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Updated February 12, 2006 - 11:16 PM EST
US Prepares Military Blitz Against Iran
Iran Is Prepared to Retaliate, Experts Warn
Iran Threatens to Withdraw From Nuclear Treaty
Neocons Urge Bush to Stir Rebellion Within Iran
Cheney Accidentally Shoots Man on Hunting Trip
Jaafari Named to Head Iraq's New Govt
US Official Says $8.8 Billion 'Missing' in Iraq
British Soldiers 'Videoed Beating Iraqis'
23 Killed, 20 Wounded in Sunday Iraq Violence

Army Rift With Blair Over Afghanistan Troops 'Fiasco'

Revealed: the Terror Prison US Is Helping Build in Morocco
A Terrorist on Every Corner?
by James Bovard
Whistleblowers Are Not Protected, Mr. Goss  by Sibel Edmonds
Free Speech Leavened by a Thing Called Judgment  by Bruce Ramsey
Hey Bush: Obey the Law  by Charley Reese
Smoking Laptop  by Gordon Prather
Making Enemies Friends Over Iran
by Dmitry Shlapentokh

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Brutal British Troops on Video
FBI: American Among Escapees From Yemen
Iraqi Politicians Prevent British Purge of Police
Baghdad Sniper: Myth or Menace?
Iraq's Allawi Has Interest in Cabinet Post
Sharon in 'No Immediate Danger' After Emergency Surgery
CIA Chief Sacked for Opposing Torture
Saint Patrick's (Fitzgerald) Day
Laura Bush Greeted by Demos in Turin
Bush's Job Approval Stuck Near Bottom
Afghanistan: No Alternative to Opium, Say Farmers
Today in Iraq
Siniyah: an Iraqi Town That Is Now a Prison
US Advisers Take Lead in Training New Iraqi Army
Iraqi Tribal Leader Announces Anbar Security Deal
Ex-Regime Figures to Testify vs. Saddam
Iraq's 'Requiem' Pits Old World Against Youth
Kurdish Rebel Official Dies in Car Fire in Iraq
Attacks Continue
Iraqi Army Spokesman in Basra Shot Dead, Kidnapping in Kirkuk 
Seven Dead in Iraq Attacks
Iraq: Two Marines Die From Wounds
Security Incidents in Iraq, Feb. 12
Security Incidents in Iraq, Feb. 11
Global Iraq Fallout
Aussie Troops May Remain in Iraq
Sixth Contingent of Salvadoran Troops Heads to Iraq
Americans Keep Dying
Marine (VA) With Ties to Penn. Dies One Month Before Homecoming
Community Mourns After Second Soldier (SD) From Town Dies
Wyoming (MI) Corporal Was Finishing Third Tour of Duty in Iraq
Navy Medic (PA) Is Killed in Afghanistan
Family Says Goodbye to Marine (AL) Accidentally Shot
SD Soldier Wounded in December Dies
San Antonio (TX) Soldier Killed in Iraq Hunted Roadside Bombs
Soldier's (NY) Dreams Remain Unfulfilled
Soldier From Slidell (LA) Dies in Iraq
Fallen Soldier (CA) Mourned
Mine Fells Puerto Rican Soldier (VA) in Iraq (en Espaņol)
South Dakota Soldier, Based in Alaska, Killed by Iraq Bomb
Mother Says Marine Son (NC) Killed in Iraq
Marine (NH) Dies on Patrol in Afghanistan
War in Iraq Reaches Safford (AZ)
Army Spec Ops Soldier (KY) Dies in Iraq
Las Cruces (NM) Soldier Killed in Iraq
Kentucky Soldier Dies in Firefight
Kaneohe-Based (HI) Marine Dies in Afghanistan
Texas Soldier Remembered for Family, Faith
Minnesota Soldier Killed in Iraq
Central Ohio Marine Killed by Explosion in Iraq
Afghanistan Endures Week of Violence
Russian DM: Dirty Money From Afghanistan Keeps Feeding Terrorists
Two Nepalis Kidnapped in Afghanistan
Musharraf Confirms 'al-Qaeda' Hit
Pakistan Tribal Insurgents Kill Two in Attack on Paramilitary Convoy
Peace Returns to Pakistani Town
Indian Govt Plays Secretive on Bush Visit
7 Parties to Oppose Bush's India Visit
Eight Killed in Clashes, Attacks in Indian Kashmir
Separatists Call Kashmir Strike
Clashes Spark Assam Curfew
Kashmir Women's Group Vows to Stop Valentine's Day Celebrations
