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Israel's 'Moral High Ground': Justin Raimondo
Slam-Dunk Wars Don't Equal Wins: A. Bacevich
The 'War President's' Latest Fiasco: Eric Margolis
Those Ingrates!: Jacob G. Hornberger
Tehran Sharpens Its Sword: Ehsan Ahrari

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Updated August 23, 2006 - 9:24 PM EDT

UN Allows Wide Use of Force in Lebanon


Assad Rejects UN Troops on Syrian Border

  Israeli Soldier Killed, Three Others Hurt, in S. Lebanon

Lebanon Might Challenge Israeli Blockade


UN: Lebanon's Development 'Annihilated'

Israeli Military: We Screwed Up


Israeli Treasury Shocked by Cost of War

US Says Iran Proposal Falls Short

  Iran Sanctions Could Fracture Coalition

Iran Wants to Talk but Keep Nuke Program


Big Powers Study Iran's Reply to Nuclear Offer

Number of US Troops in Iraq Climbs

  Bush Faces Revolt on Iraq
  17 Killed as Iraq Violence Rages; US Coalition Optimistic

British Gen. Calls Iraq Mini 'Civil War'

  UK May Cut Iraq Force in Half by Mid-2007

Iraq Launches Own Probe Into Young Girl's Death

Israel Helicopters, Tanks Move Into Gaza
  Kidnapped Fox Journalists in Gaza Shown in Video
  Israel Shelves Plan to Pull Out of West Bank

North Korea Threatens to End Armistice

The 'War President's' Latest Fiasco
by Eric Margolis
Was the British Terror Plot a Load of Crap?  by Geov Parrish
President on Another Planet
by Eugene Robinson
Those Ingrates!  by Jacob G. Hornberger
Tehran Sharpens Its Sword  by Ehsan Ahrari
The Road to Haditha  by George J. Bryjak

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Report: Iran Wields More Influence in Iraq Than US Does

Calendar: State Official Met With Reporter During Key Time of CIA Leak Case

Poll: GOP Better Against Terrorism, Dems Better on Iraq

McCain Says Bush Misleading Americans on Iraq

On Iraq, US Public Trusts Neither Party

Marine Corps Stretched Thin by Wars in Iraq, Afghanistan

Assad: 'No Peace in the Near Future'

Israel Cluster Bombed 170 Sites in Lebanon

Marines to Recall Discharged Troops on Involuntary Basis for Iraq, Afghanistan
Iraq Attacks Continue

Iraq Attacks Kill 13 as British Troops Snatch 'Terrorist'

Iraq Church Gets Ransom Demand for Priest

Bodies of Eight Fruit Traders Dumped Near Baghdad

  Security Developments in Iraq, Aug. 23

Security Developments in Iraq, Aug. 22

Iraq Today
Military Strykers Bring Initial Safety to Baghdad

Colonel Walks Baghdad 'to Make People Believe' in Iraqi Army

US and Iraqi Forces Tout Rounding-Up of Over 100 Men

Over 500 Iraqis Join Police in Restive Sunni Anbar Province

Iraq Oil Workers on Strike

Voices: Life in Samarra and Fallujah

Iraqi Attitudes: Survey Documents Big Changes

The Jill Carroll Story - Part 8: A New Enemy
Occupying Iraq

Military Upbeat on Baghdad Clampdown

British Troops Attacked During Iraqi Raid

UK Troops to Stay in Iraq 'to Protect Investment'

Basra Handover 'Feasible' in 2007

Candy Protocol in Iraqi Towns

Saddam Trial

Saddam Defendant Says Only Rebel Kurds Were Killed

At Saddam Trial, Kurds Describe Attack

UK 'War on Terror'

Britain 'Faces Terrorism for Generations'

Muslim Converts in Britain Seen as Among Most Extreme

Global 'War on Terror'

Mumbai Cops: Terror Plot Foiled

Terrorists Target Gas Plant Near Chechnya

Woman Charged With Trying to Fly With Loaded Gun, Pepper Spray

Ambiguous Iran Reply in Nuclear Showdown Could Split West

Oil Prices Steady With All Eyes on Iran

Iran 'Attacks Romanian Oil Rig'

