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The Lebanon Conundrum: Charles Peña
What It's All About: Christopher Deliso
Role for Reality in US Policy? Michael Scheuer
Israel Accused of War Crimes: Jim Lobe
Fury Felt for Generations to Come: Karma Nabulsi

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Updated August 3, 2006 - 11:22 PM EDT

12 Killed in Deadliest Day for Israel


Israel to Push to Litani, Warns Beirut Residents to Flee

  Civilian Death Toll Mounts: 900 in Lebanon, 27 in Israel
  Israel Threatens Destruction if Tel Aviv Attacked
  US to Train, Equip Lebanon Army
  UN Again Postpones 'Pointless' Talks
  US, UK Ready to Back Cease-Fire

Israel Prepares for Massive Invasion


Israel Resumes Airstrikes on Beirut


Rights Group Accuses Israel of War Crimes


40 Lebanese Killed in Israeli Strikes


Israeli Troops Carving Out South Lebanon Buffer Zone

  Israeli Tanks, Bulldozers Enter Southern Gaza, 8 Palestinians Killed
Top US General: Iraq Civil War 'Possible'
  GIs Say Officers Ordered Killing of Young Iraqis
  US Troops Accused of Killing Iraqi Detainees Refuse to Testify
  10 Killed by Roadside Bomb in Baghdad
Bush Seeks Expanded Military Tribunal Role

Top Military Lawyers Oppose Bush Plan for Special Courts

Suicide Bomb Kills 20 Civilians in Afghan South
  Four Canadian Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan
Is There a Role for Reality in US Foreign Policy?  by Michael Scheuer
Hezbollah's Attacks Stem From Israeli Incursions Into Lebanon  by Anders Strindberg
We're All Enemy Combatants Now
by Aziz Huq
What It's All About  by Christopher Deliso
Thanks for the Sanctions  by Jacob Weisberg
The Never Ending Saga of Phase II
by David Corn

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First Two Weeks of Israeli Strikes on Lebanon (map)

Present Conflict Reminiscent of 1982 Lebanon Incursion

Murtha Denies Libeling Marine

Pentagon: Haditha Civilians Shot Deliberately

US Troops 'Smiled Before Killing Detainees'

Iraq President to Move Against Kurdish Rebels

US to Supply Food With One Hand, Arms With Other

Concern Mounts That This Is a War Israel Is Not Going to Win
Today in Iraq

Thousands of Shi'ites March Against Violence in Baghdad

Iraq President Vows Security Takeover This Year

Coalition Official: Sectarianism, Crime Tainting Iraq Police

Turk Kidnapped in Iraq in June Released

Iraq Businesses Shut Down Due to Violence

Victorious Iraqi Soccer Chief Driven Into Hiding by Threats

Journalists Call for Inquiry Over Iraq Deaths

For Iraqis, a New Rule of Life: Don't Trust Anyone in Uniform

Attacks Continue
Wed. Violence Kills 53 People in Iraq

Police Kill 15 Insurgents in Iraq

General: Attacks on the Rise in Anbar

Developments in Iraq on Aug. 3

Developments in Iraq on Aug. 2

Murdering Iraqis

Soldier Says Comrades Forced Him to Lie About Iraq Killings

Soldier Accused of Iraqi Civilian Murders Confirms 'Target List' Competitions

Media Restrictions Imposed in Iraq Case

Occupying Iraq

Britain Likely to Hand Over Basra in '07

Aussie Troops Complain: Iraq Is Hot, It Stinks, and People Shoot at Us


Danish Camp in Afghanistan Attacked

More Canadian Troops Arrive in Afghanistan

Afghan President Picks 5 for Cabinet

Armed Forces Chief Warns of More British Deaths in Afghanistan

Concern as South Korean Christians Gather in Kabul


Iran VP: Country Still Considering Offer

Iran's Threat to Cut Oil Flow in Nuclear Dispute May Backfire

Sri Lanka

Fighting in Sri Lanka Worsens, 128 Dead

Warfare Intensifies in Sri Lanka

Muslims Flee Sri Lanka Fighting

Heavy Fighting Forces Out Sri Lanka Cease-Fire Monitors

South Asia

Grenade Blast in Kashmir Wounds 12 People

India: 52 Terror Camps in Pakistan

US Disputes Report on New Pakistan Reactor

Pakistan Says 'Very Positive' Attitude to Peace Talks With India

Reports: Nepal Maoist Chief Meets PM to Discuss Arms


We Are Ready for War, Congo Rebels Warn

Foreign Observers Hail Congo Poll

Warlord Leads Incumbent in Congo, Election Observers Report


Four More Ministers Resign From Somalia Government

Exodus of Somali Ministers Puts Power in Islamists' Hands


Lawmakers Call on Bush to Name Envoy to Monitor Sudan Peace


In Cuba, Question Keeps Popping Up: Where's Raúl Castro?

