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Zarqawi: The Man and the Myth: Justin Raimondo
Nation-Building Disaster Avoided: Doug Bandow
War Criminal Nation: Paul Craig Roberts
'Killing Won't End Violence': Glantz/Hassan
Meddling in Turkey: Christopher Deliso

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Updated June 9, 2006 - 11:29 PM EDT
White House Sees Opportunities
Iran Confirms Stepping Up Nuclear Activities
Iraqis: Zarqawi Killing Won't End Violence

The Short, Violent Life of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi

Was Zarqawi Betrayed by His Fellow Sunnis?
Curfew Ordered After Zarqawi Killed
US Won't Meet Iraq Troop Cut Goal This Year
Israeli Artillery Kills Nine Beachgoers, Including Children
After Attack, Hamas Armed Wing Cancels Truce With Israel

US Disapproval of Iraq War at New High

Zarqawi Initially Survived Massive US Attack

CIA Efforts Backfire in Somalia

Zarqawi's Dead? Great – Let's Go Home!  by William Norman Grigg
Semper Why? One More Illusion Down the Drain  by John R. MacArthur
Meddling With the Status Quo in Turkey  by Christopher Deliso
War Criminal Nation  by Paul Craig Roberts
Bloodbath Beyond the Green Zone
by Patrick Cockburn
Good News, Not Great Progress
by David Corn

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The Zarqawi Files

General's Zarqawi Death Announcement

FBI: 'No US Threat' After Zarqawi Death

Zarqawi Death Reignites Troop Level Debate

Families of Haditha Victims May Have Been Offered Hush Money

Lieutenant Becomes First Commissioned Officer to Refuse Deployment to Iraq

Plame Case: What Ashcroft Was Told
Zarqawi: A Life Drenched in Blood
Zarqawi Killed

US Shows Photos of Battered Zarqawi

Zarqawi Death Gives Iraqi PM Major Boost

Experts: Zarqawi's Death Not a Severe Blow to al-Qaeda

Ex-Terror Czar: Zarqawi Death Won't Speed End of Iraq War

After Zarqawi, No Clear Path in Weary Iraq

Zarqawi Leaves Gap but Insurgency Will Outlive Him

Will Zarqawi's Death Fuel the Insurgency or Diminish It?

US Envoy Warns of Zarqawi Backlash

Zarqawi 'More Powerful as a Myth'

Zarqawi's Rise to Iraq Militant Leader

In the Mideast, Zarqawi Has Inspired Admiration, Revulsion, and Confusion

A Chilling Portrait, Unsuitably Framed

Finding Zarqawi

General: Tip Came From Zarqawi's Own Network

Jordan Info Helped Lead US to Zarqawi

US Tracked Down Zarqawi After Following His Deputy

Video Rant Gave Clue to Zarqawi's Location

Zarqawi: Iraqi Reactions

Iraqis Meet Zarqawi's Death With Joy, Fear

Shi'ites and Sunnis Are Divided by Militant Leader's Demise

Al-Qaeda in Iraq Vows to Continue 'Holy War'

For Iraqis, a Painful, Familiar Beat Resumes

Joy in the Streets: 'A Day of Festivity'

Zarqawi: World Reactions

Bush Declares Zarqawi's Death a 'Decisive Victory'

Father of Beheaded Man Blames Bush, Not Zarqawi

Hamas Mourns Zarqawi

Relatives Mourn Zarqawi

Karzai Hails the Death of Zarqawi

Howard: Zarqawi's Death 'Great News'

Australian FM 'Delighted' at Zarqawi's Death

Attacks Continue

Bombings Kill at Least 40 in Baghdad

Iraq: Athletes Targeted for Sectarian, Religious Reasons

Developments in Iraq June 9
Developments in Iraq June 8
Iraq Today

Iraq Swears in 3 Key Security Ministers

A Glance at Iraq's New Security Ministers

Iraq's Powerful Shi'ite Cleric Deepens Religious Ties With Iran

Iraqi Ties to Iran Create New Risks for Washington

US: Trying to Stop Gay Killings in Iraq 'Doesn't Make Sense'

Murdering Iraqis

Boston Globe: US Payoffs to Families of Dead Iraqis Has Skyrocketed

When Children Are 'Collateral Damage'

Iraqi Farmer's Body Exhumed for Evidence


Nine Dead in Afghan Attacks

NATO Vows to Pursue Afghan Mission as Violence Grows

Canadian Base in Kandahar Comes Under Rocket Fire

Taliban Take the Fight to the Country

Three Afghan Civilians Injured in Latest US Vehicle Crash
South Asia

Maoists Pile Pressure on Nepal Govt

Kashmiri Leader Charged With Sedition

Elders Losing to Extremists in Pakistan

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Asking Pakistan for Military Assistance

