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Faux 'Terrorism': Justin Raimondo
Leftists for Occupation: Joshua Frank
Tangled Web of US 'Intelligence': Tom Engelhardt
Missed Opportunities (Partial List): Uri Avnery
Countless My Lais in Iraq: Dahr Jamail

War is wretched beyond description, and only a fool or a fraud could sentimentalize its cruel reality.
Senator John McCain
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Updated May 31, 2006 - 11:04 PM EDT
Military Probe Revealed Massacre

US Will Talk if Iran Halts Enrichment

Pregnant Woman Shot Dead by US Troops in Iraq

42 Bodies Found Across Baghdad in Past Day

Iraq PM Impatient With GIs Killing Civilians
Bad Afghanistan Month May Delay US Drawdown
Pentagon: Iraqi Rebel Strength Holding Steady
Coalition in Iraq Continues to Dwindle
Hamas Faces a Presidential Revolution
54 Die in Iraq's Bloodiest Day in Weeks
Brits Say Saudi Fighters Are Leading Attacks on Them
The Tangled Web of American 'Intelligence'  by Tom Engelhardt
Missed Opportunities (Partial List)
by Uri Avnery
Holding War Criminals Accountable for Haditha  by Marjorie Cohn
Undermining the War Effort
by Geov Parrish
Countless My Lais in Iraq  by Dahr Jamail
Losing the Long War  by Tom Porteous

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Shaken by Riots, Afghans Gripped by Uncertainty
Iraqi Envoy Says US Marines Intentionally Killed Cousin
Badr Groups Move From Troubled Past to Uncertain Future
Witness: Saddam 'Victims' Alive, Case Built on Bribes
Congress Balks at Pentagon 'War on Terror' Missile
Supreme Court Rules Against Whistleblowers
NATO Lacks Muscle to Help US
US Sends 3,500 More Troops to Iraq
Massacre in Haditha
Bush Learned of Haditha Deaths From Press
White House Vows Details of Iraq Killings Inquiry to Be Made Public
Joint Chief: Civilian Murderers a 'Tiny Exception'
Iraqi PM Promises Massacre Inquiry
Lawyer: Officers Not Target of Investigations Into Iraqi Killings
Haditha Massacre: Was It an Isolated Event and Did the Military Try to Cover It Up?
Attacks Continue
Relentless Violence Kills 54 in Iraq
Britain Suffers Highest Monthly Death Toll in Southern Iraq
Focus of Baghdad Attacks Turns on Police
US Says More Iraqi Forces Active but Attacks on Rise
Developments in Iraq on May 31
Developments in Iraq on May 30
Iraq Occupation
Number of Brigades May Fall, but US Troops in Iraq to Stay at 133,000
US Moving 1,500 Reserve Troops to Iraq
Countries Contributing to Coalition
Italy Pledges Commitment to Iraq
US Military Releases 204 Detainees in Iraq
Carrier Ronald Reagan Begins Trip Home
Bodies of Two Marines Recovered in Iraq
Today in Iraq
Residents in Northern Iraq Unite Against Sectarian Conflict
Emirates Diplomat Freed in Iraq
'Beheading' Terror Suspect Arrested
27 Illegal Iranian Pilgrims Imprisoned in Iraq
Iraq's Marshes Showing Fast Recovery
Iraqi Politics
Iraq PM Ready to Break Deadlock on Key Ministries
Iraq PM Says No Militias Exempt From Disbanding
Iraq PM Ready to Use Force on Basra Oil 'Gangs'
Saddam Defense Claims Unfair Treatment
A Trying Time for Tariq Aziz
Journalists in Iraq
Deaths of 2 in CBS Crew Lead to Painful Reassessments
Iraq Journalist Deaths Match Vietnam War Killed
Journalist Deaths in Iraq Compare to Those of WWII
Journalists in Iraq Forge Grimly Ahead
Kabul Explodes
Afghan President Blames Rioting on 'Agitators'
Kabul Residents Wonder What Comes After Deadly Riots
After Riots End, Kabul's Residents Begin to Point Fingers
Afghan Army Patrols Kabul Amid Anger With US Troops
Kabul Under a Strict Curfew for Second Night
Afghan Parliament Discusses Riots
US Says Brakes to Blame in Afghan Crash
Many Afghans Resent Foreigners' Presence
Reflection After Riots in Kabul
As Calm Returns to Kabul, 8 Die in Afghan North
Afghanistan: Seven Aid Workers Killed
NATO General Says Forces in Afghanistan Adequate
NATO Chief Says Success in Afghanistan 'Vital'
DM: Canada Not at War in Afghanistan
Frustration Mounts Between US, Pakistan
Pakistan MP Calls on Faithful to Join Taliban in Afghanistan
Pakistan, India Exchange Lists of Wanted Criminals
Policeman Killed, 23 Wounded in Kashmir Grenade Attacks
Four Dead in Kashmir Violence
East Timor
Timorese President Assumes Emergency Powers
East Timor Declares State of Emergency
Mobs Burn Homes, Residents Scuffle Over Food in East Timor
Timor Gangs Continue Rampage
Poverty and Violence Sink Grand Plans for East Timor
Fears for Timor Massacre Evidence
Sri Lanka Rebels Blamed as 12 Die
North Korea Gets Involved in Southern Election
Nepal Army, Rebels Trade Blame on Peace Violations
Russia, China Close Ranks in Central Asia
Turkmen Opposition: Dictatorship Setting Stage for Islamist Revolt
Filipinos Protest Steady Rise of Political Killings

