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Hamas, Son of Israel: Justin Raimondo
Killing for Democracy: James Bovard
Hamas Upset Rattles Bush Strategy: Jim Lobe
Domestic Spying Hurts Security: Sibel Edmonds
How the Bomb Destroyed Our Republic: Wes Ulm

Governments use national animosities, foreign wars and the glamour of empire-making, in order to...divert rising sentiment against domestic abuses.
J. R. Hobson
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Updated January 27, 2006 - 9:16 PM EST
US Army Seized Iraqi Wives as Tactic
Is Democracy Empowering Islamists?
Hamas Upset Rattles Bush Strategy

General Says Troops in Iraq 'Stretched'

Bush Backs Russian Plan for Iran

Bush to Abbas: The People Have Spoken, Now Ignore Them

Bush Says Hamas Cannot Be Peace Partner

Killing in the Name of Democracy
by James Bovard
Domestic Spying Hurts Our National Security  by Sibel Edmonds
Smoke and Mirrors in the Defense Budget  by Winslow Wheeler
How the Bomb Destroyed Our Republic  by Wes Ulm
Hawking Iran  by Charles V. Peña
Peace Candidate, ’68 Vintage
by Scott McConnell

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UN Nuke Chief Hails Russian Offer to Iran

Bush: US Would Never Use Torture

Political Opposites Aligned Against Bush Wiretaps

US Envoy: Claims of US Plot to Bomb al-Jazeera 'Absurd'

DM: Germany May Need Own Nuclear Weapons

EU Could Call Cheney to Testify About Secret CIA Prisons

Poll: Americans Favor Impeachment for Spying
Hamas Scores Stunning Win -
but What Now?
Iraq Today

Lawyer: Saddam Wants to Sue Bush, Blair

US Reaching Out to Sunnis to Counter Iran?

Iraqi Politicians Talk Security as Militias Thrive

British Arrests of Police Strain Relations in Basra

Over 400 Detainees Freed From Iraq Prisons

US Military Releases Half of Iraqi Women in Its Prisons

The Baghdad Spiral

The War Goes On
Two US Soldiers Killed in Iraq

US General: Native, Foreign Iraq Insurgents Splitting Ranks

Security Incidents in Iraq, Jan. 26

Hostage Crises

Abduction Forces a Grim Look at What a Story Is Worth

Hope Raised for US Hostage After Prisoner Release

Hope in Captivity: How Kidnapped Journalists Coped


Iran Proposes Resuming Direct US Flights

China Backs Russian Plan to Resolve Iranian Nuclear Standoff

Iran's Top Nuclear Negotiator in Beijing

Blair Rejects Iran's Claim It Backed Bombing, Demands International Scorn


Latest Afghan Mission Will Leave UK Army 'Overstretched'

British Troops Will Attempt to Take Control of Lawless Afghan Province

NATO Says Might Need More Time for Afghan Expansion

UK Minister Admits 'Real Danger' in Afghan Troop Deployment

Britain Mum on Report of 4,000 Troops to Afghanistan

Rocket Attack Kills Two Afghan Policemen

No End in Sight to Afghanistan's Years of Violence

81 Political Parties Registered in Afghanistan


India: US Envoy's Comments on Iran Nuclear Vote 'Inappropriate'

State Dept. Backtracks on Ambassador's Iran Threat to India

India Flexes Military Muscle in Republic Day Parade

India's Last Freedom Heroes Recall Torture Under British Rule

Maoist Attacks Rock India's Republic Day Celebrations


Nepal Debates Whether It Needs a King

Nepal Riot Police Out in Force as Parties Launch National Strike

Nepal Police Fire at Protesters


Musharraf Defends Pipeline Plan With Iran

Pakistan Seeks Arrest of Former PM Bhutto

Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan Army Attack Kills Senior Rebel

Sri Lanka Peace Hopes Soar on Cease-Fire Talks

Middle East

UN Sending Legal Experts to Help Lebanon in Hariri Murder Probe

Syrian Muslim Brotherhood: We'd Share Power in a Civil, Not Islamic, State

Islamic Banks to Open in Syria During 2006

Russia Agrees to Sell $4 Billion in Arms to Algeria


Firms Beat Path to ... Libya

Watchdog Hails Libya's Human Rights Progress

Ivory Coast

UN's Ivory Coast Staff Evacuated

Ivorian Opposition Leader Returns

Clouding Ivory Coast's Peace: 'Ivoirité'


