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More Defense Spending, Less Security: C. Peña
Blaming the Photos, Not the Torture: Jeremy Scahill
Sunni Insurgents Increasingly Unified: Jim Lobe
UN Report Fuels Debate Over Gitmo: W. Fisher
US Funding Doubled for Africa Forces: John Lasker

Quotable harmful, not only to the conquered but to the conqueror.
Ludwig von Mises
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Updated February 16, 2006 - 11:07 PM EST

US: Iraq Death Squad Members Detained

Rice Asks for $75M to 'Pressure' Iran

Tories: Attacking Iran Should Be an Option

France: Iran Has Secret Military Nuke Program

Poll: Most Americans Believe Iraq War a Mistake

Cheney Says He Has OK to Declassify Info

Six Killed in Baghdad Car Bombing

Report: Sunni Insurgents Increasingly Unified

Republicans Slam Bush Mideast Policy

US Reports Discovery of Apparent Death Squad in Iraq

CNN Blames the Photos, Not the Torture  by Jeremy Scahill
The Propaganda We Pass Off as News Around the World  by David Miller
Having 'Fixed' Iraq, Hawks Eye Iran
by Geov Parrish
War vs. More War for Congress
by William Arkin
The 'Isolationism' Canard  by Justin Logan
Conned, Deluded Rice  by Robert Scheer

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International Crisis Group: Reading the Iraqi Insurgency
US Funding Doubled for 'Anti-Terror' Forces in Africa
UN Report Fuels Debate Over Guantánamo

UK Security Expert: 'Iraq War Was Gift for al-Qaeda'

Poll: Americans Doubt Leaders Can Deal with Iran

Gonzales Withholding Plame E-Mails

Report: US Should Avoid Wars, Just Meddle in Middle East

Britain Faces Fresh Pressure Over Secret CIA Flights

US Lawmakers: Bush's Mideast Policy Led to Rise of Hamas

Kyrgyzstan Seeks Hundredfold Increase in Rent on US Base

Romanian Lawmakers Ok US Use of Bases

Preval Declared Winner of Haiti Elections

Pentagon Confirms: New Abu Ghraib Photos Are Authentic

Saddam Tape

The Secret Tapes – Inside Saddam's Palace

Secret Tapes Show Saddam's Son-in-Law Admitted WMD Deception

Saddam: I Warned US of Terrorist Attack

Attacks Continue

4 Children Among 18 Killed Across Baghdad

UK Base Workers Seized, Released in Basra

Security Incidents in Iraq, Feb. 16

Security Incidents in Iraq, Feb. 15

Iraq Today

In Iraq, US Fighting an Enemy It Hardly Knows

Iraq Wants Danish Troops to Stay

Iraqi TV Airs Appeal for US Reporter's Release

Shi'ite Divisions May Hamstring Iraq Prime Minister

Around Iraq in Four Days

Re-Retaking Samarra?

Order, Peace Elusive in Iraqi City of Samarra

US Commanders Give Myriad of Excuses for Failure in Samarra

Comments in 2004 From US Leaders About Retaking Samarra

UK in Iraq

I Screamed for It to Stop, Says Victim From UK Abuse Video

The Iraq War's Forgotten Casualties


Taliban Commander Arrested, School Torched in Afghanistan

Two Afghan Intelligence Agents Killed

Pakistanis Held in Afghanistan for Suicide Attacks

New UK Afghan Deployment Begins

Portugal to Extend Its Military Mission in Afghanistan

Fresh From Jail, Afghan Editor Vows Not to Back Down


Chinese Workers Killed by Pakistan Terrorists

Pakistan Releases 562 Afghans as Karzai Arrives


Nepal Maoists Kill Three Soldiers

US Warns of Nepal Maoist Takeover


Indian Maoists Attack Village, Kill Three

Three Suspected Muslim Rebels Shot Dead in Indian Kashmir

Indian PM Calls Kashmir Talks

Six Injured in Kashmir Attack

Sri Lanka

Tamil Rebels: No Compromise on Separatist Demand


Syria Switches From Dollars to Euros

Syria Re-Arrests Two Former Legislators


Anger as Egypt Puts Democracy on Hold for a Couple Years

US Slams Egypt Local Poll Delay

Middle East

Algeria, Britain to Boost Security Ties

Lebanon's Pro-Syrian President Vows to Finish Term


Ugandan Soldier Opens Fire on Crowd at Opposition Rally, Killing Two

Europe Ready to Send Peacekeeping Troops to Congo

Urgent Calls for More Troops to Darfur

Zimbabwe Women Protesters Held


Haiti Vote Count Grinds to Halt With Fraud Probe

Hundreds of Ballot Boxes Found in Haiti Dump

Brazil Wants Preval Named Haiti Winner


Bolivia's Coca: From Cottage Industry to Mass Export?

