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Iraq and the Democratic Empire: Lew Rockwell
Diagnosing Decline: Alan Bock
What Bush Is Up To: Charley Reese
Not Another No-End-in-Sight War: Gordon Prather
Last Chance for Diplomacy?: Praful Bidwai

We did not raise armies for glory or for conquest.
Thomas Jefferson
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Updated February 19, 2006 - 11:28 PM EST
Iran Empowered, Emboldened by War
Rice: Iran Is Terrorism 'Banker'
British Troops Executed Unarmed Iraqi
UK Radiation Jump Blamed on Iraq Shells
Israel Halts Funds for Palestinians
Hamas Takes Power but Rejects Peace Talks
US Holds Secret Talks to Weaken Hamas
Saddam Tapes: US Will Be Hit by Terrorists
Pakistan Arrests Islamic Leaders Ahead of Planned Rally
Torture Flights Landed in UK, Admit Air Controllers
Bin Laden's Game
Steve Perry interviews Michael Scheuer
The Limits of Propaganda
by Anatol Lieven and David Chambers
Congress Stirs to Rein in the President  by Jeremy Brecher & Brendan Smith
What Bush Is Up To  by Charley Reese
Not Another No-End-in-Sight War
by Gordon Prather
Close Guantanamo Now  San Francisco Chronicle

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16 Die in Nigeria Prophet Cartoon Riots
Senate Intel Chair Wants Court to Oversee Spy Program
US Church Alliance Denounces Iraq War
Prosecutor: Saddam Faces Hangman 'in Months'
Propaganda Effort in Iraq a Mistake, Rumsfeld Says
UK Troops Head to Afghanistan: 'We Won't Act Like the US Did in Iraq'
US Military Adding New Construction at Guantanamo
Switzerland in Secret US Flights Row
Blast at US Philippines Army Base Kills 1, Wounds Dozens
10 US Troops Killed as 2 Copters Crash in Gulf of Aden
Testing Time for 'Heavy-Handed' British Troops in Basra
Today in Iraq
Threats Weaken US Overtures to Sunnis
Iraq Oil Sector Lost Over $6 Bln. in 2005: Official
Iraq's Sadr Maintains Anti-US Stand
German Plane Wreckage Found in Iraq, Six Killed
Army Units in Iraq Could Have Shorter Tours of Duty
Attacks Continue
Bombs, Gunmen Kill More Than 20 in Iraq, Inluding US Soldier
Two Macedonians Kidnapped in Iraq, Ransom Demanded
Security Incidents in Iraq, Feb. 19
Security Incidents in Iraq, Feb. 18
Global Iraq Fallout
Minister 'Disposed' to Keeping Australian Troops in Iraq
UK Domestic Torturers 'Inspired' by Iraq
Americans Keep Dying
Roadside Bomb Kills Young Marine (CA) Recently Arrived in Iraq
Soldier Killed in Afghanistan Had Boston (MA) Ties
Louisiana Marine Killed in Suicide Bombing in Iraq
Pleasanton (TX) Soldier Killed in Afghanistan
Iraq Tent Fire Destroys American Dream (VA)
Shiloh (IL) Soldier Killed in Afghanistan
Remembering Nick Wilson, USN (NY)
Family Remembers Soldier (MN) Killed in Iraq
Scott County (TN) Marine Killed in Iraq
Family, Friends Mourn Loss of Green Beret (CA) Killed in Afghanistan
Afghan President Warns Against Meddling
Karzai Denies Afghanistan's Involvement in Balochistan
Afghan President Expects Pakistani Action on Taliban List
'Suicide-Ready' Taliban Lie in Wait for Troops
Canada to Boost Troops in Afghanistan
Suicide Attacks on NATO Escalating in Afghanistan
Nepal's Communist Rebels Call for Strike
US, China Must Do More to Pressure Nepal: Amnesty Chief
Women Take Up Arms in Nepal's Maoist Rebellion
The Click That Broke a Government's Grip
China Journalists and Officials Clash Over Censorship
Internet Muck-Raker Challenges China's Censors
Google Launches China Blog a Day Before China Hearing
Killings Unlikely to Mar Pakistan-China Ties: Analysts
Rail Link Restored Between India, Pakistan
DR Congo Formally Adopts Constitution
Key Facts About Congo's New Constitution
Sudan May Let UN Troops Into Darfur
Sudan Rejects US Claim of Ongoing Darfur Genocide
Heavy Fighting Kills Seven in Mogadishu: Residents
Three Americans Among Nine Abducted in Nigeria Oil Attack
UN Group Considers Troop Return to Ivory Coast
Poll Reveals 40% of Muslims Want Sharia Law in UK
Muscle-Flexing Regions Show Divided Spain
3 Convicted in Attacks in Spain and Morocco
Belarus Names Election Hopefuls
Chavez Says Venezuela Could Cut Off Oil Exports to the US
Chávez Vows to Resist US 'Inoculation Strategy'
Lawmakers Want Info on Cheap Oil From Venezuela
War on Terror
Econ Professor: US Policy, Not Poverty, Is Cause of Terrorism
UK Watchdog Wants US Terror Jail Closed
Firm Sues to Block Foreign Port Takeover
Judge Dismisses Arar Suit Over Torture Deportation
Charges for Police in Tube Shooting
Race to Prevent Algerian Terror Suspects' Release
US Miliary
US Military Planes Criss-Cross Europe Using Bogus Call Sign
US Marine Convicted of Shooting Comrade in Afghanistan Caught in Spain
Injured Utah Soldier Wins Damages Against Man for Afghanistan Attack
Willie Nelson Plays Long Set for Wounded Soldiers
The War at Home
US Criticized for Actions in UN Council
After War Injury, an Iraq Vet Takes on Politics
Legislator Back From Iraq Under Fire for Trip
Cartoon Fallout
Nigerian Muslims Burn Churches in Cartoon Protest
Berlusconi Forces Out Minister in Bid to Mend Ties With Islam
Libya Arrests and Questions Minister
Pakistan Bans Rallies in Capital Amid Cartoon Row
Islamists in Pakistan Demand End to Relations With Denmark
Danish Cartoonist: 'No Regrets'
10,000 Protest Prophet Cartoons in London
Iranian Cleric: Use of Nukes Sometimes Permissible
Reported ElBaradei Nuclear Proposal a 'Step Forward': Iran
Don't Waste Your Money, Tehran Tells Washington
Iran Group Stages New Suicide Bomber Recruitment Drive
Iran Seen Stretching Its Tentacles Into Western Afghanistan
Two Jailed Iranian Reporters Await Press Trial
Iran Films Return to Berlin Festival After 30 Years
Chirac: France's Stance on Iran Unchanged
Hamas Takes Power
Palestinian Parliament Raises Hopes
Hamas and Abbas Clash Over Path for Palestinians
Palestinian Parliament Picks Hamas Speaker
Abbas Demands Hamas Recognize Peace Deals

