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The Meaning of Haditha: Justin Raimondo
Required Terror War Reading: Doug Bandow
Like Water Off a Duck's Back: Leon Hadar
Iran-Contra All Over Again: Grandin/Engelhardt
Gulf States Rethink US Alliance: Trita Parsi

Quotable harmful, not only to the conquered but to the conqueror.
Ludwig von Mises
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Updated June 2, 2006 - 11:17 PM EDT

Video: Another US Massacre in Iraq

US Military Denies Ishaqi Massacre Allegations
US Probes Balad, Haditha, Samarra Killings
Iraqi PM: GIs Habitually Attacking Civilians

Six Powers Reach Accord on Iran Plan

Haditha Investigators Look to Exhume Bodies

War Atrocities: Awareness Grows, Tolerance Drops
Karzai Slams US Use of Guns on Civilians
Iraq Like Water Off a Duck's Back to Bush, Blair  by Leon Hadar
US Tortures Its Dignity, Self-Respect  by Tom Teepen
A State of Emergency
by Sidney Blumenthal
Iran-Contra All Over Again
by Greg Grandin and Tom Engelhardt
Why Haditha Matters  The Nation
Iraq: Alas in Wonderland  by Ashraf Fahim

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Americans' Support for Iraq War Continues to Fall

Poll: Bush Worst President in 61 Years, Worse Than Nixon

Bolton: Unilateral Attack on Iran 'On the Table'

Army Documents: US Approved Torture Before Abu Ghraib Scandal

Western Govts Urged to Stop Threatening Media

Four Killed in Military Helicopter Crash in Georgia

Gulf States Rethink US-Led Security Alliance
Marine Rage Just Below Surface
Massacre in Haditha

A Town Awoke to Slaughter

Haditha May Become US Military Disgrace

Iraqi Government Starts Probe of Haditha Civilian Deaths

Iraq Demands Apology From US for Civilian Deaths at Haditha

Report: Marines Lied in Haditha Probe

Marine Irked at Inclusion in Haditha Case

Killing and Abusing Iraqis

US Conducts Three More Probes Into Military's Conduct in Iraq

Attorney: 7 Marines, Sailor Face Murder Charges

11th US Soldier Convicted Over Abu Ghraib Scandal

Relatives Vow Revenge for Pregnant Woman's Death

Basra Erupts

'Forced Immigration' Cuts Sunni Minority Presence in Basra

Vying for Power, Militias Roil Basra

Attacks Continue

Mortar Barrage Kills Nine People in Baghdad

Bomb Kills 2 Construction Workers in Iraq

Developments in Iraq on June 2

Developments in Iraq on June 1

Iraq Today

Iraqi Schoolchildren Pay Heavy Price for Continuing Conflict

Iraq: Citizens Chafe Under Rising Unemployment

US: Al-Qaeda Increasing Presence in Ramadi

Saddam Defense Witnesses Ordered Detained

Iraq PM to Name Ministers Sunday

Iraqi Kurds Accuse Turkey of Shelling Villages

Reuters Journalist Freed in Iraq After 12 Days Held by US

Killings, Abductions in Baghdad Leave Palestinians in Iraq Scared and Angry

Global Iraq Fallout

CBS: Wounded Reporter 'Awake and Alert'

Report Warns of Deteriorating Circumstances Among Iraqi Refugees in Syria

South Asia

US Pledges Military Support for Sri Lanka

India, Pakistan Focus on Cultural Exchange

India Dismisses Danger of Sri Lankan Refugee Flood

Nine Die as Indian Troops Hunt Down Kashmir Militants


India's Terror Groups Expand Recruiting

Land Mine Kills 12 Indian Paramilitary

Three 'Militants' Killed in India


Suspicion Lingers Five Years After Nepal Royal Massacre

People's Movement Defines Nepal


US Warships Protecting Nigerian Oil

German Parliament Approves Sending Troops to Congo

'Rebels Shell' Burundi's Capital

Chad, Sudan, and the Darfur Crisis

UN: Zimbabwe 'As Bad as It Can Get'

