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All the familiar elements are in place:

  • "Weapons of mass destruction" supposedly in the possession of a hostile Middle Eastern power.
  • A wacky "exile group" that tells the War Party what they want to hear – and somehow makes it into the "mainstream" media as "news."

Yesterday it was Iraq; today it is Iran. Who will it be tomorrow?

When the world media, backed by all the "experts," was "reporting" that Iraq had WMD, Antiwar.com said: it isn't so. We debunked the myth of Iraq's alleged "links" to al-Qaeda. We said it was all lies – and we were right.

Now, it's happening again. It's the same lies, told by the same liars, but aimed at a different target.

Antiwar.com has been tracking the schemes of the War Party since 1995 – through the Kosovo war, the run-up to the invasion of Iraq, and now the gathering storm against Iran. We give you the latest news on the international front 24/7 – news you don't get anywhere else.

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Updated February 6, 2006 - 11:14 PM EST
Rumsfeld: Attacking Iran 'An Option'
Conservatives Split With Bush on Spying
Sen. Specter: Surveillance Program Violated Law
Gonzales Defends Domestic Spying, Blasts Media
DoJ Official: Bush Can Order Killings on US Soil
Democracy's 'Special Forces' Face Heat
USS Cole Attack Mastermind Escapes Jail
Moussaoui Ejected After Proclaiming, 'I Am al-Qaeda'
US Triples Spending to Stop Iraq Bomb Attacks
US General Says UK May Withdraw Some Troops From Iraq
Senators Considering Constitutional Amendment to Limit War Powers
Iraq's Civil War Has Cost $3,000 Per US Family – So Far  by Richard Reeves
America's Unlikely Savior  by Nir Rosen
Bush's 'Probably Not a Terrorist Surveillance Program'  by Thomas R. Eddlem
Hamas and Democracy  by Charley Reese
The Mountain Comes to Muhammad  by Tim Cavanaugh
Wayward Christian Soldiers
by Charles Marsh

