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War: The Great Clarifier: Justin Raimondo
Readings in the Age of Empire: Doug Bandow
Israel's Bid Is Failing: Ehsan Ahrari
The Day After the War: Uri Avnery
Winning the Propaganda War: Jonathan Cook

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Updated August 4, 2006 - 11:28 PM EDT
Air Strike Kills 33 Syrian Farm Workers

Israel Flattens Homes, Scores Trapped in Rubble

  Israel Starts Bombing Christian Areas
  Hezbollah Rockets Hit 50 Miles Inside Israel
  Israel Readies Deeper Push Into Lebanon

Israeli PM, DM at Odds Over Expanding Lebanon Invasion

  US to Train, Equip Lebanon Army, GIs Likely Headed to Beirut

Iran Admits Supplying Missiles to Hezbollah

  Nasrallah: We'll Stop if Israel Stops
  Israel Threatens Destruction if Tel Aviv Attacked

Wife of Abducted Soldier Asks for Help From Hezbollah Wives

  Hezbollah Leader Says Attacks Are Justified

Top Generals Cite Risk Of Iraqi Civil War

  Hundreds of Thousands of Iraqis Rally for Hezbollah
  US Watches Dreams of Transformation Dissolve

6 Marines Charged in Iraq Assault

  Deadly Friday Attacks Kill 27 Across Iraq
Israel's Bid to Reestablish Deterrence Is Failing  by Ehsan Ahrari
The Day After the War
by Uri Avnery
Flunking Counterinsurgency 101
by Judith Coburn and Tom Engelhardt
The Neocons' Next War
by Sidney Blumenthal
Children of a Lesser God  by Osamah Khalil
Lobbying for Armageddon  by Sarah Posner
Winning the Propaganda War
by Jonathan Cook
Ground to a Halt  by Robert Pape

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Olmert's War Easier to Start Than Stop

Israelis Criticize Olmert for His Handling of War

How Hezbollah Factor Will Determine an Iraq Civil War

Israel Making Same Mistake as US in Iraq, Say Strategists

Bush's Support for Israel Rooted in Emotion, Religion

Senate Asks Bush for Intelligence Update on Iraq

Two Marines Killed in Iraq's Anbar Province

Hezbollah Leader Nasrallah Reaching 'Legendary' Status
Attacks Continue

100th Journalist Killed in Iraq

Ten Killed in Roadside Bomb in Baghdad

Building Collapse in Iraq Kills Marine

Iraqi Police: US Troops Fire on Sadr Supporters, Injuring 16

US Military Increasingly Using Air Lifts to Avoid Roadside Bombs

Security Incidents in Iraq, Aug. 4

Developments in Iraq on Aug. 3

Talk of Civil War

UK Envoy: Civil War More Likely Than Democracy for Iraq

Iraqis Already Believe They're Living Through a Civil War

Iraq Today

In Iraqi Town, US Feels Push Toward an Exit

Iraq: Shi'ites and Sunnis Shelter Each Other

Insurgents Vow to Retake Fallujah

Running the Gauntlet in a Land of Militias, Insurgents, Soldiers, Gangs

Iraqi Economy's Fate Hostage to Unrest: IMF

Iraq to Talk With Big Oil Companies in Two Months

Iraqis Can Apply to US Military Academies

Turkey Seeks Extradition of Top Kurdish Rebel From Iraq

Japan Gives Iraq 30-Million-Dollar Loan

Murdering Iraqis

Officers Allegedly Pushed 'Kill Counts'

US Troops Accused of Killing Iraqi Detainees Refuse to Testify

US Soldiers Describe Comrades Killing Blindfolded Iraqi Men


Iranian President: Not Too Late for Resolution in Nuclear Dispute

Risks Rise for Iran as Conflict Continues

Ahmadinejad: End 'Zionist Regime,' End the War

Suicide Blast Kills 21 Afghans, 4 NATO Soldiers Killed

NATO and Afghan Troops Raid Village, 18 Taliban Killed

Kabul to Deport Korean Christians Over Safety Fears

Taliban Hinder NATO 'Ink-Spot' Strategy

Roadside Bomb Kills NATO Soldier in Afghanistan

Soldier in Afghanistan Committed Suicide Amid Call to Fort Irwin

North Korea

North Korea Building Missile Bases Targeting Japan

China Allows North Korean Refugees to Leave for the United States

Sri Lanka

Fresh Violence Claims Another 21 Lives in Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan Civilians Die in War Over Water

South Asia

Pakistan and US Sign Deal to Bolster Frontier Security

Terrorism Hits Domestic Tourists Flow to Kashmir

Five Rebels, Soldier Killed as New Fighting Flares in Indian Kashmir

Nepal Government and Rebels Fail to Agree on Weapons Handover


Congo Ballots Go Up in Flames

Harvard-Trained Doctor May Be Congo Powerbroker


Somali 'Government' Split Deepens

Rebel Leader Emerges From Ugandan Bush After 20 Years


Cuba Says Communists in Control No Matter What

Raúl Castro Stays Out of Sight in Cuba

Raúl Seen Relying on Force to Rule

Some Affection, Little Fuss in Havana

Cuba's Divided Dissidents Keep Low Profile

US Condemns Raúl Castro 'Imposition'

US Urges Change in Cuba, but Unrest a Concern

US Intelligence Pondering Post-Fidel Cuba


Annan Wants Haiti Mission Extension

Morales Seeks Radical Land Redistribution

Sweden Stops Arms Sales to Venezuela

Leftists Block Mexico Stock Market, Tempers Rise


Anti-West PM Returns in Ukraine

Ukraine's Orange Revolution Undone?


