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As Israeli warplanes bomb Lebanese civilians, killing hundreds, the silence of the liberals is deafening – and appalling. Who will speak up for the victims of this immoral and dangerous war? We at are virtually alone in raising our voices in protest.

Congress passes a resolution that is almost unanimous, supporting the slaughter and refusing to criticize the inhuman tactics of the IDF. Our politicians, Democrats as well as Republicans, fall in lockstep behind the Israel lobby, and the president of the United States is actually egging on the aggressors, lending what is left of his moral authority to the massacre.

It’s outrageous – and the coverage of the war in the "mainstream" media reflects this pro-Israel bias. Arab lives, in their view, are just not worth the trouble of depicting the ugly truth – and so they refuse to air "disturbing images." Disturbing, that is, to Israel’s amen corner.

We at operate under no such restrictions: we don't answer to any lobby, and we’re committed to showing you the unvarnished facts. That’s what makes us such a valuable resource – one that you can’t afford to be without.

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Updated August 7, 2006 - 11:23 PM EDT
Israel to Expand War if No Truce Soon
UN Vote Delayed as 69 Lebanese Killed
  Bush Wants Fast UN Vote but No Israeli Pullout
  Lebanon Says 1,000 Dead or Presumed Dead
  5 Killed in Israeli Attack in Christian Lebanese District
  Senior Israeli Official Says 'There Won't Be Int'l Force in Lebanon'
  Rice Says UN Resolution Won't End All Fighting
  Israel Plans to Hit Wider Range of Lebanon Targets
  Reuters Withdraws All Photos by Lebanese Freelancer
Half of US Still Believes Iraq Had WMD
  Rice: Iraq Isn't Becoming Another Iran
  25 Killed in Monday Iraq Attacks
  Top Bush Aide: US to Pull Troops Out if Iraq Becomes Civil War
  No Good Military Options in Iraq: Leading US Senators
  Iraqi Doctor Tells US Hearing About Chilling Scene of Rape-Murder
Iran Says It Will Ignore UN Deadline on Uranium Program
Fog of War Is No Cover for Causing Civilian Deaths  by Kenneth Roth
No Matter What Blair Calls It, Iraq Is Falling Bloodily Apart  by Vicki Woods
News Media's Love-Hate for Nuclear Weapons  by Norman Solomon
Bunker-Busting the Nuclear Taboo
by Tom Engelhardt
A Terrible Thought: There Will Be Another 9/11  by Robert Fisk
Baghdad, Beirut, Doha  by Leon Hadar

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Vietnam Atrocities Went Unpunished
Verified Civilian Slayings
UK Army Head: Civilian Casualties in Lebanon 'Acceptable'
Beirut Lives On With Its Ill-Fated Charm
Israeli Finance Ministry: Attacking Lebanon Won't Require New Taxes
Iraq's Shias Going Their Own Way
US Evangelist Leads Those Seeking a Battle With Islam
GOP Chair: Candidates May Disagree on Iraq War Now
Italy Keeps Possible CIA Kidnap Documents Secret
Beirut: Another Generation Learns to Cope With War
Today in Iraq
US Sees Ethnic Strife – Not Terror – Tearing at Iraq
In Ramadi, the Battle Is Ever Changing
Iraqis to Take Control of Southern Province From Italians
Iraqi Government Reinstates Workers Purged After War
Attacks Continue
At Least 15 Killed in Suicide Bombing in Saddam's Hometown
3 US Soldiers Killed in Iraq Bombing
Australian Injured in Iraq
Security Incidents in Iraq, Aug. 7

