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'They Just Need Their Civil War': Porter/Engelhardt
Breathtaking Power Grab: Alan Bock
Do NOT Respond to this Email: John Zmirak
When Pigs Fly: Gordon Prather
Bush Broke the Law: Charley Reese

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Updated January 28, 2006 - 9:51 PM EST
Bush Claims Broad New Powers
Pentagon: Internet Is 'Enemy Weapons System'
US Army Seized Iraqi Rebels' Wives as Tactic
US Won't Complete Iraq Projects
Hamas Stands Ground as West Demands Change
Basra Governor to UK: Release Police or We End Cooperation
US Propaganda Aimed at Foreigners Reaches US Public
Afghan Leader: Foreign Troops May Be Needed 10 Years
Canada Will Defy US, Deploy Military Ships to 'Northwest Passage'
'Maybe They Just Need to Have Their Civil War'  by Gareth Porter and Tom Engelhardt
How Do You Like Your Democracy Now, Mr. Bush?  by Juan Cole
Bush Broke the Law  by Charley Reese
Do NOT Respond to this Email
by John Zmirak
Beyond Withdrawal: Rethinking US Foreign Policy  by Jacob G. Hornberger
When Pigs Fly  by Gordon Prather

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'Israel Will Work at Ignoring Hamas'
Donors Threaten Aid Cut After Hamas Win
Iran Faults Russian Proposal but Offers to Keep Talking
57% Americans Support Military Action in Iran
US Audit Finds 'Spectacular Waste' of Funds in Iraq
EU Inquiry May Call Cheney
Planting Articles May Violate Pentagon Directive
CIA Vets: 'Intelligence Ethics' an Oxymoron
Remaking USAID for a Permanent War on Terror?
Canada's New Conservative PM Launches Surprise Salvo Against Washington
Today in Iraq
US Commander Sees 'Fragile Victory' in Former Insurgent Town
Iraq War Leaves Mental Scars for Civilians, US Troops Alike
Sunnis and Seculars Unite in Iraqi Government Negotiations
Iraqi Forces Arrest About 60 After Clashes
Human Rights Watch: Saddam Hussein Trial at Risk
Iraq Minister Escapes Bomb Attack
Security Incidents in Iraq, Jan. 28
Hostage Crises
Tape Shows Two German Hostages Seized in Iraq
Merkel Lists Lives of German Hostages in Iraq Top Priority
German Government Talking With Iraq Kidnappers
Iraqi Hostage-Takers Targeting Germans
Kenyan Govt Urges Abductors to Free Hostages in Iraq
The New Iraq
Oil Exports Resume From Iraq's South
Iraqis Protest Against Anti-Islamic Danish Cartoons
Pumping Iron More Than a Sport in Iraq
Global Iraq Fallout
Bulgaria's Last Iraq Unit Disbanded
Armenia's Third Contingent of Peacekeepers Now in Iraq
Hamas Victory
Fatah, Hamas Gunmen Clash in Gaza
Fatah Protesters Urge Abbas to Resign
Hamas 'Will Seek to Mend Relationships'
Victors Risk Being Victims of Their Own Success
Fatah Rejects Partnership With Victorious Hamas
Abbas to Ask Hamas to Govern
Palestinians Face 'Chaos' if Donors Cut Ties
Hamas Determined to Regain Jerusalem
Hamas Leader Proposes Cutting Trade Ties With Israel
Hamas Victory May Deepen Palestinian Financial Crisis
Hamas Deputy: No Plans to Recognize Israel at This Time
Hamas Under Pressure to Recognize Israel
Will This Mean a Path to Peace or a Road to War?
Israel Reacts
Hamas Victory Likely to Alter Vote in Israel
Almost Half Israelis Say Talk to Hamas - Poll
Israel Rejects Hamas Talks, Pushes for Disarmament
Israel to Continue to Pay Back Palestinian Customs Revenues
Peres: Israel May Negotiate With Hamas if They Shun Terror
The World Reacts
EU Shows Signs of Panic on Aid to Palestinians
White House Downplays Hamas Shock
Hamas Win Casts Doubt on EU Aid
Arab Press Hails 'Election Coup' but Wary of a Future Under Hamas
Arabs Leaders Urge Hamas to Talk Peace
Hamas May Evolve as Peace Champion Like Sharon: Musharraf
Hamas Win Sets Precedent for Arab Democracy
Jimmy Carter's Secret Hamas Summit
Kuwait Emir Ouster Sparks Calls for Power-Sharing
Backer of Ousted Emir Supports New Kuwaiti Ruler
Middle East
Rising Islamist Tide Redefines Middle East's Political Canvas
