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Slobodan Milosevic, RIP: Justin Raimondo
Iran & Bird Flu: The Perfect Casus Belli?: J. Hirsch
Baghdad's Besieged Press: Schell/Engelhardt
Invictus: Nebojsa Malic
Bush Reaffirms Ties With Leading Neocons: J. Lobe

Look at you in war...There has never been a just one, never an honorable one, on the part of the instigator of the war.
Mark Twain
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Updated March 15, 2006 - 11:14 PM EST
11 Iraqi Civilians Killed in US Raid
More US Troops Headed to Iraq
Prosecutor: 'No Point' in Moussaoui Trial
US General: No Proof Iran Behind Iraq Arms
87 Sunnis 'Were Tortured' Before Execution
US Airstrikes Significantly Increased in Iraq
Gen. Abizaid Says US May Want to Keep Bases in Iraq
UN Council Members Still Divided Over Iran
200,000 People in US Terror Database
Dubai Firm Accused of Failing to Divest Itself of US Port Operations
Iran and Bird Flu: The Perfect Casus Belli? by Jorge Hirsch
How Do We Fix the Mess in Iraq?
by Karen Kwiatkowski
The Hague's Criminal Proceedings
by John Laughland
Baghdad's Besieged Press
by Orville Schell and Tom Engelhardt
Déjà Vu All Over Iran  by Robert Dreyfuss
Fear Won Ports Debate  by James Zogby