Bolivia's Morales Faces First Wave of Roadblocks


Mass Graves Unearthed in Colombia

Venezuela, US Open Talks After Diplomatic Rift

Latin America to Protest US Immigration Bill

Abu Ghraib Haunts Again

New Abu Ghraib Photos (selection)

Army Chiefs: Abu Ghraib a Terrorist Training Ground

New Pictures Reveal Extent of Abuse at Abu Ghraib Jail

UN: Abu Ghraib Photos 'Deeply Disturbing'

Bush Administration Condemns Release of Abu Ghraib Photos

Painted in Blood, an Abstract Expression of Horror

War at Home

America's Long War

Whistleblower: Even Bigger NSA Spy Program in Operation

In Heated Speech, Senator Byrd Seeks NSA Probe

US War on Terror
UN: Free or Try Gitmo Detainees

Feingold Again Tries to Block PATRIOT Act

DoJ: Constitution Doesn't Apply to Guantánamo Inmates Because They're Not in the US

Frozen Account Ruffles Nuns

US Deports Iraqi Kurd Accused of Aiding al-Qaeda

UK War on Terror

Britain Faces Battle Over Terror Plans

Blair Promises Police Will Act Against Muslim Demonstrators

Blair Claims Victory in Passage of Anti-Glorification Law Aimed at 'Terrorist Sympathizers'

Dissenting MPs Decry Britain's New Anti-Glorification Law as 'Ineffective Authoritarianism'

Global War on Terror

UAE Embarking on Terror Crackdown

Yemen to Try 17 More al-Qaeda Suspects

Malaysia: Detained Militant Still a Threat

Jordan Sentences Zarqawi to Death - Again

Nine Sentenced to Death in Jordan Terror Plot

UK Terror Suspect Facing Extradition to Spain

German Court Rejects Hijack-Shootdown Law

Australia Promises Strict Wiretap Rules


US Launches Broad Diplomatic Offensive Against Iran

Iran Foreign Minister to Meet With EU

Cartoon Violence

Afghanistan Erupts Over Danish Cartoons

Euro MPs Condemn Cartoon Protests, Back Denmark

Worst Violence Yet in Pakistan Over Danish Cartoons

Protesters Run Amok in Peshawar


Mofaz: Hamas-Controlled PA Would Be Part of Axis of Evil

Fearing Hamas, Abbas Takes Control Over Official PA Media

Palestinian Factions Vie for Spoils

Hamas Plans to Nominate Cabinet in March

Senior Hamas Legislator Released From Israeli Prison

Putin Invitation to Hamas Based on Pragmatism

Israel Won't Stop Transfer of Aid to Palestinians

Canada: Aid to Palestinians Depends on Recognition of Israel

US House Votes to Withhold Palestinian Aid


Poll: Kadima Holds Commanding Lead for Upcoming Elections

Israel Arrests 19 in West Bank Raids

Mentally Disabled Jenin Man Shot by Israeli Troops


Congressmen Blast Tech Bigwigs About China Policies

Internet Firms Defend China Practices

Chinese Struggle for Rights Brings New Breed of Political Fixers to the Fray


Pentagon Alarmed as NATO Allies Reduce Size of Militaries

Yushchenko Hopes Spurned Tymoshenko Can Save His Floundering Revolution

Serbia Rejects Kosovo Independence

War Tourists Fight to See Bosnia's Past


Justin Raimondo
Masters of Deception

Charles Peña
More Defense Spending,
Less Security

Nebojsa Malic
A Resurgence of Lies

Ivan Eland
Restoring the Rule of Law and Constitutional Government

Praful Bidwai
Snags Surface in India-US Nuclear Deal

Sascha Matuszak

Alan Bock
Another Stellar Week in the War on Terror

David R. Henderson
Why Libertarians Should be Critical of War

Ran HaCohen
Hamas and Israel: Rival Twins

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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