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Win One for the Gipper: Ivan Eland
The Iraqi Insurgency and Us: Dreyfuss/Engelhardt
Air Strikes in Afghanistan: Aargh!: William Lind
Who's Against a Nuke Ban?: Michael Carmichael
Deeper Into the Quagmire: Dahr Jamail

To defeat the aggressors is not enough to make peace durable. The main thing is to discard the ideology that generates war.
Ludwig von Mises
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Updated June 20, 2006 - 11:29 PM EDT
Iraqi Troops Killed 2 US Soldiers
Bush Warns Iran Not to Reject Offer
US: North Korean Missile Test Might Be an Attack
Bodies of Missing Gis Found, Were Tortured
13 Iraqi Farmworkers Killed by US Gunfire
Up to 40 Dead in Tuesday Attacks Across Iraq
Washington's Unwarranted Optimism Over Iraq
Japan PM Announces Iraq Withdrawal Plan
Israeli Air Strike Kills Three Children in Gaza
Iraq Group May Be Taking Insurgency Lead
Ramadi Residents Struggle to Survive
Three US Soldiers Charged With Killing of Iraqis
Who's Against a Ban on Fissile Material?  by Michael Carmichael
Atrocities in the 'Good War': A Tract for Today  by Robert Higgs
'Operation Forward Together': Deeper Into the Quagmire  by Dahr Jamail
The Iraqi Insurgency and Us
by Robert Dreyfuss and Tom Engelhardt
Air Strikes in Afghanistan: Aargh!
by William S. Lind
Iran's Rights Compromised  by Gordon Prather