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Bush Reaffirms Ties With Leading Neocons
US, EU at Odds on Iran Action
Bush Sets Target for Transition in Iraq
Two-Thirds in US Think Bush Lacks Iraq Plan
New Panel to Investigate Iraq War Policy
American Arrested With Weapons in Iraq
Govt Lawyer's Error Upsets Families of 9/11 Victims
Feingold's Motion to Censure the President Roils Both Parties
British Relations With Palestinians at Breaking Point
Today in Iraq
Iraq Edges Closer to Open Civil Warfare
Cleric Rips Officials Over Iraq Violence
High-Ranking Member of Saddam's Regime Alleges Abuse
Human Rights Court Tosses Saddam's Lawsuit Against Occupying Countries
Iraq Says It Foiled al-Qaeda Plot to Infiltrate Green Zone Security
Bloggers Try to Reach Journalist's Captors in Iraq
Attacks Continue
Sectarian Stranglings Shock City Familiar With Violence
Gunmen Kill Third Iraqi Journalist in One Week
American Security Contractor Briefly Held in Iraq
Developments in Iraq, March 14
Developments in Iraq, March 14
Iraq Occupation
US Pours Money Into Roadside Bomb Fight
4 Governors Are Visiting Troops in Iraq
The New Iraq
Humanitarian Situation Critical in Kirkuk as Ethnic Tensions Rise
Hundreds Demonstrate Against Sectarian Violence in Baghdad, Mosul
Oil Anarchy Threatens Iraq's Future
Electricity Hits Bottom as US Engineers Wind Down Their Effort in Iraq
Brits Probe Deaths in Iraq
Army Denies Redcaps Sent Into Iraq 'Powder Keg'
Inquest Into Red Caps' Deaths in Iraq Begins
Besieged Soldiers Killed in 'Benign' Area of Iraq
UK Says Equipment Improved After Iraq Death
Fatal Iraq Blast Could Have Been Prevented
Afghanistan Demands Pakistani Cooperation
Afghans to Drug Lords: Keep Profits Home
Taliban's Iraq-Style Spring Is Sprung
Afghanistan Government Official Killed in Shootout
Taliban a Steady Threat to Afghanistan - UN Envoy
Eight People Killed in Southern Afghanistan Violence
NATO Finds Stinger in Taliban Tail
US to Hand Over Afghan Mission to NATO
Czech Troops in Afghanistan Threatened by Missile Attack
US Forces Arrest 11 Militants in Afghanistan
NATO Peacekeepers Find Huge Afghan Weapons Cache
Scientists Find Big Afghan Oil Resources
Kabul: Good Times Roll in City Where Fun Was Banned
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Peace Talks in Danger
Human Rights Watch: Tamil Tigers Extort Diaspora for 'Final War' Funds
North Korea Ready to 'Take Action' Against US-South War Games
Officials Negotiate North Korea Food Program
South Korea PM Quits After Golf Gaffe
South Korea Helps North Get Back Missing Monument From Japan
Springtime for Kim Jong Il – Gulags of Korea Put on Stage
China Increases Foreign Military Training
Chinese PM Sends Mixed Message to Taiwan
China Prepared for Anything With Taiwan: Wen
China Dumps Mao From Currency
China Premier: Budget Rise for Self-Defense
Chinese Premier Defends Nation's Internet Policy
US Backs Call by Dalai Lama to Visit China
Washington Warms to Indonesia as Conduit Into the Islamic World
Rice Praises Indonesia as Model of 'Tolerance'
Indian Muslims Issue Fatwa Against Religious Attacks
Maoists Launch Anti-Royal Blockade in Nepal
People-Powered Out in the Philippines?
Peace Stays Far Away in Southern Thailand
Protest Remains Peaceful in Thailand
Bangladesh Kills Top Bomb Maker
Ukraine's Yushchenko on Offensive Ahead of Poll
Activists Arrested as Belarusians Vote
Finland, Next EU President, Pushes Dialogue on Islam
Tehran Elite Turning on Extremist Presidency
Iran Top Leader Says Nuclear Program Is Irreversible, Warns Retreat Will Hurt Independence
Iran Resumes Nuclear Talks With Russia but Still Defiant
Bush Extends Iran Sanctions Amid Nuclear Row
A New 'Cold War'?
Iran Allocates $15m for Anti-US Budget
The Death of Milosevic
Expert Suggests Milosevic Died in a Drug Ploy
Milosevic Case Closed; Son Alleges 'Murder'
Tribunal Officials Claim Milosevic Smuggled Drugs, Booze Into Prison
Belgrade OKs Funeral for Milosevic
Serbia Drops Charges Against Milosevic’s Widow
Court Cases Pending Against Milosevic Kin
Detaining Justice
Is US Looking to Retool Detention Policy?
Report on Guantanamo Detainees [.pdf]
Writing by Suicidal Detainee Reveals Depths of His Despair
Chertoff: China Won't Take Back Deportees
The War at Home
Conflict Will Define Bush's Role in History
Can Bush Rally US Public?
Secure Ports Seize Agenda in Congress
FBI Took Photos of Antiwar Activists in 2002
Google Resists Demand to Hand Over Search Records
US Now Owes $8.3 Trillion to Lenders
March to New Orleans to Protest Iraq War
Sheehan Cancels Trip to Europe Due to Injuries From Arrest
US Military
US Wants Full Access to Bulgarian Military Bases
Senate Restores $3 Billion to Defense Budget
Pentagon Eyeing Weapons in Space
When Mom’s a Marine
Marines: Vietnam-Era Deserter Likely Will Be Freed
US Denies Targeting Deserters
Syria President Agrees to Meet UN Investigator
UN Probe Calls Hariri's Killers 'Expert Terrorists'
Syria's Internet Serves as Platform for Dissent
In Lebanon, Dialogue Over Clashing Agendas
Lebanese Talks Shut Down City Center
Battle of Jericho
Palestinian Prisoners Surrender After 10-Hour Siege
Three Killed in Israeli Raid on Jericho Prison
Israeli Attack on Jericho Jail Sparks Uprising in Gaza and West Bank
Israeli Jail Raid Angers Palestinians
Palestinians Storm Gaza Building Used by US Group
British Office in Gaza Set Alight
Groups Pull Staff From Palestinian Areas
Britain Urges Nationals to Leave Palestinian Territories
EU Warns Palestinian Violence May Disrupt Aid
Prison Raid Fallout Spreads
Israel Had Advance Word Monitors Would Leave Jail
US Calls for Restraint and Calm Over Jericho
Origins of Defunct Jericho Prison Agreement
Poll: Kadima Roars Ahead of Likud, Labor
Olmert Declares Key Settlement Part of Israel
Keeping a Distance From Hamas
Israel Seizes Palestinian Militant Leader
Palestinian Communists Kidnap Four Foreigners
Israel Reseals Gaza Crossing
Greenhouses in Gaza Suffer Export Blow
Israeli Peace Activist: No Difference Between Killing Hamas Leaders and Killing Israeli Leaders
Jordan to Indict Zarqawi for Bombings
Eritreans Pay Heavy Price in Conflict
Roots of Eritrea-Ethiopia Conflict
Envoy Says US May Ban Venezuelan Flights

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Hamas and Israel: Rival Twins

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An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

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