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'They Just Need Their Civil War': Porter/Engelhardt
Breathtaking Power Grab: Alan Bock
Do NOT Respond to this Email: John Zmirak
When Pigs Fly: Gordon Prather
Bush Broke the Law: Charley Reese

If, finally, violence meets with violence, we have confirmation of the age old adage that war though it kills many men, makes many more men evil.
Fritz Medicus
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Updated January 29, 2006 - 11:09 PM EST
Helping Iran: US Troops in Iraq
US in Direct Talk With Iraq Insurgents
Saddam Removed as Court Chaos Resumes
Pentagon Can Now Fund Foreign Militaries
Iran to Use Missiles if Attacked: Military Chief
North Korea Warns of Nuclear War
Poll: Most Disagree With Bush on Iraq
US Shows India Its Iron Fist
ABC Anchorman, Cameraman Seriously Hurt in Iraq
Segregation: Iraqis Leaving Religiously Mixed Areas
Senior Officer: British Troops 'Will Be Targets in Afghanistan'
'Maybe They Just Need to Have Their Civil War'  by Gareth Porter and Tom Engelhardt
How Do You Like Your Democracy Now, Mr. Bush?  by Juan Cole
Bush Broke the Law  by Charley Reese
Do NOT Respond to this Email
by John Zmirak
Beyond Withdrawal: Rethinking US Foreign Policy  by Jacob G. Hornberger
When Pigs Fly  by Gordon Prather

