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Odyssey to America: Justin Raimondo
Killing Iraqi Children: Jacob Hornberger
Extremism in the Balkans: Christopher Deliso
Empire's False Concern: Nebojsa Malic
Al Franken's War: John Walsh

The world should take notice when someone...with a fanatic mind and with powerful means, receives his marching orders from Heaven.
Rodrigue Tremblay
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Updated June 21, 2006 - 11:09 PM EDT

85 Iraqi Workers Abducted by Gunmen

21,000 Called Up for Iraq Deployment
US May Try Shootdown of N. Korea Missile
Iraqi Troops Killed Two US Soldiers

Lawyer for Saddam Abducted, Shot to Death

GIs Accused of Killing 15 Iraqi Farmers

US-Led Troops Mistakenly Kill 3 Afghan Police

8 US Troops Face Charges for Murder of Iraqi

Six Killed in Afghanistan Truck Bomb Blast

US Plays Down Iraqi Adviser’s Forecast of Troop Withdrawal
Democrats Divided on Withdrawal of Troops
Three Children Killed by Israel Air Strike on Gaza
Taliban Foe Fiercer Than UK Expected, Commander Says
The China Hawk With
Rumsfeld's Ear
 by Soyoung Ho
Complexities of Islamic Extremism in the Balkans  by Christopher Deliso
Washington Post Smears War Critics, Again  by Robert Parry
'Every Rocket Was a Painkiller'
by Stewart Nusbaumer
Al Franken's War  by John Walsh
This Time, Let's Listen to Blix on WMD  by John Burroughs

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Soldiers' Families Upset First Word of Bodies Came From Iraqis
US Soldiers' Bodies Mutilated, Booby-Trapped
Kurds Stuck in No-Man's Land
UK Military Hid Saudi Oil-for-Arms Deal From Parliament
Bush's Unpopularity in Europe Hangs Over Summit
US Effort to Rehab Image Falls Short
Foreign Intervention in Somalia?
Sudan President Vows to Resist UN Forces in Darfur
Japan's Face-Saving Exit From Iraq
Today in Iraq
Iraq Govt Says No Major Ramadi Offensive
US Fuzzy on Iraq Aid Pledges
Iraq Gets 'Coalition of the Reluctant' as Allies Retreat
Zarqawi's Successor Gets Credit for Killing Troops
Another 'Top al-Qaeda Man' Killed in Iraq
Iranian Kurdish Refugees Find Shelter in Northern Iraq
Attacks Continue
40 Dead in Tuesday Violence Across Iraq
Suicide Bomber Hits Senior Citizens in Iraq

