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The Police-State Impulse: Alan Bock
Bush's Gift to Jong Il: Gordon Prather
Generals: Negotiate to Make America Safer: Glantz
Checking a Would-Be King: Ray McGovern
Abolish the TSA, Save Lives: Becky Akers

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Updated August 20, 2006 - 9:23 PM EDT
Israel Prepares for 'Next Round' of War
  Israel Strikes Deep in Lebanon
  UN Says Lebanon Truce May Unravel
  Israel Vetoes Lebanon Troops From Some Countries
  Lebanon Vows to Crush Any Truce Breach
  Israel Committed to Block Arms and Kill Nasrallah
  Most Int'l Troop Commitments for Lebanon Still Tentative
  Annan: UN Force in Lebanon Won't Wage War Against Anyone
  Villagers Cheer Lebanese Army but Hezbollah's Relief Beats Govt Aid
Snipers Kill 20, Wound 300 in Baghdad
  State Dept: Children Held Without Charges in Iraq
  Iranian Shells Land in Kurdish Villages in Northern Iraq, Killing 2
  Iranian Opposition Claims Factories Are Mass Producing Bombs for Iraq
Military Calling Back Out-of-Uniform Troops
  Military Recruiters Cited for Rape, Sex Abuse
  Army Accepting Older Recruits
  Major Arms Soar to Twice Pre-9/11 Cost
Around 90 Killed in Bloody Afghan Weekend
  UK Defense Ministry Accused of Covering Up Casualties in Afghanistan
Bush Should Listen to Elders Instead of Neocons  by Jim Mullins
The Constitution: Checking a Would-Be King  by Ray McGovern
Shock and Awe Failed to Destroy Hezbollah  by Trudy Rubin
Abolish the TSA, Save Lives  by Becky Akers
US Should Start Talks With Iran
by Jay Hatheway
Bush's Gift to Jong Il  by Gordon Prather

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Ex-Generals to Bush: Negotiate to Make US Safer
Blair Middle East Mission Snubbed by Israel
Venezuela Says It Seized 4 Spies; US Embassy Denies Knowledge
Leak Reveals Crisis in UK Army
Pakistan Blames West for Terrorism
Lebanese Student Held Over German 'Terror Plot'
Southern Lebanese Bury 250 People Killed by War
Today in Iraq
Shi'ite Pilgrims Pour Into Baghdad a Year After Deadly Stampede
Car Ban Disrupts Life in Baghdad
US Official: Saddam Could Face More Trials After His Execution

