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The Assassins: Justin Raimondo
Why I Won't Renew With Amnesty: David Henderson
Iraq War Contrary to Conservatism: John Duncan
Americans Don't Want an Empire: Andrew Greeley
The Barriers to Mideast Peace: Scott McConnell

The spirit of resistance to government is so valuable on certain occasions, that I wish it to be always kept alive.
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Updated June 19, 2006 - 11:23 PM EDT
Grim Memo From US Embassy in Iraq
Rumsfeld OKs Deploying 15,000 to Iraq
Iraqis Plan Wide Amnesty to Quell Insurgency
US: North Korea Completes Fueling for Missile
3 US Soldiers Charged With Killing of Iraqis
Taliban Kill 32 Civilians, 10 More Missing
29 Killed in Spate of Monday Attacks in Iraq
7 US Troops Wounded Looking for Comrades
Iran 'Ready to Limit Nuclear Program'
Iran Shuns Talks With US Over Iraq
Somalia Claims US Urged Ethiopian Incursion
Soldier's Duty: Say No to Illegal War  by Michael Honey
Divided and Conquered: The Barriers to Mideast Peace  by Scott McConnell
We Can Only Win on the Middle Ground  by S.J. Masty
Iraq War Contrary to Conservatism
by Rep. John Duncan Jr.
Running on Empty  Baltimore Sun
The Power of the Israel Lobby
by Kathleen and Bill Christison

