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Iraq Through the Prism of Vietnam: W. Odom
Liberated Iraq Reverts to Sharia: Asra Nomani
US Lauds Iraq, Slams Iran on Rights: Jim Lobe
God: I've Lost Faith in Blair: Terry Jones
Needed: New Ideas About Russia: K. v. Heuvel

Are bombs the only way of setting fire to the spirit of a people? Is the human will as inert as the past two world-wide wars would indicate?
Gregory Clark
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Updated March 9, 2006 - 11:16 PM EST

IAEA Cedes Action on Iran to UN Council

US: Iran Deepening Isolation With Threats

DM: Israel Will Have to Act on Iran if UN Can't

US Says to Close Iraq's Abu Ghraib Prison

Dubai Company Caves, Will Dump All US Assets

Gonzales: Spying Program Doesn't Need a Law

Senate Decides Against Investigating NSA Spying

Official: Shi'ite Party Suppressed Body Count

Bombs Kill 11 as Dust Storm Coats Baghdad

State Dept Lauds Iraq, Slams Iran in Rights Reports

US Troops on Spy Missions All Over the World

Ionesco, Beckett, and Genet No Match for Rumsfeld  by Arianna Huffington
God: I've Lost Faith in Blair
by Terry Jones
Needed: A New Direction for US-Russian Relations  by Katrina vanden Heuvel
Liberated Iraq Reverts to Sharia
by Asra Nomani
True Inquiry Needed Into Tillman Death  by Robert Scheer
Not So Fast, General  by Mark Benjamin

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Arizona Governor Orders Troops to Border

Neocon Allies Desert Bush Over Iraq

Defying Bush, House Panel Votes to Block Port Deal

State Dept's Annual Report on Human Rights Violations Lists US for First Time

Negative Perception of Islam Increasing in US

US Report Blames Weak Iraq Rule for Abuses

Highlights From Saddam Polls in Nine Countries

Police Find 24 Iraqis Dead in Abandoned Bus, 50 More Kidnapped
Iraq Today

Fear Flies High at New Iraq Air Force's First Base

Baghdad Ballet Students Dance Through Bombs and Intolerance

South Africa to Open Iraq Embassy

Night-Time Knock on Door Heralds Secret Assassins

Iraq's Militias: Many Little Armies, One Huge Problem

Baghdad Property Market Sways to Iraq's Violence

'National Unity Day' in the Iraqi Schools

Newspaper Campaigns for Carroll's Release

Iraqi Politics

Iraqi PM Hits at Opponents' Personal Feuds

Shi'ite Bloc May Obstruct New Legislature's Opening

Iraq Occupation

US Military Releases 122 Detainees in Iraq

Aussie Commander Claims Iraq Insurgency 'on the Run'

Attacks Continue

Kidnapped or Arrested?

Developments in Iraq, March 9

Developments in Iraq, March 8

Iraq Fallout

11 Convicted in Jordanian Court for Being Agents for Iraq Militants

Fourth UK Soldier Held Over Iraq Abuse Video

UK Princes Being Taught Not to Want to Abuse Iraqis


Afghans Begin Poppy-Eradication Program

Heroin Poppies Now Mainstay of Afghanistan Economy

Back Home, but Still Imprisoned: The Shadow of Guantánamo

Afghanistan Occupation

Afghanistan Mission Hard on Canadian Families

Canadian PM Vows to Keep Troops in Afghanistan

At Troops' Request, Kandahar Gets a Canadian Coffee Chain

Spain to Send More Troops to Afghanistan

Pak-Afghan Spat

Musharraf Gives US General Evidence of Afghan Plot Against Pakistan

Pakistan PM: Afghans Need to Do More Along Border

Karzai Again Urges Pakistani Help on Security


Pakistani Troops Demolish Trenches Used by Militants

Terrified Villagers Flee as Pakistani Army Strikes at Taliban

Pakistan Denies Suspending Train Service to Iran

India Protests Proposed Dam in Pakistani Kashmir


Bomb Blasts Shred Rhythm of Holy Indian City

Religious Tension Rises in Holy City After Bomb Blasts

Terror Suspect Shot Dead After Indian Blasts

Indians Protest, Fear Violence Will Spread

White House Defends India-US Nuclear Pact


35 More Bodies of Guerrillas Found in Eastern Nepal


Sudanese Protest UN Plan for Darfur

Sudan Official Warns Against UN Mission

Sudan Militia Kills 12 Former Rebels


Nigeria Replaces Oil Delta-Area General

Nigeria Militants Report Fight With Army


No Military Trial for Ugandan Opposition Leader


US, Russia Divided as Iran Nuclear Fears Rise

Russia Opposes Punitive UN Council Action on Iran

Facing US Opposition, Russia Backs Off Iran Compromise

In Iran, Even Critics Back Nuclear Stance

Iran 'Won't Stop Oil Exports'

Sabotage Not Ruled Out After Iran Pipeline Blaze

Iran Dispute Degenerates to Threat and Counter-Threat

War on Terror

Guantánamo Officer Maintains Silence on Abu Ghraib

Police Defend Menezes Shooting Strategy

Aussie Terrorists Could Be Sent Overseas for 'De-Programming'

Algeria Releasing 2,629 Islamist Prisoners This Week

IRA 'No Longer Poses Terror Threat'

Witness Ties Moussaoui to 'Dream' Terror Plot

US Military

Women Sue Over Forced Sex With Marine Recruiters

Rates of Hearing Loss Climbing for Troops

Decades Later, Marines Hunt Vietnam-Era Deserters

Naval Academy Rape Suspect's Apology Played in Court

Port Controversy

US Lawmakers Denounce UAE

US Importers Fear Fallout From Ports Furor

Showdown Looms on Ports Deal


Israel to Reopen Main Crossing Into Gaza After Extended Closure

Deaths of Boys in Airstrike Stirs Anger in Gaza, Soul-Searching in Israel

UN: Israeli Settlers Harass Palestinians

Islamic Jihad Threatens to Target Israeli Leaders

Israeli-Palestinian Politics

Hamas, Fatah Resume Talks on Palestinian Coalition

Abbas: World Should Give Hamas a Chance to Moderate

20 Days Before Election, Olmert Already Declares Victory

Israeli Campaign Uses Fear Tactics

Abbas Denies Endorsing Olmert for Israeli PM

Cartoon Controversy

European Muslims Rise Up in Defense of Democratic Values

Yemen Prosecutors Want Paper's Assets Seized, Death for Editor in Cartoon Printing

North Korea

News Agency: North Korea Test-Fires Two Missiles

North Korean Missile Test Causes Concern

North Korea Sets Terms for Return to Nuclear Talks


China Promises Crackdown on Official Land Seizures

72-Year-Old China Dissident to Be Released


EU Ministers Not United Over First Military Mission

Bomb Explodes in Spain; One Injured

Serb War Criminal's Sentence Cut


Bolivia Proposes Taking Back Control of Former State-Owned Firms

Protesters, Troops Clash as Oil Strike Hits Ecuador

Chávez Backers March on US Embassy

Peru's Dynasty-in-Waiting Prepares to Deliver Racist, Anti-US President


Justin Raimondo
Biddle's Pivot

Nebojsa Malic
Democracy in Action

Ivan Eland
Nuclear Assistance to India: Building a Future Menace?

David R. Henderson
War Is Good for the Economy – Isn't It?

Charles Peña
Defense Transformation at the Crossroads

Alan Bock
War Complicates Everything

Praful Bidwai
Last Chance for Diplomacy?

Sascha Matuszak

Ran HaCohen
Hamas and Israel: Rival Twins

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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