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What Is the Mission?: Charley Reese
Multiply Haditha By Thousands: Glantz/Hassan
The Perils of Threat Inflation: William Lind
Hijacked by the Neocrazies: Gordon Prather
Chaos in Kabul: Lew Rockwell

War creates peace like hate creates love.
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Updated June 3, 2006 - 11:29 PM EDT
Iraqi PM: US Killing Civilians 'Daily'
17 Terror Suspects Arrested in Toronto
Gunmen Ambush Russian Diplomats in Baghdad
Bombs, Attacks Kill 42, 12 Bodies Found in Iraq
Third Claim of Atrocity Rocks US Servicemen
Iraq Rejects US Probe Clearing Troops of Killings
Officers Likely to Be Charged in Haditha Killings
Commanders Saw No Reason to Probe Massacre
Tehran Guardedly Considers Nuclear Offer
Ex-Weapons Inspector Criticizes US on Nukes
Top General Tells GIs: Take Extra Care Around Iraq Civilians
Chaos in Kabul  by Lew Rockwell
TSA: Killing Us an Hour at a Time
by Tim Kern
Hijacked by the Neocrazies
by Gordon Prather
What Is the Mission?  by Charley Reese
The Perils of Threat Inflation
by William S. Lind
East of Euston  by Brendan O'Neill

