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Sabotaging the War on al-Qaeda: Gareth Porter
Another Election-Year Stunt: Joshua Frank
Fukuyama Files for Divorce: Jim Lobe
Is Anyone Listening?: Laurence M. Vance
Ignoring Victims of War: Robert Weitzel

The people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders...tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger.
Herman Goering
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Updated February 23, 2006 - 10:38 PM EST
Civil War Underway in Iraq?

130 Killed in Attacks Across Iraq

Sunni Bloc Quits Govt Talks, 7 GIs Killed

3 Arabiya TV Journalists Kidnapped, Killed in Iraq

Sunni Clerics Blame Shi'ite Clerics for Violence

US Downplays Civil War Threat in Iraq

Senior Officer: US Won't Keep Troops in Iraq

Port Debate Pits Bush Against His Own Party

Lawyers Say Libby Needs to Refresh Memory

Cartoon-Sparked Religious Violence Kills 96 in Nigeria

How Neocons Sabotaged Iran's Help on al-Qaeda  by Gareth Porter
Redeployment: Another Election-
Year Stunt
 by Joshua Frank
Blair Sweeps Torture Under the Rug by Francis Elliot and Raymond Whitaker
Is Anyone Listening?
by Laurence M. Vance
Democracy and Its Discontents
by Leon Hadar
You're a Spy  by Fred Kaplan

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US Terror Fears, Stoked by Bush, Now Bite Him

Lawmakers Undeterred by Bush Veto Threat

Rice Faces Questions About US Push for Democracy in Mideast

CBS Correspondent Killed Story at Pentagon's Request

Iranian Envoy: Moscow Talks Offer Hope

'Leninists!' Cries Neocon Nabob, Suing for Divorce


Attack Deepens Iraq's Divide
Brink of Civil War?

Shi'ite Shrine Bombing Sparks Sectarian Killings in Iraq

A Big Step Backwards in Iraq

US Calls for Restraint in Iraq Amid Fears of Civil War

Shi'ite Leader Says US Shares Blame in Shrine Blast

Talabani: Mosque Attack Sought to Thwart New Government

US Suspects al-Qaeda Is Behind Mosque Bombing

Iraq's Civil War Nightmare

'This May Be the Start of When It All Goes Really Wrong'

Security Incidents in Iraq,
Feb. 23

Security Incidents in Iraq,
Feb. 22

The 'Golden Mosque'

Al-Askariya Shrine: 'Not Just a Major Cathedral'

