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Sweeping Up the Debris: William S. Lind
The Real First Casualty of War: John Pilger
War With Iran? Hell No: Matthew Yglesias
Baghdad Slipping Into Civil War: Jamail/Hamed
Guest Hu Coming to Lunch: Jim Lobe

It is my conviction that killing under the cloak of war is nothing but an act of murder.
Albert Einstein
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Updated April 20, 2006 - 11:24 PM EDT

Jaafari Offers to Quit as Iraqi PM

Baghdad Slipping Into Civil War

White House Shifts Into Survival Mode

Iraq Again Delays Parliament Opening

Pentagon Releases Extensive Gitmo List

War Bill Escalates With Unforeseen Costs

Rice Says No 'V-E Day' on Horizon in Iraq

In Rare Move, 2nd AIPAC Dismissal Hearing Set

FBI Demands Reporter's Papers on AIPAC
Knowing Why Not to Bomb Iran Is Half the Battle  by Martin van Creveld
McCarthyism Redux: Avoid the Substance; Attack the Messenger  by Edward Peck
Chips Down, Bush Prepares a Hail Mary Bet  by Mark Morford
The Real First Casualty of War  by John Pilger
Sweeping Up the Debris  by William S. Lind
Rove on the Stand?  by David Corn

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Baghdad Teacher Beheading Story Turns Out to Be False

Iraq Civil War Could Spread, Say Saudis

Iran, North Korea at Top of Bush-Hu Agenda

Guest Hu Coming to Lunch

Iran to Step Up Uranium Enrichment Work, Asks Europe to Join

Giant US Embassy Rising in Baghdad

Bush Spokesman Quits; Rove Sheds Policy Role

Oil Hits Record $74 on Iran Fears

Army Giving Sailors Crash Course in Ground Combat for Roles in Afghanistan, Iraq
Civil War Goes On

20,000 Kidnapped in Iraq This Year

Sunni Clerics Call for Calm Amid Sectarian Clashes in Iraq

Four Fiji Nationals Killed in Iraq

Militias Roil Baghdad Streets

Developments in Iraq on April 20

Developments in Iraq on April 19

Iraq Today

World Bank Mulls Return to Iraq

Palestinian Refugees Remain Stranded on Iraq-Jordan Border

Syrian Aid Caravan Brings Succor to Iraq's Displaced Peoples

Iraqi Politics

Jaafari: Resignation 'Out of the Question'

Pressure Increases on Iraqi Leaders

Kurds in Iraq Form Own Ministry of Oil

Looting America and Iraq
Sex and Money Bought Iraq Contracts

A Bright Career Unravels in Iraq


Afghan TV Compound Hit by Rocket

Canadian Troop Convoy Hit With Roadside Bomb; Two Soldiers Injured

Eight Taliban Detained in Southern Afghanistan

Dutch Rushing Additional Troops to Afghanistan

Pak-Afghan Ties

Afghanistan, Pakistan, and US Hold Military Cooperation Talks

Afghan Troops to Take Part in US-Pakistan War Game

Afghanistan Demands Pakistani Crackdown at Border


Nepal Death Toll Climbs to 10 as India Piles on Pressure

Police in Nepal Arrest 250 Professors

Make a Deal or Risk Your Throne, Nepal's King Warned

Sri Lanka

Tamils Killed in Sri Lanka Attack

Thousands Flee Homes After Sri Lanka Unrest

South Asia

'US Agents' Killed in Pakistan

Three Die in Kashmir Violence

India Accuses Pakistan of Aiding Militants

Many Hurt in Bangladesh Clashes


China, Russia Block Sudan Official Sanctions

Defiant Mugabe Warns Opposition

Militants Reject Niger Delta Offer From Govt

US Plays Down Somali Piracy Deal


Rebels 'Will Not Delay' Chad Poll

Outsiders Criticized for Roles in Chad War


Bolivia Ministers Freed by Troops in Hostile Province

New Chile President Wants to Ease Tensions With Neighbors

Haiti to Hold Crucial Vote Amid Fear of Violence

United Kingdom

Army Life Criticized by UK Soldiers

Overstretched British Troops Face 'Critical Shortages'


UN Urged to End Bosnia Role

Italy Confirms Prodi Poll Victory


Sen. Lieberman: I'd Support Iran Attack

US May Ask IAEA to Pressure Iran

Iranian Gold Rush Highlights Escalating Tensions

Iranian Group Seeks British Suicide Bombers

Fashion Police Get Tough in Tehran

Ahmadinejad: Oil Prices Still Below Their 'Real' Value

State Dept Not Sure How Iranian Official Got Into US

Iran: World Opinion

Chirac: 'Militarily Nuclearized Iran Is Unacceptable'

France, Russia Want to Wait for IAEA Report on Iranian Crisis

India Urges Dialogue, Diplomacy to Resolve Iran Crisis

Blair and Straw at Odds Over Support for US Attack Against Iran

War on Terror

Some 9/11 Relatives Testify for Moussaoui

UN: War on Terror Hurting Refugees

Report: Intelligence Director's Budget May Be $1 Billion

Canadian Claims Abuse by US Agents

Global War on Terror

Egypt Says Has Uncovered Terrorist Cell Planning Bombings

Terror Raids in France and Italy

Bomb Found on French Railway

Yemen Sentences 13 Militants to Prison for Plotting to Attack Western Targets

Bali Bomber Says Cleric Innocent

US Military

Rumsfeld Says Foes Fear Change

At Pentagon, a Delicate Civilian-Military Balance

Warrant in Socom Case at Issue

War at Home

Perjury Trial With Links to 9/11 Begins

VA Apologizes to Nurse Who Wrote Letter

CIA Mines 'Rich' Content From Blogs


Israel Considering More Attacks on Palestinians

Palestinians Throw Stones at Israeli Troops

Some Arab Papers Condemn Tel Aviv Bombing

Arab League Urges Hamas to Renounce Militancy

Hamas PM Says Dignity More Important Than Dollars

Jordanian-Palestinian Ties Nose-Dive Over Weapons Claim

Hamas: Jordan Fabricated Arms Story

Israel's Concrete Barrier Splits West Bank Families


Russia Aims to Grow Nuclear Fuel Business

In Russia, Corporate Thugs Use Legal Guise

Middle East

Foes of Syrian Leaders No Friends of the US

Egyptian Riots Reveal Wide Religious Divide

Mideast 'Axis' Forms Against West

Hezbollah Blasts UN Call to Settle Lebanon-Syria Border


Human Rights Not Top Priority in Bush-Hu Talks

Yahoo Accused of Helping Jail China Internet Writer


South Korea, Japan in War of Words Over Disputed Island

Aceh Rebels Visit Homeland

Kyrgyz Leader Threatens to Expel US Troops

Australia Sends Troops to Solomon Islands to Crack Down on Rioters


Justin Raimondo
The Revolt of the Generals

Nebojsa Malic
Birth of an Empire

Ivan Eland
Should Retired Generals Speak Out Against Rumsfeld?

David R. Henderson
Why Cal Thomas Is Wrong

Charles Peņa
Iran: The Nuclear Option

Praful Bidwai
Indo-US Nuclear Deal Takes Flak, No Eject Option

Alan Bock
France: Reinforcing Addiction

Sascha Matuszak
Getting a Piece of the Pie

Ran HaCohen
Hamas and Israel: Rival Twins

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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