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Multiply Haditha By Thousands
Rekindling the WMD Debate
The Day That Changed Afghanistan
'Marines Are Good at Killing. Nothing Else. They Like It'
Anti-Western Feeling Seen Rising in Afghanistan
Tales of US Shame and Dishonor Blight the Week of Memorial Day
100 Hunger Strikers at Gitmo Are Force-Fed
Libby to Get Limited Classified Info
Graphic Photographs Show Bodies of Civilians Killed in Ishaqi, Iraq
Massacres in Iraq
Pressure on Iraq PM as US Denies One Massacre
US Clears GIs of Ishaqi Massacre Allegations
Pressure Mounts on US Forces as More Massacre Charges Emerge
Timeline Holds Top Marines Blameless in Civilian Massacre Coverup
Marines to Face Murder, Kidnapping Charges in Death of Iraqi
Iraqis Accuse Marines of Killing Unarmed Civilian
Brother of Iraqi Woman Slain by US Troops Wants Justice
Iraqis React
Iraqi PM Condemns US Violence
Rights Groups Decry Killings of Iraqi Civilians
Iraq Wants US to Hand Over Haditha File
Iraq Pressures US to Cooperate on Haditha Killings
Haditha Killings May Eclipse Abu Ghraib
White House Reacts
Haditha: When Did Bush Know?
Bush Briefed on Probe of Iraq Killings
White House Says Iraqi Leader Misquoted
Troops Respect Iraqis' Rights, Rumsfeld Insists
The Military Reacts
Aftermath of the Haditha Incident
US Army Officers Learn Harsh Lesson in History
For an Exhausted, Disenchanted Army There Is Still No End in Sight
Troops Face Tough Scenarios in Ethics Training
Australians in Iraq to Miss 'Core Warrior Values' Classes
Haditha Killings Recall Vietnam's My Lai
Ex-Jag Attorney: Iraq Investigations Face Obstacles
Today in Iraq
Zarqawi Urges Sunnis to Take on Shi'ites
Iraqi PM: Force a Last Resort in Ramadi
Sunni Strategy Succeeding
Uprooted Iraqis Add to Woes of War-Torn Land
Explosions Kill Five, Injure 57 in Baghdad
Developments in Iraq on June 3
Developments in Iraq on June 2
Global Iraq Fallout
UK General: Mothers to Blame for Recruiting Difficulties
Italy Discusses Details of Iraq Withdrawal
US Says It'll Cooperate in Afghan Probe
Afghanistan: Business Community Angry in Aftermath of Riot
US Soldiers Creating Road Rage in Afghanistan
Ambassador Predicts Taliban Ferocity
Taliban Commander Threatens Canada for Role in Afghanistan
A New Afghanistan? Exploring the Iraqi Jihadist Training Ground
Canada Protesters Resume Call for Withdrawal of Troops From Afghanistan
Red Cross Chopper Missing for Four Months Found in Afghanistan
Afghanistan Suicide Blast Kills Three Civilians
Afghan Spring Offensive Stronger Than Expected
Stares, Glares for Afghan Female Drivers
Five Soldiers Killed in Pakistan Suicide Attack
Two-Year-Old Becomes Victim of Kashmir Dispute
100,000 Nepal Rebels Hold Peaceful Rally
Red Flags Fly in Kathmandu
Nepal Maoists Lash Out at Government
Nepal King in First Public Show Since Climbdown
Nepal Rebels Edge Out of Jungle and Onto Political Stage
Sri Lanka
Sri Lankan President to Offer Tamils Autonomy
Sri Lanka Seeking New Solutions to Ethnic Conflict
China to Rival US as World Power by 2020: Survey
Rise of China Concerns Russia
Dalai Lama Urges Patience in Dealing With China
Ex-Chinese Leader Condemned House Arrest
Rumsfeld to Make First Trip to Vietnam
Rumsfeld to Asia: Don't Leave US Out
Looters Out of Control in East Timor Capital
US Human Rights Envoy to Visit North Korea Industrial Zone
Philippine Provincial Governor Wounded in Bomb Blast
US Sailor Convicted of Murder in Japan
US Seeks to Step Up Pressure on Burma
Putin Removes Chief Prosecutor in Kremlin Turf War
Russia Plans to Spend $186 Billion on Arms by 2015
Putin Challenges US on Human Rights
Poll: Russia Perceives US as Unfriendly
Three Die as Russian Military Copter Crashes in Siberia
Pressure Mounts at German Spy Agency
Terror Attacks on World Cup 'Unlikely'
Anti-NATO Protest Blocks US Troops in Crimea
Spain Acquits Sept. 11 Suspect of Conspiracy
Serb Leader Spurns EU Help in Montenegro Split
Moldovan Enclave Wants Independence
Czechs Go to the Polls as Accusations Fly
Denmark Beefs Up Anti-Terror Laws
Argentina Trims Military's Power
United Nations
Report Slams UN Investigators
Russian FM: Talks Didn't Mention Attacking Iran
Khatami: Iran Won't Be Intimidated by Threats
Iran Defends Right to Nuclear Technology
Negroponte: Iran Nuclear Bomb 'in 10 Years'
Russia, China Mull Joining Iran Talks: Rice
Iran's Next Vote to Show Power of Regime
Ahmadinejad Praised in Iran as a Caring Leader
Iranian TV Dismisses Meeting in Europe
US-Iran Mistrust Bodes Ill for Talks Success
Nobel Prize Winning Iran Dissident Accuses US of Double Standards Over Iran
'Homeland Security'
Judge: NSA Spy Case Hearings Will Go On
FBI: Internet Firms Should Hold Records for 2 Years
Vast DNA Bank Pits Policing vs. Privacy
Governors Agree to Send Up to 1,800 Troops to Border
Is DC Ready for Terrorist Attack?
UK 'War on Terror'
London Bombings 'Wouldn't Have Happened Without Iraq War
Investigation Promised as London Police Shoot 'Suspect' During Terror Raid
Blair to Tell Pope of the Need to Tackle Extremism, Terrorism
US Military
Final Soldier Charged in Afghan Abuse Case Acquitted
Hard Labor, Not Prison, for Abu Ghraib Dog Handler
Over 2,000 Vets Advised They May Have Been Exposed to HIV, Hepatitis at VA Hospital
Retirees Offered Bonus for Bringing in Recruits
The War at Home
Iraq War Will Hurt GOP in Fall Elections, Pollster Says
Republican Leader Promises Lengthy US Support for Iraq
White House Opens Door to Dissenters
Government, Media to Pay Wen Ho Lee $1.6m
Muslim Congressional Aides Taking Stand
New Book Deal in the Works for Plame
Israel Begins Building New Settlement Deep in West Bank
Six Hurt as Israeli Troops Disperse Anti-Barrier Protesters
Israeli Troops Raid Nablus Hospital, Capture Injured Palestinian
Rival Factions Clash in Gaza, One Dead, Seven Wounded
Palestinian FM: Arab Peace Plan 'Impractical'
Palestinian Views on Travel Curbs
Palestinians to Receive Some Wages
Islamic Jihad Backs Prisoners' Peace Plan
'Zarqawi Tape' Demands That Hezbollah Disarm
Islamists Attempt Syria TV Attack
Five Die as Syria Thwarts Attack
Russia May Be Building a Naval Base in Syria
Russian Military Denies Seeking Mediterranean Naval Base in Syria
Calm Returns After Hezbollah Riots in Beirut
Lebanon Shi'ites Outraged by TV Comedy
Israel, Egypt Promise Joint Probe After Border Clash Leaves Two Egyptian Troops Dead
Washington Denounces Arrests of Activists in Egypt
Egypt Police Kill Three Sinai Suspects
Turkey Shells Iraqi Kurds
Police Thwart Bomb Attacks in Turkish Tourist City
Turkish PM Accused of Undermining Secularism
Middle East
Yemen Releases Eight al-Qaeda Inmates
Struggle for Gay Rights in the Middle East
16 Killed as US-Backed Warlords Attack Somali Islamists
Clashes Erupt in Somalia as Thousands Protest Against US
Eight Foreign Oil Workers Kidnapped From Nigeria Rig
Nigerian Oil Rig Kidnappers Contact Employer
Ugandan Army Arrests 10 Suspected Rebels

Interpol Starts Hunt for Ugandan Rebel Leader

Media Boss Sentenced for Rwanda Genocide
Snag Hits 'Rwandans vs. French Army' Trial
Eritrea, Ethiopia Trade Blame for UN Cutting Troops
Burundi Rebels Intensify Attacks as Peace Talks Go On
UN Boosts Ivory Coast Force
Angola Reconstruction Could Cost $60 Billion
OPEC Unites Against Venezuelan Rhetoric
Chavez: Carlos the Jackal 'A Good Friend'
Race to Win Peru Election Closer Than Expected
Peruvians Brace for Possible Unrest Ahead of Sunday's Election
Race Is Wild Card in Peru Runoff
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Sordid History of US Latin America Policy
The Latin American Roots of US Imperialism
The Intelligent Lover of Radical Liberty
Power Grab
Will the Real Patriots Please Stand Up?
The War Tapes Provides a Soldier's Eye View of the Days Over There

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Spooks and Libya

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Did Rumsfeld Lie – and When?

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Why We Cannot Talk With Hamas

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