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Defense Transformation at the Crossroads: C. Peņa
Civil War All but Declared: Michael A. Weinstein
Till Democracy Do Us Part: Martin Sieff
A Letter From the Troops: John Zogby
Imperial Troubles: Sheldon Richman

War's a game, which, were their subjects wise, Kings would not play at.
William Cowper
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Updated March 2, 2006 - 11:09 PM EST

Reports: Bush Misused Prewar Intel

Iraq FM to US: Butt Out of Govt Talks

Karachi Blast Kills US Diplomat, 3 More

Iraqi PM Cancels Govt Talks

36 Dead in New Iraq Bombings, Attacks

Military Mulls Whether Iraq Troop Cut Possible

OPEC: Bush Threatening Energy Security

US Poll: 63% Say Iraq War Not Worth Fighting

Many in Congress Want to Scuttle Ports Deal

US Reviewing 2nd Dubai Firm

Senate OKs PATRIOT Act With Cosmetic Changes

Till Democracy Do Us Part
by Martin Sieff
A Letter From the Troops
by John Zogby
Illegal Surveillance: A Real Security Threat  by James Bovard
Imperial Troubles  by Sheldon Richman
Iraq: A Solution to Nothing  by Scott Ritter
Gandhi, Bush, and the Bomb
by Lawrence S. Wittner

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Mubarak Warns US Not to Attack Iran

Iran: No Need to Stop Uranium Enrichment

Poll: Opposition to Iraq War Reaches 55% in Australia

Bush Confident bin Laden Will Be Caught

Bush Visits Afghanistan, Promises to Keep Troops There

Charity Alleges NSA Spying in Suit

Saudis Look East for New Friendships in 'Rebalancing' of Foreign Relations


Evictions May Foreshadow Iraq Civil War

Is It Civil War Yet?

At Least 30 Killed in New Iraq Violence

What's Coming Next for a Country on the Brink of a Civil War?

Growing Friction Separates Shi'ite, Sunni

US Soldier Killed in Iraq

Developments in Iraq, March 2

Developments in Iraq, March 1

Iraqi Politics

Iraq's Shi'ites Pressed to Reconsider Jaafari as PM

Iraq Nears Political Turmoil as Opposition Mounts to PM

Iraq Today

Iraq's Oil Exports Struggle Higher in February

Iraq Arrests Oil Guards on Suspicion of Sabotage

News Slow to Reach Troops in Western Iraq

Trying to Try Saddam

Hussein Admits Responsibility, Not Guilt

Saddam Asks: 'Where Is the Crime?'


Iran's Former President Challenges Ahmadinejad Over Holocaust

No Breakthrough in Russia-Iran Talks


Bush: Afghanistan on the Road to Success

Osama Haunts Bush in Afghanistan

Police: Afghanistan Prison Riot Is Over

Outside Kabul, the Government Hardly Rules


46 Killed in North Waziristan Fighting

Balochistan Politician Shot Dead


Bush Arrives in India Seeking Nuclear Deal

Protests in India Over Bush Visit

South Asia

Musharraf Seeks US Role in Kashmir Talks

34 Rebels and Soldiers Die in Nepal Violence


Mubarak Says Egypt Won Over Rice on Arab Democracy

Egypt Deports Islamist Britons Released From Jail


Jordan Says It Foiled al-Qaeda Attack

Prisoners Loyal to al-Qaeda Seize Police Hostages in Jordan Riots


Fears of Anti-UN Backlash in Sudan

Envoy to Sudan Reports Threats

UN: Al-Qaeda Presence in Sudan Likely to Soar if We Send Troops

Sudan DM: Darfur Conflict Made Up by 'Terrorist' Media

Britain Urges Sudan to Accept UN Troops


UK Attacked for Uganda Arms Deal

Nigeria Rebels Free Six Hostages

Police Arrest Kenyan Journalists


Kosovo's Prime Minister Resigns

Montenegro Moves Ahead on Independence Referendum

War on Terror

Radical UK Cleric at Risk of Rendition by US if Conviction Overturned

Mayor: London 'Midway' Between Attacks

Yemeni Prisoner Rejects Gitmo Hearing

US to Transfer 119 Gitmo Detainees Back Home

Aussie Green Leader: Hicks Kept at Gitmo as Token White Guy

War at Home

Pro-War Ad Blitz Launched in Minnesota

Evangelized Foreign Policy?

Georgetown Class Teaches 'How to Build a Nuclear Bomb'

US Military

Study Details Mental Health of War Veterans

Pentagon Develops Brain Implants to Turn Sharks Into Military Spies

Spies, Torture, and Rendition

Blair's Wife: Torture Intel Saves Lives

Pentagon Already Accused of Violating McCain Torture Ban

Italy, Poland Fail to Settle Issue of Secret Prisons

Spies 'Not Monitored' in Europe

Poison Pins, Rocks and Fake Logs: The Secret Arsenal of a Long, Silent War

Spying on Americans

Legal Specialists: Spying Program Illegal

New Questions on Scope of Spying


Israeli Police Arrest Two Hamas MPs in Jerusalem

Iran FM Calls on World to Bankroll Hamas-Led Palestinians

Abbas to Transfer Broad Security Powers to Hamas

Hamas Stalls on Govt Over Israel Recognition

UN: Palestinians Will Lose Water and Sewage Soon as Cash Dries Up

White House Extends Palestinian Aid Review


Israeli Settler Shot Dead by Palestinians in West Bank

Syria Slams Israel for 'Nuclear Dumping' in Golan Heights

The Smiling Face of Israel's Aggressive Foreign Policy

Kadima Officials Concerned as Poll Numbers Decline

Israelis Ask Oscars to Drop Palestinian Suicide Bomb Film

Explosion Kills Islamic Jihad Figure


China's Missile Threat to Taiwan Would Be 'Unstoppable,' but Attack Unlikely

Expanded Influence Seen as Chinese Military Goal

China Urges US to Resist Taiwan Independence Move


Uzbek Opposition Leader Jailed

Thai PM Defiant as Crisis Mounts

Kazakh President Warns: No More Protests Will Be Tolerated

Indonesian Special Forces to Train in Australia

Writers Unite Against Islamic Fundamentalist Pressure in Cartoon Row

Belarus Spy Chief: Opposition Was Plotting to Take Over During Election

Berlusconi Calls for 'Alliance of Democracies'


Justin Raimondo
On the Road to Empire

Charles Peņa
Defense Transformation at the Crossroads

Nebojsa Malic
Insult to Injury

Ivan Eland
Just Say 'No' to Israel in NATO

Alan Bock
War Complicates Everything

David R. Henderson
I Don't Have to Fight You

Praful Bidwai
Last Chance for Diplomacy?

Sascha Matuszak

Ran HaCohen
Hamas and Israel: Rival Twins

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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