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What About Darfur?: Justin Raimondo
Gasoline Prices & Energy Policy: David Henderson
Iran Doesn't Offer 'Take-Out': Brian M. Downing
'I'm Already Against the Next War': Tom Engelhardt
My Guantanamo Diary: Mahvish Khan

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Franklin D. Roosevelt
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Updated May 1, 2006 - 11:15 PM EDT
US General Predicts Intensified Attacks
Talabani Meets Insurgents, Says Deal Possible
Bush Claims Right to Ignore Hundreds of Laws
Only 9% in US Say 'Mission Accomplished' in Iraq
Iraq Says Iran Forces Shelled Kurds in Iraq
Rice: US May Act Against Iran Outside of UN
US Rejects Iran Inspection Offer
US Rhetoric Against Iran Reminiscent of Run-Up to Iraq War
'I'm Already Against the Next War'
by Tom Engelhardt
Why Shouldn't Iran Have Nuclear Weapons?  by James C. Moore
Bush's Misbegotten Iran Plan  by Sarah Chayes & Amir Soltani Sheikholeslami
My Guantanamo Diary  by Mahvish Khan
Free Speech for Generals
by Ted Galen Carpenter
Putting a Smiley Face on Disaster
by Matthew Rothschild

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Powell Says He Urged More Troops for Iraq
Powell Forces Rice to Defend Iraq Planning
The CIA Exposed on Web
US Energy Chief Sees Up to Three Years of Fuel Pain
Report: Turkey Won’t Let US Attack Iran From Its Land
Militias Steal New Recruits With Better Pay and Perks
Violence Looms Over Formation of New Cabinet
Iran Says Digging in for Confrontation Over Nuclear Program
Iraqi Military Still Can't Stand on Its Own
Today in Iraq
Iraqi Troops Protest After Graduation Parade
US Sources: Zarqawi Set to Try More Organized Guerilla Tactics
20 Insurgents Killed in Raids in Iraq
Families Hunt for Iraq's 'Lost'
Once-Fancy Baghdad Street Is Suffering
Southern Iraqi Oil Pipeline Fire Doused
Iraq's Theater of the Absurd
Iraqi Politics
Iraq Shi'ites Hail Partial Deal With Sunnis on Key Ministries
Iraq's Parliament to Convene on May 3
Ghadhban Seen Ahead in Iraq Oil Minister Race
Attacks Continue
Three Foreign Civilians Killed by Bomb in Iraq
Bombs, Drive-By Shootings Kill Nine in Iraq
Developments in Iraq on May 1
Developments in Iraq on April 30
Iraq Occupation
Evidence of Fraud Found by Iraq Audit
Report on Iraq Reconstruction Is Mixed
US Official Urges New Aid to Iraq Power Grid
Global Iraq Fallout
800 British Troops to Be Withdrawn From Iraq This Month
Brigadier Ordered Slain Australian Soldier's Body Moved Despite Investigators' Objections
Global Iraq Fallout
Indian Hostage Beheaded in Afghanistan
How Safe Are Indians in Afghanistan?
American Accused of Afghan Torture Is Free
Canadians Involved in Heavy Fighting West of Kandahar
British Army to Buy Armored Vehicles Against Bombers in Afghanistan
Militant Storm Brews on Pakistan-Afghanistan Border
Outraged Indians Demand Security for Workers in Afghanistan
Killing of Hostage Fuels Indian Fears Over Pakistan
Pakistan Frees Nuclear Scientist
Suspected Militants Kill Four Hindus in Kashmir
Nepal Lawmakers Urge Cease-Fire, Elections
Nepal King Swears in New PM
Nepal to Elect New Body to Decide King's Role
Nepalese Politicians Under Rebel Pressure to Take on Monarch
Sri Lanka
Eighteen Dead in Tiger Infighting, Says Sri Lankan Military
Sri Lanka Surprised by Truce Monitors' Ruling
South Korea Slams US Envoy Over North Human Rights
US Said to Escalate Spy Flights Over North Korea
China Compensates Tiananmen Victim’s Kin
Chinese Man Buys MiG-21f Fighter Jet on eBay
Japan, US Set to Seal US Military Shakeup Plan
Japan to Step Up Its Asia Security Role
Japan Backs Calls for Expanded UN Security Council
East Timor
Former Soldiers Not Sole Cause of East Timor Unrest
Violence Forces Timorese to Makeshift Refugee Camps
Burma Abducts Pro-Democracy Activists
King Halts Thailand's Troubles
Communists Assured Landslide Win in Laos
Feds Lay Down the Law on Cuba to Travel Agents
Mexican Drug War Takes a Turn Toward Sanity
Canadian PM Denies Norad Deal Finalized
Peru Recalls Ambassador From Venezuela
Bolivia Weighs in on Peru Vote Along With Venezuela
Iran Official: Threat of Higher Oil Prices Will Prevent UN Sanctions
Iran Says Will Negotiate on 'Large-Scale' Enrichment
EU Foreign Policy Chief: Europe Will Not Join in Military Action Against Iran
Rice: Iran Is 'Playing Games' With Offer
Russia's Atomic Proposal Still on Table: Iran
Iranians Present New Nuclear Reality, Say Observers
Iran's Hardliners Go Ballistic Over Stadium Sex Threat
Bahrain Sees Ties With Iran Eventually
The War at Home
CIA, FBI Defend Polygraph Use
Sometimes People Have to Die for Freedom, Gonzales Reminds 12-Year-Old
Bolten: White House Must Regain Its 'Mojo'
East Meets West in 'Tehrangeles'
Military Spouses Job Program in Jeopardy
War on Terror
A 'PATRIOT' Shares the Skinny on Homeland Security
ID Law Stirs Passionate Protest in New Hampshire
Sentencing Expected in Terror Case of Former Fla. Professor
Palestinians in Crisis
US Keeping International Donations From Reaching Hamas
Palestinian PM Sees Salary Crunch End 'Very Soon'
Hamas PM Hopes for Results From Crisis Conference
Israeli Politics
Israel's Olmert Wins Partners for Majority Coalition
Israeli Labor Approves Peretz's Choices for New Cabinet
Route Change Will Keep Palestinians on the Other Side of the West Bank Barrier
Rubber Bullets Menace West Bank
Israeli Soldiers Accused of Having Sex With 12-Year-Old Girl With Mental Problems
Israeli Police, Military Order Settlers Out of Hebron House
Quality of New Israeli Spy Satellite Photos of Iran Said 'Excellent'
Egypt Renews State of Emergency for Two Years
Shaken by Bombs, Mubarak Regime Lashes Out
Egypt Detains 18 Members of Muslim Brotherhood
Egypt Police Hunting Bombers Kill Three
Saudi Arabia
Official: No Political Prisoners in Saudi Arabia's Jails
Saudi Arabia's Unseen Reform
Middle East
'Privatizing' the Peace Process

