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War Crimes as Porn: Swanson/Engelhardt
Zarqawi and Lesser-Evil Politics: Joshua Frank
Iraq Ends Decline in Refugees: Jim Lobe
In Palestine, a War on Children: John Pilger
Prophets in Their Own Land: Michael Desch

Our poverty will be brought home to us to its full extent only after the war.
Joseph A. Schumpeter
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Updated June 15, 2006 - 11:14 PM EDT

Senate Rejects US Troop Pullout in Iraq

Congress Erupts in Debate on Iraq

US Death Toll in Iraq Reaches 2,500

Bush Admits Gitmo Should Close

US Cancels Gitmo Visits by Lawyers, Journalists

Al-Qaeda Power Struggle in Iraq

Iraq PM Proposes Amnesty for Militants

Maliki: New Offensive Will Show 'No Mercy'

Taliban Bomb Kills 10 in Kandahar

Sri Lanka Bus Bomb Kills 64

Most Americans Say Iran Only a Modest Threat

General: Baghdad Crackdown Finds Hostages, Weapons

Prophets in Their Own Land
by Michael C. Desch
Zarqawi and Lesser-Evil Politics
by Joshua Frank
Fitzgerald Leaves Questions Unanswered  by Dan Froomkin
At War With Iraqi Law  by David Luban
In Palestine, a War on Children
by John Pilger
Terrorist in a Bootleg T-Shirt
by Ray LeMoine

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Rice: US Invasions Don't Guarantee Democracy for Iraq, Afghanistan

Bush: Don't Expect Quick Turnaround in Iraq

Bush to Press World to Boost Iraq Support

Marine: Song About Killing Iraqi Family 'Only a Joke'

Italy Begins Troop Withdrawal From Iraq

Iraq Exodus Ends Four-Year Decline in Refugees
Caterpillar Pressured Over 'Weaponized Bulldozers'
Bush Rejects Calls for Pullout From Iraq
Attacks Continue

Car Bomb Kills 4 Despite Baghdad Security Crackdown

Bomb Blast and Flames - A Close Call in Baghdad

Insurgents Kill Pro-US Iraqi Journalist

Crowd Attacks Iranian Consulate in Basra

After Series of Attacks on Students, Iraq's Youth Fear for Their Lives

Developments in Iraq on June 15

Developments in Iraq on June 14

Iraq Today

Over 50,000 Iraqi, US Troops Guard Baghdad

New Baghdad Security Plan in Place but Iraqis See Few Changes

Violence Dips as Baghdad Crackdown Begins

New Iraq Interior Minister Vows No More Militias

Iraqi Shi'ites Protest Bush Visit

Iraqi Oil Shipments to Turkey Stopped

Occupying Iraq

Bush Says US Success in Iraq Depends on the Iraqis

Bush Trip to Iraq Was Shrouded in Secrecy

Some GIs Have R&R, Others Still Rough It in Iraq

Japan May Keep Its Troops in Iraq Longer

Interview: US May Have Tried to Cover-Up Killing of Pregnant Iraqi Woman

US Energy Secretary to Visit Iraq

Global Iraq Fallout

Republicans Make Iraq Part of Reelection Effort

Author Expects More Soldiers to Refuse Iraq Duty

Will Iraq Determine November's Election Results?

For Iraqis, Exodus to Syria and Jordan Continues

Iraq Conflict Fuels Rise in Global Refugees to 12 Million

60 UK Soldiers a Month Suffer Mental Illness in Iraq


Afghan Forces Kill 26 Taliban, Four Civilians Die in Rocket Attacks

US and Afghan Troops Launch Southern Offensive

2 Coalition Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan

Operations in Afghanistan at a Glance

South Asia

Indian Troops Kill Three Separatist Rebels in Restive Northeast

UN Says 3,000 Flee Sri Lanka

Nepal PM Says 'Monarchy to Stay'

