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The Price of American Gullibility: P. C. Roberts
The Misuse of US History: Bacevich/Engelhardt
Indo-US Nuclear Deal: Praful Bidwai
The Myth of al-Qaeda: Michael Hirsh
Nation Breaking: Joe W. Guthrie

Historically, the most terrible things--war, genocide and slavery--have resulted from obedience, not disobedience.
Howard Zinn
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Updated June 29, 2006 - 11:18 PM EDT

Supreme Court Blocks Gitmo Trials

Israel Ups Assault, Arrests PA Officials

Residents Flee in Terror from Israeli Army

Israel Bombs Interior Ministry in Downtown Gaza

Iraqi Violence Claims 64 More Lives

Iraq Insurgents Offer Truce for '08 US Exit

US Casualties Rising in Iraq

Kidnapped Settler's Body Believed Found

Romania PM Orders Iraq Pullout

Israeli Warplanes Buzz Assad's Palace

Gaza Militants Say Fired Chemical-Tipped Warhead

US Military Admits Killing Civilian in Iraq Raid

Cost of Iraq and Afghan Wars to Top Half a Trillion in 2007

Cold War Relic in Pieces, but Next Generation Looms

The Misuse of American History
by Andrew Bacevich and Tom Engelhardt
The High Price of American Gullibility  by Paul Craig Roberts
Disgracefully Attacking the Messenger  by Robert Scheer
Nation Breaking  by Joe W. Guthrie
Greetings From Ground Zero  by Wally Conger
Imperial Fairy Tales  by Priyamvada Gopal

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Israel Threatens to Kill Exiled Hamas Leaders

Kidnapped Israeli Soldier's Dad: Invading Gaza Is Wrong

Syria Says Defenses Fired on Israeli Jets

Israeli Strike Leaves 700,000 Without Electricity in Gaza

Marine Recruiter in F. 9/11 Killed in Iraq

Over 500 Reports of Sexual Assault Among US Troops in Iraq and Afghanistan

New Tape: Osama Speaks on the Death of Zarqawi

Putin Orders Russian Special Forces Hunt for Hostage-Killers in Iraq
Iraq Today

Duma Blames US Over Execution of Russians in Iraq

Man Held Over Iraq Shrine Bomb

Iraq Rules Out Amnesty for Those Who Kill

Foreign Hostages in Iraq

US Military Officials: Shi'ite Iraqi Militia Regroups Into 'Gang of Thugs'

Iraq Says al-Qaeda Militants Killed Iraqi Reporter

Iraq Blames al-Qaeda for February Shrine Attack

Haircut, Shave Can Mean Life or Death in Baghdad

Fear and Posing in Baghdad

Iraq Oil Output Highest Since Invasion

Iraq's US Envoy Wants to See Cousin's Death Report

Occupying Iraq

Iraqi Forces Will Not Be Independent for Some Time: General

Intelligence-Gathering in Iraq Relies on US Soldiers' Detective Work

US Expects to Meet Iraq Training Deadline

Turkey Urges US to Crack Down on Kurds in Iraq

Australian DM: No Timetable on Iraq

Attacks Continue

Iraq Mosque Wrecked in Sectarian Attack

Developments in Iraq on June 29

Developments in Iraq on June 28

Military 'Justice'

Marine Won't Face Charges for Song About Killing Iraqi Family

Iraq Charges Test US Military Justice

Death Penalty Shadows Iraq Murder Charges

Global Iraq Fallout

Japan Defense Chief: Iraq Was a Lesson

Hussein Paid South Korean $2.5 Million, US Says

Taliban Makes a Comeback

Rice Promises Victory Over Taliban

US General: Strong, Sophisticated Taliban Emerging

They're Back: A New, Vicious Taliban Take Shape in Afghanistan

Two British Special Forces Killed During Attempt to Capture Taliban Leaders

Intelligence Officers Widen the Net in Hunt for Taliban


American General Warns of Threats to Afghanistan’s Viability

Afghan Civilians Caught in Escalating Southern Conflict

UK's Afghan Mission Is Failing, Says Drugs Body

US Policy on Afghan Mission Costing Canadian Lives, Think Tank Says

Canadian Commander Dismisses Report Criticizing Mission in Afghanistan

Poppy Cultivation Unlikely to Decline in Afghanistan This Year

Pak-Afghan Tensions

Rice Seeks to Ease Pakistan-Afghanistan Tensions

Pakistan to Deploy 10,000 More Troops Along Border With Afghanistan

South Asia

Tigers, Navy Clash as Bomb Scares Panic Sri Lankan Capital

India's Sri Lankan Predicament

Nepal Becoming Alternate Route for Militants to Sneak Into Kashmir

Indian, Bangladeshi Forces Trade Gunfire


Nepal's Parliament Sworn in as King Sidelined

Nepal Rebels Seek Release of Comrades Held in India

Nepal Rebels Still Killing, Says US


India on Power Trip as Nuke Deal Advances

House Vote Lifts India Nuclear Deal Hopes


Somali Islamists Extend Olive Branch to US

Annan Hopes Pressure at African Union Summit Sways Sudan Leader

Ethiopia Says Somalia 'A Threat'