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Pardon Talk for Libby Begins
Olmert Rejects Probe Into Beach Deaths
Text of US Iraq Embassy Memo
After Bush's Visit: Maliki on a Tightrope
Iraq Pullout Would Be 'Disaster' for US: Bush Aide
US Troops Surround 'Rebel-Bastion' Ramadi
Gitmo Commander Insists He Was Being 'Too Nice' Before
Austria's Haider Says Bush Is a War Criminal
Somali Islamists Warn Ethiopia
Today in Iraq
Iraq: Role of Islam in Regional Constitution Sparks Debate
Iraq's Post-Hussein Air Force Finds Its Wings Clipped
Iraq's Disastrous 'Black Oil' Swamps
Iraqi Interpreters Looking to Settle Scores With Saddam
Iraq Occupation
Witness: US Troops in Iraq Taken Captive
US Widens Search for Two Soldiers Missing in Iraq
Missing US Troops in Area Where Many Live in Fear
Aussie Troops Await Orders for New Mission in Iraq
Father and Son Sergeants Off to Iraq
Attacks Continue
Sunni Mosques in Basra to Close After Cleric Killing
10 Bakers Kidnapped, 9 Other Iraqis Killed
Car Bomb Strikes University Students in Mosul
Iraq: With Rising Violence, Ramadi Residents Look for Safe Haven
Developments in Iraq on June 19
Developments in Iraq on June 18
Global Iraq Fallout
Iran Seeks Withdrawal of US-Led Troops From Iraq
Japan Says Could Announce Iraq Pullout
Corruption and Coalition Failures Spur Taliban Resurgence in Afghanistan
Riots in Kabul Underscore the Fragile Relationship Between Afghans and Their Liberators
Heavy Fighting in Afghanistan Displaces Thousands
Taliban Ambush of Afghan Police Convoy Kills Five
British Troops Kill Six Taliban Attacking Afghan Power Plant
Taliban's War on Schoolgirls
Two Militants Killed in Pakistan Near Afghan Border
India Buying Two Russian Spy Planes
Sri Lanka
Rebels, Sri Lankan Troops Locked in Battle
Sri Lankan Villagers Flee Military Patrol
Sri Lanka Violence Continues, 3 Dead, 2 Missing
Rebels Use Magnetic Mines Against Sri Lankan Navy
Rebel Visit Moves Nepal Closer to Peace
Nepal's Rebel Leader Comes Out From Shadows Into Spotlight
Nepal Ex-Ministers Freed by Court
North Korea
US Warns North Korea Over Missile Test – but Tested Own Missile Last Wednesday!
US Expects North Korea to Return to Nuclear Talks
North Korea Says It Will Boost Its 'Military Deterrent'
Japan Warns North Korea on Missile Test
Chinese Military Delegation Departs for US War Games
Indonesia Allows Aid Into East Timor
Philippines: Renewed Offensive Could Crush Insurgency in Two to Five Years
UN Urged to Impose Sanctions Against Myanmar
Australian Army E-Mail Sparks Furor
Australia Insists It's Not US Lap-Dog
Australia to Spend $2 Billion on Military Choppers
Why US Has Stake in Mexican Election
Mexican Candidates Tough on Drug Issue
Colombian Army Accused in Massacre of Drug Police
Premier Says China Is No Threat in Africa
Burundi President to Sign Truce With Rebel Holdouts
Ethiopia Accused of Invading Somalia
Somali Leaders Warned US of Strengthening Islamic Militia
Somali Militias Turn to Culture Wars
Somali Islamists Cement Control of South Amid Border Tension
UN Calls for World to End Somali Conflict
Somalia: Who Supports Who?
Iran Says Positive Atmosphere Helps Nuclear Row
Iran Says US Hinders Nuclear Compromise
Iran Rejects 'Preconditions' to Nuclear Talks
At the Heart of the United Front on Iran, Vagueness on Crucial Terms
Iran Protests France's Lifting of Ban on Armed Opposition
Iranians Volunteer to Die for Palestinian Cause
The War at Home
Senate Democrats Want Vote on Iraq Withdrawal Plan
Senators Spar Over US Commitment in Iraq
Spokesman: Bush Polls Don't Rule Iraq War
The Pentagon Project That Wouldn't Die
Data Mining Still Needs a Clue to Be Effective
Kappes Is Expected to Boost CIA Morale
Do Democrats Need to Be United on Iraq?
America Finds Gaps in Security Hard to Close
Translators: Smart, Skilled, and Shut Out by US
For Students, Cost of Protest Can Be High
Sheehan Supports US Deserters in Canada
UK 'War on Terror'
US 'Issued Alert' on 7/7 Bomber in 2003
How a Turf War Among the Spies Tipped Off the London Tube Bombing Mastermind
Informant Who Triggered Forest Gate Raid Was an 'Utter Incompetent'
London Marchers Demand Apology Over Raid
Palestinians in Crisis
Hamas Gives Aid Guarded Welcome
Palestinians Predict Breakthrough in Factional Talks
Four Months Into Aid Cutoff, Gazans Barely Scrape By
Abbas Urges Arab States to Help Block Olmert's Unilateral Plan
PA to Import Power From Egypt to Bypass Israeli Electricity Grid
Jordan, Egypt Demand End to Palestinian Infighting
Israeli Forces Raid West Bank Towns
Israel Court Rejects Barrier Route Change
Israeli Arab Officer Sentenced for Spying
Middle East
Kurd Group Blamed for Turkish Train Blast
Yemen to Help Rehabilitate al-Qaeda Terror Suspects
Saudi Women Unveil Opinions Online
Group Blasts Jordan for Lawmaker Arrests
Catalonian 'Nation' Votes for More Autonomy
Spanish PM Facing Crucial Test in Catalan Autonomy Referendum
Serbian Official Warns of Wider 'Domino Effect' if Kosovo Gets Independence
War Crimes Fugitive Mladic Was Hiding in Serbia but May Have Left
Chechen Rebels Move Fast to Replace Slain Leader
Victorious Slovak Leftists Vow to Break With Reforms

Britain Embraces Islamic Finance

United Nations
Enough Reform at UN to Avert Funding Crisis?

Justin Raimondo
The Assassins

David R. Henderson
Why I Won't Renew With Amnesty International

Praful Bidwai
Testing Times for Indo-US Nuclear Deal

Doug Bandow
Misguided Theology Makes Bad Foreign Policy

Ivan Eland
Probably a Plus for the Insurgency

Alan Bock
Another Dubious Turning Point

Charles Peņa
On the Border

Nebojsa Malic
Serbia's Turn

Ran HaCohen
Why We Cannot Talk With Hamas

Sascha Matuszak
Getting a Piece of the Pie

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