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Gore Channels Taft: Justin Raimondo
Hebron for Beginners: Ran HaCohen
Does Bush Really Know Best?: Vega/Engelhardt
Democracy Myths: Leon Hadar
Another Undeclared War?: Patrick J. Buchanan

We all have to be concerned about terrorism, but you will never end terrorism by terrorizing others.
Martin Luther King III
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Updated January 18, 2006 - 11:22 PM EST
Missile Brought Down Chopper in Iraq
US Helicopters Face Menace of 'Aerial Bombs'
Gunmen, Car Bombs Kill Nearly 50 in Iraq
2002 US Memo Doubted Uranium Sale Claim
China, Russia Urge Iran Nuke Negotiations
On Iran, West Looks for a Plan B
Pakistan: No More US Air Strikes
US Energy Admin: World Can't Afford to Lose Iran's Oil
Guess What? Democracies Are Not Always Peaceful  by Leon Hadar
The Empty Shirts, Courtiers, and 'Crazies'   by Ray McGovern
Can Karen Hughes Spin the CIA Attack in Pakistan?  by David Corn
Another Undeclared War?
by Patrick J. Buchanan
Does the President Really Know Best?  by Elizabeth de la Vega & Tom Engelhardt
Cheney Plays the Egypt Card
by James Ridgeway