Britain Backs Yemen's Plan to Replace Terrorists With Tourists

Proposed Underwater Oil and Gas Pipelines Would Link Turkey, Israel
Lebanon's Hezbollah Sees Bush as Top Terrorist
A Newsman Breaks the Mold in Arab World
Sudan Accepts Darfur Peace Deal, but Rebels Dig In
Sudan Rebel Groups Demand Changes to Peace Pact
American March Calls for End to Darfur Killing
In Darfur Is Dying, the Game That's Anything But
DR Congo
Congo Polls Set for July 30
Militias Imperil Congo Elections
War-Torn Somalia Has 'Lost Entire Generation'
Militants Warn China Over Oil in Niger Delta
Car Blast Near Nigeria Oil Port
Some Hope Chad's Vote Will Bring Calm. Skeptics Abound.
Serbs Expect EU Rebuke on Mladic
Poles Angry at German-Russian Pipeline Pact
Berlusconi Bows Out, but Prodi's Problems Go On
Sex Scandal, Low Ratings Are Latest Setbacks to Blair Government
Letters of WWI Rifleman No. 3448

Justin Raimondo
What About Darfur?

David R. Henderson
Gasoline Prices and Energy Policy, True and False

Praful Bidwai
Iran Defiant, but Ready to Deal

Charles Peña
It's Not About Democracy

Nebojsa Malic
Interesting Times

Ivan Eland
Bush-Hu Meeting
a Blown Opportunity

Ran HaCohen
Why We Cannot Talk With Hamas

Alan Bock
France: Reinforcing Addiction

Sascha Matuszak
Getting a Piece of the Pie

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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