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Constitutional Quicksand: Ivan Eland Surrenders: Joshua Frank
Jittery About Israel: Jim Lobe
Stuff and Nonsense: Gordon Prather
Iraq's Hate Triangle: Gareth Porter

The only security for the American people today, or for any people, is to be found through the control of force rather than the use of force.
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Updated January 10, 2006 - 11:17 PM EST
US Denies Talking With Iraq 'Terrorists'
Five Nuclear Powers Send Messages to Iran
Iran Delays Threatened Nuclear Work Resumption
Shi'ites Escalate Conflict With US Over Sunnis
Baghdad Restaurants Ask Police Not to Dine
Pentagon Says Rumsfeld Nixed Bremer Troop Request
Iraq Interior Ministry Bombers Had Security Passes
Pakistan Protests After US Forces Kill Eight in Cross-Border Incident
The Real Choice in Iraq
by Zbigniew Brzezinski
The Falling Costs of Terror
by Loretta Napoleoni
Playing With Fire: Congress and Executive Power  by Brian Foley
The FISA Farce  by James Bovard Surrenders  by Joshua Frank
Stuff and Nonsense  by Gordon Prather

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Sharon's Demise Gives Analysts the Jitters
Slight Movement in Sharon's Right Hand, Leg in Response to Stimuli
North Korea: No Point to Nuclear Talks, US Will Veto Any Deals Anyhow
Taliban Spokesman Rejects Talks Offer by Karzai
New Year Brings a New Death Toll in Iraq
US Raid on Iraq Mosque Sparks Sunni Anger
US Army to Boot Reserve Soldiers Who Won't Fight
US Opens Private Mail to 'Fight Terrorism'
Bremer Says He Was Used as Iraq 'Fall Guy'
Today in Iraq
Zarqawi Slams Sunnis for Voting in Election
Sadr City Shi'ites Increasingly See Threats From Internal Sources
Talks Underway to Form United Government in Iraq
Iraqis Receive Training in Iran
Iraq's 'PBS' Accused of Sectarian Slant
Iraqi Widows Lost in Land That Cannot Provide Succor
Attacks Continue
28 US Troops Killed in 4 Days in Iraq
Suicide Bombers Kill 28 at Iraqi Ministry
Iraq's al-Qaeda Claims Ministry Attack
Congressmen Endured Mortar Attack During Visit to Air Base in Iraq
Security Incidents in Iraq, Jan. 10
Security Incidents in Iraq, Jan. 9
Iraq Occupation
Four Civilians, 8 US Troops Aboard Downed Helicopter in Iraq
Fog of War Falls on Polish Arms Supplies to Iraq
US Troops Briefly Detained Guardian Reporter
Hostage Crises
US Paper Names Reporter Abducted in Iraq
Iraqi Police Search for Kidnapped American Journalist
Abducted Reporter Was Living Dream in Iraq
Freed French Hostage Heads Home From Iraq
Global Iraq Fallout
Bremer: Britain Was 'Weak-Kneed' for Refusing to Arrest Sadr
New UK Regiment Faces 'Severe Recruiting Crisis'
Australia Stands Firm in Keeping Troops in Iraq
Austrian Airlines to Offer Regular Flights to Iraq
Mullah Omar: Taliban Will Fight Until US Leaves
Australia Confirms Boost in Troops to Afghanistan
Aussie Opposition Backs Increasing Afghanistan Troop Numbers
Afghanistan Travel Warning to US Citizens
Three Schools Set Fire by Taliban in South Afghanistan
Afghan Bomber Dies in Premature Blast
Afghanistan: NATO Appeal for Dutch to Dispatch Troops
Freed Kashmir Separatist Vows to Continue Anti-Vice Crusade
Demilitarization Plan Gains Support in Kashmir
Balochistan Claims Erode India-Pakistan Peace
Main Nepalese Party Splits Over King
Nepal Says Maoist Threats Will Not Delay Polls
Rebel Bomb in Nepal Kills Two Children
North Korea Talks Hit Sanctions Snag
Financial Sanctions on North Korea Based on Solid Evidence: US
North Korea Says Nuclear Talks Are Illogical
North Korean Leader Kim Jong Il Is Visiting China, South Korean Intelligence Says
US, South Korea Withdraw Remaining Staff From North Korean Reactors
China Cuts Army by 200,000
China Set to Reduce Exposure to Dollar