Nepal’s Political Unrest Threatens Delhi’s Stability
Nepal Rejects Foreign Criticism of Polls as 'Unacceptable'
No Agreement on Nagorno-Karabakh
Uzbekistan Suspends US NGO Activities
Thai Leader Mulls Referendum
Weekend Reviews
Why We Fight: a Sobering Look at the Military-Industrial Complex
New Film Takes a Hard Look at the American War Machine From World War II to Iraq
The Secret World of Stephen Cambone: Excerpt From Grand Theft Pentagon
Excerpt From Deadly Doctrine
US War on Terror
Bush Pushes GOP Lawmakers to Back Wiretaps
Inquiry Into Wiretapping Article Widens
  Rumsfeld Downplays North Africa Terror Threat, Fosters Ties With Tunisia
FBI Claims Puerto Rico Threat
Bush's 'Thwarted' Plot: Malaysian Quit Jet Plot, Officials Say
UK War on Terror
Report: Trail of Terror That Led to the Radical Embassy Protests
Hamza Set Up Terror Camps With British Ex-Soldiers
Blair Talks Tough Ahead of Terror Vote
Freedom of Information Could Come at a Price
Police Chiefs Urged Secrecy Over Shoot-To-Kill Anti-Terror Tactics
The Two Faces of Islam UK
British Imam Praises London Tube Bombers
PM's Authority Faces Test in Three Revolt-Prone Votes
The War at Home
Soldier's Wife Holds Body Armor Benefit for Troops
Book Casts Doubt on Case for War
4th Soldier Sentenced in Death of Infantryman
Healing, With New Limbs and Fragile Dreams
Conviction Brings Six-Month Prison Sentence in SOA Trials
Student Project Focuses on Local Wounded Soldier
Cartoon Row
Muslims Rally in Europe as Worldwide Cartoon Protests Rage On
Revered Prophet of Islam Has Been Depicted in Art for Hundreds of Years
Muslims Protest Philly Paper Over Cartoon
Saudi Cleric Demands Trial Over Drawings
Public Anger at Muslim Protesters
Cartoon Row: Denmark Pulls Envoys
Danish Islamic Leaders Glad They Spoke Out but Decry the Violence
Danes Urged to Leave Indonesia Over Cartoon Protests
Iran: US, Europe Should Pay for Drawings
Leader of Cartoon Rally Warns of 'Fire Throughout the World'
Iran Rejects Call to Freeze Nuke Program
IAEA Removes Most Surveillance From Iran Nuclear Sites
Al-Qaeda Seeking Base in Lebanon: Lebanese Minister
Syrian Leader Reshuffles Cabinet
Death Riddle That Haunts Lebanon
Hariri's Son Returns to Lebanon After 6 Months
Sharon Has Seventh Operation in Only Five Weeks
Israeli Army Jailers Discover Anti-Riot Tool: Television
Israel to Keep 'Low Profile' Over Russian Invitation to Hamas
Hamas Says Delegation Will Head to Moscow at End of Month
Turkey Follows Putin Hamas Lead
The Face of Hamas Rule May Not Include Its Own
Egyptian Envoy Kidnapped in Gaza Freed
Middle East
Yemen's President Sacks Ministers After Jailbreak
Kuwait's New Cabinet Takes Office Under Fire
'No Survivors' in Sudan Military Air Crash
UN Bills Ivory Coast Over Riots
Russian Leaders Reach Out to Rogue Regimes
Italy Calls Election for Early April
Prodi Vows to End Berlusconi 'Regime' as Election Race Begins
Haiti Poll May Go to Second Round
Haiti: Former Presidents Battle for Power
Bolivia's Knot: No to Cocaine, but Yes to Coca
Bolivia's Morales Urges Limits on Coca Crops

Justin Raimondo
Scooter's Choice

Sascha Matuszak

Alan Bock
Another Stellar Week in the War on Terror

David R. Henderson
Why Libertarians Should be Critical of War

Nebojsa Malic
Empire's Choice

Ivan Eland
More Defense Dollars, Less Security

Ran HaCohen
Hamas and Israel: Rival Twins

Charles Peņa
Going Old School on al-Qaeda

Praful Bidwai
Iran Confrontation in the Cards

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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