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Mumbai: Gathering the Pieces: Praful Bidwai
Iraqis Call for Timetable: Aaron Glantz
Terror's New Faces: Ehsan Ahrari
Bush Faces Major Choice: Jim Lobe
China Feeds US Its Own Medicine: Thalif Deen

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Updated July 13, 2006 - 11:09 PM EDT

Israel Escalates in Lebanon, 57 Dead

Bush Defends Israeli Attack on Lebanon

Hezbollah Rockets Strike Haifa

Israel Bombs Beirut-Damascus Highway

Israel: Hezbollah to Move Abductees to Iran

US Options Limited as Mideast Crises Spread

N. Korea Walks Out of Talks, South Freezes Aid

Attacks Across Iraq Kill at Least 14

Maliki: Iraqis Have 'Last Chance' for Peace

Plame Sues Cheney, Rove, Libby Over CIA Leak

US Terror Targets: Petting Zoo and Flea Market?

Indian Official: Death Toll in Train Bombings Hits 200

Iraqis Call for Timetable, America Cracks Down  by Aaron Glantz
Does India Have a Right to Invade Britain?  by Roger Howard
Lieberman Echoes Most Outrageous Propaganda  by Paul Campos
Terror's New Faces  by Ehsan Ahrari
Aggression Under False Pretenses
by Ismail Haniyeh
Bad Ad, Worse Product  by Tom Porteous

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Novak: My Role in the Plame Leak Probe

Battle Looms in Congress Over Military Tribunals

US Gets a 'Dose of Its Own Medicine' From China
Bush Faces Major Choice Amid Israeli Escalation

Iraq PM Again Talks of Revisiting Immunity

Iraqi PM Prepares to Shut Down 'Biased' Media

East German City Sealed Off for Bush Visit

Israel Targets Lebanese Infrastructure
Attacks Continue

20 Bodies Found in Iraq, 9 Others Killed

Iraq Faces More Massacres

Gunmen Hunt Down Civilians in Mosul

Iraq PM: Insurgents Trying to Split Baghdad

Revenge Cycle Fragments Iraqi Capital

Iraqi Leaders Ask Why Violence Goes On

US General Says Shi'ite 'Death Squads' Fanning Iraq Unrest

Developments in Iraq on July 12

Iraq Today

Iraqis to Take Control of First Province This Week

Saddam on Hunger Strike for Five Days

Iraqi Women: US Soldier in Rape Case 'A War Criminal'

Report: Iraq's Sadr Critical to Stability

Iraq May Cut Trade Ties With Australia Over Bodyguard's Death

Occupying Iraq

Rumsfeld Makes Unannounced Visit to US Base in Iraq

US Envoy: Leaving Iraq Would Mean Civil War

US Envoy Gives Iraq Six Months to Curb Sectarian Violence

Army Nixes Halliburton Iraq Contract


Market Bombing Kills 2 Afghan Civilians

Afghan Official Wants to Increase Army 5-Fold

Pakistan FM Annoyed at Afghan Finger-Pointing

More British Troops Leave for Afghanistan


Frustrated World Powers Send Iran to UN

Russia and China Inch Toward Iran Sanctions

Rice Calls Iranian Response 'Disappointing'


Six Wounded in Fresh Attack on Tourists in Indian Kashmir

Grenade Attacks Dim Kashmir Tourism Hopes

Basayev: Dead Again?

Basayev's Latest Death His Most Mysterious Yet

'Basayev’s Death Will Not Change Anything'

Is Chechen Conflict 'Over'?


Islamists Handed Mogadishu Port

Somalia's Islamists Demand Control of Government Facilities


Colombia Seeks to Rein in Rights Watchdog

Colombia's US Ambassador Quits Over Political Flap


Body of Canadian Soldier Arrives Amid Controversy

Cuba Warns Dissidents Against Accepting US Money

Venezuela-Owned Citgo to Stop Selling Gasoline to Hundreds of US Stations

Middle East

US, Egypt Agree to Hold Frequent Talks

Crisis Eases Between Jordan Govt, Islamists

Five Killed in Algeria Attack


Ukraine's Pro-Democracy Reforms in Doubt

Awkward Power-Sharing Likely in Ukraine


Bush in Europe With Spate of Issues

US to Scout Missile Sites in Czech Republic

Serbia Rejects Independent Kosovo

Army on Low Alert as Orangemen Parades Begin

EU Warns Turkey on Press Freedom

Auschwitz Name to Be Changed to Deflect Polish Blame


Putin Calls Cheney's Criticism of Russia 'An Unsuccessful Hunting Shot'

