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Hands Off Google!: Justin Raimondo
Making the World Safe for Islamism: Pat Buchanan
Rank Ignorance Reigns: Paul Craig Roberts
Oprah Beats the 'Serious' Media: Norman Solomon
Case for Italian 'Isolationism': Tiziano Buzzacchera

I hate war as only a soldier who has lived it can, only as one who has seen its brutality, its futility, its stupidity.
Dwight D. Eisenhower
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Updated January 30, 2006 - 11:08 PM EST
Conservatives' Palace Revolt
Video: Al-Zawahri Says Air Strike Missed Him
Audit: US-Led Occupation Squandered Aid
New Video Shows Hostage Journalist Jill Carroll
Army Forces 50,000 Soldiers Into Extended Duty
US Will Push Efforts to Isolate Hamas, Rice Says
UK Defense Ministry Accused of Hiding Real Cost of Iraq War
CIA Expands Use of 'Targeted Killing' in Terror War
Does Democracy Boulevard Lead to Islamism?  by Patrick Buchanan
Hamas Victory Is Bush's Nightmare
by James Ridgeway
Domestic Lying: The Question That Journalists Don't Ask Bush  by Norman Solomon
The Case for Italian 'Isolationism'
by Tiziano Buzzacchera
Rank Ignorance Reigns
by Paul Craig Roberts
Spies, Lies, & Wiretaps  New York Times