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Shame, Not Sanctions, Initial UN Goal for Iran
US Lethal 'Blunder' Threatens to Undermine Musharraf
US Brushes Off Protests Over Pakistan Airstrike
Confusion Shrouds Pakistan Attack
EU Vulnerable to 9/11-Style Attack
Oil Hits Three-Month Highs
Ledeen Says He Worked at Magazine That Found Forged Niger Documents
Rome Prosecutors to Charge US Soldier With Murdering Italian Agent in Iraq
Japan Wooing the US to Gain Security Council Seat
US Rejects Request for Custody of Marines Charged With Rape, Sparking Protests
Today in Iraq
Iraq President Urges Moving Troubled Saddam Court
US Discusses Arab Iraq Deployment
Report: Iraqi Army to Be Equipped by Russia
Tal Afar’s Ethnic Tug of War Puts Iraq Army to the Test
Iraqi Politics
Sunnis to Get Six Positions in Cabinet, Iraqi Aide Says
Shi'ites Poised to Dominate First Time in Iraq History
Iraqi President Seeks Second Term
Iraq Occupation
US Launches Plan to Train Iraqi Police
US: Syrian Border Infiltration Into Iraq Has Decreased
US Military Looks for Pattern in Iraq Helicopter Losses
Attacks Continue
Iraqi Gunmen Strike Election Headquarters
Eight Killed in Iraq Violence
Japanese Official Denies Report of Attack in Iraq
Security Incidents in Iraq, Jan. 18
US Reporter Kidnapped
Al-Jazeera Airs Video of Abducted US Reporter in Iraq
Gunmen Threaten to Kill US Reporter
Family Pleads With Abductors of US Reporter in Iraq
Bombing al-Jazeera?
Al-Jazeera Asks to See Bush 'Bombing' Transcript
Secret Memo Did Not Say 'Bomb al-Jazeera': Blair Spokesman
Global Iraq Fallout
Iraq Accuses Iran of Seizing Coastguards, Tehran Denies
Iraqi Sailor Killed in Clash With Iran Ship
German Coalition Faces Test Over Iraq Dealings
DaimlerChrysler Suspends Managers Over Iraq Bribes
Australian Wheat Firm 'Bribed Saddam Regime to Win Trade Deals'
Aussie Govt Scrutinized for Role in Iraq Kickbacks
Cheney Talks Iraq With Egypt's Mubarak
Retired Farmer Headed to Iraq – Again
Afghanistan Violence Up as Security Handoff in South Nears
Violence Increasing in Afghanistan
UN Reports More Deadly Suicide Attacks in Afghanistan
Karzai Orders Probe of Suicide Bombing
Denmark to Send More Troops to Afghanistan
Attack on Pakistan
US Image Suffers a Black Eye in Pakistan
Pakistan: Terrorists Killed in US Strike
Pakistani Officials Finally Visit US-Attacked Region
Chill Descends on Indo-Pak Relations
Pakistan, India Say Peace Process Yielding Dividends
UN Closes Pakistan Offices After Phone Call Warns al-Qaeda Would Attack
Five Militants, Two Communists Killed in Kashmir
New Delhi Blasts Planner Killed
Sri Lanka
US, Norway to Assist Sri Lanka Peace Talks
Crossfire Kills 2 Civilians in Sri Lanka
North Korea
North Korea Renews Call for Lifting US Sanctions to Revive Talks
North Korean Leader Reportedly in Beijing
North Korean Leader Reportedly Ends China Visit
China Village Secured After Deadly Protest
China Bans Public Mourning for Purged Leader
Taiwanese Premier Hsieh Resigns
Protest Greets US Troops Training in Philippines
Coup Plotters Escape From Philippine Army Jail
Opposition Protest to Go Ahead in Nepal Despite Ban
Cambodia Frees Four Government Critics on Bail
Foreign NGOs Banned Near Chechnya
Basque Party Barred From Politics 2 More Years
Two UN Soldiers From Jordan Killed in Haiti
US Downplays Talk of Tension With Chile
US Agents Claim Mexican Military Protecting Drug Shipments Into US
Haiti Limping Toward Elections
Son of Cali Drug Cartel Founders Surrenders to US
A Spy in the FBI
FBI Missed Internal Signs of Espionage
Timeline: Aragoncillo Espionage Case
E-Mails, Documents in FBI Espionage Case
War on Terror
Gonzales Rejects Gore's Criticism
White House Calls Snooping Lawsuits 'Frivolous'
US Believes bin Laden Still Alive
Less Onerous IDs Proposed for Travel to Canada, Mexico
Belgium PM: Gitmo Abuses Hurt European Opinion of US
Egypt Urges US to Probe Guantánamo Detainee's Amputation
Japanese Computer to Predict Terrorist Damage
Pope's Assailant Offered to Nab bin Laden
UK War on Terror
British in Bosnia to Probe July 7 Terror Link
44th Arrest Made in Failed London Bombings
UK Lords Throw Out Planned Crime of 'Glorifying' Terror
Radical UK Cleric Claims Islam Sanctions Suicide Bombings
UK Govt to Press on With ID Cards Despite Lords Defeat
US Military
Army Hopes Higher Bonuses Will Attract Recruits
Lawyer: Method That Killed General Got OK
Military Looks Toward Pill to Erase PTSD Memories
Spanish 'Hacker' Held Over US Navy Breach
Walter Reed to Open Amputee Center
The War at Home
Report Details Government's Ad Spending
Gallup Poll Finds Public Split on Iraq
White House Lobs Accusations Back at Gore
Former US Envoy Defends Iraq Policies
Vietnam Deserter Awaits Fate After Arrest
Russia Not Signing Off on Iran Referral
Iran Urges EU Back to Negotiations
Britain Dismisses Iranian Calls for Fresh Nuclear Talks
No Nuke Talks Unless Iran Proves It's Serious: US
Olmert: 'Israel Will Not Allow Iran to Obtain WMDs'
Blair Plays Down International Splits Over Iran
Europe Softens Line on Iran to Woo Swing Votes
Do Not Believe Tehran, Britain Warns Russia
Mideast Asks Cheney for Patience With Iran
Q&A: What Next in Iran Crisis?
Israel Holding Talks on Iran Sanctions With EU and US
Powell: Iran Is Going Down Iraq's Path
Iran Lifts CNN Ban; Amanpour Criticized
Ex-Vice President Khaddam Unlikely Ally for Syrian Opposition
Thousands of Lebanese Students in Anti-US March
Lebanon Wants UN Force in South for Another Year
Surviving Sharon
Acting Israeli PM Hopes to Resume Peace Talks
Sharon's Condition Remains Unchanged
Sharon Starts to Fade From the Front Page
Israeli Leader Speaks as Dove and Hawk
Hamas Support Grows After Israelis Shoot Militant Leader
Israel May One Day Talk to Hamas: President
Israeli Police Remove West Bank Settler Protesters
Israelis Kill West Bank Militant
Study of Suicide Bombers Takes Prize
Palestinian Film Gets Thumbs Down at Home
Middle East
What's So Funny in the Mideast?
Cheney Meets Top Egyptian, Saudi Leaders
Egypt to Free Sudanese Detainees
Eritrea Rejects US Peace Mission
Eritrea, Ethiopia Trade Blame
Shell Evacuates 330 From Nigeria
Nigerian Militants Threaten New Oil Attacks
African 'Al-Jazeera' Aims to Give a Fairer View of the Continent
Ivory Coast Party Quits Peace Process
Liberia's New Woman President Pledges End to Violence
Opposition Officials Sue Party Leader in Zimbabwe

Justin Raimondo
Gore Channels Taft

Ran HaCohen
Hebron for Beginners

Ivan Eland
'War on Terror' Continues to Create Terrorists

Praful Bidwai
Iran Opens Nuclear Locks – and a Hornet's Nest

Alan Bock
History's Burden in Iraq

Nebojsa Malic
Our Friends, the Peacekeepers

David R. Henderson
Milton and David Friedman on Military Intervention

Charles Peña
Troop Reduction Legerdemain

Sascha Matuszak
Drums in the Streets

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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