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Enough Is Enough: Justin Raimondo
Searching for the Next Enemy: Doug Bandow
The Path to Perdition: Engelhardt/Bacevich
If Not Now, When?: Orange County Register
Iran Pressure Grows on Bush: Jim Lobe

The tragedy of war is that it uses man’s best to do man’s worst.
Harry Emerson Fosdick
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Updated May 26, 2006 - 11:23 PM EDT

Bush, Blair Concede Missteps on Iraq

Senate Confirms Hayden as CIA Director

Pressure Grows on Bush to Engage Iran Directly

Blair: We're Too Busy to Attack Iran

White House Blocks Direct Talks With Iran

Car Bombing Kills Nine in Eastern Baghdad

Probe to Cite Marines for Killing Civilians

Top General Urges Restraint by Marines in Iraq

Hamas May Recognize Israel's Right to Exist

If Not Now, When?  Orange County Register
Steering Into a Third Intifada
by Patrick J. Buchanan
Amid the Respectables
in the Heartland
 by Robert Higgs
Big Brother's History  by John Prados
'Victory'? Forget It  by Sidney Blumenthal
Unrealists and Israel  by Dimitri K. Simes

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How US Persuaded British AG to Approve Invasion of Iraq

Bush: Abu Ghraib Was Biggest Mistake of Iraq War

Hamas Appears Set to Give Nod to Talks With Israel

Rove-Novak Call Was Concern to Leak Investigators

Testimony: Cheney Angered Over Envoy's Column on War

Musharraf Stresses Opposition to Attacking Iran

ElBaradei: Nuke Club Expanding

Public Hearings Sought in Phone Record Scandal
In Iraq Town, US Withdrawal Seems a Distant Dream
Violence Continues

Two Killed in Iraq Attacks as Gunmen Kidnap Dujail Judge

Gunmen Wound Iraqi General in Baghdad

Two US Soldiers Killed by Roadside Bomb

Developments in Iraq on May 26

Developments in Iraq on May 25

Iraqi Politics

Interim Defense Chief Focuses on Stabilizing Baghdad

Arab Leaders View Iraq's New Government With Skepticism

Iraqi President Laments Absence of Arab Support

Iraq's New 'Take-Charge' Leader

Iraq Today

Iranian Foreign Minister to Visit Iraq

Zarqawi Backers Lay Down Sharia Rules in Baghdad Neighborhood

Saddam's Defense Has Two-Pronged Strategy

Iraq Occupation

Marine Chief to Visit Iraq Amid Allegations of Marines Killing Civilians

Soldier Killed; Witnesses Point to Heavy Drinking

UK Soldier Cleared of Drowning 15-Year-Old Iraqi

US Troops Brag About Blowing Millions on Iraqi Palace


Karzai Visits US Bombing Victims

Thousands of Afghan Villagers Flee Battle Zone

Militants Set on Fire US Base-Bound Trucks in Afghanistan

French Jets Head to Afghanistan to Help Fight the Taliban


Suspected Rebels May Have Killed 10 in Kashmir

Separatist Strike Shuts Down Kashmir

India Mulls Over 'Special Status' for Kashmir

Indian PM Pushes Peace in Kashmir Despite Rebel Warning


Mystery of Pakistan's Cloistered Scientist

Pakistan to Buy One-Billion-Dollar AWACS

South Asia

Sri Lankan Police Killed by Mine

Nepal Frees Hundreds of Maoists and Readies for Peace Talks

East Timor

Foreign Troops Arrive in East Timor

Three Dead as Fighting Continues in East Timor

UN Accuses East Timor Army of Opening Fire on Unarmed Rivals, UN Officers

East Timor PM: Unrest a Product of Failed Coup Attempt

Australian Commandos Secure East Timor Airport


Sudan Militias Kill 118 East Chad Villagers

50 Killed in Mogadishu

Sudan Accepts UN Assessment Team

Abuses Threaten Ivorian Elections

Zimbabwe Rejects UN Intervention


Spy Chief Hails Colombia Policy Disarming Militias

Middle East

Egypt Judges Demand Independent Judiciary

Electoral First for Kuwaiti Women

Lebanese Mark Israeli Pullout Anniversary

Covering the 'Wider Story' of the Middle East

Newest UN Resolution Rankles Syria, Hezbollah, Iran

Russia and Her Neighbors

General: Russian Missiles More Than a Match for US 'Shield'

Russia's Last Popularly Elected Governor Arrested

Rift at Top Tests Ukraine Parties

Belarus Tries to Close Human Rights Group

Iran to US: Stop Bluster, Let's Talk
Afghan Leader to Travel to Iran, Ready to Mediate in Nuclear Standoff

Russian Official Set for Nuclear Talks in Iran

Qatar Pours Cold Water on Gulf Initiative on Iran

Iran Security Forces Kill Five Militants

War on Terror

Justice Dept: War on Terror 'Highest Priority'

Britain Bars US Clergy Under 'Anti-Terror' Law

Tapes: Terror Cell Plotted to Bomb London Nightclub

Yemen to Try 23 al-Qaeda Members

War at Home

Nine More Arrested in Washington at Protest of Army Convoy

House Republicans Plan to Put Iraq War Up for Debate

Lawmakers Fear Voter Backlash for Complaining About FBI Raids

Senate Passes Funeral Protest Ban

Court in Abuse Case Hears Testimony of General

US Military

VA Chief 'Mad as Hell' He Wasn't Told About Data Theft

Veterans Affairs Analyst Often Took Data Home

US Tests Ship-Based Defense System Against Short-Range Missile

General Denies Using Dogs in Interrogations

Pentagon Tests Bio-Attack Response

DARPA-Funded Scientists: Cloaking Devices Could Be Developed Within Five Years

Female Soldier From Wis. Denied Conscientious-Objector Status

United Kingdom

British AG Broke Rules on Disclosing Iraq War Advice

MPs: UK Govt Failed to Investigate Renditions

Scotland Yard Spent $13,500 on Operation to Remove Antiwar Signs

Bush Wants Blair in Office Until 2009

Palestinian Govt

Abbas Stuns Hamas With Talk of Referendum

The Palestinian 18-Point Plan

Palestinian PM: Hamas and Fatah Need to Work Together

Israel to Allow Transfer of Weapons to Abbas Force


Olmert Lauds US Action Against Palestinians

Israeli Army Shells Gaza Strip After Missile Hits

Peretz Authorizes Work Permits for 3,000 Palestinians

Britain Condemns Israeli Raid on Ramallah

Ramallah Erupts After a Long Lull

US Visit Boosts Olmert's Unilateral Plan

Left-Wing Party Leader: Israel Must Talk to Hamas if Palestinians Agree to '67 Lines

Thousands Mourn Four Palestinians Killed by Israelis

West Bank Settlers Defy Court Ban

'Television on Demand' Finds Eager Audience in West Bank and Gaza

North Korea

US, Chinese Officials Discuss N. Korea

Envoy Says No Progress on North Korea Talks

US Says No Compromises on North Korea


China to Develop High-Tech Weapons

China Strongly Protests US Label of 'Credible Threat'

FBI Agent, Accused Chinese Spy Hid Relationship

In Other News

Sheehan to Address Antiwar Protesters in Australia

Suspect: I Was Hired to Assassinate Opponents of Laotian Government


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Abolish Both the Hayden Nomination and NSA

David R. Henderson
Did Rumsfeld Lie – and When?

Ran HaCohen
Why We Cannot Talk With Hamas

Sascha Matuszak
Getting a Piece of the Pie

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

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Et Tu, Pat?

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