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Israel and Moral Blackmail: Justin Raimondo
Talking War With Officers: David Henderson
The Rule of Lawlessness in Kosovo: Chris Deliso
Hyperpower Hype & Where It Took Us: Engelhardt
A Costly Legacy: David Francis

All war is based on deception.
Sun Tzu
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Updated April 3, 2006 - 10:56 PM EDT
Jury: Moussaoui Eligible for Death
Sectarian Killings Surpass Bombings
Eight Marines, One Sailor Killed in Iraq Incidents
Split Supreme Court Rejects Padilla Challenge
Key Ally Turns Against Iraqi PM
Will US Air Power Remain in Iraq?
Russians Sense a New Cold War
Jill Carroll Denies She Sympathized With Captors
India Nuclear Deal May Face Hard Sell
The Hyperpower Hype and Where It Took Us  by Tom Engelhardt
The Art of War for the Antiwar Movement  by Scott Ritter
Local vs. Federal: The Antiwar Home Field Advantage  by Doug Fuda
US Bases in Iraq: A Costly Legacy
by David R. Francis
The Rule of Lawlessness in Kosovo
by Christopher Deliso
Let Iran Have the Bomb  by Brendan O'Neill

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Rice Awkward as She Meets Iraq PM Over Government
At Least 50 Killed in Sunday Iraq Attacks
Can Iraq's Militias Be Tamed?
Pakistan Border Operations Lead to Rise in Taliban-Style Action
Iran Test-Fires Sonar-Evading, Underwater Missile
Report on Effect of Israel Lobby Distorts History, Critics Say
Olmert, Hamas Pursue Unilateral Agendas
Zarqawi Reportedly Demoted
Today in Iraq
Rice: Time Running Out to Form Iraq Govt
Rice, Straw Make Surprise Visit to Iraq
Iraq: More Than 40,000 Displaced, Ministry Estimates
Staffing, Security Issues Stall Provincial Program
Iraq: Food Prices Rise After Reduction of Monthly Rations
Iraq Occupation
US Plan to Build Iraq Clinics Falters
US Trains Iraq Jailers, No Date for Prison Transfer
Wolfowitz Looks at Opening World Bank Iraq Office
Troops Armor Up With Bulletproof Glass
Attacks Continue
Insurgents Blow Up Shi'ite Mosque in Iraq as 40 More Bodies Found
Two US Pilots, Four Troops Killed in Iraq
Developments in Iraq on April 3
Developments in Iraq on April 2
Jill Carroll
Carroll Says Captors Threatened Her
Bloggers Attack Freed Hostage for 'Treason'
US Hostage Says She Feels 'Alive Again' as She Returns Home
Trying to Try Saddam
Saddam Genocide Trial Possible in May
Judge to File New Charges Against Saddam
The New Iraq
Iraq: Kurdish Journalists Condemn Prison Sentence
Attorney Who Helped Revamp Iraq's Judicial System Wants to Return
The Ghost in the Baghdad Museum
Global Iraq Fallout
Time to Pull Out of Iraq, Voters Tell Blair
Koizumi Denies Reports Japanese Troops Will Leave Iraq
Antiwar Protesters to Target BBC
Kurdish Officials in Iraq Expect More Exchanges With China
Pope Asks Catholics to Pray for Iraq Peace
Britain Looks Back
Britain Watched Horrified as US Prepared to Start World War III During Cuban Missile Crisis
UK Soldiers Shot for Not Putting on Cap May at Last Be Pardoned
Disguised Taliban Kills Four Police at Afghan Checkpoint
Taliban Set Ablaze US Military Base-Bound Oil Tankers in South Afghanistan
Senior Canadian Commander Says Afghanistan Is Not Canada's Iraq
Afghan Clerics Threaten Trouble Over Convert
Afghan Clerics Want Convert Recalled, Tried
Taliban Kill Turkish Engineer in Afghanistan
Two Canadian Soldiers Injured in Afghanistan Accident
Seven Cops Among 13 Killed in Balochistan
Militants Attack Pakistani Military Base
Rockets Kill Pakistani Soldier
Pakistan May Buy US, Chinese and Russian Planes
Indo-French Naval Exercise Begins
Chaos Looms as Thailand's Prime Minister Sweeps Vote Unopposed
Early Election Returns Show Thai Voters Split Over Thaksin
Abstentions Running High in Thailand Election
Thai Political Deadlock Likely Continuing
Thais Vote Despite Opposition Boycott
Bombs Explode at Thailand Polling Stations
UK Denies Iran Military Meeting
Iran Says UN Council Risks Worsening Dispute
US 'Committed' to Iran Diplomacy: Rice
Iran Blasts UN but Vows to Work With IAEA
Rice Tells ITV: 'Iran Is Not Iraq'
War on Terror
Moussaoui Trial Fills in Details of 9/11 Plot
US, UK Worked With Gambia to Turn Two Detainees Into Informers
Rice: No Timetable on Guantanamo Closure
The War at Home
Former US General Says Rumsfeld Should Quit Over Iraq
US Televangelist Promises Christian Pro-Israel Lobby Will Be 'More Powerful Than AIPAC'
McCain Suggests Bush Re-Evaluating Putin
Oregon Mothers Share Bond of Having Sons Killed in Iraq
Hundreds Gather in Atlanta to Protest War in Iraq
US Military
Navy Offers Bonus of Up to $40,000 for Seal Recruits
SOCom General Faces Subpoena in Bribery Case
Israeli Politics
Israel Parties in Talks on New PM
Israel Takes Steps to Form New Government
New Settlement Lawmaker Angers Neighbors in West Bank
Pollard Co-Conspirator May Get Israeli Cabinet Post
Palestinian Politics
Hamas Vows Crackdown on 'Armed Chaos'
Hamas 'Restores Order' in Gaza
Gunmen Ignore Hamas Plea
Hamas Minister Says Could Take Year to End Armed Chaos
Palestinian FM: No Place for Israel on This Land
Hamas Government Allows Beards in Palestinian Police
Army, Navy Pound Gaza Launch Sites in Massive Assault
In Israeli 'Security Barrier,' Protesters See Land Grab
Protester Killed in Fresh Clashes in Southeast Turkey
Turkey Warns Children Off Clashes
US General: No US Military Bases in Yemen
Escaped al-Qaeda Convict Surrenders in Yemen
Rights Activist Sentenced to Five Years Prison in Syria
Taylor Defense to Fight Charges
Violence Flares in Mogadishu
In a Disease-Ridden and Stinking Swamp, Thousands Hide From War
President of Nigeria Is Weighing a Third Run
Chavez Seeks to Peg Oil at $50 a Barrel
Bolivia No Longer Thinks US Behind Hotel Bombings
Falklands Invasion Was Cowardly Act, Says Argentine President
UN Blasts Abuse in Haiti Jails
Thousands Rally for Greater Basque Autonomy in Spain
China Called a Military Threat by Japanese
US Base Plan in Okinawa Faces Resentment
China Ready to Meet Uranium Rules
Indonesia Prepares for Possible Attack
Two Policemen Dead in Maoist Shootout in Southern Nepal

Justin Raimondo
Israel and Moral Blackmail

David R. Henderson
Conversation With a Few Good Men (and Women)

Alan Bock
Acknowledging the Rush to War

Charles Peņa
The Good, the Bad,
and the Ugly

Nebojsa Malic
City on the Edge of Forever

Ivan Eland
Top Ten Mistakes the Bush Administration Is Repeating from Vietnam

Praful Bidwai
India's Russia Card Ups Nuclear Stakes

Sascha Matuszak

Ran HaCohen
Hamas and Israel: Rival Twins

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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