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The Mess We Made in Somalia: Justin Raimondo
The Meaning of July 4th: David Henderson
It's Happening Here: William Norman Grigg
Financial Surveillance Goes Too Far: James Bovard
'Conservatives' Condemn Freedom: Lee Shelton

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Updated July 3, 2006 - 11:27 PM EDT
The Military's Objection to Attacking Iran
North Korea Warns of Nuclear War if Attacked
Ex-GI Charged With Murder, Rape of Iraqis
Sunni Bloc Continues Boycott of Parliament
New Shi'ite Group Vows to Fight GIs in Iraq
Iraqi Armed Groups Reject Maliki Plan
Militants Issue Deadline on Israeli Soldier
Olmert Unleashes Israeli Military on Gaza
Israel Has 'No Idea' Where Kidnapped Soldier Being Held
Senator: Court Ruling Means GIs Could Be Accused of War Crimes
'Conservatives' Condemn Freedom of the Press  by Lee Shelton
The Israeli Government Is Losing Its Reason  Ha'aretz
Financial Surveillance Goes Too Far  by James Bovard
It's Happening Here  by William Norman Grigg
Advantage, Rule of Law  by Deborah Pearlstein
Did Bush Commit War Crimes?  by Rosa Brooks

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Seymour Hersh on Prospects for War in Iran
Iran to Respond to Nuclear Offer in Late July
Details Emerge in Alleged Army Rape, Killings
Iraq Industry Ministry Denies Police Kidnap Report
Saddam's Wife, Daughter on Most-Wanted List
Jordan Stands by Saddam Daughter Despite Iraq Extradition Call
Israeli Military Favors Freeing Prisoners Who Aren't Terrorists
Peres: Hamas Officials to Be Tried
Israeli Rally Opposes Gaza Offensive
Mexico's Presidential Election Too Close to Call
Baghdad Morgue Out of Space
Today in Iraq
Iraqi PM: War on Terrorism Is Fight for Iraq's Existence
Iraq Clerics Say Rape Case Shows 'Ugly America'
Kurdish Cities Suffer From Power Shortage Following Redistribution
Lawyer: Charges Against Saddam's Kin 'Baseless'
Hundreds of World Cup Fans Enjoy Peaceful Show in Iraq
'Iceman' Iraq's Most Wanted
Attacks Continue
At Least 11 Iraqis Killed in Sunday Attacks
Another Iraq Woman Lawmaker Targeted by Gunmen
Clashes in Sunni District of Baghdad
Developments in Iraq on July 3
Developments in Iraq on July 2
Zarqawi's Legacy
Zarqawi's Widow Claims Militant's Allies Sold Him Out to Take Heat Off bin Laden
Zarqawi Buried in 'Secret Location' in Baghdad
Transfer of Zarqawi’s Body to Jordan Demanded
Iraq Occupation
US Troops Try Courtesy in One Iraqi City
Iraq Night Watch: A Young Marine Reflects on Life
Global Iraq Fallout
Iran's Ahmadinejad Plans to Visit Iraq
Australia Used War Support as Bargaining Chip With US
Australia's Other War in Iraq
Saudi Rights Official: Gitmo, Iraq Damage US Credibility
Journalists Besieged Over Iraq, Terror News
British Commander: More UK Troops 'Likely to Die' in Afghanistan
Two British Soldiers Among 23 Killed in Afghanistan
Germans Ready to Fight Back in Afghanistan
Coalition in Afghanistan Rejects Reports on Civilian Casualties
Fears Over UK's Afghan Mission as More Troops Die
Pilot Killed as Coalition Helicopter Crashes in Afghanistan
Hague Questions Poppy Mission of British Troops
Eight Taliban Militants Killed in Southern Afghanistan
Afghan Govt Probes Lawmaker Beating
Legislators Step Up Protests Against Pakistan's President Musharraf
Pakistan Tribal Rebels Blow Up Railway Track to Iran
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Entering 'Low-Intensity' War
Tamil Tigers Training Civilians for War With Sri Lanka
Freelance Journalist Gunned Down in Sri Lanka
Tigers Slam UNICEF Over Child Soldier Claims
US May Cut Millions in Aid to Nepal
Nepal Maoist Leader Slams US Threat to Cut Aid
China & Her Neighbors
Report: China Eyes North Korea Talks
Tibetan Exiles Protest China's New Rail Link to Tibet
Tibetan Dissident to Accuse Chinese of Torture and Genocide
Two Dead, More Than 100 Injured in Bangladesh Protests
Five Rebels, One Soldier Killed in Kashmir