Rebels Battling for Darfur Town

Uganda Ready to Attack Rebels in Congo

Italian Oil Firm Pulls Out Workers After Nigerian Attack

Nigeria Optimistic Over Hostage Standoff


British Muslim Jailed for Plotting to Kill Iraq Vet

European MPs Condemn Communist Crimes; Communists Object

Poland Openly Backs Belarus Opposition

Ball in Greek Cypriot Court, Turkey Says After New Offer

World War II Remains a Part of Daily Life in Bomb-Laden Berlin


Canada Reasserts Arctic Sovereignty

Canada Joins Missile Defense

Hamas Wins

Israel Won't Talk to Government Including Hamas

Hamas Victory Redraws Political Map

Hamas Victory Now a Major Issue in Israeli Election Campaign

Hamas Official: Israel Not on Our Agenda

Arabs See Israel and US Changing Stance on Hamas

Voters Punish Fatah for Corruption, Stalled Peace Process

Hamas Win Unsettles Peace Process

Hamas Victory a Message for Bush

Hamas Will Probably Continue Observing the Calm

Why Hamas Should Thank US for Help

How Israel and the United States Helped to Bolster Hamas

Fear Amid Jubilation as Hamas Prepares to Govern

Fatah Licks Wounds After Defeat

Victory Ends 40 Years of Political Domination by Arafat's Party

Hamas Wins: Reaction

Hamas Victory Draws Mixed Reactions

World Leaders Move Quickly to Exert Pressure on Hamas

Powerful Hamas Vote Stuns Israelis

Disquiet in Europe Over Hamas Victory

Bush's Wait-and-See Stance on Hamas Reflects Complex Issues

Mideast Quartet Confers on Hamas Win

Britain Urges Hamas to Renounce Violence, Recognize Israel

Hamas Win Shocks World Leaders

Rice Says US Position on Hamas Unchanged

Likud: Hamas Victory a Direct Result of Disengagement Plan


Abbas Suggests Future Talks With Israel Would Be Held Via PLO

Israeli Troops Kill Nine-Year-Old Palestinian Girl in Gaza Strip

US Military

Is the US Army Prepared to Fight Another Iraq-Style War?

Judge: Scam at SoCom 'Scary'

Army: Insurgent Videos Handy Training Aid

Report Done for Pentagon Says Army Close to 'Snapping'

Vets Cut From Health Care Rolls

US Court Dismisses Challenge to Extended Army Duty

Army Sees Reductions in National Guard, Reserves

War at Home

Bush Asserts Presidential Prerogatives

Libby Lawyers Seek Reporters' Information

Varied Rationales Muddle Issue of NSA Eavesdropping

Poll: Most Americans Want Wiretapping Investigation

Halliburton Swings to $1.1 Billion Profit, Cites 2005 as Company's Best
Lockheed Profit Up 53%

Jury Convicts Accused Iraqi Agent on Six of Seven Counts

Congressmen Call for 9/11 'Health Czar'

Texas Sheriff Demands Probe of Apparent Mexican Military Incursions

FBI Seizes Library's Computers, Complains About Library Insistence on Warrant

New PAC to Back Antiwar Veterans

War on Terror

Campaign Launched to Abolish UK Terror Law

Report: Israel Tried to Kill bin Laden

US Vows to Help Bangladesh Win Terror Fight

Spying on Russia

Putin: Expelling Spy Brits Might Get Them Replaced With Clever Ones

Putin Downplays British Spying Scandal

Russia Marvels at High-Tech 'Spy Stone'


Bush: No Compromise on North Korea Sanctions

Roh Opposes US 'Regime Change Plans' for North Korea

North Korea Takes a Peek Down China's Capitalist Road

South Korea: Agent Orange Makers Should Pay Korean Troops Affected in Vietnam


China to 'Strike Hard' Against Rising Unrest

Chinese Editor Vows to Fight Censors

Chinese Editor Denounces Closure of Paper


Kyrgyzstan Raising Rent on US Air Base

Vietnam Cyber Dissident Released


Pinochet Daughter Seeks Political Asylum in US

Two French Missionaries, Two Haitians Kidnapped in Haiti


Justin Raimondo
Hamas, Son of Israel

Praful Bidwai
Bumpy Ride for Indo-US Nuclear Deal

Nebojsa Malic
An Insult to Gandhi

Ivan Eland
Military Action Against Iran?

David R. Henderson
Conversation with a US Military Officer

Alan Bock
Dealing With Iran

Charles Peña
Rethinking Nuclear Nonproliferation

Ran HaCohen
Hebron for Beginners

Sascha Matuszak
Drums in the Streets

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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