Developments in Iraq on June 21

Developments in Iraq on June 20
Global Iraq Fallout
Chechen Rebels Ask Iraq Group to Free Russians
Bush to Partners in Iraq: Pay Up
Three Iraqis on Trial in Germany for Plot to Kill Allawi
New Iraq Mission 'May Be Last' for Australia
Aussie Opposition Wants Intelligence on New Iraq Mission Made Public
Romanian Soldier, Turk Among 24 Killed in Afghanistan
US Expects More Afghan Violence
Bloodshed in Afghanistan as US Launches Largest Military Offensive Since 2001
Blast Hits US-Led Coalition Convoy in Afghan South
US Troops Fight Off Taliban Attack
Iranian Hanged for Bombing in Afghan Border Town
Tribal Clash Kills 12 in Northwestern Pakistan
Oil Tanker Explodes Near Pak-Afghan Border
Congress Moving Toward Action on US-India Deal
Seven Villagers Die in India Maoist Attack
Little Progress in Kashmir Peace
Indian Kashmir on High Alert for New Bus Service
Sri Lanka
Sri Lankan Rebels Set to Defend Territory
Sri Lanka Rebels Recommit to Truce, Monitor Safety
Sri Lanka’s Tamils Turn to Smugglers to Flee Conflict
Nepal Peace Deal Ignites Fresh Debate Over King’s Role
Talks Start on Drafting Interim Nepal Constitution
Prisoners in Nepal Protest in Bid for General Amnesty
Nepal Marches Toward Stability
Chinese Observers Watch US Wargames
China Blocks Search Engines of Popular Chinese Portals
Surgery Saves Life of China Activist After Plea for Help
East Timor
East Timor PM Denies Allegations of Arming Guerrillas
East Timor Orders Arrest of Ex-Minister
UN Seeks to Expand East Timor Mission
Somali Warlord 'President': Global Islamists Behind Takeover
US Seeks Dialogue to End Standoff in Somalia
Western Films Banned by Somali Courts Union
Algeria Hit by Guerrilla Violence
Genocide Charge for Rwanda Ex-Minister
Charles Taylor Arrives at Hague Prison
Bangladesh March Broken Up
Coca Production Increases in Colombia
Colombia's Displaced Trickle Home
National Guard to Serve in Kosovo
French 'Dog of War' Spared Jail
North Korea
US Makes Missile Defense System Operational
US Steps Up Efforts to Stop Korea Missile Test
North Korea Insists It Can Test Missiles
China Silent on North Korea Missile Test
Japan on High Alert Over North Korea Threat
The Long Reach of North Korea's Missiles
US May Seek North Korea's Further Isolation
US and North Korea Compete for China's Support
Iran Weighing Response to Nuclear Offer
Iran's Gray Area on Nuclear Arms
Saudi Official Says Oil Price Could Triple in Event of Military Conflict Over Iran
Persian Populist Wins Arab Embrace
'War on Terror'
Monitors Go Unwatched at Tampa Port
Exposing the CIA's Italian Kidnapping Plot
US Vows to Respect Human Rights in War on Terror
EU to Quiz Bush on Prison, CIA Flights
Police Got Phone Data From Tricky Data Brokers
British Suicide Bomber 'Linked to New York Mosque'
Man Acquitted of Terror Charge in Arkansas
Arab-Americans Sue US Over Border Treatment
The War at Home
Some Bush Critics Want Tougher US Approach to Iran
Senate Ready to Debate Iraq
On Iraq, Kerry Again Leaves Democrats Fuming
Can the Democrats Unite on Iraq?
Frist: Surrender in Iraq Not a Solution
Federal Contracts Up 86% Under Bush; Halliburton Rises 600%
Some Iraq Cost Metrics on a One-Year Anniversary
US Military
Defense: Pentagon Grilled Marines Hard in Iraqi Civilian Death
Pentagon Lists Homosexuality as Disorder
Woman Soldier Claims Sex Harassment in Iraq
Stress Disorder Seen Soaring Among Returning Troops
US Conducts Military Maneuvers Off Guam
US Bucks Pledge, Continues to Pursue New Land Mines
Palestinians in Crisis
Abbas Demands End to Rocket Attacks, Israel Steps Up Threats
Jailed Hamas Official: If We Win PA Chair, We'll Talk With Israel
Hamas Says Delays Motion Against Abbas Referendum
Cautious EU Welcome for Palestinian Referendum Plan
Olmert, Abbas to Talk at Jordan Conference
Bomb-Struck Sderot Sending Its Children Away
Israeli Town Shuts Down to Protest Attacks
Muslim Nations Challenge Red Cross Move on Israel
Settlers Hurl Rocks at Israeli Arab Entering Settlement
Middle East
Egypt Mediation With Syria Rejected by Jordan
Egypt Releases Blogger Jailed for 45 Days After 'Insulting' President
Syria's Activists Face Intimidation Trials
Arab Govts Remain Uneasy on Gitmo
Venezuela Fights US Bid to Keep It Off UN Panel
US Denies Pressure on Chile to Vote Against Venezuela
Bolivia Denies Venezuelan Military Interference
Cuba Hails US Absence From UN Rights Panel
Argentina Holds 'Dirty War' Trial

Justin Raimondo
Odyssey to America

Nebojsa Malic
Empire's False Concern

Ivan Eland
Win One for the Gipper (Ayatollah Khamenei)

David R. Henderson
Why I Won't Renew With Amnesty International

Praful Bidwai
Testing Times for Indo-US Nuclear Deal

Doug Bandow
Misguided Theology Makes Bad Foreign Policy

Alan Bock
Another Dubious Turning Point

Charles Peña
On the Border

Ran HaCohen
Why We Cannot Talk With Hamas

Sascha Matuszak
Getting a Piece of the Pie

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