Afghan Attacks Kill 15; 6 Canadian Troops Injured

Doubts About Karzai Growing in Afghanistan

UK's NATO Troops to Withdraw From Afghan Highlands

Becoming a Piece of the Picture: Life in Afghanistan

Aussie Engineers Head to Afghanistan

Sri Lanka

Two Killed in Northern Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Wants Tamil Rebels to Return to Peace Talks

US Bust on Tiger Missile Deal Hailed in Sri Lanka

Sri Lankans Living in Constant Fear of Rebel Backlash


Somali Islamists Push Govt Toward Irrelevance

Ethiopian Troops in Central Somalia

DR Congo

Congo Election Foes Agree to UN Cease-Fire

EU Sends Troops to Quell Congo Clashes


Burundi's Former Leader Arrested

Uganda Asked to Withdraw Troops From Sudan


Maoist Rebels Spread Across Rural India

Indonesia to Hold Aceh Elections Dec. 11

UN Lebanon Force

Weak UN Mandate Stalls Lebanon Peacekeepers

Italy Won't Send Troops Unless Israel Stops Shooting

UN Force Not Authorized to Seek Out Hezbollah Arms

EU to Hold Emergency Lebanon Meeting on Friday

Poll: Russians Ponder Peacekeeping Role in Lebanon

UN Warns of Prolonged Security Vacuum in Lebanon

Lebanon War Tarnishes Egypt Diplomatic Prowess

A Fragile Cease-Fire

Olmert Sets Conditions on Blockade's End

Israel: No Plans to End Lebanon Blockade

Pakistan, Jordan Call for Israeli Pullout From Lebanon

Israel's War at Home

Olmert's Coalition Partner Balks at Lebanon War Funding

Israeli Reservists: Elderly Lebanese 'POWs' Were Kept in Hot Bus for Four Days

Netanyahu Insists on State Inquiry Into War


Lebanese Cabinet Divided Over Plan to Challenge Blockade

Lebanese Army Expands New Presence in South

Israel Holds Nasrallah, the Grocer

Other Hassan Nasrallah Has No Regrets About His Name

Farmer and Hezbollah Fighter's Zeal Undiminished

Anxious Lebanese Ponder Postwar Life With Hezbollah

A Month of Living Dangerously in South Lebanon

Lebanese Captives of Israel's Bungled Bekaa Raid Return Home

Untold Story of the Massacre of Marjayoun Leaves Blame on Both Sides of the Border

Relief Agencies Find Hezbollah Hard to Avoid

Lebanon in Ruins

Lebanese Water Systems Badly Damaged After Israeli Attacks

Amnesty: Israeli Military Action Massively Destroyed Lebanon's Infrastructure

Lebanon Oil Spill Cleanup May Take a Year: Greenpeace

Lebanon's Month-Old Oil Slick Sinks

Finland Urges EU States to Help Lebanon Oil Clean-Up

Oil Clean-Up Small Comfort for Lebanese Fishermen


Israeli Troops Kill Three Palestinians Near Gaza Border

Coalition Chairman Warns Kadima-Labor Alliance in Peril

Israel Charges Palestinian Parliament Speaker

Palestinian Civil Servants to Strike Over Unpaid Wages

Abbas Insists on Hamas Change Before Any Coalition

Haniyeh, Abbas Jockey for Position on Formation of Unity Government

Israeli Rabbi Leads Unofficial Peace Initiative

Gaza Hunt for Kidnapped TV Crew

Kidnapping Signals Rising Threat in Gaza

Global Lebanon Fallout

China Denies Arming Hezbollah

Egypt's Muslim Authorities Issue Counter-Fatwas Against Killing Jews

Israel Arms Flights Challenged in UK Court

US Military

US Navy to Double Missile-Defense Ships

Marine Corps Stretched Thin by Wars in Iraq, Afghanistan

Air Force Turns to Myspace for Recruitment


Prosecutors Present 'Evidence' in Srebrenica Trial

Germany May Block Bulgaria, Romania From EU


Justin Raimondo
Israel's 'Moral High Ground'

Ivan Eland
The Cult of the Offensive

Alan Bock
The Police-State Impulse

Praful Bidwai
Indian Foreign Policy Slips on Oil-for-Food Slick

Doug Bandow
Abetting Catastrophe in Lebanon

Nebojsa Malic
Things Fall Apart

Charles Peņa
Flying the Unfriendly Skies

David R. Henderson
Are You Being Served?

Ran HaCohen
The End of Lebanon?

Sascha Matuszak
Getting a Piece of the Pie

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