Is It Too Late to Stop World War III?

Newt Gingrich says "World War III" is upon us. Former CIA director James Woolsey calls it "World War IV." Whatever it's called, one thing is clear: these are dark times indeed.

It isn't just Lebanon that's in the War Party's sights. Syria and Iran are next on their agenda, and the thrust of their propaganda is relentlessly directed at these two latest villains in the "rogue state" sweepstakes. As the Israeli air force strikes within a few miles of the Lebanese-Syrian border, the outbreak of a wider war involving the U.S. is distinctly possible. Reports that the Pentagon is planning on using nukes in a projected assault on Iran should chill the spine of every citizen.

In this atmosphere, isn't a luxury, or something good to have around just in case: it is absolutely essential. We must expand our coverage – and our activism – and take the message of a peaceful, noninterventionist foreign policy to an even wider audience.

But we can't do it without your full support. Your 100% tax-deductible contribution will help us fight the War Party on the information barricades and bring the truth about American foreign policy – and its deadly consequences – to an always growing audience.

No, it isn't too late to stop World War III (or IV, or whatever). But I wouldn't hold off donating to too much longer – so do it today.

In the first two days of our drive, 302 of you gave a total of $17,120. We need to pick up the pace to reach the $60,000 to keep running for the next quarter. Please help.
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Updated August 9, 2006 - 11:25 PM EDT

40,000 Troops Poised to Invade Lebanon

15 Israeli Reservists Killed in Lebanon

Israeli Troops Push Deeper in South Lebanon


Israeli Cabinet Votes to Expand Operations to Litani

  Security Fears Force UN to Suspend Aid
  Israel's Military Invincibility Dented by Hezbollah
Was Israel's Aim to Clear Path for US War on Iran?
  US Says Iran Has Troops in Iraq, May Use Lebanon War to Hurt Iraq
Navy Officer Charged With Spying for Russia
  Navy Officer Held for 4 Months on Espionage Charges
  Report: US Sailor Was Spying for Israel
Lamont Defeats Lieberman After Tight Race
  Lieberman Defiant in Defeat
Deployment of More GIs Hit by Feud With Iraq PM
  Shia Leaders Embrace Partitioning of Iraq
  4 Iraqis Arrested in CSM Reporter Carroll Kidnapping

Three US Soldiers Killed by Roadside Bomb in Iraq

White House Fights Threat of War Crimes Prosecutions

The Damage in Lebanon –
and Beyond
Dahr Jamail and Tom Engelhardt

Israel Bombs Lebanon's Bridges – and Burns Its Own  by Claude Salhani
Beyond My Lai: New Revelations of Vietnam Atrocities  by Jon Wiener
A Foolhardy War, Unleashed by Fools  by Eric Margolis
No Political Upside in Criticizing Israel  by Robert Novak
After Zarqawi: The New Thirty Years' War  by Leon Hadar

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New Israeli General in Charge of Lebanon
Lebanon Land of Choice for Proxy Warriors
In Mideast War, Stakes Keep Rising
Desperate Lebanese Flee to Syria on Foot
Today in Iraq
Raid on Militia Drives Wedge Between Iraq, US
US Forces Make War on Sadr to 'Prevent Civil War'
US Military Says Marine Helicopter Crashes in Iraq, 2 GIs Missing
Iraq Radical's Power Troubles US
Turkish Artillery Opens Fire on Kurdish Camp in Northern Iraq
Pentagon Says Half Iraq's Army Divisions Take Lead
US Troops Assault Kirkuk Journalists
Baghdad the Key to Iraq War, Says Rice
'Stress Made Them Kill'
Military Court Hears of Combat Stress in Iraq Rape Case
US Soldier Says Troops Took Iraqi 'Cough Syrup' to Beat Stress
Prosecutors Shun Excuses for Accused GIs
Attacks Continue
Bombings, Shootings Kill 33 Across Iraq
2 Iraq Journalists Reported Slain in Iraq