US Sees Progress in Cooperation With China

Koizumi Defends War Shrine Visits

Thai Insurgency Gaining Ground

Myanmar Thinking About Freeing Suu Kyi

Philippine Troops Charged Over Alleged Coup Plot

Evidence Mounts That French Nuke Tests Gave Pacific Islanders Cancer


Kosovo Compromise Still Possible

'Big Drop' in Chechnya Killings

United Kingdom

UK Antiwar Heckler Elected to Labor Ruling Body

Poll: Most British Oppose Replacement Nukes

London Police Chief Faces Questioning Over Menezes

In Other News

Judge Denounces, Fines Australian Antiwar Protester

Saudi Arabia Rejects Oil as Weapon of War


Rice Signals Possible Lebanon Compromise

US Says UN Resolution Nearer, Denies Stalling Diplomacy on Lebanon

US Slams UN Official for Criticizing Mideast Policy

Siniora Sees Little Chance of Early Peace

No Peace Without Hezbollah, Says Beirut

Italy Sees Iraq-Style Risk for UN Force in Lebanon

Olmert Asks UN for 'Real' Soldiers to Occupy Lebanon

Assault on Lebanon
Israel to Push to Litani, Warns Beirut Residents to Flee

Israeli Troops Battle Hezbollah-Civilian Blur

3 Weeks In, Hezbollah Surprises With Its Might

To Many in a Town Under Attack, Militiamen Are Defenders

The Uneven Calculus of Mideast Victory
Israel at War
12 Killed in Deadliest Day for Israel

Israeli 'Antiwar' Group Cheers Israeli War

Israelis Spend 'Saddest Day' Hiding

Detainees Accuse Israel of Abuses

Some Israelis See No Choice but to Remain


8 Palestinians Killed as Israeli Tanks and Bulldozers Enter Southern Gaza

Venezuela Withdraws Ambassador in Israel


EU Enlists Syrian Help With Lebanon Crisis

Israel Says It Bombed Syrian Arms Convoy for Hezbollah

Damascus Denies 'Promise to Influence Hezbollah'

UN Calls for Action After Lebanese Oil Slick Spreads to Syria


Jordan's King Says Arab Moderates Weakened

Abdullah 'Enraged by War'

Helping Lebanon

Official: Lebanon Reconstruction Can Start as Soon as War Ends

Lebanon Fuel Shortage Hampering Aid Efforts

Heavy Bombing Halts Rescue Work in South Lebanon

Southern Lebanon Village Receives First Humanitarian Food Delivery

UN Plans Tent Camp in Beirut for Displaced

Lebanese Relief Effort Stalled by Israeli Refusal of Safe Corridors

Suffering in Lebanon

Lebanon's Displaced: 1/4 of Pop. Hangs on as Aid Trickles In

Human Rights Group: Half of Gaza Fatalities in July Were Civilians

Baalbek: Not Exactly the Image of 'Terror Central'

Buried by Bomb, Mother Saved Lives in Qana

Nasrallah Is a Bad Name to Have in Lebanon, Youngster Finds

Traumatized and Afraid - 300,000 Children Who Want to Go Home

Lebanon Family Prefers to Die at Home Than Fleeing

Counting the Lebanon Dead Not So Easy

Little Respite in Lebanon — Even for the Dead

Global Lebanon Fallout

Former Diplomats Turn on Blair Over Lebanon

Mutiny Grows as Blair Admits Cabinet Dissent on Lebanon

Egypt Islamist Leader Says Ready to Send Fighters to Lebanon

Islamic Leaders Meet on Lebanon

Arab League Chief: Israel Attempting to Destroy Lebanon, Not Hezbollah

Southeast Asian Muslim Group 'Sending Suicide Bombers' After 'Jewish Interests'

Lebanon Could Overshadow Iran's Study of Nuclear Deal

US Lebanon Fallout

Lebanese Seeking Refuge in Michigan Fear They Will Be Sent Home

Detroit Charities Step in to Aid Victims in Lebanon, Israel

Boston Sisters Recount Lebanon Escape

Faces of US Muslim and Jewish Dissent

'No Evidence of Threat,' but Feds Step Up Activities in Detroit Over Hezbollah Fears

'War on Terror'

The Real Cost of the 'War on Terror'

US Treasury Names Suspected al-Qaeda Fundraisers

Citing National Security, Judge Halts Warrantless Wiretapping Lawsuit

Top Military Lawyers Unhappy With Bush Detainee Plan

The Debate on Airliner Defense

Alarms in US Airports Set Off by Radioactive Therapy

US Barring Entry to Academics Accused of Thought Crimes

Judge Agrees to Delay Trial of Jose Padilla

US Military

Pentagon Funding Bill Adds Billions

Military Insurance Scam Is Settled

Army: Second Son's Death Was Suicide

War at Home

9/11 Investigations Still Going On

Rumsfeld Warns Against 'Early' Iraq Troop Pullout

Senate Bill Would Thwart Press Leaks From Government Workers

New Poll Shows Lieberman Losing Ground


Justin Raimondo
War: The Great Clarifier

Doug Bandow
Readings in the Age of Empire

Charles Peña
The Lebanon Conundrum

Nebojsa Malic
Serbia's Choices

Ivan Eland
Empowering Iran

David R. Henderson
Remembering Hiroshima

Ran HaCohen
'Respecting Lebanon's Sovereignty'

Alan Bock
Remember Iraq?

Praful Bidwai
Indo-US Nuclear Deal Sows Resentment, Rivalry

Sascha Matuszak
Getting a Piece of the Pie

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