Survivors of Halabja Prepare to Testify Against Saddam

Pope Urges Release of Priest in Iraq
Attacks Continue
20 Killed Around Iraq as Cars Banned for Shi'ite Ceremony
US Soldier Killed in Iraqi Province
Lecturers, Human Rights Worker Among Nine Killed in Baquba
Security Incidents in Iraq, Aug. 20
Security Incidents in Iraq, Aug. 19
Americans Keep Dying
New York Marine Left Law School to Fight
Iraq Blast Kills Hillsdale (MI) Native
Marine From Cordova (TN) Killed in Iraq
California Soldier Dies in Helicopter Crash in Iraq
Marine (SC), Wounded in March, Fought to the End
Missouri Town Mourns Death of Soldier (KS) Killed in Iraq
Sun Valley (NV) Marine Dies in Iraq
Harker Heights (TX) Soldier Killed by Small Arms Fire
Texas Soldier Remembered as Devoted Brother, Family Man, Hero
Corpus Christi (TX) Soldier, Killed in Afghanistan, Put Family Needs First
Family Says Soldier (NV) 'Was on a Mission'
Ohio Soldier Dies in Afghanistan Attack
Alaska Soldier Dies in Roadside Blast in Iraq
Maine Soldier Killed in Afghanistan
New York State Trooper Killed by Iraq Sniper
Bagdad Ambush Claims Arkansas Soldier
UK Terror Plot
UK Police Hit Out at FBI Over Leaks
Half of London Terror Plot Suspects to Be Charged
Seven British Terror Suspects Also Pakistani Citizens
Suspected Terrorist Kept a Low Profile in Pakistan
Pakistan Group Probed in UK Terror Plot
In British Inquiry, a Family Caught in Two Worlds
UK 'War on Terror'
UK Home Secretary Wants to Bypass Human Rights Law and Intern Suspects
The Fight Against Terror: Surveillance UK
Top Police Spar in London Over Muslims as 'Victims'
UK Arrests Spur 'Profiling' Debate
Flying With Fear: the Future of Air Security
In Britain, Efforts to Engage Muslims Sputter
US 'War on Terror'
Missiles May Be Next Big Threat to US Airliners
DHS Terror Research Agency Struggling
Post-9/11 Detainee Returns to His Life
US to Release German-Born Gitmo Inmate
Bomb Threat Shuts Down NY Hospital
The War at Home
Americans Regret Loss of Life in Iraq
Putting the Iraq War on Trial
Bush: Iraq War Keystone in Terror Fight
Bush Says Iraq and Lebanon Fragile Democracies
Bush Says Middle East at 'Pivotal Moment' in History
Sheehan's Rally Disrupts Rove Reception
Home but Still Haunted
A Covert Chapter Opens for Fort Hunt Veterans
70’s Law Costs 61,000 Military Widows Thousands of Dollars in Survivor Benefits
North Korea Forging Dollars, Claims US
South Korea Offers 100,000 Tons of Rice to North Korea
North Korea Said Evading Bank Sanctions
4 US Soldiers Are Killed as Afghan Violence Surges
Afghanistan Celebrates Independence From Britain
Taliban Frees 15 Kidnapped Health Workers in South Afghanistan
Taliban's Tactics Reconquer Afghanistan
Afghanistan to Reconstitute Religious Police
Taliban Talk About Disarming
Indian Army Chief Set to Head to Russia for Visit to Reaffirm Ties
Pakistan Hopes US to Free 26 Gitmo Detainees
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka: More Than 80 Rebels Killed
Sri Lanka Force Attacks Boat Yard
Sporadic Fighting in Sri Lanka Amid Concerns for Refugees
UN Warns of Humanitarian Crisis in Sri Lanka
Maoists Will Get Party Status Only if They Lay Down Arms: Nepal PM
Chinese Activist's Lawyers Boycott Trial
Two Strange Deaths in European Wiretapping Scandal
Italian Newspaper Searches Over CIA Kidnappings Draw Protest
Basque Peace Talks at Crisis Point
Poll Finds Russians Ambivalent on 1991 Coup Attempt
Families of UK WWI Soldiers Shot for Cowardice May Receive Compensation
'Long War' a Tragic Misstep
Where We Went Wrong in Iraq – and On the Way There
A Foreign Policy Reading List
The First Lady of Iraq
A National Defense Reading List
Mindless in Iraq
Justice or Vindictive Triumph?
That Inferno: Conversations of Five Women Survivors of an Argentine Torture Camp
Girl Blog From Iraq
Int'l Force for Lebanon
Wary European Leaders Discuss Troops for Lebanon
Lebanon Threatens to Halt Troop Deployment
50 French Soldiers Arrive in South Lebanon
Indonesian Troops Not Willing to Disarm Hezbollah
Bangladesh Willing to Send Troops to Lebanon
France Urges Clear Mandate for UN Force in Lebanon
Trying to Avoid the Perils of Peacekeeping
Israeli Officials Slam France for Lack of Troops
Needs, Timeline for Bolstering UN Force in Lebanon
Cease-Fire Attack
UN Chief: Israeli Raid Violates Truce
Lebanon: Raid a 'Flagrant Violation' of Truce
Israel: Hezbollah Broke Truce by Smuggling Arms
Hezbollah Supporters Tell of Bold Israeli Raid Gone Wrong
Three Hezbollah and One Israeli Officer Killed in Lebanon
Hezbollah Denies Three of Its Guerrillas Were Killed
Olmert: Latest Attack Did Not Violate Ceasefire
Lebanon Seeks Answers From UN
The War Continues
Annan Urges Israel to Lift Blockade
Israel Warns It Will Enforce Arms Ban
Annan: Painful Choices Needed on Mideast Prisoners
US, Israel Seek to Prevent Rearming of Hezbollah
Lebanese Army Says Its Citizen Kidnapped by Israeli Forces
Hezbollah Has Come Far From the Days of Suicide Bombings and Kidnappings
Hezbollah Seizes Initiative as Israel Is Racked by Doubt
With Speed, Hezbollah Picks Up the Shovel
US Wants Arabs to Help Stem Hezbollah's Popularity
Israelis Back From Battle Report Grievous Missteps
Two Missing Soldiers Haunt Israelis
For Families of Captives, a Long Wait in the Dark
Israeli Arab MP: Peretz Is a Murderer
Israeli Army Brass Angered by Phone Logs Check
Israelis Flock to Border Areas to Survey Damage, but Soldiers Say It's Still Too Dangerous to Hang Around
After the War, an Israeli City Starts Over
Northern Israel's Tourism Fades, but Cease-Fire Raises Some Hope
Lebanese Government Greeted With Defiance
Over 200,000 Lebanese Refugees Return Home
A Land Reduced to Rubble
Lebanese Govt to Start Rebuilding Next Week
Lebanese Begin Recovery Process
Mines Pose Serious Threat to Lebanese
Rights Group Warns Cluster Bombs, Shells Threaten Lebanese Civilians
Reconstruction, Recovery Begin in Southern Lebanon
Mass Grave Reopened in Lebanon
Marriage Among the Ruins of War
Palestinian Deputy PM Captured by Israeli Soldiers
Palestinian Gunman Kills Israeli Soldier in Jordan Valley
Journalists in Gaza Protest Kidnapping
Gaza Border Crossing Re-Opens for Humanitarian Cases
Palestinians Wait to Cross Into Gaza
Russia Says Counting on Palestinian Promise to End Attacks on Israel
Iran Stages Massive Military War Games