South Korea Dispatches Boat to Survey Disputed Waters: Report
Thousands in Indonesia Protest Israel Gaza Actions
After 30 Years, Khmer Rouge to Face Judges
Russia & Her Neighbors
Ploy May Let Putin Stay in Control
Putin Calls for Voice for Opposition
After Break From Moscow, Georgia Feels Its Pull Again
Russia Clings to Arctic Cold War Outpost
ETA Faction Hails Talks With Spain
Serb: US Agents Searching for Mladic
War Dead Remembered on Fields of France
Bolivia's Morales Suffers Setback
Support Troops Theme Causes Social Group to Drop Float From Canada Day Parade
Drug Probe Targets Aristide
Commander: Most Gitmo Prisoners 'No Longer Any Use'
All Eyes on Guantánamo
Pakistan Officials to Check on 29 Held at Guantánamo
Congress Ready to Set Law for Gitmo Trials
Australian FM Tells Prosecutor Who Wants Gitmo Detainee Returned to Mind His Own Business
Frenchmen Released From Gitmo Face Trial in Paris
15 Judiciary Democrats Seek Hearings on Guantánamo
UK 'War on Terror'
MI5 Secretly Investigating 8,000 Suspected 'al-Qaeda Sympathizers'
British Parliament: Iraq War Making It Hard to Fight Terrorism
UK Chancellor Seeks 90 Day Detentions Without Charge
UK Report Warns on Iraq, Afghan Security
MPs Condemn Blair on Terror Powers
Police Step Up Patrols for Anniversary of 7/7
7/7 Victims Are Bionic Surgery Pioneers
BBC Let Intelligence Agents Vet Staff
Poll: Britons See US as Vulgar Empire-Builder
US 'War on Terror'
Bin Laden Message Likely Authentic: US Official
Stanford's 'Dr. Doom' Has Terrorism Figured Out – on Paper
NY Times Editor: Bank Program Not New
A History of Publishing, and Not Publishing, Secrets
The War at Home
GOP Aims to Use a War to Win an Election Battle
FBI Losing Senior Agents to Private Sector
Pentagon Sets Sonar Exercise Despite Whale Lawsuit
Iran Finds 'Ambiguities' in Western Plan
Iran, EU Envoys to Discuss Nuke Package
Iran Denies Cruise Missile Purchase From Ukraine
Opponents of Iran Regime Find Their Voice in Paris
Assault on Gaza
Both Sides in Gaza Standoff Have Much to Lose
Israeli Troops Storm Nablus Hospital
Five Palestinians Wounded in Israel Hospital Raid
Hamas Threatens to Attack Israeli Schools if Gaza Incursion Continues
Hamas Armed Wing Threatens to Resume Attacks in Israel
Gaza Hunkers Down
Gaza Families Count the Cost of Israeli Siege
'The Children Wake Up Screaming. I Am Worried It Will Damage Them'
'I'm Not Sure Your Army Cares Where the Shells Hit'
Captive Israeli Soldier's Fate Hits Close to Home for Mother of Six Sons Detained by Israel
Olmert Says Israel Won't Allow Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza Strip
Israel Allows Some Aid Into Strike Zone
Palestinian Cabinet Reshuffled After Israeli Arrests
Israeli Agents Foiled Previous Bid to Capture a Soldier
Israel's Occupation of Gaza Never Really Ended
Germany to Approve Israel Arms Deals
Information From US Companies Helped Israel Locate Terror Cells
Global Gaza Fallout
Palestinian PM Asks World to Stop War
UN: Israeli Operations in Gaza Could Displace 25,000
UN Rebukes Israel After Air Attacks on Civilian Buildings
Annan: Gaza Attacks 'Inadvisable'
Pope Calls for Peace Talks Between Israel and Palestinians
Kuwait Emir Reappoints Outgoing PM Amid Opposition Warning
Somalis Wary of bin Laden Tape
Mistaken Entry Into Clan Dispute Led to US Black Eye in Somalia
Congo's Jungle Terrorists Disband
Ahmadinejad, Chavez Hailed at African Union Summit

Justin Raimondo
Somalia: A Case Study in Interventionism

David R. Henderson
The Meaning of July 4th

Doug Bandow
Fiddling While Afghanistan Slides Away

Praful Bidwai
Indo-US Nuclear Deal Clears First Hurdle

Nebojsa Malic
End of Delusions

Ivan Eland
Give Iran Positive Incentives to Halt Its Nuclear Program

Ran HaCohen
The Ideology of Occupation Revisited

Charles Peña
Why Liberals Can't Win the War on Terror

Alan Bock
Another Dubious Turning Point

Sascha Matuszak
Getting a Piece of the Pie

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