Only Twisted Metal Remains of Golden Dome in Iraq

US Says Will Help Rebuild Bombed Shrine

In the Destruction of a Golden Dome, the Debris of Certainty

Occupying Iraq

US Air Force in Iraq Is Even Busier on the Ground Than in the Air

US F-16s Being Used for Recon in Iraq

Bulgarian Parliament OKs Sending 120 Troops to Iraq


Iranian Reformist Speaks Out Against Sectarian Violence

Putin Sees Hope After Talks With Iran

China Urges Iran to Refrain From Uranium Enrichment


Afghan Bomb Kills 1, Injures 12 Near NATO Troops

Afghanistan: Militants Are Targeting Schools

Desperate Afghans Turning to US Army for Work

British Army Helpless as Afghan Drug Crop Doubles

NZ to Extend Afghanistan Troop Commitment


Musharraf Losing His Grip

Pakistan Hunts for Taliban With Afghan Intel

Pakistani Soldier Killed in Balochistan Attack


India Dismisses Nuclear Concerns

India-US Nuclear Talks Raise Hopes of a Deal

Bush Urges India to Separate Military, Civilian Nuke Programs

US Denial of Indian Scientist's Visa Sparks Outrage

South Asia

Bush to Push Indian, Pakistani Leaders to End Kashmir Conflict

Four People Dead in Kashmir Gun Battle

Nepal Opposition Leader Rearrested

Maldives Leader Frees Dissidents

Sri Lanka

New Sri Lanka Peace Talks Begin

Sri Lanka Talks Off to Rocky Start


Algerian Islamists Given Six Months to Disarm

Algeria to Pay War Victims' Families

Middle East

Israeli Commander Questions Jordan's Long-Term Viability

Arab Companies Cash in on Cultural Sensitivities

Rice Vows to Pressure Egypt on Reforms

Iraq's Sadr Builds Role With Tour of Mideast


Pentagon Seeking African Bases

Ugandan Campaign: Politics as Soap Opera


Venezuela Debates Compulsory Militia Membership

Venezuela Gets New Russian Military Helicopters


Aristide Plans Return to Haiti, but No Political Post

Aristide Can Return, Haiti's President-Elect Says

War on Terror

US Senator Urges Middle East to Act on Terror Finance

Russia Passes Draft Terror Law

Yemen Tries 17 al-Qaeda Suspects for Planning Attacks

British Court Jails Man for Joking About a Bomb

Amnesty: UK Terror Suspects Being Held in 'Kafkaesque World'

British Defense Ministry Accused of Concealing US Rendition Flights


UK's Straw Risks US Fury Over Guantánamo 'Gulag' Comment

US Admits Using Restraint Chairs in Gitmo Force Feedings

Abuse and Torture

Report: Nearly 100 Dead in US Custody in Iraq, Afghanistan

Lawyers: At Least Eight Who Died in US Custody Were Tortured to Death
US Military

Concern Grows Over Military's Anthrax Experiments in Utah

Little Help Available for Iraqi Mental Trauma

War at Home

Seattle Peace Groups Under Watch

Sheehan to Protest at US Posts in Germany in March

Antiwar Concert Will Kick Off Nationwide Speaking Tour

Authors Plan 'Day of Political Lies' on Iraq War Anniversary

Security Programs Strain Muslim-US Ties

Cartoon Fallout

Islamic Countries Org Slams Cartoon Violence, Threats

UK Party Publishes Danish Cartoon

Danes Under Attack

Danish Soldiers Under Attack in Iraq

Muslim Hackers Hit 3,000 Danish Web Sites

Kuwait Company Has No Danish Ties, but It Pays a Price in Anger Over Cartoons

US Port Controversy

Bush Didn't Know About Ports Deal Until After Approval

Political Winds Fanning Dubai Storm

US, UAE Have Sensitive Relationship

Ports Debate Reawakens Foreign-Investment Jitters


Saudis Reject US Plan to Isolate Hamas

Turkey Vows to Maintain Close Ties With Israel After Hamas Spat

Fatah Agrees to Join Hamas-Led Govt 'in Principle'

Israel Warns Iran Against Palestinian Aid

Palestinian Brewery to Launch 'Hamas' Non-Alcoholic Beer


Palestinians Denounce Roadblocks Outside Jericho

Four-Year-Old Boy Wounded by Israeli Gunfire in Northern Gaza

US Christians Create Umbrella Organization to Lobby for Israel


Yahoo's China Problem

China to Free Tiananmen Prisoner


UN Agency: North Korea Requesting Food

Japan Vows Calm Response Over South Korea Island Spat

Kazakhstan Intelligence Chief Quits Over Opposition Murder

Philippines Military Claims to Have Foiled Yet Another Coup


Del Ponte: Mladic Is Still at Large

Mladic 'Negotiates Surrender' as UN Puts Pressure on Serbs


Spain Recalls 1981 Military Coup Attempt

Greek Cyprus Leader Now Considering Unification


Justin Raimondo
Hating Arabs

Ivan Eland
Dubai Ports World: Commercial Racial Profiling

David R. Henderson
I Don't Have to Fight You

Praful Bidwai
Last Chance for Diplomacy?

Alan Bock
Diagnosing Decline

Charles Peña
More Defense Spending,
Less Security

Nebojsa Malic
A Resurgence of Lies

Sascha Matuszak

Ran HaCohen
Hamas and Israel: Rival Twins

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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