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Back to 1214: Nick Turse & Tom Engelhardt
Ukraine: More Than Gas at Stake: Alan Bock
Heck of a Job, Hayden!: Ray McGovern
On Another Planet: Gordon Prather
Bush Sued for Plagiarism: Steve Young

War can really cause no economic boom, at least not directly, since an increase in wealth never does result from destruction of goods.
Ludwig von Mises
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Updated January 8, 2006 - 10:49 PM EST
Nobel Econ: Iraq May Cost US $2 Trillion
Iraq: 12 Die in US Copter Crash; 5 Marines Killed
Talabani Says New Iraq Govt Almost in Place
Iraq VP: Forget Trial, Just Execute Saddam

UK FM: Iraq Pullout to Begin Within Months

UK General: Impeach Blair Over Iraq

Back to 1214
by Nick Turse & Tom Engelhardt
Staying the Course Compounds Iraq War Errors  by Andrew Greeley
Axis of Fanatics – Netanyahu and Ahmadinejad  by Norman Solomon
It's What We Do  by Ivan Eland
On Another Planet  by Gordon Prather
Heck of a Job, Hayden!
by Ray McGovern

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The Trillion-Dollar War

NSA Chief Not Concerned by Congressional Inquiries

Poll: Most Say US Needs Warrant to Snoop

US Troops: More Armor Slows Down Combat

Egypt Islamists: Al-Qaeda Violence 'Counterproductive'

Diplomats Protest Iraq Violence

Jordan Hopes Sharon Crisis Will Not Affect Mideast Peace

Evangelical 'Philo-Semitism' Worries Some Jews
Extra Armor Could Have Saved Many Lives, Study Shows
The War Goes On

US Troops Build Wall of Sand to Keep Insurgents in Their Homes

Four Iraqi Soldiers Wounded by Baghdad Car Bomb

Security Incidents in Iraq, Jan. 8

Security Incidents in Iraq, Jan. 7

Iraq Today

Iraqi Shi'ites Rally in Anger at Recent Killing Spree

Iraqis Bury Bomb Dead; Some Shi'ites Seek Revenge

Iraq's New Troops Mark Army Day

Journalists Are Killed for Telling Truth

Hostage Crises

American Journalist Kidnapped in Iraq

Christian Volunteers Still Captive in Iraq

Americans Keep Dying

Liberian-Born Soldier (NC) Killed in Iraq

Dad's 'Greatest Fear': Davie (FL) Marine Killed

Army Medic (OR) Killed by Roadside Bomb

Soldier (IN) Who Died in Iraq Sought Change

Soldier (OH) Dies of 'Stress' Two Days After Leaving Iraq

Soldier (CA) Killed Three Weeks Before Wedding

Soldier (WA) Killed by Roadside Bomb

Sudan Native (VA) Killed in Iraq Did 'Good Deeds'

Family Remembers Maine Native Killed in Iraq

Panamanian With Ties to Puerto Rico Killed in Iraq Helicopter Crash (en Español)

Virginia Man Killed by Sniper Fire in Iraq

Kentucky Mourns Fallen Soldier

Georgia Soldier Killed in Iraq Ambush

Army Captain (VA) Employed Daring, Intellect

UK Cleared Nuclear Cargo to Iran

Iran: IAEA to Resume Scrutiny

Iran Sets Date for Nuclear Research Despite EU Appeal

Iran and Russia Begin Nuclear Talks

Iran to Hang Woman Who Killed in 'Self-Defense'


Taliban Escalates Level of Violence in Afghanistan

Passerby Killed, Policeman Injured by Bomb in Afghanistan

Afghan Officials Accused on Drugs

Middle East

Saudis See Pro-Shi'ite Bias in Iraq Haj Permits

Morocco's King Reconciles With Father's Rights Victims

Muslim Brotherhood Leader Offers Support to Syrian Defector

Italian Hostage Praises Yemen

Six Killed in Yemen Clashes


Eight Pakistani Troops Killed in Attack on New Checkpoint

Pakistan Says Disappointed With India Peace Moves

Musharraf Floats New Proposal for Kashmir Peace

Reports: 22 Killed in Pakistani Frontier

South Asia

Maoists Open Fire at Checkpoint Near India-Nepal Border

US Concerned Over Violence in Sri Lanka

India Rejects Kashmir Pullout Call


'Thousands' Die in DR Congo War

US Gravely Concerned About Dissent Crackdown in Ethiopia

Ethiopia Pulls Back From Eritrea Border

UN to Press Egypt to Stop Sudanese Deportation


UN Commander in Haiti Commits Suicide

Fujimori Registered for Peru Election

Colombian Soldiers Arrested in Arms Trade

War on Terror

Aussie Opposition: Terrorism Threat Worse in Wake of Iraq War

Britain Closes Embassy in Jordan, Warning of Terrorist Attacks

Canadian Demands Answers After Being Detained for Being on US No-Fly List

FBI: Wrongful Arrest of Lawyer Had Nothing to Do With His Religion

Guantánamo Bay

Military: Gitmo Detainees Still on Hunger Strike

German Chancellor Merkel: Guantanamo 'Should Not Continue to Exist'

Scandal of Force-Fed Prisoners

US Military

Camp Pendleton Marines Deployed to Iraq for 3rd Time

Navy to Hand Over Sailor to Japanese

Army Captain Cleared in Afghan Abuse Case

When Mom Is Over There

Sharon's Legacy

Israeli Politicians Scramble to Deal With Power Vacuum

Sharon's Bold Approach Could Outlive Him

Olmert Emerges as Successor to Sharon

A Look at Sharon's Likely Successors

Israel Agonizes Over Life After Stricken Sharon

US Begins Quietly Creating Post-Sharon Plans

Barghouti: Sharon's Condition Shouldn't Delay PA Vote

Sharon's Links to East Jerusalem Complex

'He Is the King Kong of Massacres'

Sharon's Condition

Sharon MD: Chances of Surviving Are High...

...but Doctors Say Sharon's Chances of Survival Slim

Sharon Doctors to Hold Crisis Meeting


Gaza Militants Condemn Disorder

One Palestinian Killed in Gaza Clashes

Palestinian Militants Order Vote Observers to Quit Jenin


Japan to Go It Alone in Quest for UN Seat

Murder Fuels Japan's Hostility to US Navy Presence


Thai Militants Kill Five

Uzbek Persecution 'Getting Worse'

South Korean Arrested in Iraq Oil-for-Food Scandal

Chinese Farmer Kills 4 Others in Suicide Attack

China Takes Aim at Corruption

United Kingdom

The Mystery of the London Bomber and His Secret Wealth

UK Corporal Won't Be Prosecuted in Shooting of Iraqi Civilian

Strapped for Recruits, British Army Will Allow Obese Soldiers

Teen Recruits 'Hit With Golf Club' in New UK Army Bullying Claim

Gandhi-Quoting Yuppie Shakes Stuffiness From Britain's Tories


Serbs Cross Kosovo Divide for Orthodox Christmas

Power Struggles Worsen as Yushchenko Tries to Shake Off Russian Influence

Spanish Officer Held for Catalan Comment

Putin Works to Keep Belarus Leader in Power

Archives: Soviets Were Willing to Sacrifice Poland in Nuclear War

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