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The Logic of Deterrence: Christopher Layne
Go See V for Vendetta: Justin Raimondo
Returning to the Scene of the Crime: Chomsky
When War Crimes Are Impossible: N. Solomon
Networks, Terrorism, and Global Insurgency: Deliso

Of all the enemies to public liberty, war is perhaps the most to be dreaded because it comprises and develops the germ of every other.
James Madison
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Updated April 5, 2006 - 11:16 PM EDT
Defying US, Iraq Shelves Political Talks
In Iraq, US Still Carries Big Stick
Iran: Ready to Negotiate on Enrichment
Some Say Iran's Weapons Come From Russia
Iraq Funding Bill Balloons Before Panel
Key Iraq Leader Calls for PM to Step Aside
Has Opposition to Iraq War Reached 'Tipping Point' in US, UK?
The Plight of Prisoners Caught Up in US Rendition
Returning to the Scene of the Crime  by Noam Chomsky and Tom Engelhardt
Networks, Terrorism, and Global Insurgency  by Christopher Deliso
When War Crimes Are Impossible
by Norman Solomon
¡Viva Aplacamiento!  by Matthew Yglesias
How Massacres Become the Norm
by Dahr Jamail
Conservatives Should Say Yes
Madison Capital Times

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Somalia May Be Proxy US-Islam Battleground
After Months of People Power, King Persuades Thai Leader to Resign
Israel Fires Missiles Into Abbas' Compound
Pentagon Calls Iran Missile Claim an Exaggeration
Democracy in Iraq Not a Priority in US Budget
Many Wisc. Communities Vote for Iraq Pullout
Saddam Genocide Charge Hard to Prove
The Rules of War: Too '20th Century'?
The Trouble With Ousting Jaafari
Today in Iraq
Iraq's PM Jaafari Rejects Calls to Step Aside
Rice Dismisses Talk of US Bases in Iraq
Iraqis Show Little Surprise as US Marines Take Cover in Their Villas
Iran, US 'to Begin Direct Talks on Iraq in a Week'
Iran Official Says Talks With US on Iraq to Be Held in Baghdad
Palestinians Fleeing Iraq Under Threat
Iraq's Public TV Network a Dangerous Place to Work
Attacks Continue
Baghdad Bombs Kill at Least 13, Including Kids
Police: Baghdad Bomb Kills Woman, 2 Sons
In Ramadi, an Up-Close View of Skirmishes