China Sentences Villagers for Rioting in April
Taiwan Leader Pushes US Arms Deal
Japanese Troops to Begin Amphibious Combat Training in US
Japan-China Tensions Dog Talks
China to Buy 45% Stake in Nigerian Oil Field
Tamil Rebels Ambush Sri Lankan Troops, Three Killed
Philippines FM Will Ask US to Hand Over Marines Accused of Rape
Future of Democracy Under Pressure in Cambodia
Fla. Professor, Wife Accused of Being Spies for Cuba's Castro
General Pinochet Granted Bail
Peru Officials Rule: Fujimori Can't Run for President
Venezuela, Peru Mend Fences
NSA Spying on Americans
Bypassed Judges Briefed on Warrantless Wiretaps
Gonzales' Testimony Eyed for Hearing on Surveillance
Detaining Justice
Military Spokesman: Force-Feeding of Gitmo Detainees Continues
Stadium-Style Lighting Added to Fence-Line at Guantanamo
Gitmo 'Off Limits' During Canadian's Hearing
A Jihadi Gets His Day in an American Court
War on Terror
Report: TSA Screener Spending Uncontrolled
Justice Dept. Re-Opened After Evacuation
Bomb Defused at a San Francisco Starbucks
Government-Run Venture Capital Units Fund Next Generation of Surveillance Tech
Decision Close Over Trial for Police in Fatal Underground Shooting
US Military
Missile Test Failures Sideline Progress at Alaska's Fort Greely
Colorado Springs Army Unit Expects 'Big Growth'
The War at Home
News Outlets Silent on Abduction of US Reporter in Iraq
Teen Discusses Dangerous Trip to Iraq
EU Fears as Iran Gets Set to Resume Atomic Research
Russia, Iran Share Views on Region Development: Envoy
Jet Crash Kills Commander of Elite Iranian Ground Forces
Iran Detains 14 Suspected Extremists
Iran Denies Recruiting Israeli Arab
Iran Cleric Struggles to Get Alternative Views to TV Screens
Palestinian Elections
Israel Will Pick and Choose Which Palestinian Candidates Can Campaign
Palestinians Reject Poll Limits
Abbas: Palestinian Elections on Schedule
Abbas Says US Assures Him Jerusalem Vote to Proceed
Hamas Launches TV Station in Gaza
Abbas One Year Later
Israeli Arab Indicted for Spying for Iran
Palestinian Militants Shoot Two Lebanese Police
Two Senior US Officials Heading for Mideast
Middle East
Syria's Assad, Saudi Leaders Meet on UN Lebanon Probe
Western Embassies Close in Jordan
Egyptian Rights Groups Urge Probe Into Killing of Sudanese
Gas Crisis Deepens a Rift in Ukraine's Pro-Western Camp
Ukraine Police on Trial for Killing That Sparked 'Orange Revolution'
Spain on Edge After General Threatens Revolt
Spanish Military Downplays General's House Arrest
Sudan Peace Holding, but Fears Continue
Sudan: Worsening Security, Lack of Progress Bog Down Darfur Talks
Sudan's Southerners Fear Return of War
Chad Demands Sudan Disarm Rebels
'Little Cheer' From Sudan Peace
US Hopes to Draw New Border Between Eritrea, Ethiopia
12 Die in Somalia Fighting
Rwandan Rebel Leader Convicted of Killing Tourists
UN Admits 'Peacekeepers' May Have Killed Civilians in Haiti Raid

Top UN Official Vows Order in Haiti

Strike in Haiti Brings Commerce to a Halt
VP: Brazil Intends to Keep Control of UN Troops in Haiti
In Other News
Fiji Military Chief Threatens New Coup
Study: Aussies Admit Discriminating Against Muslims Since 9/11
Pope Condemns Terrorism in Annual Speech

Justin Raimondo
Kurdistan: A Gangster State

Ivan Eland
An Imperial Presidency Based on Constitutional Quicksand

David R. Henderson
Milton and David Friedman on Military Intervention

Alan Bock
Ukraine: More Than Gas at Stake

Charles Peņa
Troop Reduction Legerdemain

Praful Bidwai
Nuclear Clouds Gather
Over Asia

Nebojsa Malic
Troubles Yet to Come

Sascha Matuszak
Drums in the Streets

Ran HaCohen
Democracy and Colonialism

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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