helping Pakistan to Fight 'Extremism'
India, Pakistan Agree Rail Link
Three Militants With Kashmir Links Arrested in India
Sri Lanka
Tamil Tigers Attack Navy Patrol, 5 Sailors Dead, 10 Missing
Sri Lanka to Probe Killing
Sri Lanka Calls on US Peace Help
Report: Suicide Bomber Kills Five in Chinese Courthouse
China Steps Up Panda Diplomacy Towards Taiwan
China Gift of Pandas 'An Insult' to Taiwan
Microsoft Shuts Down Chinese Blog That Carried Politically Sensitive Content
Microsoft Faces Backlash After Blocking Chinese Blogger
US Sailor Admits Killing Japanese Woman
Tokyo to Beef Up Anti-Terror Powers
US Negotiator Hopeful North Korea Will Dismantle Nukes
Uzbek Persecution 'Getting Worse'
Russia & Her Neighbors
Gas Dispute Leaves Cloud Over Russia's Chairmanship of G-8
Four Russian Troops Killed in Chechnya
Bosnian Anger Over Fatal Shooting
Serbian Officials Ask for FBI Assistance
Irish Antiwar Protesters Plan Picket Over US Military Flights
Germany Asks NATO for Help During World Cup
Investigation as British Harrier Jet Drops Fuel Tank Near Road
Colombia Battle Leaves 12 Rebels, 2 Soldiers Dead
400,000 Colombians Lose Power From Rebel Sabotage
Supporters Register Fujimori for Race
Haiti Blames Kidnappings on Colombians, Politics
War on Terror
Homeland Security Opening Private Mail
Bush Claims Right to Ignore New Law Banning Torture
Padilla Appears in Miami Court
FBI Is Cleared of Misconduct in Wrongful Jailing of Oregon Man
Report Blames FBI for Ore. Lawyer Arrest
Head of Federal Air Marshal Service Resigns
US Military
The Lie Detector You'll Never Know Is There
Murtha Responds to Criticism From Pentagon
Troops' Support for War Declining, Survey Says
The War at Home
Bush Bypasses Senate on Two Crony Appointments
Bush Impeachment Inquiry Has Eight House Co-Sponsors
Scooter Libby Joins Hudson Institute Think Tank
Gender Gap on Troop Withdrawal From Iraq: 62 Percent of American Women Believe Troops Should Come Home by End of 2006
Uranium Revelation Upsets Isle Activists
Iran's No-Show Fuels US Anger
Options Running Out After Iran Snub
UN Inspectors to Reopen Iran Nuclear Centers
Ex-VP Wants Syria Government Toppled
Assad Denies Threatening Hariri
Israel's Future
Olmert Meets Peres to Discuss Continuing Sharon's Policies
Netanyahu May Have Edge to Succeed Sharon
Poll: Kadima Will Win Elections Even Without Its Founder
Contenders Vie to Fill Sharon's Seat of Power
Israeli Politicians Scramble to Deal With Power Vacuum
A Look at Sharon's Likely Successors
Sharon's Condition
Experts: Sharon's Prognosis Poor
No Hope for Sharon to Resume Public Life
Sharon's Outlook Could Outlive His Direct Influence
Global Reaction
White House Blasts Robertson's Sharon Remark
Arab Media Ponder Sharon Legacy
Palestinians Worry About Sharon's Exit
Rice Cancels Asia Trip Due to Sharon Concerns
US Refuses to Talk About Post-Sharon Era
Arab Govts Largely Silent on Sharon
Somber Mood Dominates in Israel
Gaza Militants Condemn Disorder
Britain Advises Citizens to Leave Gaza
Congress Increases Budget for Joint US-Israeli Defense Projects
100 Olive Trees Uprooted in West Bank Palestinian Village
Jewish Terrorist May Have Fired on Palestinian Teens Near Nablus
Middle East
Yemeni Tribesmen Free Italian Hostages
Oil Jumps to $64 on Middle East Concerns
US Will Not Cut Aid to Ethiopia: US Envoy
Chad Says Sudan Militia Kill 9 in Cross-Border Raid
Wolfowitz Suspends World Bank Loans to Chad
Weekend Reviews
Excerpt From State of War: The Secret History of the CIA and the Bush Administration
The Scoop From State of War
Look to The Onion for Accurate War Coverage

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An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

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