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Tom Engelhardt interviews Chalmers Johnson
Muddling Through: Leon Hadar
War: Real US National Pastime? Haider Rizvi
The War Lovers: John Pilger
The Fallacy of Chinese Containment: Robert B. Reich

A time will come when a politician who has willfully made war and promoted international dissension will be...surer of the noose than a private homicide.
H. G. Wells
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Updated March 23, 2006 - 11:05 PM EST
White House Questions Iran OK on Talks
Troops Free Three Western Hostages in Iraq
Latest Iraq Violence Kills at Least 56

White House Downplays Remark on Iraq Pullout

Bush Concedes Iraq War Erodes Political Status

US Iraq Casualties Stay High

Saddam FM Denies Being CIA Spy

What Ever Happened to Congress?
Tom Engelhardt interviews Chalmers Johnson
Bad Governance, or Criminal Behavior?  by Scott Ritter
The Iraq War: A Black Hole
by William Norman Grigg
Iran: Mission Improbable  by Scott McConnell
Muddling Through  by Leon Hadar
The War Lovers  by John Pilger

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Buying Pro-American Stories in Iraqi Press Gets OK

Wounded Iraq Vet Wins Illinois Primary

Analysts: Iraq War as Unpopular as Vietnam

Debate Rages Over Media's Role in Iraq War

Afghanistan Splits With US on Question of Iran as Terror Threat

Leaked Letter in Full: UK Diplomat Outlines Iran Strategy

Is War America's Real National Pastime?
US Claims Reports of Iraqi Civilian Killings 'Misinformation'
The War Goes On

13 Shi'ite Pilgrims Killed in Baghdad Attacks

Iraqi Insurgents' Raid on Second Jail Thwarted

Anatomy of a Rebel Strike

Insurgent Doctor Killed Dozens of Wounded Soldiers in Kirkuk

Death Squads Operate Unchecked in Iraq: UN

Sectarian Violence Creating Iraq Exiles

Two Lives, Two Courses Changed by War in Iraq

Iraq: Aid Agencies Unable to Enter Samarra

Developments in Iraq, March 23

Developments in Iraq, March 22

Iraq Occupation

Bush Says 'It's Time' for Unity Government in Iraq

Drone Controlled From Nevada Crashes in Iraq

Iraqis Tired of US-Run Show at Criminal Court


Afghans Investigate Killings by Troops

State Dept Promotes Afghan Anti-Drug Strategy

Afghan Foreign Minister Fired

New Afghan Ministers Named

15 Taliban Insurgents Killed in Afghanistan

For Afghans, Allies, a Clash of Values

'Free' Afghanistan

US: Decision to Execute Christian Convert Is Something for Afghan Courts to Decide

Afghanistan Under Pressure to Free Christian Convert

Germany Gripped by Christian Convert Trial in Afghanistan

Afghan Convert May Be 'Unfit for Trial'

Afghanistan: Many Convert to Christianity in Secret, Says Author

South Asia

Border Battles Strain Pakistan-Afghan Ties

Pakistan Test Fires Nuke-Capable Missile

Japanese FM Voices Concern on India-US Nuclear Deal

India to Release 40 Political Detainees in Kashmir

Politician Freed From Nepal Jail

Middle East

Bahrain Hosts Summit on Cartoons

Egypt's Opposition Targets Reforms

Kuwait's First Woman Candidate Breaks Taboos in Campaign

Morocco to Consult Population on Western Sahara

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia Frees Activist Held Over Web Article

Saudi Arabia's First Film Blazes Taboo-Breaking Trail


UN Troops in S. Sudan Engage Attackers, Kill 3

Renewed Sudan Violence Fears


UN Vows Long-Term Congo Presence

Gambian Military Chiefs Arrested in 'Coup Plot'

Fighting Flares in Somali Capital


US Indicts Colombia Guerrilla Leaders

Two Killed in Bolivia Bomb Attack

Venezuela's Chávez: US Has Lost in Iraq

Thirty Years on, Argentina Still Tries to Come to Terms With Its 'Dirty War'


Belarus Protesters Hunker Down, but Fail to Shake Lukashenko

As Belarus Protests Die Down, Protesters Fear Reprisals

Belarus Opposition Leader Urges Solidarity

In Other News

NATO Could Replace US Presence in Iceland

Ex-UN Human Rights Chief: US 'Lost Moral Compass'


Major Powers Fail to Break Impasse Over Iran

Rice Confident of UN Action Against Iran

ETA Gives Up Violence

Basque ETA Declares Permanent Cease-Fire

Spanish PM Welcomes ETA Cease-Fire

ETA's Cease-Fire Statement

Iraq Abuser Jailed

Dog Handler Jailed Six Months for Iraq Abuse

Abu Ghraib Dog Handler Unrepentant About Prisoner Abuses

Global Iraq Fallout

UK Military Medic Faces Court for Refusing Iraq Duty

One Year After Arrest, Iraqi Cameraman for CBS Faces Trial on Unknown Charges

Book on Iraq War Takes Aim at Rumsfeld

War on Terror

FAA Reportedly Dismissed Moussaoui Concern

Straw to Demand Release of 'MI5 Man' in Guantánamo

Court to Decide Future of Detainees' Suits

Excused Juror in California Terror Case Skeptical About Alleged Confession

Nine Militants Sentenced to Death in Jordan

Indonesia: New JI Leader Has al-Qaeda Links

Indonesian Officials: Terror War Not Close to Being Won

UK War on Terror

Suspect 'Tried to Buy Dirty Bomb From Russians'

London Nightclubs and Malls on List of Terror Targets

Seven Brits Deny Plotting Bomb Campaign

British Chancellor Eyes Creation of Homeland Security Dept

British House of Lords Pass Law Against Glorifying Terrorism

War at Home

Warmongering Claim Riles Bush

Ill-Equipped Guard Units Alarm States

Domestic Spying on Antiwar Groups Forces ACLU Into Action

FBI, Police Spying Is Rising, Groups Allege

Dems Blast Bush After He Admits Iraq Pullout Years Away

CIA Telling Ex-Agents They Must Get Approval to Blog

Making Enemies in Dubai

F-35 Joint Strike Fighter: Next Dubai Ports Deal?

Fears Grow Over New Dubai Revolt

Palestinian Politics

Hamas Calls on MPs to Approve Cabinet, Despite PLO Objections

MPs Set to Approve Hamas Government Monday

Hamas Assured of Continued UAE Aid for Palestinians

Israeli Politics

Hard-Right Could Hold Key to Israeli Vote

Israel Braces for Attacks in Vote Countdown

Olmert: Israel Won't Wait Years for Hamas


Israel Kills Palestinian Militant

Israel May Be Next al-Qaeda Battleground

Al-Qaeda in Israel Trained to Hit Economic Targets

Poll: Half of Israelis Want Jews, Israeli Arabs Segregated

North Korea

Report: North Korea Weapons Could Not Hit US

North Korea Reportedly Upgrades Mobile Missile Arsenal


US Senators Lecture Chinese Students on 'American Values'

Taiwan Opposition Leader Touts Peace Deal With China

Thai Protesters Target Singapore Embassy

Philippines Army Chief: More Coup Attempts Likely


Justin Raimondo
The War Party in Disarray

Ivan Eland
Conservatives Advocate a Big Government Solution to Iraq

David R. Henderson
The Myth of US Prosperity During World War II

Praful Bidwai
India's Russia Card Ups Nuclear Stakes

Alan Bock
Last-Ditch Effort

Charles Peña
Fixing Intelligence

Nebojsa Malic

Sascha Matuszak

Ran HaCohen
Hamas and Israel: Rival Twins

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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