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A Story I Never Wanted to Tell: Aaron Glantz
Wile E. Coyote's 4th of July: Charles Peņa
Nuking Iran: Not Off the Table: Jorge Hirsch
To Be or Not To Be a State?: William S. Lind
What a Mess: Gordon Prather

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Updated July 6, 2006 - 11:29 PM EDT

US, Allies Seek Punishment for N. Korea

NBC: North Korea Preparing New Missile Launch

Air Strikes, Clashes Kill 22 in Gaza Assault
Seventh North Korean Missile Intensifies Furor

15 Killed Across Iraq

Israel Orders Troops Into Residential Areas of Gaza
Italian Spy Director Arrested Over CIA Kidnap
Will Missile Tests Lead to New Talks?

London Bomber, Zawahiri, Warn UK in 7/7 Video

The Nuclear Option Is Not Off the Table  by Jorge Hirsch
Europe Turns a Blind Eye to the CIA
by Tony Wesolowsky
The Timid Times and the Rabid Right  by David Corn
What a Mess  by Gordon Prather
To Be or Not To Be a State?
by William S. Lind
Blood on Our Hands  by Greg Mitchell

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A Driven President Faces a World of Crises

White House: Missiles Pose No US Threat

Experts Speculate on Missile Failure

Israel Fears High Price for US Strike on Iran

Pragmatism May Trump Zeal as Iran's Power Grows

Zarqawi Cell Phone Could Implicate Iraqi Officials

Iraqi PM Demands Rape-Murder Probe

New Slovak Govt Confirms Iraq Troop Withdrawal

Israel Shelves West Bank Withdrawal

US Afghan Raid 'Kills 35 Taliban'

Italians Seeking Arrest of Three CIA Agents

Oil Prices Climb to Record Above $75

Doctors Angry as Marines Storm, Occupy Ramadi Hospital Cited as Militant Haunt
Attacks Continue
Wednesday: 18 Killed in Attacks Around Iraq

In Ramadi, Fetid Quarters and Unrelenting Battles

In Basra, State of Emergency Provides Little Relief From Violence

US-Led Forces Raid Ramadi Hospital

Developments in Iraq on July 6

Developments in Iraq on July 5

Murdering Iraqis

Iraqi Rape and Murder Case Puts Washington on the Spot

Officials: Accused Ex-GI Had 'Antisocial Personality Disorder'

Inquiry Into Iraq Killings Focuses on Supervision of Soldiers

US Sees Possible Links Between Incidents in Iraq

Iraq Today

Iraq Asks Arab States to Cancel Saddam-Era Debt

Iraq Hopes to 'Silence' Saddam's Wife, Daughter

Iraqi Lawmaker's Kidnappers Issue Demands

Baghdad's Morgue Overwhelmed

Pro-US Kurds Eye Nascent Islamic Parties

At Baghdad University, Finals Not the Hardest Test

Occupying Iraq

Inspector General Stresses Iraq Spending Accountability

Iraq Fallout

Army Charges Officer Who Refused Iraq Duty

Panel Orders Abu Ghraib Documents From Pentagon


Bombs Target Afghan Government Workers

Afghan Officials Destroy 40 Tons of Confiscated Narcotics

Afghan Conference Mulls Fresh Measures to Disarm Militia

Hard Times for Hamid Karzai

Sixth British Soldier Killed as Taliban Lay Siege to Base

Blair to Troops: Spend What You Want in Afghanistan

Sri Lanka

Explosion Kills Sri Lanka Soldier

Sri Lanka Braces for Bloodshed as Rebels Honor Suicide Bombers

Sri Lanka Conflict Beckons India to Help

South Aisa

Security Forces Kill 25 Militants in Balochistan

Musharraf Promises to Resign if People Withdraw Their Support

Three Injured in Kashmir Explosions


Video Shows 'Arabs' Fighting in Somalia

Somali World Cup Viewers Killed


Senior Burundian Rebels Captured


Canadian Military Officials Slam Ban on Press Coverage of Repatriation of Dead Soldiers