Namibia Vows Not to Go the Way of Zimbabwe

Nigerian Oil Dispute Flares Into Full-Scale Revolt


Ugandan Disbelief at Rebel War-Crime Denial

Ugandan Rebel Offers End to Slaughter

Israel Lashes Out

Olmert: Israel Won't Balk at 'Extreme Action' to Rescue IDF Soldier

Israeli Missiles Pound Gaza Into New Dark Age in 'Collective Punishment'

Gaza and Syria Feel Israel's Fury

Israeli Troops Enter West Bank Town

Palestinians Prepare to Battle Israeli Troops in Gaza

Israeli Troops Capture Palestinian Labor Minister in Gaza

White House Again Repeats: Israel Has Right to Defend Itself

US Urges Israel Not to Harm Civilians in Gaza Raid

EU: Israel and Palestinians Must Step Back From the Brink

Israel Denounces EU Over Abbas-Hamas Deal Comments

Israeli Hostages

Israel Rejects Hostage Deal

Hamas PM: Israeli Invasion Worsening Hostage Crisis

Hamas Praises Abduction but Denies Role

Hamas Vows Not to Bow to Israeli Pressure

White House Presses for Israeli Soldier's Release

Probe: IDF Knew Militants Planned Abduction Via Tunnel

US Brushes Off Iran Pessimism on Talks

EU-Iran Nuclear Meeting Postponed Until After G8

German DM: Iran Should Be Allowed to Enrich Uranium for Power

Khamenei Appoints Body to Oversee Iran’s Foreign Policy

Iran Condemns Nine to Death Over Bombings

Some See Iran's Faculty Exodus as a New Purge

War on Terror

UK Human Rights Ruling Leaves Anti-Terror Law in Tatters

Spooks Seek Rich Picture of al-Qaeda

Terrorist Funds-Tracking No Secret, Some Say

Supreme Court Rules Against Foreign Suspects' Rights

Terrorists Use Children's Toys to Make Bombs


Guantánamo Officials Say They Can't Stop All Suicides

Guantánamo Inmates Hid Pills, Nooses

Public Support for Guantánamo Drops in US

War at Home
Bush Accuses Some Democrats of Surrender on Iraq

Senate Rejects Flag Burning Ban

ACLU Objects as Two Companies Offer Pentagon 'Mind Reading' Technology

US Cybersecurity Chief May Have a Conflict of Interest

East Timor

Burning Timor on Brink of Civil War

Mob Torches Homes in East Timor

New Violence Breaks Out in East Timor

Middle East

Algeria Says Amnesty Has Convinced 200 Islamist Fighters to Lay Down Weapons

Leaders Resume Talks on Hezbollah Arms

Saudi Envoy to US Says Kingdom Will Have Democracy, but Not Like US

Kuwait Election

Kuwait's Shi'ites Vie to Keep Sunni Extremists Out of Parliament

Vote for Women Adds to Uncertainty in Kuwait Poll


Australia Will Support US Action Against North Korea Over Missile Test

China Warns US Against Attacking North Korea

Hong Kong Protesters Demonstrate Against Beijing Official's Visit


Russia Is a European-Style Democracy, Putin Aide Insists

Russians Bet Ruble Will Rise to Status of Dollar, Euro, Yen

Serbian PM Defiant Over Kosovo

EU Members Urged to Admit to CIA Renditions

Brussels in Push for New Powers

Montenegro Joins the United Nations


Colombia Rebels Willing to Release Hostages

Bolivians Prepare for Vote to Rewrite Constitution

Mexican Voters Split by Pull of Polar Opposites


Justin Raimondo
The Cabal, Outed

Praful Bidwai
Indo-US Nuclear Deal Clears First Hurdle

Nebojsa Malic
End of Delusions

Ivan Eland
Give Iran Positive Incentives to Halt Its Nuclear Program

Ran HaCohen
The Ideology of Occupation Revisited

Doug Bandow
Readings in the Age of Empire

Charles Peña
Why Liberals Can't Win the War on Terror

David R. Henderson
Why I Won't Renew With Amnesty International

Alan Bock
Another Dubious Turning Point

Sascha Matuszak
Getting a Piece of the Pie

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