Japan Approves US Troop Shakeup

US Accepts Iran Draft That Omits Use of Force
Iran Says It Wants to Resume Negotiations With EU
White House 'Glad' Iran Willing to Hold Nuclear Talks
US Confident Incentive Package for Iran to Be Approved
Six Powers to Meet This Week on Iran, Says China
Iran Says Overstretched US Cannot Launch Strikes
ElBaradei: Iran Not an Immediate Nuclear Threat
US Lawmaker Calls for NATO 'Ring of Deterrence' Around Iran
War on Terror
EU Court Rules Airline Data Deal With US Illegal
Despite Court Ruling, US to Keep Getting Data on Europeans
The Agent Who Might Have Saved Hamid Hayat
French Plot to Kidnap Abu Hamza and Save the World Cup
The War at Home
Murtha: It's Time to Redeploy
New National Guard Recruitment Program
Antiwar Protesters Hit With Pepper Spray
Veterans Official Steps Down After Theft
Sandia Labs Tinkers With 'Silent' Mortar
Palestinians in Crisis
Gazans Play Down Tensions, Focus on Israel Shelling
Ex-Mossad Chief: Hamas Recognition Doesn't Matter, Negotiate Anyway
From Israeli Jails, Hamas Activists Press Middle Way
Israel Releases Palestinian PM's Daughter
Hamas-Led Government to Pay Some Salaries
Palestinian Gunmen Kill Couple They Accused of Aiding Israel
Israeli Troops Kill Seven Palestinians in Gaza
Israel Kills Three in West Bank Raids: Medics
Israel in First Gaza Raid Since Pullout
Hamas Lawmakers Defy Israeli Eviction Threat
Israel Expels British Aid Worker
Jordan's King Meets With President Bush
Jordan to Indict Hamas Militants
Jordan Court Sentences 2 Journalists for Printing Cartoon
Bloggers Held Under Egypt's Emergency Laws
Egypt Extends Arrest of Brotherhood Leaders
Middle East
Pro-US Arab States Mobilize Against Israeli Unilateralism
Three Ex-Guantanamo Detainees Walk Free in Saudi Arabia
Syria Arrests Two More Activists
Armed Fighters Occupy Somalia Hospital
US Diplomat Moved Over Somalia View
US Probes Nigeria Vice President
Nigeria Reshuffles Military Leaders
Pictures Show Destruction of Zimbabwe Community
Zimbabwe Dissident in Asylum Plea
Sudan Ruling Parties Differ Over UN Darfur Force
Algerian Gunmen Surrender Under Peace Pact
Kenya Killing Stirs Bitter Past
Serbia Offers Conditional Autonomy to Kosovo
Objections Remain to Montenegrin Independence
Speak Out? Are You Crazy?
Belarus Opposition Figure Sentenced
Venezuela Spending 'Billions' on Defense
Defense Spending in Latin America
Peru Accuses Chavez of Meddling
Venezuelan Military Officers Head for Bolivia
Bolivia Announces New Energy Clampdown
In Bolivia, Flamboyant Morales Confidante Becomes Foe
US Plan to Hit China Led Mao to Change Course: Book
Taiwan Trade Move Against China
Myanmar Junta Manufacturing Civilian Face
UN Security Council May Take Action Against Myanmar: US

Justin Raimondo
Faux 'Terrorism'

Ivan Eland
Honor the War Dead but Question America's Wars

Praful Bidwai
India, US Tighten Nuclear Handshake

Doug Bandow
Searching for the Next Enemy

Charles Peña
Cycle of Violence

Nebojsa Malic
Claiming the Black Mountain

Alan Bock
Spooks and Libya

David R. Henderson
Did Rumsfeld Lie – and When?

Ran HaCohen
Why We Cannot Talk With Hamas

Sascha Matuszak
Getting a Piece of the Pie

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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