The War Party Has Raised Millions to Defend This Traitor

What Can We Raise to Defend the Truth?

I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby has friends in high places – and a lot of them are some pretty high rollers. The kind who can give five- and six-figure contributions to his defense fund. And they're doing it: the "Defense Trust" for Scooter has raised over $2 million so far. "It's a particularly excellent start," boasted Mel Sembler, chairman of the Scooter Libby Legal Defense Trust.

Millions flow into the coffers of this traitor who "outed" a CIA agent in retaliation for her husband's antiwar views – while the opponents of the gang that lied us into war are getting by on pennies.

We nailed Libby early on, long before any of the "mainstream" news outlets so much as published his name in connection with the Plame scandal. We've been nailing the War Party for years, and they devoutly wish we would just go away. And we will go away if we don't make our fundraising goal this time around.

We probably won't raise $2 million during this fundraising drive: but then, we're just asking for $60,000, a mere drop in the bucket where these things are concerned. But it's enough for us to continue our work, and we're depending on you – our readers and supporters – to come through.

The War Party can outspend us – but they can't get away from their own lies. And that, in the end, will be their undoing. You can make sure is around to do the necessary debunking. Make your contribution today.

In the first three days of our drive, 421 of you gave a total of $23,086. We need to pick up the pace to reach the goal of $60,000 to keep running for the next quarter. Please help.
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Updated February 9, 2006 - 11:05 PM EST
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