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Russia Arrests Two British Spies
German Intelligence Informed US on Iraq: Report
North Korea's Plutonium Pile Attracts Iran
Saudis: US Paved Way for Hamas Victory
US Policy Seen as Big Loser in Palestinian Vote
In Hamas's Overt Hatred, Many Israelis See Hope
Despite Enmity, Israel, Hamas Expected to Talk
Long Ties Between Shi'ites in Iraq and Iran
Coca Grower in Bolivia Drug Post
Canada's New Conservative PM Launches Surprise Salvo Against Washington
Violence Continues
Some Iraqi Officials Prefer Troops Stay Out of Towns
Group Alleges Interference in Saddam Trial
Shi'ites Don't Want Iraq Unity Government, Says Sunni
Mystery Surrounds Dead US Contractor in Iraq
US Hopes Former Iraqi General Can Help Bring Stability to Tikrit
Chalabi Says Iraq to Boost Oil Exports
Iraq Allocates 68 Million to Rehabilitate Marshlands
Hostage Crises
Iraq Engulfed With Hostage Crises
Video: Iraq Abductors Threaten 4 Peace Activists
Relief ... Then Fear as New Hostage Video Released
Hopes Grow for Kember's Freedom
Attacks Continue
Four Iraqis Killed in Baghdad, Fallujah
Gunmen Kill Prominent Iraqi Academic in Baghdad
Security Incidents in Iraq, Jan. 29
Security Incidents in Iraq, Jan. 28
Global Iraq Fallout
US Wants Arab States to Help Iraq Political Process
Blair and Bush 'Conspired to Go to War Regardless of United Nations
Straw: UK Hopes to Reduce Troops in Iraq
Former Saddam Minister Loses NZ Refugee Bid
Politics of Iraq, Middle East Take Center Stage at World Economic Forum
Americans Keep Dying
Va. Marine Dies 3 Weeks Before Tour Was to End
Pensacola (FL) Area Woman Killed in Iraq
Soldier (NM), Navajo Tribal Member, Killed in Iraq
Fallen Soldier (KS) Had No Regrets
Chandler (AZ) Family Loses Marine Son (CA) in Iraq War
Bomb Kills Citrus (FL) Soldier
Lafayette (IN) Soldier Dies in Iraq
Oklahoma Airman Killed by Improvised Explosive Device in Iraq
California Marine Killed by Suicide Attack in Iraq
Iraq Blast Killed AF Noncom From San Antonio (TX)
Copter Pilot (CA) Who Lived His Dream Is Killed in Iraq
Waipahu (HI) Marine Dies in Crash in Iraq
Richford (VT) Man Killed by Rocket Propelled Grenade in Iraq
Texas Sergeant Killed by Bomb
West Virginia Soldier Killed in Baghdad
Is the British Army Being Asked to Fight a Battle Too Far in Afghanistan?
Afghan Mission Puts Strain on UK Troops
Rebels Burn Three Schools in Afghanistan
Bomb Hits Afghanistan Convoy, Wounds Three
Afghan's Karzai to Ask for $4 Billion Aid
Afghanistan's Karzai Wants Direct Money From London Conference
Blast Rocks Convoy With Canadian TV Crew in Afghanistan
Seven Suspected Taliban Killed in Southern Afghanistan
Britain to Commit Nearly 6,000 Troops to Afghanistan
US Cautions India Against Syria Oil Deal
Some Thorns Remain in US-India Relations
Pakistan Cracks Down on Islamists Before Mixed Race
India: Nine Killed in Kashmir
Nepal Candidates 'in Safe Houses'
13 Die as New Violence Flares in Revolt-Hit Nepal
Japanese Prosecutors Charge US Sailor With Murder
Japanese March to Protest Crime by US Military
Muroran Officials: Now Wrong Time for US Port Call
North Korean Counterfeiting Complicates Nuclear Crisis
Tigers Accuse Sri Lankan Military of Bad Faith After Deal for Talks
Russia & Her Neighbors
Spy-Rock Russian Faces 20 Years' Jail
Spy Claims Leave NGOs Caught Between Rock and Hard Place
Georgia Cuts Russian Embassy Gas
Russian Army Must Answer for Soldier's Abuse: Family
US Envoy Urges Russia on Democracy
War on Terror
2003 Draft Legislation Covered Eavesdropping
Muslims Decry US Ouster of Tempe Doctor
US Govt Foreign Terrorist Watch List
MI5 Admits: We've Run Out of Leads on Bombers
Revealed: UK's Role in Deadly CIA Drone
US Military
Bush to Propose Trimming Army Reserve
Judge Throws Out Challenge to Army’s Stop-Loss Program
US Soldier Hit Detainees in Afghanistan, Gets 4 Months in Jail
Military Eyes More Nevada Airspace
Iran Claims US, Britain Fomenting Unrest
US Wants Japan Support on Iran: Kimmitt
Iran Wants 'More Time' for Russia Nuclear Talks
Iran and Russia Expand Uranium Plan
Iran to Send Britain Documents on Bomb Attacks
Slim Chance for Iran to Avoid Security Council: Straw
Straw Rules Out Threat of Military Action Against Iran
Triumphant Hamas Vows to Work With West
Hamas Suggests Using Militants in Army
Hamas Rejects Donor 'Blackmail'
Hamas Says It Will Not Change
Hamas: Palestinian Reforms a Priority
Hamas Official: Group Will Make Islamic Law a Source for Legislation
I Will Urge My Last Three Sons to Be Martyrs, Vows Newly Elected Delegate
Hamas: the Hardliners Appear Ready to Share Power, but Will Their Rivals Believe It?
Al-Aqsa Brigades Faction Says Won't Observe Truce
Fatah Activists Demand Change in Party
Fatah May Not Join Hamas Government
Gunmen Briefly Take Over Palestinian Parliament
Israeli Reaction
'If They Are Ready for Peace, Israel Should Welcome Them'
Olmert: No Talks With Hamas-Led Government
Mofaz: if Hamas Continues Terror, Targeted Killings Will Persist
Global Reaction
Bush: Hamas May Cost Palestinians Aid
US Tells Hamas: Renounce Terror
Jordan Islamists Seek New Start With Hamas
Straw Tells Hamas It Must Renounce Violence and Hold Talks With Israel
State Dept. to Review Aid to Palestinians
Muslim States Urge Hamas to Be 'Realistic'
Middle East
Maimed TV Anchor to Run for Lebanon MP
Egypt Brotherhood MPs Stage Protest
Darfur Rebels Attack Sudan Army Base
Sudan's VP Kiir Complains Peace Deal Slow
Plan to End Darfur Violence Is Failing, Officials Say
Thailand to Join UN Peacekeeping Mission in Sudan
DR Congo
DR Congo Hands Over Rebels to Burundi
India Sends 2,700 Peacekeepers to Congo
Guatemalan UN Troops Killed in Congo Arrive Home
US Urges Somali Unity in Rare Personal Appeals to Warlords
UN Condemns Great Lakes Militias
Venezuela Insists US Embassy Behind Spy Plot
Chavez Vows to 'Lock Up' US Spies
US Wants Venezuela on Terror Sponsor List: Chavez
Chavez Taunts Bush, but Venezuela-US Trade Grows
Visions of the Left Emerge in Venezuela
Mixed US Signals Helped Tilt Haiti Toward Chaos
US Charges 10 With Seeking to Aid Colombia Rebels
Pinochet's Daughter Arrested in Chile After Trip to US

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Breathtaking Power Grab

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An Insult to Gandhi

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Military Action Against Iran?

David R. Henderson
Conversation with a US Military Officer

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Rethinking Nuclear Nonproliferation

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Hebron for Beginners

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Drums in the Streets

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An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

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Et Tu, Pat?

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