Putin Rebuffs 'Colonialist' West

Russian Opposition Asks G-8 to Push Putin

Putin Signs Measure Reducing Military Duty

Foreign Interest in Oil Firm Seen as Victory for Putin

Bush Urged to Be Cautious of Russia Joining WTO


Australian Veterans Minister Blames Hogan's Heroes for POWs' Difficulties

Khmer Rouge Chief 'Flees Genocide Trial'

Israel Invades Lebanon

Israel Bombards Lebanon as Top MP Calls for End to 'Restraint and Diplomacy'

Lebanese PM: Govt Was Unaware of Hezbollah Raid

Hezbollah Supporters Watch From the Wings

Regional Tensions Fuel Lebanon-Israel Clashes

Residents of Border Area Want Potent Response to Hezbollah

Sign That Crisis Is Regional, Not Just Israel vs. Palestinians

Factfile: Hezbollah

Israeli POWs

Peres: Israel Won't Pay Ransom for Soldiers

Hezbollah: Prisoner Will Be Returned Through Talks, Not Violence

Family of Lebanese Detainee in Israel Hopes for Swap

Annan Demands Release of Captured Israelis

Defiant Lebanese Brace for Israeli Strike

Germany Contacts Leaders About Hezbollah Kidnappings

Mubarak: Soldier Mediation Sabotaged, Will Not Say by Whom

Israel Invades Gaza

Israeli Use of Poisonous Material Alleged

Top Hamas Leader Hurt in Israeli Bombing

Israeli Military Official: No Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza

Severe Shortages Stymie Life in Gaza

Girl Survivor of Gaza Beach Tragedy Arrives in UAE to Live

Hamas PM Slams US Mideast Policy

Syria Entangled

Syrian Diplomat Blames Israel for Violence

US Blames Syria, Iran for Israeli Kidnappings


Muslims and Hindus Unite in Backlash Against Terrorists Who Bombed Mumbai

Mumbai Riders Get Back on Rickety Trains

Kashmir Group Scrutinized in India Attacks

Kashmiri Militants Deny Carrying Out Mumbai Attacks

Anti-Terror Squad Says 'Big Power' Behind Mumbai Train Bombs

India Searches for Answers in Debris of Blasts

Al-Qaeda 'Probably' to Blame for Indian Train Bombings

India Slams Pakistan for Linking Mumbai Blasts to Kashmir Dispute

India Train Blasts Echo Madrid Attacks

Asian Civilians Increasingly at Risk From Bombings

North Korea

South Korea Warns North Korea Not to Test Missiles

Republicans Seek Steps Against North Korea

US Warns North Korea Against 'Isolation'

Pyongyang Open to Talks if US Ends Sanctions

China, Russia Float Own Plan on N. Korea

War on Terror

Mich. Rep: Intel Leakers Deliberately Helping al-Qaeda

Australian FM: US Was Always Using Geneva Convention

US May Want More Bank Data

DHS Touts Convenience as International Travellers to Be Checked Against Terror Watchlist

Detainees 'Get Rights'

Geneva Policy Won't Halt US Interrogations

House Committee Chairman: Granting Rights to Detainees May Not Be Practical

Will US Military Treat Detainees Differently Now?

Pentagon Lawyers Warn Against Giving Detainees Real Trials

War at Home

Senate: How Much Leeway for Bush?

Patient Diplomacy Rising in Bush II

Justice Dept Lawyer: The President Is Always Right

GAO Report Faults Bush Iraq Strategy

Intelligence Center, Contractor on Cozy Terms

AWOL Soldier's Cause Gets a Hand From Powerful Women's Advocate

Top Cyber Security Post Still Unfilled After a Year


Justin Raimondo
Russia's Fifth Column

Praful Bidwai
Gathering the Pieces After the Mumbai Blasts

Ivan Eland
The Worst Post-World War II President?

Alan Bock
Reality-Based Recommendations

Doug Bandow
Can't We Drop Even One Alliance?

Charles Peña
Wile E. Coyote's Fourth of July

Nebojsa Malic
Crime and Punishment

David R. Henderson
The Meaning of July 4th

Ran HaCohen
The Ideology of Occupation Revisited

Sascha Matuszak
Getting a Piece of the Pie

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