Security Incidents in Iraq, Aug. 6

Fourth British Soldier Killed in Afghanistan in a Week
Bomb Wounds US Soldier in Afghanistan
NATO Says It Can Cap Violence in Southern Afghanistan Despite Losses
Imported Vices Spur New Crackdown in Afghanistan
UK Army Chief Defends Afghanistan Mission as Troop Killed
Two Police Killed, Two Missing in Northwestern Afghanistan
Blast Hits Convoy in South Afghanistan
Sri Lanka
15 Aid Workers Found Dead in Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Rebels Lift Water Blockade, Truce Holds
Sri Lanka Rebels: Shelling Means War
Sri Lanka Forces Attack Reservoir
Hiroshima Anniversary
Hiroshima Marks A-Bombing With a Plea for Disarmament
Crowds Mark 61st Hiroshima Atom Bomb Anniversary
Servicemembers in South Korea Told to Steer Clear of Protests
Hong Kong Legislators Pass 'Spying Law'
Kashmir Grenade Blast Kills Woman, Wounds 17 Others
Former Darfur Rebel Arrives in Khartoum After Dispute
Hopes Up for Chad-Sudan Peace
Somali Govt Leaders Agree to End Rift After Crisis Talks
Compilation Chaos a Sword Over DR Congo Election
Battles of Britain
British Iraq Vets Suffer Mental Illness
Blair: I'm Staying for Another Year at Least
'War on Terror'
Nasrallah's Men Inside America
High Court's 1946 War Crimes Ruling Resounds
At Detainees' Trials, Will Hearsay Be Heard?
Audit Finds Security Holes in DHS Port ID
US Military
Governors Oppose President's Control of Guard During Crises
Military Blimps Report for Duty
Unwilling Troops Obtain Legal Aid, Solace in Canada
Home From Iraq, and Sorting Out Life as Muslims and Marines
The War at Home
Iraq War May Become Crucial in Elections
Lieberman Confronts Criticism Over Iraq
Iraq Protester Sheehan Returns to Crawford
Cuba: Castro to Return 'in a Few Weeks'
Cuba Calm as Castro Recovers
Rice: US Seeks Peaceful Change in Cuba
Businesses Eye Return to a Post-Castro Island
Ruling on Mexico Vote Fails to End Dispute
Mexico Leftist Vows Protests After Recount Setback
Comic Serious About Unseating Chavez
Colombia President Uribe to Start Second Term
Four Turkish Soldiers Killed in Kurdish Rebel Ambush
Suspected Kurdish Rebels Attack Train in Turkey
Middle East
Ex-Member: Most Egypt Gama'a Unlikely to Join al-Qaeda
Jordan Military Court Sentences Two for Praising Zarqawi
War or Peace for Lebanon
Lebanon Wants UN to Demand Israeli Withdrawal
Israel: UN Deal Must Disarm Hezbollah
While the UN Fiddles... the Middle East Burns
Rice: Israel, Hezbollah Must Weigh Truce
Is Germany Ready to Help Police Lebanon?
Lebanon Fighting Must Stop Now, Putin Tells Blair
War Rages
19 Lebanese Civilians, 3 Israeli Civilians, 12 Israeli Soldiers Killed as Fighting Rages
IDF Plans Attacks on Key Infrastructure in Lebanon
Israel Hits Lebanon Hard but Suffers 15 Deaths
Hezbollah Anti-Tank Fire Causing Most IDF Casualties in Lebanon
Hezbollah Wages New Generation of Warfare
Israeli Soldiers Expected Lesser Foe
Israeli Soldiers Had Early Warning of Rockets, but 'Didn't Seek Shelter'
A Disciplined Hezbollah Surprises Israel With Its Training, Tactics, and Weapons
Hezbollah Arsenal Looks Intact
As Fighting Intensifies, So Does Damage
There Are Burnt-Out Tanks, but Few Israeli Troops
Israeli Army Arrests Hezbollah Guerrilla Involved in Capture of Soldier
A Buffer Zone in Lebanon? A Flashback Many Israelis Don't Like
In Lebanon's South, Weary Resignation
Lebanese Groups Slam Aid 'Inefficiency'
Rebuild or Wait? The Lebanese Dilemma
With No Money to Flee, Farmer's Family Lives in Fear
Besieged Beirut Hopes for Arrival of Fuel Tankers
Beirut Fishermen Devastated by Israeli Port Attack
UN's Perilous Work in Lebanon
Besieged Lebanese Turn to Internet
Peaches and Poems Lie Mangled Among the Dead
Livelihoods in Lebanon Blown Out of the Water
Animals Also Suffering in Lebanon Conflict: Rights Group
Three Dead, More Than 160 Wounded in Haifa Rocket Attack
Olmert: Europe Has No Right to Complain About Civilian Deaths
Israel to Keep Attacking Hezbollah: Minister
Tel Aviv Residents Refuse to Buckle Under Potential Bomb Threat
Olmert Gains Voter Support as War Against Hezbollah Widens
Israel Slams Iran, Syria
Israel Fights Back on the PR Front
Shimon Peres: What Israel Aims to Achieve
American-Israeli Victim of Hezbollah Rocket Buried in His Village
Five Palestinians Killed as Israel Presses Gaza Offensive
Rapping the Misery and Suffering of Gaza
Before the War, Half the Lebanese Supported Hezbollah. Now More Than 85 Percent Do
Inside the New Hezbollah
Hezbollah's Arab Popularity
Arab World Finds Icon in Leader of Hezbollah
Iran Denies Reported Bid to Import Uranium From DR Congo
Iran Plans to Expand Nuclear Activities
Iran Threatens to Slash Crude Exports if UN Imposes Sanctions
Russia: Political Motives Behind US Sanctions
Syrian Minister Says Ready to Join Hezbollah Ranks
Syrian FM Back in Beirut, 'Ready for Possible Regional War'
Syrian FM Rejects Cease-Fire Plan
Assad to Annan: UN Lebanon Resolution Recipe for Instability
Global Lebanon Fallout
Reuters Drops Lebanese Photographer Over Doctored Image
British Volunteers Answer Israeli Army's Call
Four Antiwar Protesters Arrested at UK Airport
Pope Presses Bid to End Mideast Fighting
Saudi Hezbollah Supporters Detained
Indonesian Cleric Calls for Jihad Against Israel
Chinese FM Urges Cease-Fire After Hezbollah Rocket Injures Three Chinese Soldiers
Amnesty: Civilian Casualties on Both Sides Unacceptable

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