Chinese in Energy Deal With Saudis
Voices of the New Arab Public
Muslim Leaders Plead for Better Understanding of Islam
UN Prepares to Send Peacekeeping Force to Darfur
Probe Into UN DR Congo Deaths
Nigeria Gang Issue Hostage Photo
Sanctions Threat for Ivory Coast
Russian DM Downplays Bullying That Cost Conscript His Legs, Genitals
Head of Military School at Center of Russian Army Torture Scandal Dismissed
Spy Scandal Rocks Russia
Russian Troops Attack Chechen Refugee Camp
Moscow Seeks to Close Human Rights Groups Organization
Colombia to Vote on Hostage Swap
'Al-Qaeda Link' to Colombia Ring
Mexico Suggests US Military Could Be Behind Border Incident
Spying on Americans
Bush Convinced Warrantless Surveillance 'Legal', Won't Go Into Details
Justice Dept: Reports of Spying Against Citizens Are 'Myths'
US Military
US Cuts Europe Troop Numbers
US Soldier Court Martial Begins for Assaulting Afghan Detainees
Pentagon Report Calls for Special Task Force to Target WMDs
Base-Closing Panel Wants More Time, Money
Judge: Scam at SoCom 'Scary'
War Pinches Wallet for Isle Reservist
The War at Home
Most Americans Say Bush Misled Public on Iraq
Antiwar Group Infiltrated by the FBI
Prowar Stance Could Mean a Primary Battle for Lieberman
Murtha: US Should Leave Iraq and Its 'Civil War' by Year's End
Kerry: 'Let Iraqis Stand Up for Iraq'
Antiwar Mother Sentenced to Prison for Protesting Recruiters
Lockheed Profit Up 53%
US Arms Exports Outstrip Imports
James Zogby Interview: Optimism on US Civil Liberty
Torture School Protesters Face Six Months in Prison
Battles of Britain
British ID Cards Will Include Chips to Track Citizens' Movements
British Soldiers Consider Unionizing
Man Charged Over Failed Bombings
UN Chief Asks US to Give Iran Reactors
Bush, Chinese Endorse Russian Plan for Iran
EU to Delay Taking Iran to Security Council
US Senate Passes Resolution Condemning Iran
US Refuses Conference Contact With Iran
Iran Pledges IAEA Access to Former Atomic Site
Rice: Iran 'Feeling Heat' on Nuclear Issue
Iran Trying to Ruffle Britain's Feathers: Analysts
Ten Face Charges Over Deadly Iran Bombings
Seeking Tourists, Iran Laments 'Bad Press'
Iran, Georgia Strike Gas Deal Amid Crisis
China's Economic Ties to Iran Complicate Nuclear Issue
Bush Promises Full Hariri Investigation
US Wants End to Syrian 'Bullying'
Bush Assures US Support to Lebanon
Egypt Mediates Syria, Lebanon Relations
British Paratroopers in Afghanistan Being Promised Protection From Prosecution
14 Die in Afghanistan
Roadside Bomb Kills Two Police in Afghanistan
10th Mountain Troops Begin Third Major Deployment to Afghanistan
New Zealand Downplays British Afghanistan Troop Comments
NATO Treads Cautiously Into Afghan Quagmire
70 Countries to Meet in London Renew Support for Afghanistan
Pakistan Turns Down Proposal to Set Up Consulate in Kashmir
Pakistani Tribesmen Protest Against US Air Strike
Bhutto Ready to Face Court Charge
Ex-Pakistan PM Shrugs Off Interpol Arrest Notices
State Dept. Issues Concerns About Pakistan
Indian Media Slam US Envoy's Threats Over Iran Vote
Opposition Denounces 'Farcical' Nepal Vote as Few Candidates Register
Nepal Shuts Down as Maoists Target King
Nepalese Activists Vow to Fight On
China Urging US to Ease North Korean Sanctions
Japan, North Korea Plan to Resume Talks
South Korean Court Awards $60m to Agent Orange Veterans
Tamil Tigers Say They Will Cease Attacks
Draft Aceh Law Goes to Parliament
Three Wounded in Thai Bombing
Venezuelan Naval Officers Accused of Spying for US
Venezuelan General Links US Embassy to Spy Case

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Conversation with a US Military Officer

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Hebron for Beginners

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An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

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