Abbas Defends Hamas Government

Women MPs Vow to Change Face of Hamas
Israel to Begin Gradually Reducing Ties With Palestinian Authority
Liberal Ramallah Worries Hamas Will Curtail Freedoms
Aid or Sanctions?
Arab League to Discuss Monthly Aid for Palestinians
Rice Warns Arab States Not to Fund Hamas
Cutting Off US Aid to Palestinians Not Easy
White House to Watch Hamas Closely, Wait
Don't Punish Palestinians for Electing Hamas: Abbas
Egypt Opposes Sanctions by Israel on Hamas-Led PA
Russian Anti-Terror Envoy: Isolating Hamas Would Be Counterproductive
Churches on Palestine
Churches Debate Pro-Palestinian Divestment
Campaign for Pro-Palestinian Divestment Seeks Momentum at World Church Gathering
Church Views on Pro-Palestinian Divestment Vary
Middle East
Yemen's Role in Terror War Questioned After Jail Break
  US-Islamic Forum Starts in Doha
Weekend Reviews
Stephen Mansfield's The Faith of the American Soldier
This Ain't No Video Game
Occupation Hazard: Challenging the Conventional Line on Israel
Colombia Bombs 'Guerrilla Bases'
Caribbean Group to Re-Admit Haiti

Justin Raimondo
Espionage and the
First Amendment

Praful Bidwai
Last Chance for Diplomacy?

Alan Bock
Diagnosing Decline

Charles Peńa
More Defense Spending,
Less Security

Nebojsa Malic
A Resurgence of Lies

Ivan Eland
Restoring the Rule of Law and Constitutional Government

Sascha Matuszak

David R. Henderson
Why Libertarians Should be Critical of War

Ran HaCohen
Hamas and Israel: Rival Twins

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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