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Why We Fight: Justin Raimondo
He's Not Your Commander in Chief: T. Eddlem
Spying, Lying, and Saying No: Powers/Engelhardt
Kosovo: Dirty Work Ahead: Christopher Deliso
Who Says Things Are Going Awry?: Leon Hadar

A hospital alone shows what war is.
Erich Maria Remarque
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Updated February 1, 2006 - 10:33 PM EST
Bush: Only US Can Secure World Peace
Senate Target: Bush's War Powers
White House Eyes Billions for Iraq Maintenance
Most Iraqis Doubt US Will Ever Leave
Most Americans Expect Long Iraq Deployment
Congress to Give PATRIOT Act Another Month
At Least Eight Killed in Baghdad Suicide Blast
IAEA Sees Possible Link of Military to Iran Nuclear Work
US Troops Fire on Canadian Vehicle in Iraq
Pressure Mounts on Blair as British Fatalities Reach 100
Spying, Lying, and Saying No
by Thomas Powers and Tom Engelhardt
Bin Laden to Bush: Keep Up the Good Work  by Jacob G. Hornberger
Kosovo: Wiping the Slate Clean for Some Dirty Work Ahead  by Christopher Deliso
He's Not Your Commander in Chief
by Thomas R. Eddlem
Who Says Things Are Going Awry?
by Leon Hadar
The Quotable Condi Rice
by Georgie Anne Geyer

