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A Fearful Master: Justin Raimondo
I Love America. Do You? Harry Browne
The Golden Caliphate: Ann Berg
Dubya's Inferno: Tom Engelhardt
Don't Associate Me With Torture: Ray McGovern

Military justice is to justice what military music is to music.
Groucho Marx
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Updated March 3, 2006 - 11:04 PM EST

US: Al-Qaeda Plotting 'Big Bang' in Iraq

Gen: More Terrorists Created Than US Can Kill

Gunmen Kill 19 Workers Near Baghdad
Iran-EU Talks End Without Nuclear Deal

Pentagon Trials to Allow Evidence From Torture

US Claims Gitmo Exception to Torture Ban

Reports Cast Doubt on Bush's Prewar Honesty

Ex-UN Rights Man: Iraq Abuses as Bad as Saddam

36 Dead in Iraq Bombings, Attacks

Gallup: 2 Out of 3 Americans Want US Pull Out From Iraq

Poll: Use Diplomacy on Iran Case, Say Americans

I Love America. Do You?  by Harry Browne
Dubya's Inferno, and Other Images From a No-Name War  by Tom Engelhardt
I Do Not Wish to Be Associated With Torture  by Ray McGovern
The Golden Caliphate  by Ann Berg
Blame It on the 'Isolationists'
by Steven LaTulippe
A National Disgrace  by Thomas P. Sullivan

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Affidavit Gives Few Hints to CIA Name Leaker

