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The Shame and the Sorrow: Justin Raimondo
Before Iraq, There Was Serbia: Paul Craig Roberts
Disintegrating Sovereignty: Schwartz/Engelhardt
Dead Men Tell No Tales: Jeremy Scahill
US Army in Jeopardy in Iraq: Gary Hart

We must get away from the idea that America is to be the leader of the world in everything.
Francis John McConnell
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Updated March 13, 2006 - 11:20 PM EST

Angry Judge Halts Moussaoui Trial

Death Squads Operate Inside Iraq Govt
No Letup in Iraqi Bloodshed, 80 Killed
White House Takes Aim at Iran's Leaders
US Denies Asking for Iranian Help in Iraq
US in Talks to Close Guantanamo
UN Official: Milosevic Had Heart Attack
Prosecutor: Milosevic May Have Killed Himself to Defy UN
Soldier's Defense Contradicts US Line on Abu Ghraib
Lawyers for AIPAC Officials Look to Subpoena Rice, NSA
Was Serbia a Practice Run for Iraq?  by Paul Craig Roberts
Secret Government Endangers the Rights of All  by A. John Radsan
Rumsfeld's Free Pass on Iraq
by Fred Kaplan
The Campaign to Pacify Sunni Iraq
by Michael Schwartz and Tom Engelhardt
US Army in Jeopardy in Iraq  by Gary Hart
Of Propaganda and Policy  by John Brown

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North Korea: US Is Preparing Invasion
Bombs Kill 11 Including 4 US Soldiers in Afghanistan
Syria, Iran to Set Up Oil Pipeline Across Iraq
US Mideast Envoy Threatens to Quit
US Generals Were Divided as War Began
Internet Blows CIA Agents' Cover
UK Develops Secret Nuclear Warhead
Britain's Secret Nuclear Blueprint
Japan City Overwhelmingly Rejects US Navy Relocation
Coordinated Blasts Wreak Havoc in Sadr City
Today in Iraq
Iraq Minister Criticizes Abducted Security Guards
General: Iraqi Forces Would Handle Civil War
Experts: Iraq Civil War a Reality
Sectarian Fighting Changes Face of Conflict for Iraqis
Iraqi Politics
Iraq's New Parliament to Meet on Thursday
Iraq's Leaders to Meet Daily to Head Off Civil War
Iraq PM Jaafari Defies Critics, Talks Go On
Attacks Continue
Al-Qaeda–Led Group Claims Killing of Iraq TV Editor
Brain Drain in Iraq as Academics Targeted
NGO Warns of Rise in Violence Against Iraqi Women Since Invasion

Developments in Iraq, March 13

Developments in Iraq, March 12
Trying to Try Saddam
Saddam's Co-Defendants Deny Involvement in Killings
Saddam Prosecutor Wants Guilty Hanged Promptly
Hostage Crises
Hostage Negotiator Disappears
The Real Iraqi Hostage Count
US Ambassador to Iraq Condemns Execution of American Hostage
Palestinians, US Quakers Mourn Activist Killed in Iraq
Iraq Occupation
US Warns of Baghdad Airport 'Security Incident'
Embassy Bars US Workers From Commercial Flights From Baghdad
On Call in Hell
Global Iraq Fallout
Canadian Spies Say a US Pullout From Iraq Could Hearten Insurgents
The War Dividend: The British Companies Making a Fortune Out of Conflict-Riven Iraq
Top 10 Firms Profiting From Iraq
Car Parts Smuggled From Israel to Iraq
Kabul Bombing Could Set Back Talks With Taliban
Pakistan's Risky Feud With Afghanistan
Afghanistan in 'Bomb Plot' Row With Pakistan
Pakistani al-Qaeda Suspect Held in Afghanistan
US Military Deaths in Afghanistan
Afghans Launch Hunt for Kidnapped Albanians
Foreign Hostages in Afghanistan
Canadian PM Makes Surprise Visit to Afghanistan
US Ties With India and Pakistan on Divergent Paths
Witnesses Fail to ID India Bombing Suspects
Indian Maoists Allege Govt Backing Civilian Paramilitaries
India Optimistic About Resolving Decades-Old Border Dispute With China
India, Oman to Boost Military Ties
Kashmiri Leaders: Kashmiris Should Be Involved in Talks
Two Suspected Spies Killed in Pakistan
China's Hu Urges Military to Beef Up Combat Skills
US Agrees to Return Facilities to Okinawa
Tamil Rebels Accuse Sri Lankan Army of Attack
Restive Nepal Braces for Rebel Blockade
Fifty Hurt in Bangladesh Clash Between Police and Protesters
Belarus Announces Plans to Deport Destabilizing Foreigners