Tamil Rebels Refuse to Meet With Sri Lankan Delegation


34 Injured in Four Explosions in India's Restive Northeast

US Suggests New Plan to Settle Nuclear Deal With India


EU Soldiers Arrive as Tensions Mount Ahead of Congo Polls

Nigeria Group Frees Korean Hostages

UN Sees Hope in Sudan Rejection

Uganda Rebels Arrive for Sudan Talks

Zimbabwe Denies Its Soldiers Are in Congo

Short Lives Lead to Short-Term Goals in Zimbabwe


UN Troops, Gangs Clash in Haiti

Defeated Nationalist Candidate Threatens Street Protests in Peru


Iran Restarted Nuclear Activities, Atomic Agency Says

Iran: Western Preconditions Impede Progress

EU Chief Optimistic on Iran Crisis

Bush Overture to Iran Splits Israel, Neocons

Broadcasters Hope to Ignite Iran Opposition

Iran's Political Football

Iranian, US Women Call for Peace


US Cool on Somali Courts' Denial of Terror Ties

Warlords Advance Toward Somali Capital

Somali Islamists Declare War on Warlords

Somali Islamists Tighten Grip on Mogadishu

Somalia Islamic Leaders Meet UN-Backed Interim 'Government'

War on Terror: Canada

Attacks Are Directly Tied to Our Mission in Afghanistan, Canadian Terrorism Expert

Canadian Official: Internet, Not Afghan Presence, Cause of Terror Threats

Report: Canadian Terrorists Planned Truck Bomb Attack

Lawyer: 'Terror Training' Was Just a Paintball Game

War on Terror: Britain

New Laws 'Have Not Made the UK Safer'

UK Police Infiltrate Internet Terror Network

London Muslims Bristle Under Police Occupation

London Police Forced to Apologize for Terror Raid

Global War on Terror

Detainee: Gitmo Clash Involved Koran Search

Swiss Claim Terrorists Plotted to Blow Up Israeli Passenger Jet

Turkey: Anti-Terror Law Used Against Peaceful Activists

War at Home

Cheney's Office Declares Exemption From Secrecy Oversight

TSA Tries to Classify Critical Report

Two More Charged as China Agents Over US Navy Data

FBI Confidential Informant Also Said to Be Provocateur

Cusack Film Grew From Iraq Frustration

New Jersey GOP Chair Says Democratic State Senator Wanted Zarqawi to Live

Guard Troops Will Be Armed in Texas, New Mexico

United Kingdom

Acquitted Brit Soldiers Quit Army in 'Disgust'

British DM: No Proof Troops Killed 13-Year-Old Iraqi


Israeli Air Strike Kills Gaza Security Chief

Olmert Vows to Attempt Peace Talks With Palestinians

Abbas to Hold July 31 Referendum on Recognizing Israel

Fears of 'Regime Change' Policy After US Cancels Palestinian Talks

Palestinian Factions in Arms Race

God, the Moon, and Israel Govern the Destiny of Gaza's Fishermen

Israeli High Court Rejects Pollard's Petition to Act for His Release

Hating NATO

Britain, Ukraine Call off Joint Military Exercises Over NATO Strain

NATO Supporters, Opponents Clash in Kiev

US-UN Spat

Bolton to UN: Apologize for Belittling Americans or We'll Cut Your Funding

Annan Backs Deputy's Attack on Americans


Inside Russia's Caucasus Cauldron

Oil for West Bypasses Russia

Putin's Political Machine Digs In

Russian 'Torture Cell' Found in Grozny Cellar


China Sells Arms to Sudan, Myanmar

China, Russia Warn Against Deploying Space Weapons

Filipino Woman Storms Out of US Marines’ Rape Trial


Serbia Prepares New Offer on Kosovo Future

Croatia Not Expected to Enter EU Before 2010

Why Israel's Capture of Eichmann Caused Panic at the CIA

Middle East

US Urges Arab States to Use Oil Profits for Iraq

Lebanese Rivals Agree to Ease Tension


Justin Raimondo
Zarqawi: The Man and the Myth

Doug Bandow
For America, a Nation-Building Disaster Avoided

Charles Peña
On the Border

Nebojsa Malic
Serbia's Turn

Ivan Eland
Iranian Nukes: US Denies Reality

David R. Henderson
Reflections on Memorial Day, 2006

Praful Bidwai
India, US Tighten Nuclear Handshake

Alan Bock
Spooks and Libya

Ran HaCohen
Why We Cannot Talk With Hamas

Sascha Matuszak
Getting a Piece of the Pie

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