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Iran Ends Voluntary Cooperation on Nukes
Conservatives Ask: Is Bush Still One of Us?
Bush's 2007 Budget: Big Increases for Military Spending
US Won't Let Saddam's Lawyer Meet With Him
Oil Prices Soar as Iran Resumes Nuclear Enrichment
Israel OKs $43 Million Transfer to Palestinians
Harsh Words for Putin From the US on Rights
Haiti Election May Pave Way for Aristide's Return
Afghan Farmers Feel Pinch of Poppy Eradication
EU Foreign Policy Chief: Anti-European Violence Mars Image of Islam
Today in Iraq
As Iraqi Shi'ites Police Sunnis, Rough Justice Feeds Bitterness
Insurgents Turning Against al-Qaeda in Iraq
Sunni Tribes Turn Against Jihadis
Residents of Baghdad Neighborhood Take Security Into Own Hands
Iraq Steps Up Security for Shi'ite Ceremony
Iraq's Shi'ite Alliance to Declare PM Candidate Monday
Iraq Occupation
US Military to Free 50 Male Iraqi Detainees
Where the Shadows Have Shadows
Attacks Continue
Rebel Attacks Kill Nine in Iraq
Sunnis Accuse Shi'ites in Mass Killings
Bodies of 2 Shi'ites Found North of Baghdad
Security Incidents in Iraq, Feb. 6
Security Incidents in Iraq, Feb. 5
Hostage Crises
Iraqi Women Stay in Jail as Hostages' Fate in Balance
Fatigue, Worry Clear in Faces of Christian Captives in Iraq, Says Ex-Hostage
The New Iraq
Iraq Accuses Sunni Lawmaker of Embezzling
Iraq: Continued Flooding Causes Displacement
US, UN Officials in Iraq to Help Battle Bird Flu
Global Iraq Fallout
Tokyo Sees Troop Pull-Out From Iraq 'in Months'
British Soldiers Steeling Themselves for Return to Iraq
British Opposition Leader Calls for Queen to Be Stripped of War Powers
Singapore Deploys Naval Vessel to Iraq
Security Council Members Differ Over Iran
Iran Orders End to UN Inspections
Iran 'Still Open for Negotiation'
US Official: Iran Seems Intent on Nukes
Ahmadinejad Laughs Off 'Funny' IAEA Resolution, Condemns 'Idiots'
Merkel: Ahmadinejad Kind of Like Hitler, Germany Is Obligated to Act
Frist Says Military Action a Possibility Against Iran
A Look at What's Next for UN, Iran
Over 170 Militants Accept Amnesty in Afghanistan
Afghan Forces in Clean-Up After Fierce Battle, Seven Police Killed
Afghanistan Blames Taliban, Drug Traffickers for Deadly Violence
Bomb Rips Through Pakistan Bus, Killing 13
Blast, Rockets Hit South Waziristan
Chief Minister: Pakistan Incomplete Without Kashmir
Sri Lanka
Tamil Tigers Rule Out Mid-Feb Peace Talks
Lanka Group Threatens Attacks
Nepal Vote May Only Deepen Discontent
Nepal Hit by Maoist Rebel Strike
Nepal Strike Leaves Towns Empty
North Korea/Japan
North Korea-Japan Dispute Unresolved After Talks
Papers on Kim's Tokyo Abduction Are Released
China's Internal Problems Haunt US
Google's China Policy Protested
Chinese Village Anger Erupts Against Police
Cambodian King Pardons Exiled Opposition Leader
Bangladesh Party to End Boycott
Russia Says No NATO, for Now
Gorbachev: Disgraced Soviet Sub Captain 'Saved the World'
Chavez: US Will Try to Impose a Candidate on Venezuela in Election
Chávez Vows to Build Up Arms as US Relations Reach Lowest Ebb
New Hampshire to Cut Oil Deal With Venezuela
Study: Half of Australian Schoolchildren Regard Muslims as Terrorists
Australian Campaigner Warns Sedition Law Revamp Will Target Antiwar Activists
In Other News
Costa Rica's Election Squeaker
Worldwide, Violence Against Journalists Hits a New High
Defense Chiefs Say NATO Must Modernize
Cartoons: Embassies Burned
Lebanese Protesters Torch Danish Mission
Embassy Burning Shocks Beirut Residents
Facing Condemnation for Refusing to Order Fire on Protesters, Lebanon Interior Minister Resigns
Muslim Scholar Slams Mission Attacks, Urges Boycott
Syria Steps Up Security After Attacks on Embassies
Syria Voices Regret Over Embassy Attacks
Participants: Syrian Govt Encouraged Riots Against Embassies
Syria Religious Leader Condemns Embassy Attacks
Denmark, Norway Start Evacuating Nationals From Syria
US Decries Embassy Torchings in Syria
Norway Will Complain to UN as Syrian Embassy Burns
Cartoons: Iraqi Reaction
Militant Group Urges Attacks in Iraq Over Cartoons
Danish Troops in Iraq Hope to Avoid Revenge Attacks
Iraq Ends Contracts With Danish Firms Over Cartoons
Cartoon Row Goes Global
Cartoon Furor Deepens Divisions
British Police Under Pressure to Adopt a 'No Tolerance' Approach to Muslim Demonstrators
US Paper Defends Printing Mohammed Cartoon
US Muslims React With Tempered Anger
Cartoon Rage Spreads to New Zealand
War on Terror
Surveillance Net Yields Few Suspects
Pentagon Hones Its Strategy on Terrorism
9/11 Families to Watch Moussaoui Face Fate
UK Had Two 7/7 Bombers Under Surveillance in 2004
UK Militants Face Arrest Over July 7 Placards
Amnesty Renews Call for Guantanamo Closure
US Military
National Guard Plan Proves a Tough Sell
Romanians Eager for Long-Awaited Arrival of the Yanks
US Donates Last MASH to Pakistan
Army Program Teaches Officers Arabic
Navy Sees Big Bucks in Selling Closed Military Bases to Developers
New VA Centers' Teams of Experts Treat Iraq Veterans With Worst Injuries
The War at Home
CIA Leak: Plame Was Still Covert
Boehner Says Iraq Carries Risk for Republicans
Blogger Gains Following With Iraq Reports
Hamas Ready for Power?
Abbas to Israel: Forget Hamas, Continue Negotiations With PLO
Hamas Leader Doubts Israel Can Be Destroyed
Hamas Preaches New Message of Negotiation
Corrupt Officials Stole $700 Million From Palestinian Authority
Hamas Leader to Start Tour of Arab States
Abbas Holds Key Talks With Hamas
Hamas Condemns Israeli Air Strikes on Gaza
Hamas: We Can Manage Without Western Aid
Israel 'Displeased' as UN Suggests WMD-Free Middle East
Israeli Air Strike in Gaza Kills Two Senior Islamic Jihad Men
Israelis Protest Against Removal of Illegal Settlements
Middle East
British Foreign Office Minister Slams 'Condescending' Suggestion Libya Won't Honor Agreement Not to Torture
Kuwait's Emir Begins Talks to Name Premier
Egypt's President Apologizes for Detention of Galloway at Airport
US: NATO Should Play Bigger Role in Darfur
UN Planning to Take Over for AU Forces in Darfur
New Attacks in Darfur Force More People Into Camps
Sudan Militia 'Is Targeting Chad'
Horn of Africa
Disputed Ethiopia-Eritrea Border 'Still Tense'
East Africa a Front in War on Terrorism
Zimbabwe Opposition Leader Met US Agents - Newspaper
Zimbabwe Army Takes Over Farm
FBI Chief to Visit Morocco
Continued Attacks Leave 37,000 Displaced Without Aid in Congo Province

Retired Cameroon Colonel Regrets Crushing Militant Uprising


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