Venezuela Military Displays New Weaponry

Venezuela Joins Mercosur Trading Bloc

Bolivian State Autonomy Narrowly Defeated, but Eastern States Vote Overwhelmingly in Favor

Bolivia Sees Progress in Relations With Chile


Historic India-China Link to Open

East Timor Rebels Hand in Weapons

Thousands Fleeing Fighting in Philippines

UN Calls on Russia to Protect Chechen Civilians

New Train to Tibet Will Mean Influx of Chinese Commerce and Culture


Egypt's Independent Papers to Strike Over Lack of Reforms

Taboo-Smashing Film Breaks Egypt Records

North Korean Tests

North Korea's Missile Salvo to World

North Korean Launches Put US Missile Defense System to Test

North Korea Says It Can Cope With 'Provocation'

North Korea Missile Tests Suggest Range

A Look at North Korea's Missile Arsenal

North Korea: World Reaction

World Condemns North Korea Missile Tests

Japan Resolution Would Condemn N. Korea

China, Russia Resist North Korea Sanctions

Russia Joins US in Calling North Korea's Missile Launches 'Provocation'

North Korean Missile Test to Go Unpunished

Bid for Attention Alienates Friends and Enemies

Test Firings Linked to Closure of Foreign Banking Channels

South Korean Reaction

North Korean Test-Firing Undermines South Korean Policy

North's Actions Shock South Korean Citizens

Seoul Investors Remain Calm


Iran Puts Off Nuclear Talks for Fear of 'Assassins'

Exiled Iranian Opponent Says West Appeasing Iran

Assault on Gaza

Tanks Move Into Gaza After Second Rocket Hits Israel

Northern Gazans Flee Homes in Anticipation of Israeli Invasion

Policeman, Militant Killed by Israeli Shelling

West Bank Militants Rattle Sabers Over Gaza

Egypt Islamists Call on Arabs to Expel Israeli Envoys

UN: Gaza Siege Tramples Human Rights

Mideast Clashes

Hamas Ready to Compromise if Israel Swaps Prisoners

Hamas Fired New Rocket From Old Israeli Settlement

Israeli Police Foil Suicide Bombing; Militant Shot Dead in Jericho

Killers Target Hamas Officials


Israel Keeping Blacklist of Palestinians Who Might Sue to Get Their Land Back

US Army Sparks a Fashion Craze in Militant Gaza

'War on Terror'

Bond Denied for Suspects in Sears Tower 'Plot'

Pakistan Says Trail Cold in bin Laden Hunt

Main Yemeni al-Qaeda Operative Re-Captured

Al-Qaeda in Saudi Arabia Rejects Amnesty Offer

Secret UK Terror Dossier Found in a Ditch

Putin Seeks to Start Anti-Terror Offensive

Russia Toughens Anti-Terror Bill

French Agents Questioned Detainees in Guantánamo

United States

Friends Rallying to Defend DIA Spy

UN to Review Alleged US Human Rights Abuses

Consultant Breached FBI's Computers


Projection Shows Government Losing Macedonia Vote

Majority of Polled Bosnian Serbs Back Secession

British Dismantling Last N. Ireland Tower

Family of UK Soldier Who Died During 'Punishment Run' Want Inquiry


Justin Raimondo
Taking Out Lieberman

Charles Peņa
Wile E. Coyote's Fourth of July

Nebojsa Malic
Crime and Punishment

Ivan Eland
Pols, Not the Press, Should Exhibit Prior Restraint

David R. Henderson
The Meaning of July 4th

Doug Bandow
Fiddling While Afghanistan Slides Away

Praful Bidwai
Indo-US Nuclear Deal Clears First Hurdle

Ran HaCohen
The Ideology of Occupation Revisited

Alan Bock
Another Dubious Turning Point

Sascha Matuszak
Getting a Piece of the Pie

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