Iraq Violence Mutes US Troop Cuts Talk, but Decisions Loom

After Afghan Trip, Bush Not Likely to See Troops in Iraq

Investigators Reviewing Pentagon Intel Contracts

Paper Said to Show NSA Spying Given to Post Reporter in 2004

Bush Ushers India Into Nuclear Club

Iraq Bans Cars After Another Bloody Day
Iraq in Chaos

Civilians Bearing Brunt of Iraq Violence

Gangs 'Kill Freely' in Iraq Chaos

Developments in Iraq, March 3

Developments in Iraq, March 2

Iraqi Politics

Iraqi PM Cancels Govt Talks

Jaafari Allies Defy Calls for Him to Quit

Iraq Opposition Vetoes Jaafari's Leadership Plan

New Leadership Crisis as Iraq Descends Into Anarchy

Non-Shia Parties Prepare to Block Iraqi Leader's Bid to Keep Premiership

Saddam Admission

Iraqis Want Saddam Trial Over After Admission

Saddam Admission Delights, Surprises Iraqis

Iraq Today

White-Collar Iraqis Targeted by Assassins

Baghdad Official Who Exposed Death Squads Flees

Suspected Kidnapper Arrested in Baghdad

Iraq Captures Saudi Militant

US Claims 61 Zarqawi-Linked Rebels Captured in Iraq

Iraq Suspect Admits Beheading Japanese Hostage

Why Tom Lasseter Stays Behind in Iraq

Iraq Occupation

Training Iraqi Police Is Key Challenge for US Military

Turkey Says US Troops Must Stay in Iraq

Stolen British Phones Were Used for Iraqi Sex Chatlines


Iran: US Seeks to 'Destroy' Russian Compromise Offer

Iran, EU3 Plan Last-Minute Nuclear Talks

US, British Envoys Differ on Next UN Moves on Iran

Report: Russia and Iran Resume Nuclear Negotiations

Shah's Son Urges Iranian Exile Groups to Unite

Two Hanged Publicly in Iran for Oil City Bombings


Afghanistan Miffed at Pakistan's Dismissal of Intel

Canadian Soldier Killed, Seven Injured in Afghan Crash

Taliban Rebels Still Menacing Afghan South


US Offers India Advanced Fighter Aircraft

Nuclear Deal Boosts Indian Shares

Bush Must Now Convince Congress on India

White House Criticized for Agreeing to Share Nuclear Technology With India

China Urges India to Shun Nukes

Karachi Blasts Kill US Diplomat, 3 Others

Bush Says Karachi Bomb Attack Won't Stop His Visit to Pakistan


Bush: Nepal's King Should Restore Democracy


DR Congo Mutiny Ends UN Mission

Congo Rebels Hold 8,000 Civilians as Human Shields


Sudan Distrusts UN, Fears al-Qaeda

UN Chief Seeks Western Support for Darfur Force

Nigeria Sends New Troops to Darfur


Nigeria's Civil War: Into the Heart of Darkness

Kenya Admits Armed Raids on Paper

ID Cards Became Death Certificates During Rwanda's Genocide

Zimbabwe Minister: Evicting Whites Shooting Ourselves in Foot

Despite Court Ruling It's Illegal, Ugandan Army Still Trying Opposition Leader for Terrorism


Colombia Rebels in Election Truce

Colombia Coca Eradication Operation Hit by Bomb

US Says Coca Crops Up in Bolivia, Peru

War on Terror

Gonzales Denies More Extensive Domestic Spying

NSA Sued Over Surveillance of Islamic Charity's Attorneys

Senate Gives Final Approval for PATRIOT Act

Released Britons Say They Were Tortured in Egypt

Al-Qaeda Suspects in Yemen Admit Training Iraq Fighters

US Military

US Signs $38 Million Deal for Depleted Uranium Tank Shells

Military Pays People to Spend Time Asking Bloggers to Post Pentagon Propaganda
Port Controversy

Senate Seeks Power to Veto Ports Deal

Dubai Military Supplier Under US Probe

Bush Presses UAE to End Israel Boycott

Poll Finds Americans Overwhelmingly Disapprove of Port Deal

German Spies in Iraq
Berlin File Says Germany's Spies Aided US in Iraq

German Opposition Party Pushes Government Over Iraq War Spy Intel

German Help on Iraq Lasted Months


Hamas Statements Boost Peace Hopes

Hamas: Russia Will Take More Balanced Approach in Mideast Than US Does

Envoy Says Hamas View of Israel May Change

Hamas Victory Is Built on Social Work

South African Govt Invites Hamas for Talks

Palestinian Authority

Abbas Doubts Iran Aid Would Reach Palestinians

Palestinians Refund US Aid

Palestinian Salaries Delayed as Israel Stops Funds

US Promises Humanitarian Help to Palestinians

Palestinian Militants Fire Guns Near Parliament


Abbas: Palestinian Forces on Alert for al-Qaeda

Palestinians Demand Revenge at Militant's Funeral

Gaza Agriculture Faces Collapse

Israel Will Use 'Iron Fist' Against Terrorism: Olmert


Anti-Syrian Lebanese Ready for New Showdown

Lebanon's Leaders Try to Resolve Divisions


Detained al-Qaeda Men Planned Jordan Power Plant Attack

Jordan Urges Patience With Hamas

Middle East

Saudi Arabia Discreetly Presses Ahead With Reform

Egypt Rejects Political Conditions for US Free Trade Deal

US Troops Held in Reserve in Kuwait Put on Alert

Libya Frees Political Prisoners


Russian Tycoon in UK Charged Back Home for 'Plotting Coup'

Russia Rattles Missile Treaty

Russian Anti-Terror Bill Clears Last Hurdle


Australian Think Tank: Democratic China Could Be a Threat

Philippines Relaxes Alert Level

Koreas Open High-Level Military Talks

Koreas Discuss Establishment of Joint Fishing Area

In South Korea, Protesting Is an Occupation


Belarus Rally Marred by Arrests

Belarus Opposition Leader Seized by Police


Bosnian Serbs Sullen and Defiant

Putin Under Fire for Rights Abuses in Prague Visit

Turkey Wants Militant in Belgium Recaptured

Italy: Soviets 'Ordered Pope Shooting'


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Last Chance for Diplomacy?

Sascha Matuszak

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Hamas and Israel: Rival Twins

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An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
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