UN Council Cuts Ethiopia, Eritrea Forces

London-Based NGO Urges UN to Maintain Sanctions Against Liberia


Sudan Asks for More African Troops in Darfur

Sudan's Genocide Lands at Israel's Door


Return to Somalia: The War on Terror - A New Front

Somalia Clashes Spread Beyond Capital


Eight Soldiers Arrested in Colombia 'Friendly Fire' Killings

Latin Leaders Discover a Chávez Embrace Can Be Toxic

US May Gain Unlikely Regional Ally Against Chávez if García Wins Election in Peru


Europeans Hail US Offer to Iran

US Move on Iran Is Win for EU, but Risks Remain

Blix Warns Against Attacking Iran, North Korea

EU Lawmakers Want to Ban Ahmadinejad From World Cup

Canada Backs US on Iran Nuclear Program


Failed Afghan Suicide Attack Kills Bomber

Taliban Still in Control of Afghan District

US, Afghanistan at Odds in Wake of Accident

Where Does Karzai Go From Here?

Stares, Glares for Afghan Female Drivers

War on Terror

California Ice Cream Vendor Pleads Guilty of Lesser Charge in Terror Case

States Setting Up Homeland Security Panel

Terrorism Invoked in ISP Snooping Proposal

Terror Fears Hamper US Muslims' Travel

Indonesian DM Warns US of Anger Over Terror War

Saudis, Yemen Expand Anti-Terror Cooperation

Spanish Court Throws Out 9/11 Conviction

Germany Admits Rendition Gaffe


89 Gitmo Detainees on Hunger Strike

Eight Pakistanis to Be Freed From Guantánamo

War at Home

Schwarzenegger to Order Troops to Mexican Border

Bush Swears in New CIA Director

Antiwar Protests Continue at Port of Olympia

East Timor

East Timor Rebel Leader May Agree to Disarm

East Timor President Calls for Peace as Man Hacked to Death by Gang

Australian Troops Leader to Meet East Timor Rebel Chief

Why East Timor Is Falling Apart

Violence Hurts East Timor Coffee Industry


Fatah, Hamas Gunmen Clash

PA Security Forces Ransack Gaza Parliament, Protest Late Wages

PA Foreign Minister Brushes Off Arab Peace Plan as Protests Swell

Olmert Says Plans to Meet Abbas End of June

Israel's Unilateral Peace Plan

Olmert Favors West Bank Pullout in One Sweeping Operation

Israeli Army: Hamas Likely to Blame for Missile Attack

Palestinian Children Risk Lives Salvaging Israeli Shells

Hamas Leader's Three Sisters Live Secretly in Israel as Full Citizens

Largest Labor Union in Ontario Votes to Boycott Israel


Syria's Crackdown Intimidates Opposition

Islamic Revival Spreads in Syria Despite Rule of Secular Ba'ath

Jailed Syria Dissident Enters Third Week of Hunger Strike

Syria Drops Charges Against Prominent MPs in Lebanon

Is Syria's Eastward Drift Viable?

Middle East

OPEC Delegates Reject Venezuela's Appeal to Cut Production

Turkey Cracks 'Plot' to Kill PM

North Korea

US Rejects North Korea Invitation

Paper: North Korea Preparing for Missile Test


Kyrgyzstan Withdraws US Expulsion Threat

US Wants UN Resolution on Burma

Taiwan's President on Shaky Ground


Test Results: Yushchenko 'Deliberately Poisoned'

WWII Bomb Scare at London Airport

Turkish and Greek Ships Collide


Justin Raimondo
The Meaning of Haditha

Doug Bandow
Readings in the Age of Empire

Ivan Eland
Honor the War Dead but Question America's Wars

Praful Bidwai
India, US Tighten Nuclear Handshake

Charles Peña
Cycle of Violence

Nebojsa Malic
Claiming the Black Mountain

Alan Bock
Spooks and Libya

David R. Henderson
Did Rumsfeld Lie – and When?

Ran HaCohen
Why We Cannot Talk With Hamas

Sascha Matuszak
Getting a Piece of the Pie

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