Iran Complains About UN Nuclear Inspector

Ordinary Iranians Fearful as Prospect of International Sanctions Looms Closer
Egypt Warns Against Any Military Strike on Iran
Arab Media Slam Syrian President
Syrians Want Israel Out of Golan Heights
Syrian Dissident Sentenced to Three Years
Global Lebanon Fallout
Turkey Says It Forced Iran Planes Down to Search for Hezbollah Arms
Mubarak Says Hezbollah 'Part of the Lebanese National Fabric'

Qatar to Rebuild Lebanese Town of Bint Jubeil

Arab Nations Urge New Israeli Peace Plan
Israeli Envoy: Arab Peace Proposals Unlikely to Be Fair
War Relics for Sale Before the Dove Alit
EU Takes Charge in Cleaning Oil Spill on Lebanese Coast
Middle East
Egypt Police Detain 17 Muslim Brotherhood Members
Blast Causes Fire on Pipeline in Turkey
Nigeria Launches Kidnap Crackdown
Nigerian Troops Raid Houses in Oil Delta Slum
Congo to Allow Incursions Against Uganda Rebels
Congo’s Presidential Election Heads Toward October Runoff
Rebel Demand for Mediation Rejected by Uganda

Uganda Army: New Guns Smuggled in From Europe

Sudan Wants AU Forces to Remain in Darfur
Getting Back to Business in Somalia
Aussie PM: War on Terror Will Going on for Years
Australian Civil Rights Groups Fear Terror Laws Will Be Tightened
Australian Official: Terror Laws Are Strong Enough
Tape Revives Mexican Election Conspiracy Theory
Argentina’s Dictatorship Stands Trial

Justin Raimondo
Israel – Our Delinquent 'Ally'

Alan Bock
The Police-State Impulse

Praful Bidwai
Indian Foreign Policy Slips on Oil-for-Food Slick

Doug Bandow
Abetting Catastrophe in Lebanon

Nebojsa Malic
Things Fall Apart

Charles Peña
Flying the Unfriendly Skies

Ivan Eland
Don't We Have Enough Enemies Already?

David R. Henderson
Are You Being Served?

Ran HaCohen
The End of Lebanon?

Sascha Matuszak
Getting a Piece of the Pie

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