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US Role in Iraq's Violence: Stephen Zunes
Building a Future Menace?: Ivan Eland
ElBaradei's Swan Song?: Gordon Prather
Second Thoughts on Sanctions: Christopher Hayes
No Reason for Optimism in Iraq: John Simpson

Never, never, never believe any war will be smooth and easy, or that anyone who embarks on the strange voyage can measure the tides and hurricanes he will encounter...
Winston Churchill
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Updated March 7, 2006 - 11:18 PM EST

Cheney Warns Iran, Russia Backs US

US Dismisses Talk of Compromise on Iran
Iran Threatens 'Killing Fields' if Invaded
Iraqi Parliament Falters
8,000 GIs Have Deserted During Iraq War
Iraqi Forces Probe General's 'Strange' Killing
General: UK Plans Iraq Pullout by Mid-2008
Majority in US Fear Iraq Civil War

11 Killed in Violence Across Iraq

'14,000 Detained in Iraq Without Trial'

Three Bombs in India Kill 12
Tillman's Father Not Expecting Answers
An Act of Political Violence Against Civil Liberties  by Mark Mazower
The US Role in Iraq's Sectarian Violence  by Stephen Zunes
Is Bill Buckley 'George Bush's Walter Cronkite'?  by Michael Tennant
No Reason for Optimism in Iraq
by John Simpson
Second Thoughts on Sanctions
by Christopher Hayes
ElBaradei's Swan Song?  by Gordon Prather

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Palestinians Vote to Strip Abbas of Powers
Amid Iraq Carnage, Sunnis Press for Peace
Two Different Paces in Iraq
US Faces Latest Trouble With Iraqi Forces: Loyalty
North Carolina Attack Suspect Wanted to Punish Govt
Army Suspends 14 California Recruiters for Fraud
US-India Nuke Deal May Hurt North Korea Talks
Report: Relations with Russia Moving in 'Wrong Direction'
Afghanistan's Bumper Crop: Survey Predicts Rise in Opium Production in 2006
Today in Iraq
Iraq Sunni Leader Says Iran Stokes Sectarian War
Key Issues Blocking Political Deal in Iraq
Iraqi FM Pledges to Remove Kurdish Rebels From Northern Iraq
Iraqi Tribes Strike Back at Insurgents
How Abu Ghraib Lives On
Iraqi Iconoclast Being Considered for Defense Minister
Japanese Hostage's Killer Faces Charges in Iraq
Attacks Continue
Top Iraqi General, 20 Others Killed in Attacks
US Soldier Dies Due to Enemy Action
Bomb in Iraq Kills 6, Wounds 23, Mostly Children
Two Burn to Death After Shootout in Iraq
Developments in Iraq, March 7
Developments in Iraq, March 6
Global Iraq Fallout
Aussie Troops to Stay in Iraq Until 2007
Invasion of Iraq Has Cost British Taxpayers £4bn
Australia Extends Saddam 'Bribes' Inquiry
Germany's Opposition Parties Force Iraq Spy Investigation
NATO Commander Plays Down Afghan Threat
Afghan UN Worker Killed in Western Afghanistan
NATO to Expand Security Mission Throughout Afghanistan in 2006
Musharraf Urges US to Intervene in Afghan Dispute
Afghanistan: Former Militia Leaders Surrender Arms
Afghan, US Troops Capture Militants in Afghanistan
Canada Troops Could Stay Longer in Afghanistan
NATO Commander: Drug Trade Is the Greatest Threat to Afghanistan
Armed Men Set on Fire UN Food Trucks in Afghanistan
Curfew in Pakistani Town After 120 Militants Die

Musharraf Says Karzai 'Oblivious'

Pakistan Leader: 'Bad-Mouthing' Must Stop
Britain Ready to Help Pakistan Tackle Cross-Border Terrorism

US to Strengthen Defense Ties With Pakistan

Pakistan Fights Its Own 'Taliban'

Pakistan, China Sign Accord to Strengthen Military Cooperation

US Insists India Nuclear Deal Will Not Spark Arms Race
Australia to Consider Selling Uranium to India
India, Australia to Sign Defense Pact
100 Prisoners Freed in Nepal Rebel Attack
Nepal Parties Urge Maoists to Call Off Strike and Shun Violence
Uzbekistan Closes Pro-Democracy Group
Uzbekistan Jails Opposition Chief
Seoul and Washington Closer to Divorce
US Says Door Remains Open to North Korea Nuclear Talks
Charles Jenkins: Prisoner of Pyongyang
Ambassador: China Is an Opportunity, Not a Threat
Unrest Grows in Rural China Over Land Grabs
Japan to Be Sued Over Bombings of Chongqing
'Color' Revolutions Wane
Ex-Milosevic Ally Kills Himself
UN Won't Oppose Ceku's Kosovo PM Bid
Russian President Signs Legislation Allowing Shooting Down of Hijacked Planes
US Urges Congress to Lift Cold War Trade Law Against Russia, Ukraine
40 to Face Trial for Madrid Train Attacks
Venezuela Trains for Guerrilla War