Belarus Poised for Clashes After Election

Corsican MP Shot Dead at Airport
Russia's Islamist Fears
Russia Holds First Simultaneous Nationwide Local Elections
Sudan Rebels Blame Government for 27 Deaths
Aid Workers: Millions in Danger as UN Troops Kept Out of Darfur
Oil Companies May Be Next Target for Nigeria Militants
In Nigeria, Waiting Game Over Hostages Continues
State Dept Details Ethiopian Human Rights Abuses
Progress at Horn of Africa Talks
UN Delays Changes to Ethiopia-Eritrea Mission
Ethiopia: Eritrea-Backed Terrorists Behind Bombings
Zimbabwe Charges Eight With Anti-Mugabe Plot
In Uganda, a Fresh Start for Former Child Fighters
Kenyan Police Detail Investigation Into Russian Mercenaries
Benin Vote Headed for Runoff
Iran Spokesman: Russia Proposal Still Negotiable
Iran Loses Russian Backing After Rejecting Nuclear Deal
Iran to Reject Any UN Order to Suspend Enrichment
Iran FM: We May Leave Non-Proliferation Treaty if Rights to Civilian Program Aren't Recognized
Israel: Iran Encouraging Islamic Jihad to Attack US
US Probably Can Stop Iran Without Force: Senators
Embattled Blair Minister Abstaining From Iran Debate
UK Cabinet Member Pulls Out of Talks on Iran Because of Husband's Deals
The Death of Milosevic
One Day Before His Death, Milosevic Wrote Letter Expressing Fear of Being Poisoned
Report: Milosevic's Blood Had Drug Traces
Experts to Probe Milosevic Death
Milosevic's Old Regime Still Faces Trial
Milosevic Family Clashes Over Burial Site
UN Tribunal Focuses on 2 Serb Fugitives
War on Terror
How Terror Attacks Changed the CIA
Ex-Gitmo Chaplain: Suspicion of Muslims Hinders Terror War
Less Information Access Since 9/11, AP Study Says
US Govt Said to Target Muslim Charities
Test of US Ability to Win Terror Cases in Court
Polls: Public Worried About Govt Secrecy
Menezes Family Outraged Over Rape Allegation
The War at Home
Insiders: White House Physically, Emotionally Exhausted
Wisconsin Senator Proposes Bush Censure Over Spying
Embattled Bush to Offer Candid Iraq Views
Bush Confident Iraq Will Avoid Civil War
Biden: Troops Should Come Home in Summer
NY Times Reporter, Back From Baghdad: US Effort in Iraq Will Likely Fail
Infighting Plagues Senate Intelligence Panel
Conference on Vietnam Offers Iraq Insight
Iraq War Vets: The Democrats' Newest Weapon
Increased War Opposition Not Translating to Larger Protests
9/11 Families File Lawsuit to Stop WTC Memorial
Hecklers Harass Families of US Soldiers Killed in Iraq
US Military
Military Blames Recruiting Shortfall on Increasing Number of 'Unqualified' Americans
Army Dog Handler Facing Abu Ghraib Charges
Guam to Assume Key US Military Role in Pacific
CIA Contract to Company of Cunningham Co-Conspirator Raises Questions
Police Reports on Former General's Shoplifting Lead to Fact Disputes on Book
Palestinian Politics
Hamas-Abbas Discord Report Denied
Hamas Prepares to Govern if National Unity Talks Fail
Hamas Leaves Recognition of Israel Up to Referendum
Palestinians Struggle Without Paychecks
Likud, Hamas Square Off Over Future Ties
Rice Hopes to Increase Humanitarian Aid to Palestinians
Israel Threatens to Assassinate Prisoners if They're Released
Netanyahu Rules Out Govt Pact With Olmert
Olmert Briefed US on Plan for West Bank Withdrawal
Israel Arrests Two Palestinians Carrying 15-Kg. Explosive Device
Gaza: A Field of Ruins?
Israeli City Files Petition as Defense Ministry Fails to Pay Its Sewage Bill
Turkey's FM Asks the EU for Blasphemy Laws to Protect Islam
Turkish PM Rules Out Crisis With Army
Middle East
Turkey's FM Asks the EU for Blasphemy Laws to Protect Islam
Turkish PM Rules Out Crisis With Army
Colombians Vote for New Congress
Rebels Kill Nine Colombian Security Forces
Profiles: Colombia's Armed Groups

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Last Chance for Diplomacy?

Sascha Matuszak

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Hamas and Israel: Rival Twins

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An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

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