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Updated February 7, 2006 - 11:22 PM EST
US: Corrupt Iraq Officials Fund Rebels
Hawks Ready Warplanes if 'Diplomacy' Fails
US: Iran Should End 'Threats and Confrontation'

Nine Iraqis, Four US Marines Killed in Attacks

13 Killed in Kandahar Suicide Bombing
Defense Industry Frets About High Iraq Spending
Both Parties Challenge Attorney Gen. on Spying
Hamas Agrees to Coalition Government
Iraq's Sadr 'At the Service' of Syria and Iran
US General Maps Out Strategic Refit for Iraq, Middle East, Asia
A Trillion-Dollar Killing Spree
by Joseph E. Stiglitz
Following Orders Is No Excuse
by Paul Craig Roberts
The Iran Crisis: 'Diplomacy' as a Launch Pad for Missiles  by Norman Solomon
From the Founders to the Felons
by Dave DeBatto
Will Scooter Libby Graymail the CIA?  by David Corn
Gravest Threat – Not  by Gordon Prather

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No Escaping Guantanamo's Grip
Who Is at Guantanamo Bay
US Diplomat Accuses Syria Over Cartoon Protests
Israel Agrees to Work With Abbas, Not Hamas
Moussaoui Ejected From Court: 'I Am al-Qaeda'
As 'Neocons' Leave, Foreign Policy Takes Softer Line
Cartoon Protests Stoke Anti-American Mood
Pentagon Asks for $439.3 Billion Budget, Not Counting Iraq and Afghanistan
Iraq Plans Tenfold Rise in Domestic Fuel Prices in 2006
Today in Iraq
Basra Police Protest British Arrests
Sadr Says US Spreading Strife Among Arabs
Sadr Grabs Iraqi Political Limelight
Saddam May Be Forced to Attend Trial: Prosecutor
Iraqi Detainee Dies in Abu Ghraib Prison
Iraq Confirms Second Death in Bird Flu Alert
Severe Water Shortage Hits Baghdad Suburbs
Attacks Continue
Attacks Rock 'Foundation' That Marines Built in Anbar
11 Killed in Attacks Across Iraq
Iraqi Gunmen Wound Six in Shi'ite Family
Iraqi Journalists Work in Fear for Their Lives
Security Incidents in Iraq, Feb. 7
Security Incidents in Iraq, Feb. 6
Aussies in Iraq
Aussie Troops May Stay in Iraq: Downer
Australia's New Role in Iraq After Japan Goes
14 Others Knew About Iraq Kickbacks: Aussie Whistleblower
Australia Expands Iraq Oil Inquiry
Global Iraq Fallout
UK Is 'Not Far Off' Start of Iraq Troops Pullout
British Man Tried for Deducting Tax to Protest Iraq War
El Salvador to Continue Iraq Commitment
Saddam Sculpture Banned by Belgian Mayor
Secret High-Level Contacts Between Israel, Afghanistan in London
Series of Attacks Rocks Afghanistan
American Killed in Afghan Ambush
Coalition Winning in Afghanistan, General Says
Afghanistan's Ministers Implicated in Drug Running
Afghans Say Thwart al-Qaeda Suicide Bomber
Opium Farmers Seek British MPs' Support
India Cuts Kashmir Troops by 15,000
Arrests After Pakistan Bus Bomb Kills 13
Nepal Vote Credibility Seen Hit by Boycott, Threats
11 Dead in Maoist Attack in Nepal
Maoist Strike Paralyzes Towns Across Nepal
Bombing Marks Day Two of Nepal Political Strike
Officer Killed in Nepal Rebel Attack
South Asia
Breakthrough in Sri Lanka Peace Bid, Geneva Talks On
Tens of Thousands Rally Against Bangladesh Government
East Asia
North Korea Urges South Korea to Stop Military Exercises With US
North Korea Human Rights Can Wait Till Peace: South Aide
Japan Says Abduction Row Key to North Korea Ties
Koizumi Poll Ratings Slump Sharply
China Criticizes Japanese Comment on Taiwan
Japan, China to Resume Dialogue
Southeast Asia
Military Ties Warm Between US, Vietnam
Philippine Peace Talks Resume
British Diplomat Says Kosovo Can Win Independence
War Crimes Prosecutor Presses for Arrests in Serbia
Bosnian Ski Resort Helps Heal War Wounds
Poland's Leader Hopes to Gain From Support of US Policies
Olympics: Turin Guards Against Terrorism, Activists
Talks Resume on Northern Ireland Rule
Haiti Voters to Elect President After Four Delays
On Eve of Haitian Election, Fear of Violence Remains Palpable
Mules, UN Troops Deployed in Chaotic Haiti Election
Exiled Aristide Still Affects Haiti Voters
Election Eve Finds Haiti's Capital a War Zone
Haitian Slum on Edge as Vote Nears
Amid the Squalor of Cité Soleil, Haitians Hope Elections Could Be Their Salvation
Stringent Restrictions on Press Proposed in Bolivia
Bolivia's Coca Policies on Collision Course With US
Bolivia's Morales Pressured to Increase Coca Crops
Chavez for Arming One Million Venezuelans 'Against US Invasion'
Chavez Steps Up Threats to Sell Off Venezuela Oil Refineries in US
Recount Ordered in Costa Rica: Arias Leads by 3,648 Votes
Cuba, Mexico Upset by US Move to Halt Energy Meeting
Cuba Plans Large Anti-US Rally
Colombia Rebels Kill Seven Coca Eradication Police
In Other News
Report Into US Pilot Deaths in Britain Finds Mistakes Made by Air Traffic Controller
Dying to Tell the Story? More Than You Know
Three Suspected Terrorists Killed in Syria
Spying on Americans
Activists on Right, GOP Lawmakers Divided on Spying
Defense of Eavesdropping Is Met With Skepticism in Senate
Conservatives Split With Bush on Spying
Phone Companies Let NSA Spy on Calls
For Some, Spying Controversy Recalls a Past Drama
NSA Inquiry Documents
The War at Home
Bush's Budget Would Increase Spending on Security, Cut Programs
Lab Officials Excited by New H-Bomb Project
US: Iran Sanctions Without UN Backing Would Be Legitimate
Iran to Start Sensitive Nuclear Work Within Days
Iran Tells IAEA to Remove Surveillance Cameras, Agency Seals
Israeli Envoy Upbeat on Solving Iran Nuclear Issue
Ex-UN Inspector: 'Iran's Next'
US and Iran Adjust to Role in Next Act of UN Drama
Russia Last Hope in Iran Standoff
Russia Warns Against Conflict With Iran
France Says No Confrontation Sought With Iran
Tension Over Iran Escalates After Embassy Attack
Russian Press Warns of Escalating Iran Crisis
Cartoon Protests Spread
Four Die in Afghanistan as Anti-Danish Protests Rage
Protests Over Cartoons Escalate Across Mideast
At Least 30 Injured in Beirut Protest as Outrage Over Cartoons Spreads
Somali Teen Dies During Protests Over Cartoons
Developments Surrounding Muhammad Drawings
Timeline: How the Cartoon Crisis Unfolded
Iraq Cartoon Fallout
Danish Soldiers Come Under Attack in Iraq
Thousands Protest Drawings in Iraq
Mideast Cartoon Fallout
US Turns to Riyadh to Ease Tensions of Prophet Cartoons
Iran Cuts Trade With Denmark: Iranian Minister
Iran to Run Holocaust Cartoon Contest
Radical Forces in Mideast Exploit Cartoon Backlash
Arab Press Slams Cartoon Protests, Attacks
We Have Been Putting Up With This for Years, Says Israel
Lebanon Apologizes to Denmark
European Cartoon Fallout
No Regrets on the Danish Streets
Attacks Take Nordics by Surprise
Furor Over Drawings Shocks Danes
Danish Paper Rejected Jesus Cartoons