Security Incidents in Iraq, Aug. 9

Security Incidents in Iraq, Aug. 8
The New Iraq
Suitcases Selling Well in Iraq
Garbage Accumulation Causes Health Problems
Cell Phones a Way of Life, Death, Amusement in Iraq
North Korea
North Korean Leader Has Not Been Seen Since Missile Launches
North Korea Atomic Test Seen Harming NE Asia Economies
NATO Troops Mistakenly Kills Afghan Policeman
US Forces Push Further Into Afghanistan
Australian Govt Queries Afghanistan Death Claims
In Afghanistan, Secure Feeling Doesn't Last Long
US Commander: Afghan Militants Must Be Tackled Before bin Laden
CIA Man Said He Kicked Afghan Detainee: Witness
Feds: Ex-CIA Contractor Beat Afghan Detainee With Flashlight
Rockets Target NATO Base in Southern Afghanistan
Security Forces Kill Seven Militants in Afghanistan
Group Says Asylum Seekers Killed Upon Return to Afghanistan
Drug Addiction Rates Soar in War-Torn Afghanistan
India Fears Terrorism May Attract Its Muslims
Balochistan Gas Pipeline Blown Up
Indian Troops Kill Six Rebels in Kashmir
Pakistan, Iran Boost Terror Cooperation
Nepal's Prime Minister Tries to Rescue Peace Deal With Rebels
Nepal Minister Says Talks 'Not Breaking Down'
Sri Lanka Blast Kills Politician's Bodyguard and a 3-Year-Old
China Backs Taiwan for Olympic Role
Uzbekistan Investigating Members of US NGO
Thousands Attend Funeral of Assassinated Kyrgyz Imam
Lloyd’s Drops War Rating on Malacca Strait
US Starts Air, Sea Patrols Around Guam
Russia Calls on Georgia, Abkhazia to Resume Peace Talks
Dagestan Rebels Kill Official
Kosovo Serbs Boycott Vienna Talks
Serb Death Footage Sent to Hague
Little Peace Seen in Darfur After Accord
Deaths of Aid Workers in Darfur on Rise, UN Says
Sudan President Makes Surprise Chad Visit
Violence Threatens Darfur Relief
Early Congo Election Results Show President Winning Eastern Cities
Ultimatum in Ivory Coast
Morocco Security Nabs Would-Be Terror Cell
British MPs to Demand Recall of Parliament Over Lebanon War
British Probe Launched Into Halliburton Subsidiary
UK MPs Call for Safer Vehicles for Soldiers
Muslim Officer Warns on Terrorism Curbs
'War on Terror'
A Fight Against Terrorism – and Disorganization
In Arizona, Officials Share Data the Old-Fashioned Way
California Man Sentenced for Attempting to Ship Sensors to Iran
The War at Home
Lebanon Violence Stifles Dialogue Between Jews and Muslims in US
US Public Closely Divided Over Israel's War on Lebanon
GOP Leaders Are Hoping to Turn the War Into a Winner
A Blogger Shines When News Media Get It Wrong
Well-Connected Company a Target for Critics
Army Shuns 'Theme Park' Proposal
Release of Canadian 'Friendly Fire' Probe Results Awaits US Approval
Isolated Canadian Islanders Worried by Tighter US Border
Cubans Adjust to Life Without Fidel in Charge
US Weighs Relaxing Cuba Immigration
Many Cubans Believe Castro Will Be Back
Mixed Messages Blur Outlook for Cuba's Ailing Castro
US Speeds Up Plans for Post-Castro Cuba
Cuba: Open for Business?
Mexico's Currency Declines as Lopez Obrador Steps Up Protests
Mexican Cops Fire in Air During Protests
Toll Booths Seized in Mexico City
UN Plans to Increase Security in Haiti
Lebanon and Arab League Show Deep Mistrust for UN Cease-Fire Draft
Bush Nixes Israeli Pullout, Arab Leaders Howl
Arab League: UN 'Stands Idly by' Lebanon 'Bloodbath'
Hezbollah: Lebanese Army Can Deploy in South
US: Lebanese Army Can't Patrol South Alone
Olmert: Lebanon Troop Offer Worth Considering if Hezbollah Disarmed
Anti-US Feeling Leaves Arab Reformers Isolated
US Clout a Missing Ingredient in Mideast
UN Rights Forum to Hold Special Session on Lebanon
Assault on Lebanon
Israel Tells South Lebanon Residents to Stay Out of Cars
Israel Warns UN Troops They Will Be Attacked for Repairing Bridges