Developments in Iraq on April 5

Developments in Iraq on April 4
Trying to Try Saddam
Saddam Charged With Gassing Kurds in '80s
Iraq President Says Saddam Verdict After All Cases
Two Saddam-Era Mass Graves Found
Iraq Kurds Shrug Shoulders Over New Saddam Trial
Global Iraq Fallout
Arab Diplomats: Mideast Nations Holding Secret Talks on Iraq
Protests at BBC Over Coverage of Rally Against Iraq War
Germany: Despite Danger, Iraqis Don't Need Asylum
Australian Kickback Inquiry Is Slowed by New Documents
Canadian Deaths in Afghanistan May Have Been From Friendly Fire
Karzai Defends Handling of Convert's Case
Afghanistan: Refugee Returns Approach 10,000 This Year
Items Stolen From Soldiers Deployed to Afghanistan
Afghanistan: Mines Kill and Maim Up to 100 Each Month
Covering the 'Other' War: A Reporter in Afghanistan
Pakistan Uncertain About Relationship With US
Westerners in Madrassahs
Al-Qaeda Militants Get Death in Pakistan
US Congress Raises Doubts Over Indian Nuclear Deal
India's Ruling Congress Faces Tough Test in Provincial Polls
Nepal Rejects Rebels' Cease-Fire
Nepal Bans Public Protests in Capital
North Korea to Attend Security Talks
China Defense Chief in North Korea, to Visit South
US-North Korea Mistrust Hurdle to Talks, Says China
Navy: Pirates Hijack South Korean Ship
Taiwan Leaders Debate China Ties
Japan's Abe Tells China 'You're Not Like Us'
Chinese Official: Don't Buy US Bonds
China's New Latin American Revolution
Junior Philippines Officer Held Over Alleged Coup Plot
Uzbekistan: Journalist Released After Year in Jail for Anti-Constitutional Activity
Visibly Angry Berlusconi Fights for Job
Berlusconi Uses Vulgarity During Speech
Russia, United States Increasingly at Odds
UN Reports Little Progress on Kosovo
Poland's Stressing of US Ties Irks EU
Man Jailed Over IRA Bombing in Germany
Sinn Fein Official-Turned Spy Shot Dead
Blair Launches New 'FBI'
Colombia Tops List of Land Mine Victims
Security a Concern for Haiti's April Election
Iran War Games
Iran Says It Can Handle Any Invasion
Iran Raises Tensions With a Show of Strength
Saudi Arabia Says Not Concerned by Iran War Games
Iran Tests 'Flying Boat' and Land-to-Sea Missile
Iran Claims More Success in War Games
A Web of Oil Intrigue: Rumored Iran Plan Has Blogs Breathless
IAEA Inspectors to Visit Iran Friday: Report
Iran Isolated in Its 'Defiant' Nuclear Stance: White House
Germany Urges US to Hold Talks With Iran
US Plays Down Iran Ship Visits to India
Democrat: Intelligence on Iran Inadequate
War on Terror
Transcripts Give a View of Those at Guantánamo
US Ports 'Largely at Risk,' Report Says
Homeland Security Official Arrested
Visa Hurdles 'Bar Cultural Dialogue'
US Military
Suffering of Iraq Casualties Takes Toll on Hospital Staff
Senator Wants to Tap Bible-Beating General as Commander
Army Faulted for Security Guard Contracts
Decorated Conscientious Objector Buried With Honors
Israeli Politics
Olmert to Form Coalition With Labor as Senior Partner
Two Top Israeli Parties Plan Joint Government
Infection Forces Delay in Sharon Surgery
Hamas Leader Takes Conciliatory Note in UN Letter
Israelis Ponder a Land Swap
Palestinian Officials Claim Escalation of Civilian Deaths
US Looking to Increase Palestinian Humanitarian Aid
Outlook for Mideast Peace Talks Bleak
Settler Sentenced to Two Years in Jail for Shooting Palestinian
Palestinian Medics: IDF Tank Fire Kills One in Northern Gaza Strip
Afghanistan Firmly With Palestinians, Says President's FM Choice
Turkish Kurds See Iraqi Kurdistan as an Inspiration
Turkish PM Calls for Unity to Halt Kurdish Protests
Turkey Braces for Kurdish Unrest
Kuwaiti Women Vote for First Time
Woman Makes Strong Show but Fails to Win Seat in Kuwait Polls
Middle East
Syria's Ruling Party Solidifies Its Power
Eight More Islamists Detained in Southern Egypt
Blocked UN Humanitarian Chief Accuses Sudan of Darfur Cover-Up
US Slams Sudan for Barring UN Official From Darfur
Abramoff Offered to Aid Sudan, Envoy Says
Darfur War Spreads Into Chad
UN Envoy Says Darfur Crisis Has Worsened
DR Congo
Boycott Hits DR Congo's Key Poll
Congo's Street Kids Could Be Election Weapon: Group
Bissau Minister 'in Rebel Links'

Uganda's Besigye Denies Treason

Venezuela Oil Seizures Spur Jitters
Chávez, Seeking Foreign Allies, Spends Billions
Venezuela Students Protest US Envoy
Chávez Gets Russian Helicopters
Castro Insists Retirement Is Not an Option
Talks to Explore Cuba Trade
United Nations
21 Countries Declare Candidacy for UN Rights Panel
UN: Decade to Rid World of Land Mines

Justin Raimondo
Go See V for Vendetta

Ivan Eland
Wanted: A Freer Market in U.S. Politics

David R. Henderson
Conversation With a Few Good Men (and Women)

Alan Bock
Acknowledging the Rush to War

Charles Peńa
The Good, the Bad,
and the Ugly

Nebojsa Malic
City on the Edge of Forever

Praful Bidwai
India's Russia Card Ups Nuclear Stakes

Sascha Matuszak

Ran HaCohen
Hamas and Israel: Rival Twins

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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