Middle East

Saudi Arabia Provides Food Aid for 50,000 Palestinians

Yemen Arrests Pro-Opposition Singer

Morocco Cracks Down on Opposition

UN Says Lebanon Killings Likely Linked

East Asia

US Threatens North Korea Over Missile Tests

China Easing Its Stance on Taiwan

Taiwan Launches Charter Flights With China

China Tightens Control With State Secrets Law


EU Defends Planned Military Force in Congo

Eritrea Opens Talks to End Fighting in Eastern Sudan

Sudan Factions Sign Peace Accord With AU


Bolivia's Morales Spreads Nationalization Ideals

Farmers' Fears Highlight Growing Rift With Morales


World Cup Clash in Scarred Bosnia City

UN: Serbia, Kosovo Need to Compromise

With End of French School Year Comes Threat of Deportation

Russia and Her Neighbors

Strains at Russia-Georgia Talks

Azerbaijan, Armenia Vow to Continue Talks

US Policy Vexes Kazakh Dissidents

Russia Will Not Discuss Its Nuclear Weapons With US


Iranian FM Lauds Anti-Enrichment Incentives as 'Step Forward'

Europe Treads Softly on Iran Nuclear Issue

Iran President Arrives in China, Bringing Nuclear Issue to Summit

Gulf Arabs Create Contingency Plan for Gulf Blockage by Iran

Iran's Place at Summit Raises Fears of Anti-West Alliance

Khomeini's Grandson Calls for Other Countries to Overthrow Iran

War on Terror: Canada

Toronto Shrugs at 'Terror Threat'

Canadian Judges Weigh Appeal of Anti-Terror Law

Global War on Terror

Australia Angry as Cleric Freed

Out of Jail, Indonesian Radical Urges Islamic Unity

Amnesty Urges EU Countries to Prevent Torture Flights

Victim of London Anti-Terror Raid Thought It Was a Robbery

US Officials: Al-Qaeda Remains Threat

France Jails 25 for Attack Plot

Bugs Bunny Sparks Security Alert


Pentagon Ends Gitmo Tribunals in Wake of Suicides

Pentagon Rejects Outside Probe of Gitmo Suicides

Father of Gitmo Inmate Rejects Suicide Claim, Accuses US of Killing His Son

Italy to Talk Guantanamo, Iraq Pullout in Washington

Afghans Call for Release of 47 From Guantánamo

Afghan Delegation Insists Gitmo 'Humane'

Official: Gitmo Afghans Will Be Home Soon

Expert: Gitmo Aussie Subjected to Most Extreme Torture in CIA History

War at Home

Family Praises Marine in Haditha Probe

Antiwar Activists Jeer Hillary Clinton

World Poll: US 'Biggest Global Peace Threat'

Foreign Tourists Put Off by US 'Image Crisis'

ACLU Sues for Info on Pentagon's Database of Antiwar Citizens

Bush's Top Speechwriter Leaving the White House

Pentagon Rethinking Manual With Interrogation Methods


US-Backed Somali Warlord Defects to Courts Union

Court Militias Drive Somali Warlords Out of Last Holdout

Somali Parliament's Request for Foreign Troops Sets Up Violent Clash With Islamists

Islamic Fighters Control Southern Somalia

Mogadishu's Unfamiliar Calm

Somalia's Islamic Militias Reaching Out to the West

US Calls Hasty Meeting to Seek Somalia Solution

Palestinian Govt

Abbas and Hamas Try to Ease Fears of Civil War

Think Tank: Palestinians 'A Step Away' From Civil War

Palestinian Government Workers Storm Parliament

Palestinian FM Returns to Gaza With $20 Million in Suitcases

Death, Protests Mar Palestinian Crisis Talks

Gaza Beach Bombing

Israel Changes Tack, Says Old Shell Might Have Killed Civilians

UAE Official Wants to Adopt Palestinian Girl Whose Family Was Killed in Shelling

Annan: Results of Israeli Probe Into Gaza Beach Deaths Are 'Strange'


Olmert Says West Bank Plan Unstoppable

Israeli DM: We May Target Senior Hamas Officials

Living at Gaza's Edge Grows Perilous, Again

Hamas Cell Where Would-Be Martyrs Nurture Hope for Peace

Settlers Blamed as West Bank Olive Trees Are Damaged

Israeli Transportation Ministry to Allow Arabs to Fly Again

In Other News

Jesus Cartoons Could Draw Jail for Singapore Blogger


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Reflections on Memorial Day, 2006

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India, US Tighten Nuclear Handshake

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Why We Cannot Talk With Hamas

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Getting a Piece of the Pie

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