Lebanese Christians Caught in Political Crossfire
Tuesday Israeli Air Strikes Kill 14 in Lebanon Village Burying Its Dead From Yesterday
Deadly Israeli Strike Scatters Mourners
Tuesday Air Strikes Kill 19
Death Toll Rises to 30 From Monday Raid on Beirut
Israel Effectively Shuts Down Southern Lebanon
With Fatal Blasts, War Invades Quiet Enclave of Beirut
New Aid Route Sought in Lebanon
Israelis Tighten Clamp on Lebanon Port Amid Aid Alarm
Israeli UN Ambassador: Crisis Is About Terror, Not Territory
Israel vs. Hezbollah
Hezbollah Chief, on TV, Supports Deployment of Lebanese Army
IDF to Ask Cabinet to Expand Operation to Litani
Five Israeli Soldiers Killed in Combat in South Lebanon
Israeli Soldier Rescues Friend, Both Die of Wounds; Friendly Fire Suspected
Hezbollah and Israelis Battle Over Key Villages
Israel: Hezbollah Ball Bearing Rockets Maximize Injuries
Plot to Free Single Prisoner May Have Led to Soldiers' Capture
IDF Takes Over al-Manar TV to Run Propaganda
Israel Confronts 'New Kind of War'
Both Sides Show Grim Resolve as Israeli Civilians Flee Border
Surviving in Lebanon
We Are All United, Say Lebanese Christians, Muslims
Beirutis Again Adapt to Rhythm of War
Lebanese Infrastructure Damage Tops $2.5 Billion
Lebanese Port City Suffers the Ravages of War
Siniora: I Have Held Israel Responsible From the Very Beginning
Lebanon's Coastline Could Take Up to 10 Years to Recover From a Massive Oil Spill
First UN Aid Convoy in Almost a Week Reaches Beirut
What Do You Say to a Man Whose Family Is Buried Under the Rubble?
12-Year-Old Struggles to Cope With Loss of Mother and 3 Brothers
Baby Lebanese Refugee Named After Hezbollah Offensive
Unexploded Ordnance a Threat to Returning Lebanese Civilians
Israel at War
Army Chief Pays Price of Failure to Tame Hezbollah
Left or Right, Israelis Are Pro-War
Lebanon Campaign Has Israelis in Fighting Mood
At Least 10,000 Residents to Be Evacuated From Northern Israeli Towns
Israel Offers to Pay for Citizens Fleeing
Sick, Poor Suffer Most in Israeli Shelters
Underground Wards That Offer a Safe Haven in Israel
At Way Station, Israeli Reservists Ponder What's Ahead
Nation Mourns Israeli Reservists
Israeli Reservists: Our Job Is to Follow Orders
Israeli Soldiers Freezing Sperm Before Combat
Israeli Gunboats Hit Palestinian Refugee Camp in Lebanon
Israel Destroys Gaza House After Phoning Residents
Hospitals in Gaza Overwhelmed and Running Out of Supplies
Abbas Slams Israeli Arrest of Hamas Speaker
Baby Injured in Gaza Strip Shelling
Norwegian Delegation Stopped From Entering Gaza
Support for Hezbollah Strengthens With Every Bombed Beirut Building
Homes Turned to Dust, but Faith in Hezbollah Untouched
How Hezbollah Hijacks the Internet
The Sheik Behind Hezbollah
Taiwanese Official Admits Meeting With Hezbollah Leader
US: No Sign Iran Will Comply With UN
War in Lebanon Becomes Propaganda Tool in Iran
Iran Cleric: Muslim World Must Defend Hezbollah
Pakistan Seeks Access to Nearly 100 Prisoners in Iran
Syrian Villagers Open Their Doors to Mass Arrival of Lebanese Refugees
As War Rages, Syria Tries to Reassert Influence Over Lebanon
Global Lebanon Fallout
Indonesia to Block Jihadists From Traveling to Lebanon
Muslim Nations Should Consider Arms for Hezbollah: Malaysian Foreign Minister
Jordan King Says West Has No Middle East Strategy
Qatar Warns Against UN Mideast Draft
Activists Trickle to Lebanon to Protest Israel War
Mubarak Son Leads Solidarity Mission to Beirut
UN: Lebanese Oil Spill Could Rival Exxon Valdez Disaster
'It's Now Considered the American War Against the Arabs'
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Opposition Group Set Up in France
Saudi Women Journalists Battle to Overcome Hurdles

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