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Report: Iran Refuses to Turn Over Key Nuclear Document
Iran: UN Referral Is the End of Diplomacy
Iran Calling the Nonaligned to Its Side
Iraqi Desertions Complicate US Mission
Spying in US Strains Debate on PATRIOT Act
UK Troops in Afghanistan Until at Least 2010
World Bank Head Wolfowitz Backs Aid to Palestinians
Putin Touts Russia's Missile Capabilities
Cool It on China, US Warns Taiwan
Bush: We Are Winning War in Iraq
Today in Iraq
Saddam's Lawyers Say They Will Boycott Next Session
Legislation in Iraq Seeks to Limit NGOs
Iraqis Handed Partial Security Control of Green Zone
Injured US TV Journalists Flown Home After Iraq Bombing
Iraq Names Acting Oil Minister as Incumbent Quits
A Look at Changes in Iraq Over the Past Year
US Troops in Iraq
Some US Troops Question Woodruff Coverage
US Iraq Casualties Ease Amid Drop in Rebel Attacks
Roadside Bombs: New Push Against Common Threat
The Art of Speeding Wounded Americans Out of Iraq
British Troops in Iraq
Blair 'Deeply Saddened' as Death Toll in Iraq Hits 100
Prince Harry Will Be Sent to Iraq
Seven Weeks in Iraq – Soldier Dies
Average Age Was 28. Many Were Newly Married
Three of Our Soldiers Were Dead. I Knew One Would Be Matt...
Soldiers' Tales: From a Corporal Who Opposed War to the Major Killed by a Roadside Bomb
UK Families' Iraq Anguish Falling on Deaf Ears
Attacks Continue
Bodies of 15 Executed Iraqis Found in Baghdad
Gunmen Kill Wife of Sunni Imam, Two Infants
Iraq Death Toll
Security Incidents in Iraq, Jan. 31
Hostage Crises
German Hostages in Iraq Shown in Video
US Says Will Not Give in to Carroll's Kidnappers
Bird Flu Comes to Iraq
Iraq Says Treating 12 Possible Human Bird Flu Cases
US Troops Taking No Extra Precautions in Light of Bird Flu Case in Iraq
Iraqi Kurdistan Faces Acute Shortage of Bird Flu Drug
The New Iraq
Iraq: Higher Education Ministry Tempts Professionals With Security, Salaries
A Part of Iraqi Life – Hunting – Has Been Lost to the War
Global Iraq Fallout
Japan to Pull All Its Iraq Troops by May
Revealed: Ambassador Tried to Kill US Hunt for Aussie Wheat Board Bribes
Australian Premier Drawn Into Iraq Scandal
Lukoil Hopes for Progress on Iraq Project
Marine Dies After Afghanistan Blast
Peace in Afghanistan Fragile, Says Annan
US Pledges $1.1 Billion Assistance for Afghanistan
Afghan Leader Outlines Plan as Aid Pledged Anew
60 Nations Set 5-Year Goals to Aid Afghanistan
Dutch Edge Closer to NATO Afghan Deployment
New Zealand Ponders Upping Afghan Troops
US Ad Agency Enters Afghanistan
Three Killed in Taliban-Villagers Clash
Uzbekistan Must Not Become Second Afghanistan – Putin
Swiss Impose Sanctions on Uzbekistan
Cease-Fire Between Indian Govt and Naga Rebels Extended for Six Months
India's Left Parties Demand Recall of US Envoy
Pakistan, India to Restore Train Service
Nepal, in a Climate of Contradictions, Prepares to Vote
Nepal Coup Anniversary Arrests
Opposition Plans Protests to Mark Nepal King's Takeover
Isolated Nepal Sliding Deeper Into Crisis
US Criticizes Royal Rule in Nepal
Nepal's Tourism Falls Off Track
Isolated Nepal Sliding Deeper Into Crisis
Sri Lanka
Tamil Rebel Faction Announce Cease-Fire
Tamil Rebels Issue Peace Warning
Kidnappings May Hurt Sri Lankan Peace Bid
North Korea Accuses US of Aerial Espionage for War
North Korea Renews Commitment to Talks
North Korea Slightly Tones Down Nuclear Talks Rhetoric
South Korea Seeks Military Assurances on Ties With North
North Korea: Kim's Confidant Returns to Power
Philippine Troops Kill at Least 18 Rebels
Rebels: End to Myanmar Insurgency Unlikely
Colombian Governor's Brother Abducted by Rebels
Paramilitary Disarm in Northern Colombia
Venezuela: US Embassy Officials Are Spies
Haiti Election Could Be Worst-Run Ever: Candidates
Chile Interrogates Peru's Fujimori in Extradition
In Other News
Former Defense Chief Says Australia Needs to Bring Back the Draft
Wolfowitz Aides Spark World Bank Dispute
Report: French Polynesia Nuke Tests Were Harmful
Bush's State of the Union
Bush Defends US Aggression
Bush Offers Little New on Iraq, Iran, Fight Against Terrorism
Bush Says US Addicted to Oil
President Warns About Dangers for Nation in Isolationism
Bush Skips Complex Realities in Address
Text of State of the Union Speech
Ticket for Bush's Speech in Hand, Cindy Sheehan Arrested in Capitol
War on Terror
Zawahiri Tape May Herald Attack
Release of al-Qaeda Detainee Still Mystery
PATRIOT Act Provision Could Limit Inmate Appeals
FBI Agents Back Down When Librarian Refuses to Let Them Seize 30 Computers Without a Warrant
Chicago Judge Urged to Open Hamas Hearing
Moussaoui's Mother Asks for Fair Hearing
British Transsexuals to Get 2 ID Cards
US Military
Stop-Loss Used to Retain 50,000 US Troops
Pentagon’s Possible Move to Eliminate Special Ops Oversight Office Could Trigger Hill Ire
Soldiers Sue Over Out-of-Pocket Costs
Guard Plans to Expand Amid Recruiting Boost
Military Planners Envision 'New Breed of Warrior'
A New Kind of Care in a New Era of Casualties
Russia, China Back Iran Action Under Pressure
Iran: No Legal Basis for UN Sanctions
Big Five Powers’ Unified Stance Faces Severe Test
India in a Quandary Over Iran Vote
Belgian Security Chief Resigns Over Nuclear Export to Iran
Iran Dismisses Fears of Export Halt as OPEC Keeps Production
Islam on Rise in Syria 25 Years After Revolt Crushed
Grand Mufti: 'Rebels' Will Ruin Lebanon
Lebanon 'al-Qaeda' Cell Was Planning Suicide Attacks
UN Urges Beirut to Assert Greater Control Over Lebanon
UN Troops to Stay in South Lebanon Through July
Aide: Reagan Was Warned Before Beirut Blast
Official Says Hamas Won't Be 'Blackmailed'
Hamas Urges West to Drop Aid Funding Threat
Hamas Won't Yield on Israel
Hamas Envoys to Tour Sympathetic Arab States
Hamas Struggles to Gain World's Acceptance
Will Hamas Change Course?
Hamas Says It's Seeking New Means of Aid
Hamas Win Blamed on Voter Anger Against Fatah
Hamas Special Brew May Be Very Dry
Global Reaction
Riyadh, Amman Call on Hamas to Moderate Stance
US Congress Moves to Legislate Against Hamas-Led PA
Arabs Might Pick Up US-EU Aid Slack in Palestine
Hamas, a Policy Puzzle for the West
Putin: Hamas Win a 'Serious Blow' to US
Italy: Hamas Takes Mideast Peace Back 10 Years
Israeli Politics
Israeli Governing Party Unveils Candidate List
Olmert: Kadima's Knesset List Will Shape Israel's Borders
Israeli Army Kills Militants in Post-Election Clash
Palestinians: Israel's Shooting of Young Girl Highlights International Hypocrisy
Qassam Fired From Gaza Hits Sderot, Damages Cars
Last Stand at West Bank Outpost
Middle East
Kuwait's New Emir Accepts Cabinet Resignation
13 Hurt in Yemen Blast
Eritrea Criticises US Over Bias Toward Ethiopia
Thousands Held in Ethiopia
Somalia's Fractious Leaders Set Venue for First Parliament Session
UN Envoy for Somalia Calls on All Sides to Unite
Rebels Force Congo Radio Station Off Air

Uganda: Besigye Court Martial Ruled Out

Decision on Kosovo Status Should Happen in 2006
Kosovo Nominates Rugova Successor
Serbia Urges International Community to Back Off
Annan Gives Grim Assessment of Kosovo
UN Prosecutor Wants EU to Suspend Serbia Talks
Putin Warns Kosovo Independence Could Rock Caucasus
German Takes Over Top Bosnia Job
Putin Warns Foreign 'Puppet Masters'
Putin Wants to Keep 'Spies' Close
Cartoon Explosion
Denmark, Norway Try to Curb Cartoon Damage
Danish Muslims Accept Newspaper's Apology
Muhammad Cartoons Provoke Bomb Threats Against Danish Newspaper

Justin Raimondo
Why We Fight

Praful Bidwai
Iran Confrontation in the Cards

Ivan Eland
Political Earthquake in Palestine

Alan Bock
Breathtaking Power Grab

Nebojsa Malic
An Insult to Gandhi

David R. Henderson
Conversation with a US Military Officer

Charles Peña
Rethinking Nuclear Nonproliferation

Ran HaCohen
Hebron for Beginners

Sascha Matuszak
Drums in the Streets

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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