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Assad Keeps Footing Amid Political Tremors
US Officials in Direct Talk With Iraq Insurgents
Deadly Rift Grows Among Insurgents
The War Within
Part of Iraq Rehab Funds Gambled Away in Philippines
An al-Qaeda Detainee's Mysterious Release
CIA Unlikely to Back Off al-Qaeda Attacks in Pakistan
Bush: Abu Ghraib Photos 'Disgraced' US
Ballot-Box Win Boosts Iraqi Radical
Today in Iraq
Religious Shi'ites Want Control of Iraqi Security Services in New Government
Sunni Leader Slams Shi'ite 'Sectarian Cleansing'
Shi'ite-Sunni Security Tensions Rising
Iraq: Mixed Motivations Behind Kidnappings
US Troops Kill Three Insurgents in Iraq
Trying to Try Saddam
Hussein Trial Erupts, and Expulsions Ensue
Saddam Lawyers to Boycott Trial Unless Demands Met
A Look at Key Events in Hussein Trial
New Saddam Judge Is Tough-Talking Stickler
ABC Journalists Attacked
ABC Anchorman, Cameraman Seriously Injured in Iraq
Woodruff Was Well Aware of Risks
Iraq One of 'Deadliest Conflicts' for Journalists
Journalists' Injuries Illustrate Dangers of Reporting in Iraq
Iraq War Reporters Face Unprecedented Danger
Attacks Continue
Bombs, Attacks Kill 20 Iraqis
Two US Soldiers Killed in Iraq Violence
Car Bombs Rock 6 Churches in Iraq
Bomb Kills 11 People in Iraqi Shop
Security Incidents in Iraq, Jan. 29
Global Iraq Fallout
Official: UK Troops in Iraq Under Threat Once Pullout Begins
Australian Prime Minister Denies Knowledge of Iraq Bribes
The New Iraq
Iraq Faces Void From an Exodus of the Educated
Iraq's Oil Minister Set to Leave Job Again
Artists Deftly Render Iraq's Dark Ironies
Afghanistan Will Need Aid for a Long Time: Karzai
Resilient Insurgency, Corruption Keep Afghan Province a 'Last Frontier'
Afghan Reconstruction Aid Bypasses Needy Villages
High Taliban Commander Arrested in South Afghanistan
Afghanistan Arrests 9 Including 2 Pakistani Suspected Terrorists
Afghanistan Power Project May Be Shelved, Says Official
Afghans See Mixed Results Post-Taliban
British DM: Benefits of More Troops in Afghanistan Outweigh Risks
UK Defense Secretary Warns of More Casualties in Afghanistan
US Helicopter Violates Pakistani Airspace
Pakistan Mixed Marathon Peaceful Despite Islamist Threats
US Asks India to Back Off Syria Oil Deal: Report
Musharraf Slams Slow Progress on Kashmir
600 Nepal Candidates Abandon Election
King of Nepal Unleashes Army to Crush Revolt
Aussie Envoy Tells US: Stay cool on China
Hun Sen's Ruling Party Wins Cambodian Senate Election: Official
20 Injured in Philippine Shooting
Russia & Her Neighbors
British Spying Level in Russia 'Indecent'
Russia Arrests Two 'Spies,' Still Deciding on British Suspects
Georgia: Russia Waging Energy Blockade
Russia Resumes Georgia Gas Flow
US Backs Kosovo Incentives for Serbs
ETA Bomb Injures Policeman
Muslims Threaten Sanctions on Denmark
Ex-Officer Suspected of Aiding Mladic in Custody
Finns Narrowly Reelect Halonen
France Sends Extra Troops to Battle Mosquitoes
Zimbabwe Peace Talks Deadlocked
Man Who Harbored bin Laden Is Lodestar for Terrorists
The War at Home
Judge Pondering Aliases in Hamas Trial
The Security Adviser Who Wants the Role, Not the Stage
Halliburton to Sell Stake in Unit With Big Iraq Role
Nevada Site Tests 'Dirty Bomb' Sensors
Cindy Sheehan Considering Senate Run
US Jewish Leaders Consider Financially Assisting Fired AIPAC Officials
Pelosi: No President Should Have Bush's Eavesdropping Powers
UK War on Terror
Tube Shooting Police Log 'Was Doctored'
London Police 'Faked Evidence' on Shot Brazilian: Report
British Peer: ID Cards 'Of Limited Value' Against Terrorism
Iran Gives UN Inspectors Access
Major Powers Try to Close Ranks Over Iran Nuclear Program
Iran, EU Trio to Hold Talks on Monday
A New Face in Iran Resurrects an Old Defiance
Crude May Rise on Iran Fears: Survey
Merkel Says Iran Threatens Democratic World
Why Bush May Avoid Fiery Words on Iran
Hamas Ready for Power?
Report: Hamas Will Not Oppose Abbas-Israel Negotiations
Fatah Rules Out Joining Hamas Coalition
Hamas Says Security Files Destroyed
Election Officials Reduce Hamas Seats by Two
Palestinian Reaction
Hamas, Yes; Islamic Law, No, Christians Say
Young Palestinians Ponder Future Under Hamas
Some Palestinians See End of Secular Dream
Women of Gaza Fear for Their Freedoms Under New Religious Regime
Israeli Reaction
Israel Threatens to 'Liquidate' Hamas if Attacks Resume
Israel Will Withhold January Tax Revenues From PA
Israeli Right May Gain Ground
Israelis Seek to Isolate Palestinian Authority
Ex-Israeli Spy Chief: Hamas Ministers May Be Hunted
Netanyahu Compares Hamas Election Win to Rise of Hitler
Israel Furious as Hamas Plans to Create Palestinian Army
Israel Assesses a New Reality
Israel to Screen Palestinian Funds
Row Over Hamas Vow to Free Jailed Militant
Global Reaction
Israel, Germany Agree on Hamas Snub
No Aid Unless Hamas Softens Stance: US Lawmakers
Hamas Win Is 'Savage Indictment' of US, Israeli Policy
Rice Admits US Underestimated Hamas Strength
Rice Confident of Consensus on Aid Cut to Hamas
Palestinian Funding Hangs in the Balance as International Donors Urge Abbas to Stay On
Israeli Troops, Hebron Settlers Hold Secret Talks
Netanyahu: Olmert's Rerouting of West Bank Wall Harms Security
Middle East
Egypt's Suleiman to Begin Mediating Syria-Lebanon Row
Yemen Ready to Return MiG-29 Fighters to Moldova
Egypt Arrests 22 Muslims Over Religious Violence
Syria to Grant 300,000 Kurds Citizenship
DR Congo
Three Killed in DR Congo Army Base Attack
Congo President Holds First Peace Meeting
UN Steps Up Peace Efforts in Congo Ahead of April Vote
World Bank
Wolfowitz Honeymoon at World Bank Appears Over

Justin Raimondo
Hands Off Google!

Alan Bock
Breathtaking Power Grab

Praful Bidwai
Bumpy Ride for Indo-US Nuclear Deal

Nebojsa Malic
An Insult to Gandhi

Ivan Eland
Military Action Against Iran?

David R. Henderson
Conversation with a US Military Officer

Charles Peņa
Rethinking Nuclear Nonproliferation

Ran HaCohen
Hebron for Beginners

Sascha Matuszak
Drums in the Streets

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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