Castro's Younger Brother Is Focus of Attention Now

With Castro Ill, US Tweaks Anti-Boatlift Plans

US Urges Cubans, Exiles to Stay Put

Cuban-Americans Keep the Hyphen


Chávez Seeks Anti-US Military Alliance

Under Fire, Mexico Leftists Vow More Vote Protests

Blast Kills 6 in Colombian National Park


Thailand's Malay-Muslim Insurgency Gaining Ground

China's Military Looks to Outer Space

Philippine Army Kills Five Rebels in Clashes

Southern Thailand Struck by Violence

Children of Japan Bomb Victims Seek Recognition

Central Asia

Trial Suspect Speaks of Kazakh Coup 'Plot'

Georgia: NATO Entry Would Help Russia Ties

US Expels Kyrgyz Diplomats


Germany Releases Stasi Files on Cold War Politicians

Yushchenko Mulls Disbanding Parliament

Latvia Expels Belarus' Diplomat

Long War Feared Amid Political Deadlock
US Feels the Pressure for Quick Cease-Fire in Lebanon

Israel Talks Peace as Offensive Rages

Olmert: Attacks Will Continue Until International Force Arrives

Troop Contributors to Meet on Lebanon

Egypt Promoting South Lebanon Force

Aid Groups Call for Cease-Fire in Lebanon

Assault on Lebanon
  Lebanese Forces May Play Some Role in War

17 Killed in Israeli Assault on Baalbek

Israelis Snatch 5 Hezbollah Men from Baalbek

Killing in Lebanon Reflects Firepower Imbalance

Massacre at Qana

Israeli Military 'Assumed' Qana Building Was Empty

Rights Group Disputes Qana Death Toll

Arab League Supports Egyptian Proposal on Int'l Probe Into Qana Incident

Israel at War
Olmert: Hezbollah Infrastructure Totally Destroyed

Olmert Under Fire for West Bank Pullout Comment

Settlers: Won't Serve in Lebanon if Aim Is to Advance West Bank Pullout

Hezbollah Rocket Reaches Farthest Point Yet

Israeli Nature, Wildlife Also Victims of Rockets


Israel Launches Wide-Scale Operation in Southern Gaza

2 Killed in Israeli Airstrikes in Gaza
Gaza Crisis 'As Bad as Lebanon'

Israel Targets Reputed Palestinian Arms Smuggler's Properties

Police Brace for Clashes in Jerusalem Over Shrine Visit

'Crippled Hezbollah' Manages to Fire Over 200 Rockets Into Israel

Hezbollah Leader Nasrallah Reaching 'Legendary' Status

More Than 25 Years Later, Militant Still Atop Hezbollah's List for Swap

Despite Being Homeless, Refugees Vow Allegiance to Hezbollah

Among Militia's Patient Loyalists, Confidence and Belief in Victory

Push to Drop Hezbollah From Australian Terror List

German Paper: Iran Frees bin Laden Son to Fight With Hezbollah


Israel Staggered Call-Ups to Calm Syria

Syrians Give the Lebanese VIP Treatment

Assad, Iraqi Speaker Discuss Boosting Relations

Hezbollah's Helping Hands in Syria

Today in Lebanon

Israeli Bombs Leave 1/3 of Lebanon's Coast Choked With Oil

Safe Passage for Lebanon Fuel Aid

Baalbek Residents Bury Those Slain in Israeli Raid

Bodies Still in Ruins of Lebanon Homes

The South Lebanon Town Where 'We Are All Terrorists'

Believing Bombing Over, Lebanese Paid High Price

Reporter Sees No Choice but to Help in Lebanon as Cease-Fire Expires

Fuel May Be Running Out, but the Falafel Still Flows

Global Lebanon Fallout

Blair Flies Back to a Gathering Storm Against His Mideast Stance

British Labor MPs 'Very Critical' of Israel

Jordan, Egypt FMs: Violence Could Lead to Mideast Chaos

Saudi Arabia Criticizes US Policy Over Lebanon

Critics Debate if Israel's Response Is Justified

Bill Will Let Visiting Lebanese Stay in US Past Visas

Blogworld Goes Into Hyperdrive Over Lebanon Conflict

Chirac and Villepin More Popular at Home Over Lebanon Stance

War on Terror

Gonzales Holds Line on Terror Detainees

Border Agents Fail to Spot Fake Papers

Senator: US to OK More Detainee Rights

NY Times Receives Second White Powder Envelope


9/11 Live: The NORAD Tapes

9/11 Commission Seeks Criminal Probe of Pentagon for 'Deliberately Misleading'

9/11 Impaired Firefighters' Lungs

A Third of US Public Believes 9/11 Conspiracy Theory

War at Home

A Soldier Maimed by War Now Questions the Mission

Sen. Kennedy Calls for Fresh Intelligence on Iraq

Fries Are French Again on Capitol Hill

Future of Orthodox Jewish Vote Has Implications for GOP

US Military

Rumsfeld Says Army Is Better Now Than It Was in Previous Years

US Army Raises Age Limit for Enlistment Again


Justin Raimondo
Israel and 'Moral Equivalence'

Charles Peña
The Lebanon Conundrum

Nebojsa Malic
Serbia's Choices

Ivan Eland
Empowering Iran

David R. Henderson
Remembering Hiroshima

Ran HaCohen
'Respecting Lebanon's Sovereignty'

Alan Bock
Remember Iraq?

Praful Bidwai
Indo-US Nuclear Deal Sows Resentment, Rivalry

Doug Bandow
Endless Entanglements

Sascha Matuszak
Getting a Piece of the Pie

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