Boycott Costs Danish Companies Millions

Bomb Alert at French Newspaper That Printed Cartoons
European Leaders Try to Defuse Cartoon Crisis
UK Cartoon Fallout
Extremists in UK Demonstration Face Inquiry by Police Squad
UK Ministers Use Cartoons Anger to Renew Calls for 'Glorification of Terrorism' Law
Call to Arrest British Radicals as Six Die in Protests Abroad
Global Cartoon Fallout
Media Debate: Free Press or Religious Sentiment?
US, British Media Tread Carefully in Cartoon Furor
US Condemns Cartoon Violence
Indonesia Cartoon Protests Spread
NZ Braced for Reaction to Muhammad Cartoons
Hamas Ready for Power?
Graveside Visit Signals Hamas Support of Fatah
Official: Hamas Won't Recognize Israel
Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad Challenge Hamas
Palestinians Ponder Life Under Hamas
Bethlehem Christians Fear for Future Under Hamas
Hamas Talks to Egypt About New Palestinian Government
Arab Neighbors to Work With Hamas-Led Cabinet
Palestinian Officials Flee Over Missing $700m
Thousands Join Anti-Olmert Rally in Jerusalem
Israeli Banker Sees Ties With Palestinians
Israeli Settler Population Rises Despite Gaza Pullout
Shin Bet Less Harsh With Jewish Terror Suspects
Israeli Airstrike Hits Islamic Jihad
Al-Qaeda Jail Escape Seen as Serious Blow to Yemen
20 Killed in Clashes Between Rebels, Yemen Army
Seven Killed in Southern Sudan Clashes
Sudan Eases Opposition to UN Force in Darfur
Human Rights Watch: New Sudan Attacks in Chad Documented
Libya to Host Sudan-Chad Summit
UN Orders Temporary Troop Deployment to Ivory Coast
Ugandan Rebel Leader Flees Into Congo

Justin Raimondo
Prepare for Perpetual War

Ivan Eland
More Defense Dollars, Less Security

Ran HaCohen
Hamas and Israel: Rival Twins

Alan Bock
Dreary Old Clichés

Charles Peña
Going Old School on al-Qaeda

Praful Bidwai
Iran Confrontation in the Cards

Nebojsa Malic
An Insult to Gandhi

David R. Henderson
Conversation with a US Military Officer

Sascha Matuszak
Drums in the Streets

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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