Venezuela Probes Group Pushing Secession

Haiti Election Chief Returns After Fleeing
Ex-Haitian Soldiers Threaten Violence Over Back Pay
Bolivia's Morales Accuses US of Blackmail
Colombia: FARC Steps Up Attacks Before Elections
Political Campaign Threatens Fragile Calm of Ecuador
Limits on Religious Travel to Cuba Questioned
Algeria Frees Ex-Leader of Banned Party
Zimbabwe to Move Motion Against EU Sanctions
Hardline Cleric Wants Sharia Law for Somalia
IAEA Cautiously Optimistic on Iran Nuke Program Deal
UN Agency Unlikely to Take Iran Action
Iran Said to Step Up Plans for Shahab Missiles
Berlin Worried as Iran Nuclear Row Heats Up
India Urges Diplomacy for Iran Nuke Crisis
Port Controversy
Mideast Investment Up in US
British Court Allows Dubai Deal to Proceed
Bill Would Let Homeland Security Control Ports Deals
GOP Lawmakers: US Must Fix Ports Review

Guantánamo Detainee Told Geneva Rights 'Irrelevant'

Former Gitmo Prisoner Alleges Beatings
War on Terror
Gonzales May Be Recalled on Eavesdropping
On Security, It's Congress vs. Bush
GOP Lawmakers Work to Limit Probe of Domestic Spying Program
Guards Say Homeland Security HQ Insecure
Post-9/11 CIA Agent Fights Deletions in Book
Prosecutors: Moussaoui's Lies Led to 9/11
Prosecution Asks Jury for Death Sentence for Moussaoui
UK ID Cards Bill Suffers Defeat in Lords
UK to Allow Phone-Tap Evidence in Terrorist Cases
The War at Home
Treasury Dept. Scrambles to Avoid Debt Limit
Iraq War a Mistake, Withdrawal Pondered in US
Peace Activist Sheehan Arrested in New York Protest at UN
US Military
Justices Side With Military Recruiters
Blacks Spurn Military Service
Senator Opposes Pentagon Plan to Downgrade Space Command
Palestinian Politics
Palestinians Nix Legislature's Decisions
Fatah Walks Out of Hamas-Led Parliament
Aide to Abbas Accuses Hamas of Coup Attempt
Palestinian Leader Shows a Softer Side of Hamas
Abbas' Demand Stalls Hamas Government
Global Hamas Reactions
US Senators Push Bill to Restrict Non-Humanitarian Aid to Palestinian Authority
Americans Debating How to Back Palestinians Without Aiding Hamas
Putin Seeks to Reassure Israel After Hamas Talks
Chirac Opposes Sanctions Against Hamas Government
EU Commissioner Says Israel Should Release Payments
Israeli Politics
Kadima’s Commanding Lead in the Polls Starts to Slip
Israel's Kadima Split Over More West Bank Pullouts
Sharon Could Yet Emerge From Coma: Hospital Chief
Stricken Sharon Remains Political Star
Palestinian Militants, Children Killed in Gaza Air Strike
Wiesenthal Center Considers Moving Muslim Graves From Museum Site in Jerusalem
Lebanese Demand Answers on Detainees in Syria as Damascus Says File Is Nearly Closed
Rice Urges 'Free and Fair' Presidential Elections in Lebanon
Jumblatt 'Seeks US Help' to Liberate Lebanon From Syria
Palestinians Demand Lebanon Rights Before Disarming
Second Bangladeshi Islamic Rebel Chief Captured
Middle East
Chirac Ends Saudi Arabia Trip Without Deal
Saudi, Kuwait Call for OPEC Output Rollover to Cool Prices
Egypt Reformer Feels Iron Hand of the Law
Kuwait Passes New Law Easing Freedom of Press
Energy, Iran Spur Turkey's Revival of Nuclear Plans
Turkish Prosecutor Wants General Probed
Nigerian Militants Issue New Oil Threat

New Militia Is Potent Force in Nigeria's Oil-Rich Delta Region

Sudan Repeats Objection to UN Takeover in Darfur
Sudan Expels Aid Agency in Eastern Region: Rebels
Sudan Unable to Try Darfur Suspects: UN Official
UN Troops Kill Congo Militiamen as Chief Flies In
UN Appeals for Help as Congo Tests EU's Military Ambitions

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An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

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