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Global Military Spending Hits $1.12 Trillion
Italy May Try US Marine for Shooting Agent in Iraq
Tanker Inquiry Finds Rumsfeld's Attention Was Elsewhere
Cheney Stands by His 'Last Throes' Remark
Army Cancels Contract for New Iraqi Prison
'Coalition of the Willing’ Shrinks in Iraq
Taliban Kill 32 Civilians, 10 More Missing
Europe Still Sees US as Greatest Threat to Stability
US Troops Hunker Down in Eastern Ramadi, Looking for Insurgents to Show Themselves
Today in Iraq
Leaked Memo Reveals Plight of Iraqis
The Ugly Truth About Everyday Life in Baghdad (by the US Ambassador)
Maliki Says Iraqis to Take Over Province in July
Kurdish Students in Iraq Hopeful for the Future
Attacks Continue
29 Killed in Spate of Attacks in Iraq
Seven US Troops Wounded Looking for Comrades
Bomb Strikes Iraqi Army Convoy, Killing Five
Four Russian Embassy Officials Taken Hostage in Iraq
Developments in Iraq on June 20
Developments in Iraq on June 19
Trying to Try Saddam
Saddam Hussein Trial Winding Up
Iraq Prosecutors Request Death Sentence for Saddam
What's Next in the Saddam Hussein Trial
Global Iraq Fallout
Iraq May Cast Shadow on Bush's Europe Trip
Japan Offers Iraq Loans Amid Withdrawal Plans
Taliban Used Women and Children as Shields, British Troops Say
US Sets Up Mountain Post in Afghanistan
British Push Into Deep Southern Afghanistan Rebel Territory
In Tribal Pakistan, a Tide of Militancy
Pakistani With Ties to Afghan Govt Killed
Pakistanis Protest Over Journalist Killing
India Bans Sale of Military Fatigues in Troubled Kashmir
Three Killed, Six Injured in Kashmir Violence
Crossing the Himalayas: China Reopens a Passage to India
Sri Lanka
Villagers Decry Sri Lanka Forces
Sri Lanka Invites Tigers for Peace Talks
Sporadic Violence as Sri Lanka Remains Tense
More Australian Troops Head for East Timor
US Competes With China for Vietnam's Allegiance
Taiwan Willing to Liberalize Cross-Strait Trade
US and Russia Break Impasse, Renew Program for WMD Regulation
Turkish Rejection of Greek Cypriot Flights Risks EU Talks
Madrid on Fast Track to Begin Peace Talks With ETA
US Blocks Assets of Belarus President
African, Western Diplomats May Agree to Invade Somalia Depite Local Opposition
Somalia War Could Spread, UN Warns
Sudan, Eastern Rebels Agree to Stop Fighting
Darfur Rebels in Khartoum Visit
UN Official Accuses Sudan of Blocking Aid Access
Troops Deploy Across Nigeria City
Burundi Rebels Agree Truce Plan
Ethiopia: Ethnic Conflict Claims 100 Lives in the South
US Working to Block Venezuela's Security Council Bid
Venezuela Plans Rifle Factory to Defend Against US Attack
Colombia's Displaced Trickle Home
United Nations
New UN Human Rights Council Debuts Amid Hopes, Doubts
Rights Body 'Clean Break' for UN
US Says North Korea Completes Fueling for Missile
US Warns of Sanctions if North Korea Fires Missile
US Pushes Security Council on North Korea Missile Test
Several Nations Join US in Warning North Korea
Seoul to Start Raising Issue of North Korean Abuses
Iran Softens Stance on Nuclear Talks
Iran Tops Agenda for Bush, European Leaders
Oil Falls to $69 on Iran Nuclear Talk
Guantánamo Row to Cast Shadow Over EU-US Summit
Did the Pentagon Lie About Why It Barred Journalists From Gitmo After Suicides?
Guantánamo Detainees Unaware of Defense Lawyers
Father Demands Guantánamo Suicide Probe
Standoff in Yemen Over Gitmo Suicide
Hearing for Guantánamo Prisoner Delayed
'War on Terror'
Report: FBI Erred Widely in Moussaoui Probe
Defense Lawyers Shut Out as War on Terror Spawns Courtroom Secrecy
Chicago Court Hears Chilling Tales of Torture
British Agents Trace 7/7 Terror Links to Small-Town America
US-Canada Border Poses Daunting Security Problems
Architect Convicted on Terror Plan in Australia
The War at Home
Sen. McCain Warns of 'Irrational Exuberance' on Iraq
NSA, FBI, CIA Not Sure Who's Telling the Truth
Senate Democrats Coalesce Around Iraq Plan
Tuesday on PBS: Dick Cheney and the Dark Side
Families Anxiously Await Confirmation of Missing Soldiers' Status
Poll: No Change, Majority in US Says Iraq War Futile
Poll: Americans Distrust Iran, but Back Talks
State Department's Zoellick Resigns
Rowley Criticized Over Moussaoui Probe
Albright: Iraq Invasion Encouraged Others
US Military
Pulling No Punches in Push for Navy SEALs
Iraq War May Add Stress for Past Vets
US Bases Okayed for Australia?
Governor: Troops to Patrol New Orleans
Eskimos Face Hard Times After Iraq Call-Up
Palestinians in Crisis
Hamas Ponders Sacrificing Ideology for Political Gain
Palestinians Get First Payday Since March
Driven by Hope, Gazans Rebuild Amid Turmoil
Palestinians Must Prevent 'Civil War': Islamic Conference
Mayor of Israel's 'Rocket Town' Wants Olmert to Quit
Israeli Army: News Lied About Beach Shrapnel's Origin
EU Skeptical on Israel Unilateral Borders Initiative
Israel Extremists Threaten Hell Over West Bank Pullouts
Israel, Palestinians Set to Gain Red Cross Membership
Israeli DM: Palestinian Concerns Should Force Rethink of Barrier
Three Schoolgirls Wounded in Ambush on Israeli Bus in West Bank
Amman Denies Reports of 'Crisis' in Relations With Damascus
Syria Increases Pressure on Political Activists
Middle East
Egypt in Fresh Crackdown on Brotherhood
Jordan's King Condemns Pro-Zarqawi Islamists

Justin Raimondo
The Assassins

Ivan Eland
Win One for the Gipper (Ayatollah Khamenei)

David R. Henderson
Why I Won't Renew With Amnesty International

Praful Bidwai
Testing Times for Indo-US Nuclear Deal

Doug Bandow
Misguided Theology Makes Bad Foreign Policy

Alan Bock
Another Dubious Turning Point

Charles Peña
On the Border

Nebojsa Malic
Serbia's Turn

Ran HaCohen
Why We Cannot Talk With Hamas

Sascha Matuszak
Getting a Piece of the Pie

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